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Earth First activists win: FBI must pay $4.4 million for car bombing


Chinese charater for conserve

conservation is defined as:

to protect from loss or harm

to use carefully or sparingly, avoiding waste

to keep in a safe or sound state; to save; to preserve; to protect

Worldwide Land Degradation Now 'Critical'

Conservation and Eugenics

The Land Pyramid

"An ethic to supplement and guide the economic relation to land presupposes the existence of some mental image of land as a biotic mechanism.

We can be ethical only in relation to something we can see, feel, understand, love, or otherwise have faith in.

The image commonly employed in conservation education is 'the balance of nature.'

For reasons too lengthy to detail here, this figure of speech fails to describe accurately what little we know about the land mechanism.

A much truer image is the one employed in ecology: the biotic pyramid.

I shall first sketch the pyramid as a symbol of land, and later develop some of its implications in terms of land-use.

Plants absorb energy from the sun.

This energy flows through a circuit called the biota, which may be represented by a pyramid consisting of layers.

The bottom layer is the soil.

A plant layer rests on the soil, an insect layer on the plants, a bird and rodent layer on the insects, and so on up through various animal groups to the apex layer, which consists of the larger carnivores.

The species of a layer are alike not in where they came from, or in what they look like, but rather in what they eat.

Each successive layer depends on those below it for food and often for other services, and each in turn furnishes food and services to those above.

Proceeding upward, each successive layer decreases in numerical abundance.

Thus, for every carnivore there are hundreds of his prey, thousands of their prey, millions of insects, uncountable plants.

The pyramidal form of the system reflects the numerical progression from apex to base.

Man shares an intermediate layer with the bears, raccoons, and squirrels which ear both meat and vegetables.

The lines of dependency for food and other services are called food chains.

Thus soil-oak-deer-Indian is a chain that has now been largely converted to soil-corn-cow-farmer.

Each species, including ourselves, is a link in many chains.

The deer eats a hundred plants other than oak, and the cow a hundred plants other than corn.

Both, then, are links in a hundred chains.

The pyramid is a tangle of chains so complex as to seem disorderly, yet the stability of the system proves it to be a highly organized structure." - Aldo Leopold, Sand County Almanac

Most of the EPA's pollution estimates are unreliable

The Non-Profit Industrial Complex and "The Parallel Left"

Fundamental to natural selection is the idea of change by common descent.

This implies living organisms are related to each other.

Looking back we find descent from a common ancestor.

Aristotle's Great Chain of Being suggested each species is formed individually with its own purpose and place and no species evolve into a new species.

Evolution by natural selection is a purely mechanistic theory of change that does not appeal to any sense of purpose or a designer.

There is no foresight or purpose in nature, and there is no implication that one species is more perfect than another.

There is only change driven by selection pressures from the environment.

Natural born existentialists

Thomas Aquinas, borrowing from Aristotle, devised an ingenious two-step strategy for deciding whether an action is moral.

Step one: look at what happens 'always or for the most part' in nature to determine its laws.

That investigation will reveal the natural and proper 'functions' of organs and activities: those that Nature, so to speak, 'intended'.

(If Nature is another name for God, then 'intent' can even be taken literally.)

Step two: use the resulting observations to determine what we ought to do – and especially what we ought not to do – according to whether it was found to be 'natural' or 'unnatural' in step one.

Aquinas' strategy, still holding sway in the Vatican as the doctrine of natural law, is a slippery example of 'bait-and-switch'.

In step one, the word 'law' seems to be used as in science, to refer to descriptive generalisations about what actually happens.

In step two, however, the word's meaning is closer to that of 'legislation'.

Laws of this second sort are promulgated and often broken.

Laws of the first sort cannot be broken, even if they are stochastic, specifying mere probabilities.

Laws of one kind are about the facts of nature; laws of the other kind are about how we should change those facts.

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