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Immune Escape

Millions Wrongly Treated for 'Cancer,'
National Cancer Institute Panel Confirms

'Oops... It Wasn't Cancer After All,'
Admits The National Cancer Institute/JAMA

Immune Escape Mechanism: Guide for Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer and autoimmunity

"Cancer was practically unknown until compulsory vaccination with cowpox vaccination began to be introduced. I have had to deal with at least two hundred cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person." - Dr. W. B. Clarke

"A study published in Annals of Family Medicine found that 60% of men and 49% of women had gotten at least one false positive during three years of routine screenings for ovarian, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer.

As a result, 22% of those women and 29% of those men had an invasive diagnostic procedure." - Karen Kaplan

"Messages about screening have been oversimplified to 'early detection saves lives,' and that's it, and people are made to feel irresponsible if they don't test.

The more times you intervene, the greater the chance is you're going to have harm." - Jennifer Croswell, National Institutes of Health 05/12/09


Mutagens, teratogens and carcinogens

Anticancer mechanisms of cannabinoids

Cancer man-made: no trace of disease in Egyptian mummies

Prominent cancer researcher Andrew Dannenberg 10 papers retracted

"A third of men and a quarter of women undergoing cancer screening will get false positive results by the time they have undergone four tests, which can lead to inappropriate medical procedures.

Men's risk of a false-positive finding was 36.7% by the fourth screening, and women's risk of the wrong result was 26.2% by the fourth of the 14 routinely recommended tests possible for each patient, according to the research published in Annals of Family Medicine." - Elizabeth Lopatto 05/12/09

The National Cancer Institute defines cancer as a genetic disease.

To clarify, this doesn't mean that cancer is inherited from our parents and passed down to our offspring.

What they mean by the word genetic is the fact that the cancer's mechanism of producing tumors is rooted in the changes in how our genes control cellular division.

These disruptions in our genes consequently affect how our cells grow and divide.

Without proper regulation of these functions, malignant cells continue to grow and divide with an alarming pace.

This uncontrolled cellular division is a hallmark of a malignant disease.

Researchers Confirm Cancer Is Man-Made

Has Cancer Been Completely Misunderstood?

Instead of viewing the hallmark trait of cancer, namely, incessant
proliferation, as a newly evolved trait spurned by random mutations,
it is more likely the default state of the cell, having been developed
a billion years ago when 'not dying' would be the first priority.

Is Cancer An Ancient Survival Program Unmasked?

The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer

healing ability

Air pollution causes lung cancer

Beware! Nail polish can cause cancer

Chemical pollution linked to infection, bladder cancer

Heavy mobile usage may cause cancer of salivary glands

Treating cancer is extremely lucrative

Is Cancer An Ancient Survival Program Unmasked?

Has Cancer Been Completely Misunderstood?

Despite massive public screening campaigns and talk of cures, cancer rates continue to soar, and certain companies not only profit from making the chemicals that cause cancer but also from selling the chemicals that treat it!

Cancer surpasses heart disease as the leading cause of death in California

Cancer now beats heart disease as top cause of death in 22 U.S. states


Dental x-rays and risk of meningioma

Muscle supplements linked to cancer risk

Car Pollution Linked To Childhood Cancers

Heavy Meat Consumption Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Procedure

Pure water the key to China's victories in the war against cancer

pseudoscience births ignorance

Prominent cancer researcher loses 10 papers

FTC sues four cancer charities over $187 million scam

1887 New York physician Ephraim Cutter publishes a book on cancer and the diet.

1893 German Dr. Julius Hensel states that processed flour is devoid of nutrients.

1900 Cancer causes 4% of deaths in the US.

1901 Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research opens.

1910 161 medical schools exist.

Flexner Report is published.

This highly influential report, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation, evaluated medical schools and restructure American medical education.

It sets up a new standard so that schools can only be accredited if they show an emphasis in fossil fuel byproduct based chemical drug research and treatment.

Homeopathy and nutritive approaches to medicine are demonized.

Abraham Flexner, author of the report, is on the staff of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

1913 Rockefeller Foundation establishes the International Health Division to succeed the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission.

International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation lays the foundations for methodologies of health science research and the manner in which the development of medicine is to be conducted.

Health institutions including the World Health Organization, National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute are modeled on International Health Division practices, policies, and research processes.

The American Cancer Society is formed.

1918 Eugenics becomes the top priority of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Only the rationally dissociated will be allowed to survive.

"The Foundation identifies public health education as one of its principal areas of interest, and builds and endows the first school of public health at Johns Hopkins University."

1919 In response to the Flexner Report half the medical schools close - 81 allopathic medical schools are now in operation.

1920 Dr. Otto Walberg experiments with human cells.

Removes 35% of the oxygen and cells become non-reversibly cancerous.
Royal Raymond Rife builds the world's first virus microscope.

The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer, by Dr. Otto Warburg


Abolishing Mammography Screening Programs

Breast Screenings Cause More Harm Than Good

X-Ray Mammography Is Accelerating The Epidemic of Cancer

Mammography Is Harmful & Should Be Abandoned

Mammography Is Unscientific And Harmful

1921 Rockefeller Foundation distributes $357 million to allopathic medical schools to spread fossil fuel byproduct based chemical drug research and treatment to the most prominent elite schools in the world.

1920s Harry Hoxsey markets Hoxsey Therapy, a mixture of herbs, as a cure for cancer.

Hoxsey himself traced the treatment to his great-grandfather, who observed a horse with a tumor on its leg cure itself by grazing upon wild plants growing in the meadow.

John Hoxsey gathered these herbs and mixed them with old home remedies used for cancer.

Harry Hoxsey claims his herbal mixtures causes tumors to necrotize.

Harry Hoxsey &
Royal Raymond Rife

Sloan Kettering

American Cancer Society

cannabis kills cancer

Antigen escape and immune esacpe are essentially the same thing.

2008 Immune escape as a fundamental trait of cancer

2018 Acquired mechanisms of immune escape following immunotherapy

2019 Metabolic stress in cancer cells induces immune escape

chemical warfare

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