personal empowerment

Where To Now St. Peter?

A free soul needs no intercessor to God !

This enlightened manner of reflecting on the noumenon to understand the foundation of reality brings awakening.

This awakening moves the individual towards personal responsibility as well as personal empowerment.

The ultimate awakening to reality occurs when we personally experience a revelation of the infinite eternal power of the divine spark.

From the ultimate awakening of gnosis we find infinite compassion as we walk hand in hand with God in the Garden of Nirvana on the perfect evening at the end of the perfect day.

Burn Down The Mission

"To be certain one is saved is the sin of presumption and
to be certain one is damned is the sin of despair."
Alan Watts

"A man is lying on a bed.

She moves about him carefully. He stirs faintly, says a few words, asks for a drink, smiles and then becomes silent. That morning she had seen him fold his hands, and she had asked him whether he wanted her to send for a priest.

She goes out, and a few minutes later, a dark-robed priest enters.

"I am dying," says the man on the bed.

"What is your religion?" asks the priest.

"The religion of my own country, Greek Orthodox."

"That is a heresy which you must instantly abjure. There is only one true religion, the Roman Catholic religion. Confess now. I will absolve you ."

"Tell me your sins, repent and everything will be forgiven you."

The sick man is bewildered and begins to get excited.

"Do not be surprised, my son, if my questions are direct and to the point. I ask you in all simplicity, as is my august duty as a priest. Answer me in the same simple spirit, and you will enter into communion with God."

The priest nods toward the door.

"Who is that person?"

"She is a girl," says the dying man. "I took her under my protection when she was a child. She shared the hardships of my traveller's life, and took care of me. I married her before my death because I am rich and she is poor."

"I love her," says the dying man.

"At last, you are confessing!" cries the priest.

The two men scan each other's faces keenly, misunderstanding grows.

"Desiring the flesh of this woman you committed a sin in spirit!"

The dying man draws himself up and becomes hardened, incredulous before this stranger, with the vulgar appearance, in whose mouth the words of God and truth assume a grotesque aspect.

However, he makes an effort:

"If I have sinned in spirit, to use your words," he said, "it proves that I have not sinned in reality. Why should I repent of what was natural desire?"

"A thought committed in spirit is committed in intention, and therefore in effect, and must be confessed and redeemed".

"I confess I have committed sin, and I repent," says the dying man.

"Tell me the details of yielding to temptation of the evil spirit in you?"

The man was swept by a wave of rebellion.

He half rose and leaned on his elbow, glaring at the stranger, who returned his look steadily.

"Why have I the evil spirit in me?" he demanded.

"You are not the only one. All men have it."

The man sat up again, seized by a new fit of anger which consumed him.

"Then it is God who put it into them, since it is God who made them."

The priest looked at the rebellious man blankly.

"How else could souls be tried?" he said quite calmly.

"Nothing can excuse the suffering of the good."

"I have listened patiently to your ramblings and feel sorry for you. You must prepare to appear before God, from whom you seem to have lived apart. Repent, tell me you believe in the Catholic religion, which will save you."

"Get out!" shouts the dying man. But the priest does not stir.

Goaded by the urgency of the case, impelled by the necessity of saving this soul in spite of itself, the priest becomes implacable.

"You are dying," cries the priest, "You have only moments to live!"

"No," mumbles the dying man.

The black-robed priest catches hold of both his hands.

"Submit. No discussion. You are losing precious time!"

"Ah!" mutters the priest between clenched teeth.

He twists the man's hands in his.

The dying man tries to wrest himself free. There is a dry rattle of fury in his throat. With the remnant of his voice, in a low tone, he gasps, "No!"

"Scoundrel!" cries the priest. And he strikes him in the face. After that neither man moves for a while. Then the priest goes at it again.

"Simply say with me, 'Our Father, who art in heaven.' I ask nothing else."

The dying man moves not.

"At least you will die holding a crucifix," he snarls.

He draws a crucifix from his pocket, and slams it on the dying man's breast.

The dying man shakes himself in dull horror, as if the Roman Catholic religion is contagious, and sweeps the crucifix to the floor.

The dying man's face contorts.

The priest stoops, mumbling insults.

"Carrion, you want to die like a dog, but I am here!"

The priest picks up the crucifix, and waits for his final chance.

The dying man pants, completely at the end of his strength.

The priest, seeing him in his power, lays the crucifix on his breast.

This time the dying man has no choice but to let it stay there, unable to do anything but look at it with dying eyes full of hate." - Henri Barbusse

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