Fairness Doctrine

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"Television is just another appliance
- it's a toaster with images."
Mark Fowler

R.I.P., Fairness Doctrine

"The clear intent was to prevent a monopoly of commercial values from overwhelming democratic values - to assure that the official image of reality - corporate or government - was not the only image of reality that reached the people." - Bill Moyers

"To say Americans don't need the Fairness Doctrine because opinions censored by private owners of big media companies can still appear somewhere on the Internet - even though only a tiny fraction of the public will ever encounter them - is to proclaim the absolute right to forward only opinions of the plutocrats and oligarches controlling the industrial-military-media-corporate complex." - Mark Gabrish Conlan

1960s FCC and the courts apply the Fairness Doctrine to require cigarette manufacturers to include the surgeon general's warnings in their television and radio advertisements.

Polluters are required to notify the public when advertising a toxic product.

Advertisers of gas guzzling automobiles have to provide rebuttal time for public interest advocates to debate the impact of wasteful fuel consumption.

1969 Supreme Court unanimously upholds the Fairness Doctrine in the Red Lion case: "it is the right of the viewers and listeners, not the right of the broadcasters which is paramount."

1973 Heritage Foundation sets up shop.

"If you want to see when (neo)conservatives were in trouble go back the year the Heritage Foundation set up shop.

We were just a handful of people in a few rented rooms.

At that time there were no cable outlets like Fox News.

There was no (neo)conservative talk radio, because the Fairness Doctrine was still in effect." - Edwin Feulner, Heritage Foundation

1988 A Syracuse, New York, television station has broadcast nine paid editorials advocating the construction of a nuclear power plant.

The station refuses to air opposing viewpoints of an anti-nuke group.

Three Ronald Reagan appointees side with the television station applying a laissez-faire privatization philosophy to the airwaves.

Broadcasters henceforth are under no obligation to air opposing views.

"C-SPAN is seen regularly by twice as many men as women. Less well educated individuals and those who do not use computers most often say they never watch the channel." - Pew Research Center

1995 C-SPAN launches Washington Journal, a political talkshow described as a "flagship viewer call-in program."

Airing seven mornings a week, usually three hours per day, Washington Journal generally features a host, guests and viewer calls.

November 1, 2004 to April 30, 2005

Extra! studies Washington Journal guestlist, tabulating all 663 guests that appear on the show.

Guests are classified by gender, ethnicity, party affiliation (if any) and profession.

The study also looked at the think tanks most prominently represented on the television show.

Washington Journal skews rightward, favoring right-of-center interview subjects.

No representative of a third party appeared during the study period.

The American Enterprise Institute and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace were the best-represented think tanks.

The Brookings Institution had seven appearances, followed by the Heritage Foundation and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, two conservative groups whose experts each appeared five times.

Among left-leaning think tanks, only the Center for International Policy provided as many as two guests.

Citizen-based organizations and public interest advocates accounted for 9%.

Union representatives, environmentalists and consumer rights groups accounted for just six guest appearances, or 1% of the total.

"No more than four out of ten [cable viewers] ever watch C-SPAN.

I took at face value what people were saying - in the government and in the corporate media and in business over the years - that all they really cared about was fairness and objectivity.

I don't want the government to tell me what I can listen to.

I would trust the public at large any day to make a decision over what is good and what is evil." - Brian Lamb

Absent a resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine, civic life, already invisible on television, will become an irrelevant relic to the next generation.

They will know little to nothing about relevant issues or why participatory democracy was considered important for maintaining liberty.

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