Myths show mankind the limits of our waking consciousness. Consciousness is an expression of life granted by God to all animals.
automatic existence

Chinese charater for myth

myth : consciousness

paleolithic consciousness

Paleolithic consciousness or hunter-gatherer forager consciousness is characterized by a non-dualistic acceptance of That Which Is …

A mistrust set in and there arose the desire to attempt to control Nature rather than to follow Her and conform to Her rhythms.

The compulsion to gather food for a "rainy day" was initiated by a left brain thought of future need that originated in a remembrance of past times of scarcity.

The moment the desire to control nature began is the moment God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden.

Pagan shamanistic nomadic type religions relate directly to the right brain while settlement based agricultural based cultures relate directly to the left brain.

Our emotions, originating in the right brain, directly sense the energies of Reality.

The natural self, the right brain, enjoys change and relishes the novel.

The natural self glories in a life that is an ever-unfolding adventure into the Divine.

Once the split from Nature occurred the individual no longer felt, as the early forager did, those body energies that we call core emotions - right brain recognition of actual reality.

Unfortunately those repressed core emotions did not go away even though the individual was no longer conscious of them after the left brain had taken control.

To compensate the right brain for the wall the left brain had erected to filter out those core emotions the left brain allowed the right brain access to parts of itself it was only subconscious of.

Individuals unaware of the secret agreement entered into by the two hemispheres of their brains "act out" in a ritual manner those inner core emotions/feelings/realities/experiences which the conscious left brain is cut off from.

As long as the secret agreement stands they will deny this as they are numb to it and unaware of it.

The manner of the "act out" is always symbolic of the (truly) motivating inner core emotions/feeling/reality/experience that has been repressed.

The noumenon the right brain experiences makes itself known, not consciously but indirectly and symbolically.

This symbolism will be based on metaphorical allegorical connections the right brain uses to understand reality.

It is exclusive left brain settlement modification of Nature thinking that is causing all humanities problems.

This would not have been an issue without the global corporate revolution which hid future decline behind glossy marketing.

linear way of thinking

Cartesian mode of consciousness

"All things depend of one beginning, and the beginning depends of that which is one and alone."- Hermes Trimegistus

It is a part of the Cartesian mode to think of consciousness as being something peculiar to the mind, that the mind is the organ originating consciousness.

The mind does not originate consciousness. The mind is an organ that inflects consciousness in a certain direction to a certain set of purposes.There is a consciousness here in the body.

The whole living universe is informed by consciousness.

Consciousness is a form of energy, a natural force.

Where you really see life energy, there is consciousness.

There is a wonderful story of the deity, of the self that thought, "I am". As soon as it thought "I am"," it was afraid. It was an entity now, a self, locked in time. Then It thought, "What should I be afraid of, "I am" the only thing that is."

As soon as It thought "I am" alone Itfelt lonesome and It imagined that if there were another It would not be lonesome, and so It felt desire.

It swelled, split in two, became male and female, and begot the universe.
Stanislav Grof found some patients re-experienced birth and, in the re-experience of birth, the first stage is that of the fetus in the womb, without any sense of "I" or of being.

At childbirth there are two participants . The trauma of childbirth is imprinted on the both the mother's and the child's psyche . The trauma they both experienced of being joined, then seperated, will be reenacted over and over again when they come into conflicting contact over worldview, as we inevitably do .

Fear is the first emotional experience of the fetus in the womb.

Shortly before birth the rhythm of the uterus begins, and there's terror! (The walls are closing in!) Fear is the first emotion, the emotion that says "I".

Then comes the horrific stage of getting born, the difficult passage through the birth canal, and then - my God, bright light, loud sounds and other beings!

Can you imagine!

Isn't it amazing that this repeats just what the myth says - that self said, "I am", and immediately felt fear?

When self perceived It was alone, Self felt desire for companionship and became two.

Self breaks into the world of light and pairs of opposites.

There is the plane of consciousness where one identifies and communes with that which transcends pairs of opposites.

The nature of our experience of reality is I and you, this and that, true and untrue, male and female, good and evil, black and white - every one of them has its opposite. This is duality - a simple method to differentiate reality by putting reality into a linear box with end points. An example of this seen today is paralleled in "Republican" or "Democratic" or Left against Right.

When we are turned outward, we seem to see imperfections in reality.

If we look inward, we see that our inability to accept reality as reality truly is - is the source of our attitude that reality is imperfect.

Once we look inward at our own consciousness - our self - we begin to understand our inner reality and we can then judge if that inner reality reflects outer existent reality - the field of existence.

There are dimensions of your being, a potential for realization and consciousness that are not included in most peoples concept of self.

Life is much deeper and broader than most conceive it to be.

Most live with only a fractional inkling of reality, and fail to see within themselves what gives life breadth and depth.

You can live in terms of that depth of your life - awaken !

It is possible to experience a plane of consciousness where one identifies and communes with that which transcends pairs of opposites and if you experience it, you will suddenly see that all the religious mystical experiences are the same.

Time and space form the sensibilities that bound our experiences. Our senses are enclosed in the field of time and space, and our minds are enclosed in a frame that consists as categories of thought.

To be touched by God we must allow our consciousness to expand beyond the field of enclosure.

We enclose God when we try to think of God.

We wall God out if we are not careful.

Instinctual reason is one category of thinking.

Figuring out how you can solve a problem is not instinctual reason.

Instinctual reason lies within sensing the fundamental structure of the order of the universe.

-adapted from Joseph Campbell

Stan Grof about his LSD experience

Stan Grof on the Brain and Consciousness

The Czechoslovakian psychiatrist Stanislav Grof treated psychological problems with lysergic acid diethylamide
for several years while it was still legal.

"LSD and other psychedelics function more or less as nonspecific catalysts and amplifiers of the psyche. In the dosages used in human experimentation, the classical psychedelics, such as LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline, do not have any specific pharmacological effects. They increase the energetic niveau in the psyche and the body which leads to manifestation of otherwise latent psychological processes. The content and nature of the experiences that these substances induce are thus not artificial products of their pharmacological interaction with the brain ("toxic psychoses"), but authentic expressions of the psyche revealing its functioning on levels not ordinarily available for observation and study. A person who has taken LSD does not have an "LSD experience," but takes a journey into deep recesses of his or her own psyche." - Stanislav Grof

"The potential of LSD seems to be extraordinary and unique. The ability of LSD to deepen, intensify and accelerate the psychotherapeutic process is incomparably greater than that of any other drug used as an adjunct to psychotherapy, with the exception perhaps of some other members of the psychedelics group." - Stanislav Grof

LSD was first suggested as a tool in psychotherapy in 1949. The following year saw the first studies in medical/psychiatric journals. By 1970, hundreds of articles on the uses of LSD in therapy had appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Journal of Psychology, the Archives of General Psychiatry, the Quarterly Journal of Studies of Alcoholism, many non-English-language journals, and elsewhere. Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic conferences had segments devoted to LSD, and two professional organizations were formed for this specialty, one in Europe and the other in North America. International symposia were held in Princeton, London, Amsterdam, and other locations. From 1950 to 1965, LSD was given in conjunction with therapy to an estimated 40,000 people worldwide.

The Magic Effect Of Psilocybin Mushrooms


LSD Psychotherapy

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Brain on LSD revealed: First scans show how the drug affects the brain

Study Shows Psilocybin, LSD Very Successful in Treating Cluster Headaches

"LSD has a high-risk/high-reward ratio. Lysergic acid diethylamide requires a time commitment - an LSD trip can last as long as 20 hours. Early rituals suggested a deliberate, even thoughtful approach to drug taking. Although he got a little lax about it as time went on, Timothy Leary's ideas about "set and setting," which emphasized the importance of the psychological state of the user as well as the environment in which the drug would be used, recognize that the way to avoid a bad hallucinogenic experience has a lot to do with how well you know yourself and how willing you are to remove yourself from bad-vibe people and excessive external stimuli, like televisions or ringing phones.

If we're looking for a yardstick to measure how people's feelings about consciousness have changed over 40 years, we could do worse than to consider the enormous philosophical gulf between LSD and, say, Prozac®. Whereas one expands consciousness, the other belongs to a class of drugs whose phenomenal success rests largely on their ability to keep the mind from expanding into uncomfortable places (ie facing reality squarely).

Whereas one reduces a person's 'functionality' in the interest of questioning reality, the other is about becoming 'more functional' while questioning very little." - Meghan Daum


Albert Hofmann's Bicycle Trip

Study shows LSD’s effects on language and speech

Brain on LSD: First scans show how the drug affects the brain

"Over his long life, Albert Hofmann (the first chemist to synthesize lysergic acid diethylamide) took LSD many times. Albert Hofmann developed a personal mysticism involving nature, for which he had a lifelong passion. One thing this very tolerant man decried in the Western drive for facile satisfaction was an alienation from nature. The use of LSD made him more and more conscious of it. In nature Albert Hofmann saw "a miraculous, powerful, unfathomable reality." - Robert Stone

pissed of pancakes !

LSD Testing (British Troops)

French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment

A massive dose of lysergic acid diethylamide increases sense experience to the point where it will cause the subject's left brain talking-to-myself consciousness, "little voice", to experience a "white out" which leads to a vacant memory of the experience in the left brain. The amount of disruption of left brain thinking is directly proportional to the dose - the higher the dose, the more disruption. The best way to describe to a left brain what it is like in the right brain visual would be the paintings of Alex Grey. But that is only visual and a poor description as the colors are heard and not seen, they taste weird, smell funny, and keep slapping, pinching, caressing and sticking you with more and more sensory information.

soveriegn consciousness

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