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"One cannot reach the dawn save by the path of night."

Kahil Gibran

The Demoralized Mind

Signs of Desperation

Sanity of Hopelessness

Diet That Might Cure Depression

Drug company-funded anti-suicide groups on campus

Brain control helps fight depression

Depression changes gray matter

"Loss of heart arises from a basic sense of grief and defeat.

Specific losses may be involved: loss of a loved one, a career, cherished illusions, material possessions, or self-esteem.

Or there may be a more global sense of defeat carried over from childhood.

In either case, the depressed person feels a sense of powerlessness and loss of control." - John Wellwood

"The clinically depressed are less susceptible to basic cognitive errors. The clinically depressed recognize the illusion for what it is.

Unhappy people have the more accurate view of reality." - Daniel Gilbert

Typically depression has two facets: a physical element tied to inflamation which may be due to diet, injury or toxins and a spiritual element.

Many times when lost in depression the psychospiritual aspects keep an individual from taking the proper steps to heal the actual physical damage.

Each individual develops a worldview over the course of their lifetime.

We may fall into psychospiritual depression when expectations of reality clash with the actual facts of one's place in the overall scheme of things.

The inability to recognize one's place involves an inability to accept life as it is and a failure of imagination tied to agency - a desire to control events.

Psychospiritual depression may serve as an important catalyst in a larger living process that, when correctly understood, affords an individual the opportunity to deepen, empty, and open one's heart.

From a pragmatic materialistic viewpoint depression is the nemesis of happiness indicating a fundamental failure in living life properly.

Regardless of our attitude nothing we work for lasts as nothing can free us from the drudgery of living and change is eternal.

People, trapped in the endless task of securing what they believe will make them happy, find in the long run the end of everything they cherish.

People have a hard time releasing the belief that the only way to be happy is to have life work out according to unrealistic expectations.

The epidemic of demoralization afflicting modern culture shares symptoms with depression but demoralization tends to be mislabelled and mistreated.

True liberation means a surrender of unattainable, unrealistic and egotistical desires rather than a victory over situations and conditions.

True surrender, shifting from cognitive dominance to submission, allows one the freedom to immerse oneself in the eternal moment of the joy of living.

In the Awakened Heart, peace and contentment interrupt the assumption that we must escape or change our present situation to become whole.

Emotional pain provides motivation for psychospiritual rebirth from culturally conditioned expectations allowing the living of life based on truth.

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Could Depression Be Caused By Inflammation In The Brain?


A new study debunks the flawed original study that concluded that a single gene determined one's risk of depression in response to a divorce, a lost job or another serious life reversal.

The original study followed 847 people from birth to age 26 and found that those most likely to sink into depression after a stressful event - job loss, sexual abuse, bankruptcy - had a particular variant of a gene involved in the regulation of serotonin.

In the original study those with another variant of the same gene, orginally claimed to be more resilient, was found to be no different.

Serotonin Transporter Gene and Depression

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