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"Law and morality are two distinct systems. A system of law can be procedurally legitimate
and at the same time rest on an immoral foundation." - Herbert Lionel Adolphus Hart


The Great Forgetting or the Wetiko revolution

As the mythweaver reconstructs the story of human origins, humans appear in the world with the frontal lobes required for socialization but, of course, no experience.

To the mythweaver humans soon discover the obvious benefits of communal life, and from there the course of "civilization" is set.

Farming villages grew into towns, towns grew into cities, cities grew into kingdoms, kingdoms into Empires.

One would expect to find that laws existed long before literacy, but this appears not to have been the case.

If legal codes had been formulated orally and embedded within the Oral Tradition in preliterate times, then the earliest writings would surely have been transcriptions of these laws - but no such laws are found in these writings, instead at first we find lists of sayings and, later, narratives of mythweavers.

In fact, the earliest written code of law, the Code of Hammurabi, dates to only about 2100 B.C.E.

Homo sapiens had been moving outward from their African birthplace for more than 100,000 years and had literally reached every corner of the world.

10,000 years ago, the Near East, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the New World had all been occupied by modern humans for at least 20,000 years.

The Near East was among the most densely populated areas of the world.

As densely populated with tribal peoples found everywhere in the world at that time and still found today where they've been allowed to survive.

Each tribe was defined by its own traditions and customs, or laws.

These defined the parameters of tribal life.

Cultural boundaries between tribes were impenetrable.

A member of one tribe can't decide one day to become a member of another tribe; unthinkable among tribal peoples everywhere in the world.

10,000 years ago some of these tribal peoples were hunter-gatherers but some had begun intensive farming.

Every tribal people studied in the history of anthropology had a complete set of customs and traditions applicable to their environment and their unique mode of survival.

The founders of Wetiko culture didn't live in an empty world, they were a tribal people surrounded by many other tribal peoples.

The Wetiko revolution began when the farmers turned to the monocultural growing of grain required to sustain the armies of Empire. which

The Wetiko approach to living, codified in the West under the Imperial State of Rome under Theodosius I, became the foundation of predatory global consumer culture model.

Their new invention was a totalitarian style of agriculture - monoculture.

As a short-term successful conceptual construct why not apply it to people?

Everyone needed to conform to the Wetiko style of living for Empire.

The concept of conformity was a remarkable unprecedented idea.

By forcing everyone to adopt common behavioral patterns individual traditions of tribal life fade into irrelevance except as a way to honor ancestors.

The traditions of each culture cease to exist within this monocultural collective designed to serve Empire.

Since tribal traditions or law had been rendered obsolete, nothing remained now
but to begin to invent new laws.

Tribal law are never seen as invented laws, they are always received laws.

This makes inventing law a startling idea!

Laws cannot be invented - they are handed down from the beginning.

Tribal laws are never the work of committees of living individuals, they're always the work of social evolution.

Tribal laws are shaped the way a bird's beak is shaped, or a mole's claw - by what works.

They never reflect a tribe's concern for what's "right" or "good" or "fair," they simply work - for that particular tribe.

Unlike invented law, which spells out crimes and punishments, tribal traditions work well.

Tribal traditions are the very fabric of their lives, they live their tradition which can also be defined as their religion.

The price to be paid for becoming part of the Wetiko revolution is detribalization - the loss of tribal traditions, customs, laws and, finally, identity.

Since the detribalization of the Old World (the Near East, the Far East, and Europe) began occurring thousands of years before the earliest written historical records it became part of the Great Forgetting, and as such it was invisible to the inventers of law.

The inventers of law reconstructed the evolution of human culture in their imagination: the first humans were just proto-urbanites - farmers without farms, villagers without villages, city dwellers without cities.

When they looked into the past, they saw people setting out to build Empire, being already innately inclined toward Empire.

Empire builders embrace the concept of detribalization.

Detribalization is a necessary endeavor when destablizing cultures.

When we look into the past no longer under the influence of the Great Forgetting, we see something very different: people inadvertently (but systematically) obliterating a highly successful lifestyle - then attempting to devise a replacement.

Multiple early examples stand out: the Code of Hammurabi, the Torah, the Septuagint and the Quran.

These ancient sacred scripture, based on Oral Law, Oral Torah or Oral Tradition, were written down when astute individuals recognized the Wetiko revolution encroaching upon traditional ways of life.

It was upon these cultural myths that the inventers of law laid foundations.

The tribal life is precious because it works for people the way nests work for birds, the way webs work for spiders, the way burrows work for moles.

Tribal traditions are viable.

What worked survived, what didn't work perished, leaving behind its fossilized remains - irrigation ditches, roads, cities, temples, pyramids.

If their experiment didn't work, they walked away.

What made the Wetiko experiment different was the belief that the Wetiko way was the way people were meant to live involved operant conditioning.

For Wetiko to flourish everywhere, everyone had to check their natural empathetic impulses, stay focused and 'on point.'

"It didn't matter if people suffered the torments of hell. This was the required way for people to live so the Empire flourished. This bizarre notion made it impossible for people to give it up, no matter how badly it worked. If it doesn't work, then you'll just have to suffer. If it doesn't work, suffer. And suffer they did." - David Sheen

The Great Remembering


the dEvil is the auThor of LiEs

When i was young my Methodist Christian Mother use to tell me "The Devil is the Author of Lies".

Well even back then i had a hard time beLIEving in the alleged "dEvil".

It wasn't until recently that my mother's statement made more sense.

Once I began a course of study into "Common Law", "Legislation", "Black's Law Dictionary", "Maritime Admiralty Code", "Rules", "Birth Certificates", "REGISTRATIONS", "theIRS", "S.I.N. and T.I.N. (S-ocial I-nsurance N-umber and Taxpayer ID Number)" did i understand …

The "Author of Lies" did Authorize a lot of Lies ....

The "dEvil" is the "id" (latin) id = EGO.

A fictitious overlying matrix has been conjured on paper by men who were known as "Pharisees".

ATTORNEYS are the "Pharisees" of today.

ATTORN - latin - to turn over, LEGIS, LEX, LEGAL, LEGALESE ...


These Pharisees forge a spell of (s)words on paper by inscribing them.

This is the black magic they practice.

The Pharisees forge this fictitious scripted matrix on vellum paper of a unipolar imagined reality simply to control living men and women.

This false vellum matrix is not even a shallow reflection of Natural Reality but a Nightmare Vision of Psychopathy superimposed onto Natural Reality.

An entirely artificial matrix.

Does this imagined reality have a life of it's own?

Does it think ?

Does it act ?

If it doesn't think, act, or do anything then it doesn't have a pulse.

It only exists as a fictitious scripted matrix on vellum paper - an idea.

We are Living not DEAD.

We have a Brain, a Heart, and Courage, unlike the STRAWMAN, the T.I.N. man and the Cowardly Lion.

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