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The One True God

Chinese charater for godChinese charater for goddess

"It is always easy to discern the myths of others - accompanied by astonishment that someone else can succumb to such absurd images.
But what reluctance to embark on an analysis of one's own myths!"

Jacques Ellul

ordering principles

Christ Godhead


deification of God descended to Earth; God personified

Atum - early Heliopolitan ordering principle of reality

Amun - later Heliopolitan ordering principle of reality

Aten - Akhenaten's ordering principle of reality

El - Akkadian ordering principle of reality

(In the original form El is associated with semen, fertility and amniotic fluid.
Inhabits the Nammu - Primordial Saltwater Sea at the Center of the Hollow Earth.)

Serapis - deification of the Theon Heptagrammaton

Ahura Mazda - hypostasis of the Creator and Sustainer

Mithras - deification of light and wisdom

Odin - King of Asgard; Lord of War, death and knowledge

Indra - the leader of the Devas and the lord of Svargaloka

Intelligent Designer - calibrated initial conditions of the Universe

Daghda - deification of true knowledge

mystical transformation

life-death-rebirth deity

Attis - a life-death-rebirth deity

Osiris - life, death, and fertility

Adonis - annually-renewed, ever-youthful

Chrestus - the universal composite nature of reality

Dionysus - virgin-born life-death-rebirth diety

Bacchus - the Liberator (Eleutherios), an eternally reborn youth,
modulates consciousness with entheogens, madness, ecstasy, or wine

Tammuz - annually-renewed, ever-youthful shepherd

Baal, God of Fertility

goddess sophia

"As his consort, she was regarded as the queen of Heaven
and wore the sun-disk in her headress." - David Magie1

Sophia - female personification of wisdom

Isis - archetypal wife and mother

Indrani - Indra's wife

Brigid - mother of all wisdom;
deification of creativity,
of artists, healers, poets, and craftspersons

Asherah - Baal's wife and later Yahweh's consort

Neith - virginal mother deification and wet nurse

Hohkma; Sapientia; Sheela-na-gigs - deification of wisdom


Demiurge - deification of the faulty creation humans inhabit; attempt to fit in personification of the hostile demonic force that forged the material world in order to trap the spiritual elements eventually morphing into Satan or identified as Xenu, the galactic warlord in Scientology.

{claymation Demiurge on YouTube}

Ptah - architect of the noumenon

Angra Mainyu - hypostasis of the "destructive spirit"

Saklas - maker of the faulty creation humans inhabit

Yaltabaoth - maker of the faulty creation humans inhabit

Commoditization - faulty creation of the Demiurge

Zeus - angry supreme patriarchal father god

Hulk - angry supreme morphing scientist with a chip


Cernunnos - the Celtic male deification of Nature

Cerridwen - the Celtic deification of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration

Artemis - deification of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility

Danu - mother of the Tuatha-de-Danaan


Gaia - female deifecation of Mother Earth

Devi - Ramakrishna's Mother of all living things

Aruru - Creator of Gilgamesh, Goddess of Creation

Yingarna - mother of Western Arnhem Land tribes

Cybele - a deification of the Mother Earth

Coatlicuem - mother deification of the Earth who gives birth to all things celestial

Venus - worship icon of spring flowers, compassion and beauty

Vesta, Chantico - worship icon of the hearth, of domestic and religious fire


Agni - Hindu god of the fire

Pele - worship icon of fire, lightning,
dance, volcanoes and violence

Nun - Heliopolitan shapeless magma potentiality


Yam, Poseidon - deification of the sea


Sin - the moon

Ixchel - deification of the moon

Aphrodite - moon goddess of compassion and beauty

Altjira - Creator of the Dreamtime

Diana - goddess of the moon, of wild places, of the hunt

Yemaya, Chalchiuhtlicue - mother of Waters

Melusina - a feminine spirit of fresh waters in sacred springs and rivers

Wandjina - cloud and rain spirits of the Dreamtime.
Walaganda, a Wandjina, became the Milky Way.


Ra - the Sun deification

Shamash - deification of judgement

Amun-Ra - the invisible aspect of the Sun

Apollo - Greek deification of the Sun,
prophecy, archery, music, poetry and inspiration

Marduk - deification of the commander of humans

Kinich Ahau - sun deification who appears in the shape of a firebird

Old European Culture: The thundering sun god


Nisaba - Babylonian goddess of grain

Ceres - deification of agriculture

Geb - Heliopolitan deification of Earth

Demeter, Chac - deification of corn, grain, and the harvest

Baal, Adad, Nin-tu, Tlaloc, Freya - worship icon of fertility

Hathor - Heliopolitan deification of fertility, motherhood and the Milky Way

Ea, Enki, and in Ugrit of the Land of Cannan:


Mars - god of war

Ninurta - Semite God of War

Eris - deification of discord

Orion - deification of the hunt

Yahweh - deification of nomadic desert warrior

Seth - deification of the desert, storms, and chaos

Ishtar - femme fatale unleashes the Bull of Heaven, resulting in the death of Enkidu

Svantevit - deification of spilt blood, fertility and abundance

Ogun - deification of war, the hunt and ironworking

Votan, Huitzilopochtli, Tyr, Dagda - worship icons of war


Aesculapius - the god of medicine

Ningishita - deification of healing

Asklepios, Babbalu-aye - deification of medicinal healing

good shepherd

Good Shepherd

Lucifer - the morning star; the light bringer

Pan - Greek god of the wild, shepherds and flocks


Hebe - deification of youth

Eros, Cupid, Aonghus - god of infatuation

Venus - goddess of desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory


Itzamna used magic to give man corn,
chocolate, writing, drawing, calendars, medicine and healing.

Itzamna - deification of civilization:
founder of Mayan culture; Ometeotl in Aztec culture.


Kokopelli - wandering hunchback deity of fertility, replenishment, music, prankster, healer and story teller

Epimetheus - deification of afterthought,
the one who accepted the gift of Pandora as wife


Dark Humour Could Be a Sign of Superior Intelligence

Loki - the sly one, the trickster, the shape changer, and the sky traveler

Eshu - trikster deification and guardian of houses and villages

Anansi - spider trickster deification, king of all stories

Lardicus - Brian Gallagher's god

Ngalyod - the great land transformer

stan has an all seeing eye and mini-satan does too


Angra Mainyu

Iblis = self-focus

Satan is evil personified

Moloch - sacrifice of children to commerce


Thor - deification of thunder

Adad - Semite god of thunder, lightening, and prophesy

Shango - deification of thunder and lightening

Iuppiter - sky, winds, rain and thunder


Quetzalcoatl - the divine ruler of the Toltecs

Tezcatlipoca - "smoking mirror"
night sky and wind, temptation, divination, beauty of war

Elegua - guardian of the crossroads of life

Vishnu - the sleeping god

Arianrhod - holder of the Corona Borealis

invisible friend

Hermes - deification of commerce

Invisihand - spiritguide of the invisible hand of trading markets


Commoditization - deification of hyperreality

Corporationus - deification of limited liabiliy

Consumeritis - god of consumption found as window dressing in depatment stores

Coulterannus - deification of self-centered ego stokers

Bureauclamus - deification of bureaucrats; Winston Smith is their savior.

Celebrititous - deification of celebrities; brings fame and fortune

Drugonious - deification of chemical poisons as pharmacopoeia

Federalis Reservutus - deification of money; creation of demi-gods with fungible assets

Globalonius - deification of the mercantilization of the global economy

Kardasianus - celebrity worship deity: depicted as three faced - Khloé, Kim, Kris - male devouring succubi

Limrushbaugh - the deification of blowhards addicted to opiates that deny it on the air

Mammon - false deification of riches; avarice; reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth

Marcuntus - deification of marketing, advertisements and television programming

Penisuseus - worship icon of the sodomites, also see Xanus

Psuedoscientificus - the deification of flasification of methodical observation

Statisonerous - deification of tribal boundaries through bureaucratic documentation

Technologicus - deification whose gifts allow humanity to control nature

Washingtonius - deification of corrupt soulless apostate politicians

Xanus - deification of the sodomites, also see Penisuseus

1. Magie, David. “Egyptian Deities in Asia Minor in Inscriptions and on Coins.” American Journal of Archaeology, vol. 57, no. 3, 1953, pp. 163–187. JSTOR,

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