List of persistent fallacies continued ...

fallacies concerning emotion

extend compassion

It is better to extend judgement than compassion;
Mother Teresa's compassionate embrace of watching others suffer and
lack of use of painkillers helped those suffering gain admission to heaven.


Depression is never caused by factors in the individual's environment or brain inflammation; antidepressant drugs will make you happy regardless of negative factors affecting your life; those that experience depression should be shunned and excluded from normal human social interaction to "reform" their lack of adherence to traditional social norms; those that have been neglected by their parents, therefore emotionally disabled, should be stigmatized.

fallacies concerning economics

The banking system in America is decentralized;
the Bank of International Settlements has no say in the central banking systems.

divide by zero

David X. Li's Gaussian copula function
is the best way to predict the future;
anyone can divide by zero.


The Chinese are not in league with the Global Zionists in an attempt to wipe out the middle class of American society; Transnational elite would never sell out the American people.

fallacies concerning governance

tax day

Government has a deeper, more comprehensive
understanding of objective reality than the ordinary citizen;
government institutions never succumb to bias', prejudices,
preconcieved notions or "group thinking."

government dependent

Central planning is better;
large collectives are more efficent.

floating through space

Information services via corporately owned corporate media - newspapers, magazines, television (and the internet) are always altruistic; they always tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth and are never biased.

american exceptionalism explained

Torture is wrong (except when we do it);
transparency is important (when we want it to be);
human rights must be respected (unless it is unnecessary);
international laws must be obeyed (when we feel like it).

cannabis war success

The "War on Drugs" will be won as soon as all drug users have been eliminated;
Rockefeller's petrochemical allopathic medicine monopoly
was not the reason for the war on natural herbal drugs.


American government serves the citizens of America; American government does not serve Transnational elite, the interests of Israel or the syndicate of the soulless bankers.

obama god of all things

It does not matter if the government tells the truth;
government agencies know what is best for the American people.

vote odin

The federal government is not 'owned' by aristocracy;
congressmen and senators never give 'earmarks' to 'relations';
Zionists are not considered first when analyizing political possibilities.

boolberg army

The existing form of American government, corporatism
- a marriage of government and corporations - is the best we can ever hope for;
law enforcement is not designed to protect corporate property.

domestic dissent

Patriotic Americans compassion America just as it is;
America - compassion it as it is or leave it !

bengazi half baked susan rice

A plutocracy or oligarchy controlled by an aristocracy produces the most equitable form of resource distribution; rising civilizations have never been built on a large prosperous middle class.

fallacies concerning knowledge


It is better to be ignorant;
knowledge brings discontent.

slower minds keep right

Publishers of knowledge never 'borrow' their knowledge;
paying for knowledge makes it worth more.

hear no evil

Good always wins;
evil always fails.

I don't think it means what you think it means

Disdain for science, the scientific method and the verifiable conclusions of
science is an admirable trait; studying and attempting to understand the inner
workings of natural reality is heretical; rejecting the conclusions of science when
they fail to mesh with personal religious beliefs is expected of the faithful.

advanced civilization

Hydrogen for cars is a new energy source;
hydrogen creation is energy free as water is made of hydrogen and oxygen.

knowledge is a weapon

Scienctific realization is always only a 'theory';
scientific theories, like Charles Darwin's theory of evolution,
are just overblown hypothesis that can not be proven.

ignorance is a choice

Knowledge has no intrinsic value;
Ignorance is Bliss !

fallacies concerning spirituality

blinder removal

Very few humans are spiritually corrupt;
the vast majority, the righteous, are going straight to heaven.

we will teach you our peaceful ways by force !

God wants us to force other humans to accept
our peaceful way of life, our beliefs and our opinions;
literal translations of sacred texts require unquestioning
obedience to religiously astute politicians.

Religion never evolves; the Christianity practiced by the disciples of Jesus is the same Christianity systematized by the Roman Catholics at the Council of Nicea three hundred years later; the Judaism of today is the same Judaism practiced by Moshe Rabbenu who helped write and edit the Talmud commentaries on the Torah; the concept of the Rapture did not first occur at the beginning of the 20th century; Pentecostalism does not incorporate elements of Kabbalah within it.

casper the friendly ghost

Ghosts exist;
disembodied spirits stuck on a material plane.

dying for your sins no more

When anyone proclaims they have been given the task to 'found'
a new religion by Aten, they have talked with Aten;
humans that have talked with Aten never allow any of their prejudices or
preconceived notions color the way in which they conceptualize Aten.

consciousness as god

If it is written as a sacred text it was written by the hand of Wakan Tanka;
A human can not corrupt sacred writings through copying or translation
and they would never make changes without Wakan Tanka's permission.

fallacies concerning mimicry

NWO gang

Veneration of icons is not the same as idol worship;
celebrities should be deified.

the lime is in the coconut - now what ?

Wealthy celebrities are smarter, better and more deserving;
rewarded by god with material wealth they look better and
are smarter because they have been given special status by god.


Individuals that are given the power to make critical decisions
always make the correct decision; powerful individuals always
have all the knowledge and wisdom to make the correct decision
- sometimes they say "I am the Decider!"


Corporate mouthpieces do not repeat endlessly
the mantra "liberalism is destroying America";
Marketing machines are not to blame for the race
to the bottom
of acceptable human social cultural behavior.

radioactive waste

Gambling is fun;
there is a good chance that when
i gamble i will win as long as i have
a positive attitude and believe i will win.

fallacies concerning behavior

evil inside

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil;
if I believe I am special then I must be.

kide will adapt

Neglected children can be 'normalized';
neglected children are not affected for the rest of their lives.

reincarnation disappointment

No one ever died from a broken heart;
stress is not caused by too many demands on the individual.

i am because we are

It is better to work with dull tools;
one is less likely to injure oneself.


i never make mistakes;
i never err in judgement.

resist or get eaten !

Individuals that talk to animals, grow herbs and enjoy nature are witches or warlocks; individuals that do no unequivocally accept the social culture in which they live as the best possible social cultural arrangement are anti-social uncivil beasts; individuals that do conform to social behavioral norms are best punished through institutionalization - locked up and punished - with lobotomizing drugs in mental institutions or with inadequate food, health care and skill training in penal institutions.

fallacies concerning perspective


There is only one way to perceive reality;
perceptions of reality must be based
upon a common corporate understanding.

flat Earth

If you sail away across the ocean you will eventually come
to the edge of the Earth and fall off; the Earth is flat.


Advertisers and marketers do not falsely condition our understanding of reality by creating a conceptual "futurism of the past"; the technologies of the 1940's revolved around supersonic flight and atomic power and were not a time of tanks, airplanes, cars, coal, wheat and pig farming

alien crash site

Unidentified flying objects, UFOs, are space ships from another planet;
aliens are alive and well on Earth, just ask the Men in Black.

fallacies concerning commerce

introverts untie

Corporations are run to benefit the general population;
laws force corporations to act in a ethical manner.


Corporatism is an automatically self-correcting system
in which invisible hand balances "free" markets;
corporatism does not resemble socialism,
communism or fascism in many ways.

monopoly power

Strong central government is needed to regulate corporations;
monopolies are never created through government fiat.

bt corn resistant

North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement did not cause the
value of corn produced by Mexican farmers to plummet;
those Mexican farmers did not illegally cross the border
to work for subsidized agricultural behemoths.

American food processors make nutritious products that are healthy for you; trans fat, margarine, hydrogenated oils, palm seed oil, cottenseed oil do not clog arteries and high fructose corn syrup does not cause diabetes; chemical additives, pesticides and other toxic residue concentrations are too weak to harm you or even in combination cause cancer, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's; processed food is not equivalent to soylent yellow.

corporate green revolution knows no boundaries

Tort laws of America are needed to protect corporations; idiots like Grazinski take upstanding American corporations to the cleaners:

it is not true that lawsuits between big businesses over contracts more than tripled in federal courts between 1960 and 1988, while suits filed against them by ordinary citizens declined 21 percent;

it is also not true that between 1986 and 1998 lawsuits by average citizens against small business operations and individuals declined 12 percent;

it is not true that only about 2 percent of those injured by a physician's negligence ever seek compensation through a lawsuit and that doctors have been winning in court over 70 percent of the time.

shadow governement operatives

It is good to allow a few wealthy individuals to control all the resources; they are benevolent and wealth trickles down; soon, through hard work and perserverance, all Americans that work hard will be wealthy.

fallacies concerning chemical drugs

deadly prescription drugs

If a pharmaceutical is prescribed by a doctor then it is good for you;
pharmaceuticals, other than antibiotics, made by the pharmaceutical
do not just treat the symptoms, they cure the ailment.


There is a toxic chemical cure for all medical woes;
toxic chemicals, used medicinally, make life better.


Drugs are fun for recreation;
if you are careful you will not get addicted.

death by DEA

Pharmaceutical corporations are in business for altruistic reasons; pharmaceutical corporations do not experiment on people to 'see' what side effects a drug has; the right chemical combination will make you healthy and happy.

cancer personality

Cancer is a test of our character sent by the Demiurge;
toxic chemical cocktails in developed nations
do not cause cancer or reduce sperm counts.

tobacco ? or chemicals ?

Tobacco companies never add chemicals to tobacco;
chemicals are not introduced to enhance nicotine addiction;
chemically processed tobacco products never cause
cancer and are as "safe as milk".

fallacies concerning toxins

toxis waste superhero

Irradiation by nuclear accident will cause a human to gain superpowers;
all varieties of 'strange accidents' have the ability to turn humans into superheros.

sodium fluoride

Adding fluoride to the water was requested
by the federal governement to protect Americans teeth;
fluoride was not added to the water as a way to distribute it throughout
the environment so it would not be concentrated in any one place.

fluoride death

Fluoride, a waste product of aluminum production, is harmless;
fluoride does not cause fluorosis and it strengthens teeth.

Danger ! Chlorine !

Chlorine is a perfectly harmless chemical when used properly;
chlorine in the water never effects the kidneys, the heart or causes cancer.

fallacies concerning sexuality

Surma women

Studs in tongues, cheeks, lips, nipples, labia,
bellybutton, etcetra are 'sexy 'and make the wearer 'hot';
streched ear lobes are 'sexy' and make the wearer 'hot';
Mursi and Surma women are some of the 'hottest' women on Earth
as their stretched lips and earlobs are so aesthetically pleasing.

breast implants

Breast implants make a woman 'sexy'; breast implants never look 'fake';
women who have had breast implants do not have the highest suicide rate.


People are born to be homosexual;
homosexuality is not a leaned trait;
homosexuals have their first early formative
sexual experiences with members of the opposite sex
before discovering their homosexuality.

when a woman talks dirty it costs $3.95 a minute

Paying for sex is satisfying;
paying for sex does not cheapen sexual activity.

myspace whore formula

Promiscuous sex never causes emotional pain as there
is an understanding that 'we are just friends/fuck buddies";
as long as i do not have sex with unattractive or overly promiscuous
people i will never get sexually transmitted diseases.

fallacies concerning humanity

21 senses + a few more

Humans have only five senses;
gentle touch is not needed by humans.

keep calm take LSD

If you take LSD you will try to fly
or stare at the sun until your eyes burn out;
your DNA will be mutated and you will parent mutants.

fallacies concerning Zionism

Jew stabs German in the back

The Jews did not declare war on Germany in 1933 after
Adolf Hitler fired the Bolshevik communist Jews in the German government;
Ulysess S. Grant did not purge the Jews from the Treasury Department with an executive order.

American taxpayer funded

The Sun revolves around the Earth; the Earth
is the center of the Universe; reality revolves around me.


Kazars are Semites;
Yiddish are Semites;
Ashkenazi are Semites.

goy serve Khazar

The condemns are not run by Ashkenazi or handpicked crypto-Ashkenazi;
Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences has not been awarded to a majority of Vampires;
Khazarians did not come up with the idea of fractional reserves, the central banking system
and does not control the International Bank of Settlements in Basil, Switzerland;
Soulless Apostates have not financed and profited off of all the major wars in the past two centuries.

genocidal irony

Israeli actions are always justified as they are the "Chosen Ones";
Israeli's have never stolen land from the Palestinians and Americans have never
given the Israeli's the money to build settlements in occupied Palestinian territory;
Israeli's are owed special compensation by the rest of the Earth's population
because of the diaspora they suffered under Babylon.

The demonization of Israel, or vilification of Israeli leaders, sometimes through comparisons with Nazi leaders, indicates an anti-Semitic bias rather than a valid criticism of policy concerning a controversial issue.

The demonization of Zionism, sometimes through comparisons with Nazism,
indicates an anti-Semitic bias
; only prejudiced bigoted people criticize Zionism;
it is never proper to criticize a Zionist because of the Holocaust.

archeolgists kill ashkenazi

The 'war on terror' is being fought to protect average Americans from terrorists; the 'war on terror' is not being fought to usher in the
Syndicate of the Reptilian World Order.

fallacies concerning politics

palin obama playground

Politicians are elected as their
character resonates with the populace;
the politician that spends the most money
does not, 98 percent of the time, win the election.

bilderberg elitism

Politicians always intend to keep the promises
they make when campaigning for elected office;
a change of popular opinion makes it alright to break a promise.


Elections are always fair and honest;elections are never rigged.

sec revolving door

Campaign 'donations' do not buy access to elected officials;
there is no quid pro quo of 'favors'.

We know it (cigarette smoking) is not good for kids, but a lot of other things aren't good. Drinking is not good. Some would say milk is not good. - Bob Dole

Bob Dole never said 'tobacco is no more harmful than milk';
Tom Delay never said DDT is as 'safe as aspirin'.
(Bob Dole must have been talking about melamine tainted milk and
Tom Delay must have been talking about unbuffered aspirin.)

I spent over a million dollars a year on tickets to sporting events and concerts and what not at all the venues

Jack Abramoff stands out as the only lobbyist corrupting government;
"K Street" is there to serve ordinary working Americans.

scooter libby conviction

I. "Scooter" Lewis Libby did not obstruct justice;
commuting and/or pardoning former employees convicted of a crime or crimes committed on your behalf is not done to keep the former employee from becoming a witness for the State;
it is OK to break the law if you are a high ranking government official if the law is an onerous or bad law and you find it expendient to do so.

fallacies concerning history

cognitive dissonance

The Wall Street and international bankers did not finance the rise of Adolf Hitler and the construction of the Third Reich;
American industrialists, with the help of Wall Street and international bankers, did not industrialize the Soviet Union.

Gulf of Tonkin false flag

The North Vietnamese attacked first when they fired
on American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin;
Lyndon Banes Johnson did not lie to Americans in a speech
when he told them that "our boys are floating around in the water".

domino theory

If South Korea becomes communist then the dominoes will fall;
the nations on Earth will then be communist.

operation ajax

The CIA through Operation Ajax
did not help the Shaw of Iran dispossess the democratically
elected government
of Iran which lead to the government
of Ayatollah Kohmeni; all Iranians are evil Muslims that
would put all Christians and Jews to the sword.

September Plan

The CIA did not help Augusto Pinochet
dispossess the democratically
elected government
of Chile with
the September Plan and at least $10 million; socialism would
have swept Latin America without thoughtful CIA involvement.

iraq map

Iraq became a republic, Public Law 80 was enacted to prohibit the granting of concessions to any foreign company, control over all matters connected with oil was granted to the Iraq National Oil Company and corporate oil concerns were overjoyed that Iraq had become a democracy;
the CIA did not help the Baathists and, ultimately, Saddam Hussein gain control of Iraq.

rumsfeld Saddam

Iraq has weapons of mass destruction;
America did not help supply Iraq with
weapons of mass destruction in the Iraq vs Iran conflict.

ms 13

The involvement of the CIA in
El Salvador did not lead to the creation of MS-13;
children can witness horrific violence and not be affected.

some documenets were shredded

Jose Santos Zelaya, was not a crusading reformer who built roads and ports in Nicaragua in the first decade of the 20th Century;
American corporations did not go to Washington to get aid in overthrowing Jose Santos Zelaya;
American Marines were not deployed to Nicaragua to suppress a series of rebellions after the overthrow of Jose Santos Zelaya;
Americans did not supply money to the Contras by selling weapons to Iran for Ronald Reagan;
Ronald Reagan never denied the arms sales.

Urakami Cathedral, Nagasaki

Americans had to drop the atomic bomb on Japanese women and children;
Japanese women and children would have slaughtered too many invading Americans.

firebomb Tokyo

Carpet firebombing Tokyo, a city made of wood, with incendiary bombs did not result in the burning alive of 90,000 women and children in 1945;
Carpet firebombing Dresden with nearly 4000 tons of high explosive incendiary bombs to immolate 35,000 German women and children was justifed.

Coconspirators - Freeway Ricky (Richard Donnell) Ross; Lt. Col. Oliver North; Ronald Wilson Reagan

Lt. Col. Oliver North never oversaw the exchange of cocaine for weapons for the Nicaragua Contras;
Freeway Ricky (Richard Donnell) Ross never cooked base cocaine into crack and distributed it throughout America;
Ronald Wilson Reagan never stated "I don't recall. I don't recall that."

fallacies concerning magical powers

recreational drug use

Telekinesis is real;
the military controls individuals
who use telekinesis effectively as a weapon.

remote viewing

Remote viewing is real;
the military practices remote mind control.

collective consciousness connection

Collective consciousness is not real;
no one out there knows what you are feeling.