praying hands


"I have told you that prayer is a virtuous act.
However, the soul and spirit of prayer are more virtuous than the form.
Through them we arrive at Union with God, in a way that only God knows."
- Rumi

"My faith is weak, my face is blind from all that shimmering blaze of the desert sun. The heat lies on me like lead. Thirst torments me, I dare not think how unendingly long my way is, and above all, I see nothing in front of me. But the soul answered, "You speak as if you have still learned nothing. Can you not wait? Should everything fall into your lap ripe and finished? You are full, yes, you teem with intentions and desirousness! Do you still not know that the way to truth stands open only to those without intentions?" - Carl Gustav Jung

"Prayer is our divine and innate connection with the fabric of reality,
the way that we write our free will upon the world." - Adam Lanka

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The function of prayer is not to influence God,
but rather to change the nature of the one who prays."
Søren Kierkegaard

It is important for beginners in prayer to start off by becoming detached from every category of satisfaction and to enter the path of prayer solely with the determination to help Jesus carry the cross, who desire to serve their Lord at no salary since their salary is certain.

I shall say nothing about things of which I do not have much experience.

Beginners must realize that they are starting to cultivate a garden on very barren soil, full of abominable weeds. The Lord pulls up the weeds and plants good seed. With the help of the Lord we must strive, like good gardeners, to get these plants to grow and take pains to water them so that they don't wither but come to bud and flower and give forth a most pleasant fragrance.

The garden can be watered in four ways. You may draw water from a well, you may get water by means of a waterwheel and aqueducts, water may flow from a river or a stream or the water may be provided by a great deal of rain from the heavens.

A soul beginning to practice prayer will have begun to water the garden.

rainbow rain from heaven

Rain from heaven often comes when the gardener is least expecting it, although in the beginning it almost always occurs after a long period of prayer and reflection.

In mystical theology the intellect ceases to work as the Lord suspends it.

When the Lord suspends the intellect and causes it to stop, the Lord gives it that which holds its attention and makes it marvel; and without reflection the soul understands more in the space of a moment than the intellect can understand with all our wordly diligence in many years. (Taking it upon oneself to stop and suspend thought should not be done; nor should we cease to work with the intellect, because otherwise we would be left like cold simpletons and be doing neither one thing nor the other.)

prison of your mind

"The tendency of the intellect is to fabricate." - Henri Bergson

When thought is in bondage the truth is hidden, for everything is murky and unclear,
and the burdensome practice of judging brings annoyance and weariness. " - Hsin Hsin Ming

"The mind is wavering and restless, difficult to guard and restrain:
let the wise man straighten his mind as a maker of arrows makes his
arrows straight." - Dhammapada

The Lord gave me, in a moment, crystal clear understanding so that I knew how to explain the love the Lord grants through prayer in a way that amazed me.

Through prayer a divine spark of the Lord's true love is recognized in the depths of the soul. The Lord desires that the soul grow in the enlightenment of what this love accompanied by delight is.

For anyone who has had the experience it is impossible not to understand that this divine spark cannot be acquired, only discovered by searching the depths of the soul.

The quietude and recollection of this divine spark of the Lord's spirit will be noticed no matter how small it is.

Our mind, so eager for delight, is quickly left cold because no matter how much we may desire to kindle the divine spark and obtain this delight, we appear to be unable to do any thing other than throw water on it and kill it. If we do not extinguish it, through our own fault, this tiny divine spark is what will begin to enkindle in our soul the large fire that throws forth the flames of the Lord's true love.

The mind calmly and wisely must understand that one does not deal well with the Lord by force and that our efforts are like the careless use of large pieces of wood which smother this tiny divine spark.

we are eternal

I close my eyes.

Every thing is in motion here; the mind is representing, and the memory hurrying about. For certainly these faculties tire me out from time to time; and although I have a poor memory, I cannot subdue it.

One should realize this and humbly say: "Lord, what am I capable of here?"(Or other words that come to mind out of a true love of Jesus grounded in the true knowledge of experience.)

At this time one should pay no attention to the mind, for it is a grinding mill. The mind may desire to share what it enjoys or may work to recollect the memory, for often it will find itself in this union, calm while the intellect wanders about aimlessly. It is better that the soul leave the intellect alone than go after it, and that it remain like a wise bee in the recollection and in enjoyment of the Lord's gift of love. For if no bee were to enter the beehive and each were employed in going after the other no honey could be made.

As a result, the soul will lose a great deal if it is not careful in this matter, especially if the intellect is keen. For when the intellect begins to compose speeches and search for ideas, though insignificant, it will think it is doing some thing if they are well expressed.

lion lays downn with the lamb

"For the soul without the mind can neither say nor do anything; for many times the mind flies away from the soul, and in that hour the soul neither seeth nor heareth, but is like an unreasonable thing; so great is the power of the mind." - Hermes Trimegistus

One should not always weary oneself in seeking reflections but just remain here in His presence with the intellect quiet and bask in His love.

The idea our intellect should have here is a clear understanding that we are very near the Lord and ask for His gifts not with the noise of words but with longing that He hear us. This is a category of prayer that includes many things and in which more of the Lord's love is obtained than through a great deal of reflection by the intellect.

In the beginning I was ignorant of this because I didn't know that the Lord was in all things, and though He seemed so present to me, I thought this omnipresence was impossible. I could not stop believing that He was here since it seemed to me that I understood very clearly that He was here by the very presence of Him I felt in my own soul.

make ignorance history know yourself

Those who had no true knowledge told me that He was present only by grace.

I could not believe this, because, as I say, it seemed to me He was present; and so I was confused.

A very knowledgeable man from the order of the glorious St. Dominic freed me from this doubt, for he told me that the Lord was present and of how the Lord communicates Himself to our soul; this truth consoled me tremendously.

The Lord in His greatness desires that the soul understand that He is so close it no longer needs to send Him messengers but can speak with Him itself and not by shouting since He is so near that when the soul merely whispers, He understands. It seems impertinent to say this since we all know that the Lord always is here with us. There is no doubt about His presence.

The Lord desires for us to know that He loves us, that His presence is real, and that He wants to begin to work in the soul in a special way. All of this that the Lord desires is manifest in the great interior and exterior contentment He gives the soul and in the difference there is, as I said, between this delight and the happiness and delights of Earth, for this delight appears to fill the void that through our sin we have caused in the soul.

This contentment takes place in the soul's very intimate depths, and the soul doesn't know where the contentment comes from or how, nor frequently does it know what to do or what to desire or what to ask for. To the intellect it appears to have found everything at once but doesn't know what it has found.

In those to whom this experience happens, the effects are remarkable. First, there is a manifestation of the tremendous power of the Lord and of how we are incapable, when the Lord desires, of holding back the body any more than the soul, nor is our intellect or mind the soul's master. Rather, whether or not we wish, we see that there is One who is superior, that these favors are given by Him, and that of ourselves we can do absolutely nothing; deep humility is impressed upon the soul.

The Lord's radiant love causes no harm, no matter how long it lasts. At least it never caused me any, nor do I recall the Lord ever having granted me His favor that I did not feel much better afterward no matter how ill I had been before.

The experience of feeling the Lord's love also leaves a rare detachment, which I am unable to describe. I mean that more than spiritual things alone are involved. For now that the mind is completely detached from things, it appears that the Lord wants to effect this detachment in the body itself, and there is brought about a new estrangement from worldly things.

From this experience comes the pain of having to return to everyday life; wings have sprouted enabling one to fly with ease; the fledgling has shed its down; Jesus's banner is now completely raised. It seems just as though the soul climbs, or is taken up, to the highest tower to raise the banner for the Lord. The soul looks at those below as one who is out of danger.

In this state of grace the soul sees very clearly now.

Our soul should fix our vision on the true and everlasting wisdom which we are trying to gain. It is very important to keep this wisdom always in mind, especially in the beginning. For afterward it is seen so clearly that rather than striving to keep remembering the short time every thing lasts and how every thing is nothing it becomes clear it is necessary to forget these things in order to live.

When a prayer is answered from the Lord's spirit, there is no need to go dredging up things in order to derive some humility and shame because the Lord Himself gives these favors in a manner very different from that which we gain through our reason. For such humility is nothing in comparison with the true humility the Lord with His light teaches a humble soul.

It is well known that the Lord gives a true knowledge that makes the soul realize it is not good in and of itself; and the greater the Lord favors the soul, the greater is this true knowledge. The Lord bestows a strong desire to advance in union through prayer no matter what trial may come upon one. The soul offers itself up in all things. The soul feels sure, while still being humble, that it is redeemed.

The Lord casts out from the soul all servile fear and grants a feeling of awe at the power of His love. The body is left so light that all its weight is gone and sometimes this feeling reached such a point that one does not know how to put one's feet on the Earth.

This is the ascension of the soul to the Lord; it is Ecstacy.

When one sees one's body so elevated from the Earth that even though the soul carries the body along after itself, and does so very gently if one does not resist, one's feelings are not entirely lost. At least I was conscious in such a way that I could understand I was being elevated.

There is revealed a majesty about the One who can do this that makes an individual's hair stand on edge.

It is true that in the beginning these feelings pass quickly - at least it happened this way to me - that neither these exterior signs nor the failure of the senses are very noticeable. But the soul well understands that the sun's brightness therein, as the brightness melts the spirtual corruption away.

It is noteworthy that the longest space of time, in my opinion, in which the soul remains in this suspension of all the senses is very short; should it remain suspended for a half hour, this would be a very longtime. I do not think I ever experienced this suspension for that long.

It is true that since there is no sensory consciousness one finds it hard to know what is happening. While the soul is seeking the Lord in this way, it feels with the most marvelous and gentlest delight that every thing is almost fading away through a category of swoon in which breathing and all the bodily energies gradually relax.

The soul desires periods of solitude in order to enjoy this new found spiritual sustenance.

The soul is aware of the beginning of an understanding of the depth of the Lord's love.

In arriving here the soul begins soon to lose its craving for worldly things and little wonder! Clearly that one moment of the enjoyment of glory cannot be experienced here below, neither are there riches, or rewards, or delights that are able to provide a brief moment of this bliss, for it is a true bliss that causes the soul complete contentment.

The Lord's love is the beginning of all blessings. The flowers of the garden are already at the point in which hardly any thing is lacking for them to bud; and the soul sees this very clearly.

In no way is the soul able to believe that the Lord is not with the soul as doubt ends.

To one who has no experience this explanation will appear confusing. It is not surprising that there is confusion when a individual like myself wants to speak of such a thing and to give some explanation of an experience that it seems one cannot even begin to put into words. Those who have had this experience will understand me, for I do not know how to describe this being raised up if it is not understood through experience.

The soul is so satisfied with the Lord that as long as the recollection lasts, the quiet and calm are not lost since the will is united with the Lord even though the sense's are distracted as little by little the will brings the intellect and the memory back to recollection.

This quietude and recollection is some thing that is clearly felt through the peace bestowed on the soul, along with complete contentment and calm and a very gentle delight in the sense's. It appears to the soul, since it hasn't gone further, that there is nothing left to desire.

But there is!

Further prayer creates union of the soul with the Lord's endless love and what this union is, I do not know how to explain. These matters are expounded in mystical theology; I would not know the proper words. Neither do I understand what the mind is; nor do I know how it differs from the soul or the spirit. The soul, mind and spirit all appear to be the same thing to me, although the soul sometimes goes forth from itself.

The way the soul goes forth from itself is comparable to what happens when a fire is burning and flaming as it becomes a forceful blaze. The flame then shoots very high above the fire, but the flame is not by that reason some thing different from the fire but the same flame that is in the fire.

What I am attempting to explain is what the soul feels when it is in this divine union. What union is we already know since it means that two separate things become one.

"You spent all night crying, "My Lord! My Lord!"
He who heard your "My Lord' My Lord" has come.
Your grief lasted so long! Look, healing is here:
Your door was locked, look, here is the key.
You mourned and fasted before the Table of Heaven:
Break your fast now, for the new Moon is born.
Be silent, be silent, for by the command of God
The shock of amazement annihilates all words.

walk into soul

It frightens those whose intellects are concerned with things of the Earth that they have no intellect by which they can understand divine truths.

This category of union I wish to explain often happens especially to me since the Lord frequently gives me this category of favor. The elevation of the spirit, or joining with heavenly love takes place within this very union. For the Lord takes to Himself the will and even the intellect so that it might not engage in discourse but with rejoicing in Him like those who are now contemplating and who see so much that they don't know where to fix their gaze looking now here, now there, without being able to perceive clearly any one thing.

The memory remains free, but it appears to be joined with the imagination.

The experience of this union resembles the death agony with the difference that the suffering bears along with it such great happiness that I do not know what to compare the ecstacy with. It is an arduous, delightful martyrdom since it admits no earthly thing representable to the soul.

The soul clearly understands that it desires only the Lord's endless love.

The soul does not love any particular aspect of the Lord, but loves Him all together and knows not what it loves. I say it "knows not" because the imagination doesn't represent any thing; nor, in my opinion, do the senses function during much of the time that this takes place. Just as joy suspends the senses, so it is pain that suspends them here.

In this pain the soul is purified and fashioned or purged like gold in the crucible.

Whoever may have experienced the Lord's love will know some thing about it; since what happens is so obscure, it can not be explained more clearly. I can only say that the soul appears to be joined to the Lord, and there remains such certitude about this union that the soul cannot help believing in the truth of this union.

As the soul basks in the Lord's love all the senses fail and they are so suspended that in no way does one think they are working. If one is reflecting upon some scriptural event, it becomes as lost to the memory as it would be if there had never been any thought of it.

If one reads, there is no remembrance of what was read; nor is there any remembrance if one prays vocally. Thus this bothersome little moth, which is the memory, gets its wings burnt here; it can no longer move. The will is fully content basking in the Lord's love, but it doesn't understand how it knows this love. The, intellect, if it understands, does not understand how it understands; it can not comprehend anything of what it understands.

I understand and have seen through experience that the soul is left with such freedom over all things that it does not even know itself. The soul does not know how so much good was given it, but it well understands the tremendous benefit that each of this joyful ecstasies bears with it!

No one believes this if they have not experienced it!

Soon the soul becomes obsessed with serving the Lord not just a little but as much as it can although these desires do not spring from the soul but from the Lord to whom the soul has given the keys of its will.

The virtues are now stronger and the soul can not ignore them. The soul begins to perform great deeds by means of the fragrance the flowers give, for the Lord desires that they bloom so that the soul may see that it possesses virtue although the soul is very clearly aware that it could not have acquired this virtue in and of itself and in that moment understands the heavenly Gardener granted these favors through His mercy and grace.

The soul understands that it is enjoying a good in which are gathered together all goods, but this good is incomprehensible. All the senses are engaged in this joy in such a way that none is free to be taken up with any other exterior or interior thing.

Here the humility that remains in the soul is much greater and more profound than in the past.

Here I see the evil that sin causes in us since spiritual corruption so holds us in its power that we cannot do what we desire to do in order to be always in union with the Lord.

The soul begins to be of benefit to its neighbors almost without knowing it or doing anything of itself. Other souls recognize this soul because now the fragrance of the flowers has reached the point in which it attracts many other souls.

In regard to thinking of wordly things, the Lord granted me the favor to understand the truth that my reflecting on things of this Earth would require no small amount of boldness.

Other individuals will benefit from such reflection, especially if they have gone through studies. In my opinion a background of studies is like a treasure to aid in this practice of union with the Lord if the studies are accompanied by humility.

I hold that:

Discretion is required in every thing;

Those who in fact risk all for the Lord will find that they have both lost all and gained all;

The soul clearly understands that the flight is given to the spirit so that it may be elevated;

Spiritually corrupt individuals have a tremendous fear of knowledge which is accompanied by humility and virtue;

There is now one living who sees directly the great illusion in which we walk and the blindness in which we suffer;

Spiritual corruption will not deceive with illusions the individual of prayer who consults honest knowledgeable men, unless this individual wants to be deceived;

If the Lord has given you the grace to enjoy His love, you will through your intelligence and knowledge understand what is being said here;

It is one grace to receive the Lord's favor; another, to understand which favor and grace it is; and a third, to know how to describe and explain it;

One does not know how to speak of union with the Lord, nor do I think anyone will believe me or understand it is possible unless they have experienced it themselves;

If by nature someone is loving and grateful, the memory of the previous favors the Lord has granted does more to bring such a individual back to the Lord than all the infernal punishments imaginable;

Frequently the body is made healthy and stronger for it was really sick and full of great sufferings because some thing wonderful is given to the soul in this union with the Lord!

How great is the knowledge of the soul brought to ecstacy by the Lord's love; it beholds every thing without being ensnared! How ashamed it feels of the time when it was ensnared! How frightened of its blindness!

What pity it feels for those who are still in this blindness, especially if they are individuals of prayer whom the Lord already favors!

The soul wants to cry out in order to make known how deceived they are. Sometimes the soul even does so and a thousand persecutions rain down upon upon it. Teachers consider this individual lacking in humility, especially if she is a woman, and point out that she desires to teach the one from whom she should be learning.

As a result they condemn this soul because they do not know the loving impulse that moves it. For at times the mind can not help but disillusion nor endure not disillusioning those whom it loves and desires to be set freed from the prison of spiritual corruption, since the spiritually corrupt life that it formerly lived was nothing else than a prisoner's life; nor does it appear to the soul to have been anything other than a prison.

The soul deplores the time in which it was concerned about its reputation and deplores the deception it suffered in believing that what men called 'honor' was in truth honor.

The soul sees how this belief about 'honor' is the greatest lie and that all of us are involved in it.

The soul laughs to itself over the time when it esteemed money and coveted wealth, although in this matter of coveting money, I do not think I ever confessed a fault; but it was fault enough to have esteemed it. If with money I could have bought the good I now see in myself, I would have esteemed it highly; but I see that this good is won by giving up everything. What is it we buy with this money we desire? Is it some thing valuable? Is it some thing lasting? Oh, why do we desire it? Miserable is the rest achieved that costs so dearly.

Frequently one obtains hell with money and buys everlasting fire and pain.

In spite of what I am, I experience great consuming impulses to tell this truth to those who are rulers.

This soul recognizes well, from far off, those who have only a lot of words and those who have confirmed their words with works. It understands the small amount of good that the former do and the great amount that the latter do and this is some thing that anyone who has experience sees very clearly.

The soul understands that authentic honor stands not with error but with the truth.

The more that love and humility grow, the greater the fragrance of these flowers of virtue give off, both for oneself and for others. It is true that in this joyful ecstasy the Lord can work in the soul in such a way that only a little labor is still required in order that it reach epiphanous contentment, for no one who does not have this experience will be able to believe what the Lord gives the soul in this stage. In my opinion no effort of ours brings us to epiphanous contentment.

The soul's thoughts become so accustomed to understanding what the realTruth is that everything else appears to it to be child's play. The soul sometimes laughs to itself when it sees seriously relgious and prayerful individuals making a big issue out of dogma. They claim that the dissemination of dogma is important so that they might bring about more good.

The soul knows very well that they would bring about more good in one day than they would in ten years if for the love of the Lord they thought a lot less of the prestige of their office.

From the time the Lord began to grant me His favor up until now, His fortitude has always been increasing; and in His goodness He has held me in the palm of His hand so that I might not turn back. Nor does it appear to me that I do hardly any thing on my part and that is true; I understand clearly that it is the Lord who does everything.

Hence it appears to me that a soul upon whom the Lord bestows these favors and who receive them with humility always understanding that it is the Lord Himself who grants them and that we ourselves, who do almost nothing, could be placed in the company of any category of people. Even if these people are distracted and spiritually corrupt, the soul will not be distracted or coerced in any thing; on the contrary, this experience will strengthen it and serve as a means to greater growth.

This is now a strong soul that the Lord chooses to benefit others, even though the soul's fortitude doesn't come from the will. Little by little, as the soul approaches the Lord in this stage, He communicates to it very deep secrets.

When my soul reached the stage where the Lord granted it such a great favor by unifying my soul with the Lord's, the spiritual corruption in me disappeared as the Lord gave me strength to break away from it.

It didn't bother me to be amid the occasions of falling and with people who formerly distracted me any more than if there were no occasions at all.

Teresa Sanchez de Cepeda y Ahumada

metta prayer for what we want

"You have feet - why make out you are lame?
You have hands - why then hide your fingers?
When a master puts a spade in a servant's hand
He doesn't need words to make his meaning clear.
Our hands, like that spade, are signs of God;
Understand the signs He flashes into your heart
And give your life to be in harmony with them.
He'll give you hint after hint about the mysteries;
He'll remove your burden and give you authority.
Are you carrying His burden? He'll give you the strength.
Are you receiving His order? He'll grace you His grace.
Accept His Order and you'll become His witness:
Look for Union with God and you'll become one with Him."

i do not exist

The existence of God,
of consciousness greater than self,
is a necessity for non-psychopathic human minds.

Groundwater: The Problem of God

"It is the warmth that these Luminaries of God generate, and the undying fires they kindle, which cause the light of the love of God to burn fiercely in the heart of humanity."- Bahá'u'lláh

As we are inadequate and can never realize the dream of perfection that we so vividly imagine we, as individual organisms, need to feel that there is something greater than the reality within which we live.

All we know is that which we have experienced in our journey through life.

Everything in existence can not be considered supernatural or outside of nature.

Things outside of nature are only fantasies with no existence in nature/reality.

Jesus' words to us speak of Heaven on Earth, a state of mind, not of a physical supernatural heaven removed from Nature.

Jesus' words are trying to awaken within us a different way of looking at our existence.

In nature all things are perfect even though it may not seem so to us as they may not exist as we wish them to exist.

If we allow the perfection of nature to be seen by our individual mind/will/soul/spirit then we can feel eternity and experience a oneness with God - communion with the Creator and Sustainer.

An individual who experiences a feeling of oneness with the Creator and Susainer feels a oneness with nature and has experienced what people throughout history have termed a mystical religious experience.

In every social culture there is a set of symbols commonly called words which individual members use to communicate with each other.

Even though the mystical religious experience of the presence of God can not be put into words we attempt to communicate that mystical religious experience in words.

The individual experiences so much inner peace, relief and intuitive enlightenment in this mystical religious experience of feeling the presence of God that the feeling demands sharing.

Unfortunately this communion is extremely difficult to describe because there are no words to describe the undescribable.

Each social culture will describe such an experience in an unique individualistic way that will cause the description to incorporate the tribal or societal reality into the description.

Over time these descriptions become established religions.

Religion becomes not just a seeking after God and truth but a set of rules to bind the social culture to the vision of spiritually corrupt religious leaders.

At this point dogma takes over and tradition is built.

Every step of the way in the evolution of a religion toward institutionalization more and more of the initial communion with God, the mystical religious experience, is lost as it is replaced with dogma and rote ritual.

Any religion becomes valuable again when the ritual and dogma are abandoned and the religious texts are studied as explanatory parable or metaphoric allegory.
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