earthly delight

"The real origin of modern misogyny is Christianity, the Christian teaching of the originally evil, demonic nature of woman." - Iwan Bloch

Chinese charaters for never satisfied

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

"Fulfilled desire may provide a sense of temporary satisfaction; however, the pleasure we experience upon possession, for example, is usually shortlived.

When we indulge desire, desire tends to increase in intensity.

We become more demanding and less content, finding it more difficult to satisfy our needs." - Tenzin Gyatso

Life is short and pleasures of the flesh beckon.

Avoiding pleasures of the flesh is impossible as pleasured flesh is a requirement of continued existence - we need to eat to survive.

If we don't enjoy what we are eating we can't digest it.

If we are unable to digest and absorb nutrients we die.

Natural desires are 'calls' to perform natural duties as a human animal.

Hedonism needs to be understood for what she is.

Hedonism can never be allowed free reign for if she is not kept securely contained she can entirely absorb individual consciousness.

And yet Hedonism cannot be bound and chained.

Hedonism must be allowed to free range on sunny days but she must be securely locked up on dark stormy nights.

How are we rewarded for keeping Hedonism is check?

- hedonic thermostat resist

- freedom from the trap of obsession

- liberation from the paradox of hedonism

- no turned ankles on a wet winding path strewn with rocks

As flesh cannot be pleased what does that leave?

Nobility, true honor and duty.

The societies of man scream for the elevation of the individual but fall short in teaching the one and only true way that one may be elevated.

Power over others, accumulation of wealth or the attainment of celebrity is generally accepted by MICE culture as the badge of success.

The only true way to be truly elevated is to hold firm in treating each individual with respect and dignity regardless of social position.

Nobility is exercised when one embarks upon a course beneficial for all.

Honor is exercised when one travels a course beneficial for all.

Duty is exercised by staying the course beneficial for all.

"Love for me had taken on the form and the being of my little Josette.

We had met long before, in the rear of the millinery shop in which she worked at Tours.

She had smiled at me with singular persistence, and I caught her head in my hands, kissed her on the lips - and found out suddenly that I loved her.

I no longer recall the strange bliss we felt when, we first embraced.

It is true, there are moments when I still desire her as madly as the first time.

This is so especially when she is away.

When she is with me, there are moments when she repels me.

I dreamed of a frolic with a woman far from the one with whom I had hitherto spent my time, a woman whose features I did not see, but whose shadow I imagined beside my own as we walked along the road together.

Bracelets, necklaces, rings.

The sparkling of the jewels made me feel far away from them as do the stars.

A young girl looked at me with vague blue eyes.

What could I do against that kind of sapphire?

I watched her bosom rising and falling, and her motionless face, and the living book that was merged with her.

Her complexion was so brilliant that her mouth seemed almost dark.

Her beauty saddened me.

I looked at this unknown woman with sublime regret.

She caressed me by her presence.

A woman always caresses a man when she comes near him.

In spite of all sorts of separation, there is always an awful beginning of happiness between them." - Henri Barbusse

Detach yourself from Earthly worries,

Live in the Rapture of the Garden of Eternity.

Purify yourself with the Holy Water of Abstractness,

Transform your beating heart into a Lumière Infinie portal.

Separate yourself from the Mountain of Natural Desire,

Come into the Sanctuary of Divine Majesty.

A Pearl in the Heart of the Ocean of Unity,

brave enough not to grovel in the Dust,

at home in the Heights of Heaven.

Diving headfirst into Profound Contemplation,

You can dissolve all the past Debts of Destiny.

Doing such things are the sign of the Real Seeker

The Sign of Fire of those who race along The Way.


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