higher dimensions of consciousness

The Way

There is a mystery,
beneath abstraction,
silent, infinite,
alone, unchanging,
ubiquitous and liquid, eternal,
the Creator of Nature.

IT has no name, but I call IT "the Way";
IT has no limit, but I call IT "limitlessness".

Being limitless, IT flows away forever;
flowing away forever, IT returns to its Source.

The Way is limitless,
as nature is limitless,
as the universe is limitless,
as I am limitless.

The Way is a limitless vessel;
used by the Ego, IT is not filled by the world;
IT cannot be cut, knotted, dimmed or stilled;
its depths are hidden, ubiquitous and eternal.

Looked at, but cannot be seen - IT is beneath form;
Listened to, but cannot be heard - IT is beneath sound;
Held, but cannot be touched - IT is beneath feeling;
this infinite thing evades without definition,
and blends into a single mystery.

assume formlessness

In its rising there is no light,
in its falling there is no darkness,
a continuous thread beyond description,
its form formless,
its image nothing,
its name silence;
follow IT, IT has no back,
meet IT, IT has no face.

IT nurtures all things,
though IT does not control them;
IT has no easily discernable intention,
so IT seems inconsequential.

IT is the substance of all things;
though IT does not control them;
IT has no exception,
so IT seems infinitely important.

The motion of the Way is to return;
the use of the Way is to accept;
all things come from the Way,
and the Way has always existed.

The world is shaped through the Way;
IT cannot be shaped without Intention.
try to change IT, you may damage IT;
try to possess IT, you will lose IT.

Empty the Ego completely;
embrace perfect peace.
The world will rise and move;
watch IT return to rest.
This return is peaceful;
IT is the flow of nature,
an eternal decay and renewal.

Out of the One came Two;
out of the Two came Three;
and out of the Three came all Things.

Accepting this brings enlightenment,
ignoring this brings misery.

He who accepts the flow of nature becomes all-cherishing;
being natural he becomes one with the Way;
being one with the Way he becomes immortal:
though his body will decay, the Way will not.

Embracing the Way, you become embraced;
breathing gently, you become newborn;
clearing your mind, you become clear;
opening your heart, you become accepted;
accepting reality, you embrace the Way.

Harmony is found in following the Way.
The Way is without form or quality,
but expresses all forms and qualities;
the Way is hidden and implicate,
but expresses all of nature;
the Way is unchanging,
but expresses all motion.
the Way bears all things;
harmony nurtures them;
nature shapes them;
use completes them.

Each follows the Way
and honors harmony,
not by law,
but by being.

The Way takes no action,
but leaves nothing undone.
The Way flows and ebbs,
creating and destroying,
implementing all the world,
attending to the tiniest details,
claiming nothing in return.

When you accept the Way
the Earth will flourish,
in harmony with nature.

Experience is a riverbed,
its Source hidden, forever flowing,
the Way moves within IT,
draw upon IT; IT will not run dry.

Attend to the present to deal with the past;
thus you grasp the continuity of the Way,
which is its essence.

With but a small understanding
one may follow the Way like a main path,
fearing only to leave IT.
Following a main path is easy,
yet humans delight in difficult paths.

When palaces are kept up
fields are left to weeds
and granaries empty;
wearing fine clothes,
bearing sharp swords,
glutting with food and drink,
hoarding wealth and possessions,
these are the ways of theft,
and far from the Way.

The Way is the fate of men,
the treasure of the saint,
and the refuge of the sinner.

Fine words are often borrowed,
and great deeds are often appropriated;
therefore, when a man falls, do not abandon him,
and when a man gains power, do not honor him;
only remain impartial and show him the Way.

Why should someone appreciate the Way?

The ancients said,
"By IT, those who seek may easily find,
and those who regret may easily absolve."

So the Way is the most precious gift.

Lao Tze

Four Rules for Living

In harmony with the way

"No man can effectively illuminate the Way for all men.
There is more than one Way, a great number of paths.
On all these, men who can serve as beacons are needed."

Franklin Merrell-Wolff


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