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I am Jasmine.

I was born one hot summer morning in August 1993. I immediately found myself surrounded by a dozen other mewling baby kittens. I'm not sure which ones were my brothers and sisters and which ones were my cousin's. They were one rowdy bunch! They made it extremely hard for me to get a meal and I was already so small. They called me a runt!

It didn't take me long to figure out that if I wanted any milk at all I was going to have to fight for it! And I did! I fought hard! I was smarter than my siblings and cousins and I learned how to best them all in no time whatsoever! Better not be calling me a runt!I became the fastest and strongest (and meanest) they were no match for me!

One day I found out that I was the most beatuiful of my brothers and sisters because all these humans kept picking me up and petting me. They called me Cupcake (yuck). It was not too long after this that I picked a human to adopt.

He was a small boy named Andrew. Andrew changed my name to Jasmine, after Alladin's princess, which suited me just fine. I never understand why he likes to wear me like a hat on the top of his head but I don't mind and always just go along for the ride. He took me away from my family (which I had had more than enough of) and brought me to a wonderful place. It was like going to heaven. Where before I had been couped up in a small house on a busy street I was now set free to wander in a beautiful garden!

It was here I first met my uncle Rollo. He loved me from the start! He would play with me and never got mad when I bit him too hard! I also met Mouse and Baby. Baby was Mouse's son. He thought he was the boss (being a male) and he still thinks he is but I really am. Many times the humans I adopted call me Queenie because they know who is really the boss.

I became a magnificent hunter in no time! Even though my humans fed me well I just had this urge which I couldn't resist to hunt. Now as I am getting older I don't hunt as much as I used to. ( I am not fat whatever my humans say!) Mostly I just sleep the days away. At night I sleep with my human, Andrew, or in my nice Cathouse that I had Andrew get his human (I think it might be his Dad) to build for me. Anyhow life is wonderful here with my brother Baby, my sister Sweet Pea and my human pets.

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