Protestant Christian Holiness movements,
revivals and the evolution of
Christian religious theology and mythology


George Fox

John Wesley

20th century Pentecostal revivals

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submit now, think later

New Apostolic Reformation

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The Call

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"Every tradition has to renew itself from time to time in order to address the pressing issues
of the day and offer the kind of practices that are needed for renewal." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Protestant Christian Holiness movements

The Reformation

emphasis on salvation by grace through faith.


emphasis on adherence to biblical scripture and the right to dissent from the established religious institution.


emphasis on the spiritual life of the individual, coupled with a responsibility to live an upright life.

Quietism [Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)]

emphasis on the individual's ability to experience God and understand God's will for oneself.


emphasis on adherence to biblical scripture through a methodical approach to understanding scripture, Puritanism coupled with Pietism. Methodists believe in salvation through faith and grace by the constant sustained action of the Holy Spirit upon the believer's soul and practice rebirth through baptism in the Holy Spirit (now "born again").

The First Great Awakening (America)

George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, and others, emphasized the initial conversion (rebirth) experience.

The Second Great Awakening

Charles Finney, Lyman Beecher, Francis Asbury, and others, emphasized the need for personal conversion (rebirth) characterized by the rise of neoevangelic revival meetings.

From the Reformation came the birth of Protestantism

In Protestantism there has been an evolution and a mixing of Protestant theological belief systems that has resulted in a continually changing and splintering Christian theology.

Calvinism is a theological belief system and an approach to living that emphasizes God's rule over all things.

Named after John Calvin, this variety of Protestant Christianity is sometimes called the Reformed tradition, the Reformed faith, or Reformed theology. Calvinists believe as a consequence of the fall of man, every person born into reality is enslaved to the flesh. Calvinists believe individuals are not by nature inclined to love God with their whole heart and mind but rather are generally inclined to reject the God's ethics to serve their own interests over those of their neighbors. Calvinists believe attainment of heaven is not based on virtue, merit or faith but is unconditionally grounded in God's mercy expressed as absolution of an individual's original sin. The saving grace of God is effectually applied to those whom God has determined to save by overcoming their resistance to God's word and thus bringing them to a saving faith in Jesus. Any individual who has once been truly saved must necessarily persevere and cannot later be condemned.

Calvinist thought reached its zenith of its influence in the Anglican Church during the reign of Edward VI in 1552 with the Forty-Two Articles of Religion found in the Book of Common Prayer. Anglicans understand the Old and New Testaments as 'containing all things necessary for salvation' and as being the rule and ultimate standard of faith. The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion were established in 1563, and are the historic defining statements of Anglican doctrine in relation to the controversies of the English Reformation; especially in the relation of Calvinist doctrine and Roman Catholic practices to the nascent Anglican doctrine of the evolving English Church. Adherence to the Thirty-Nine Articles was made a legal requirement by the English Parliament in 1571.

Anglicanism commonly refers to the beliefs and practices of the Anglican Communion, the churches that are in full communion with the See of Canterbury the Mother Church of England. Anglicanism, in its structures, theology and forms of worship, is understood as a distinct Christian tradition representing a middle ground between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.

From Calvinism sprang Arminianism.

Arminianism is a school of soteriological thought in Protestant Christian theology founded by the Dutch theologian Jacobus Arminius. Its acceptance stretches through much of mainstream Protestantism. Arminianists believe that individuals are naturally unable to make any effort towards salvation, salvation is possible by grace alone, works of human effort cannot cause or contribute to salvation, God's elects (choses those to be saved) which is conditional upon faith in Jesus, Jesus' atonement was for all people, God allows his grace to be resisted by those unwilling to believe, salvation can be lost as continued salvation is conditional upon continued faith in Jesus as the personification of God.

At Derby in 1650 George Fox was imprisoned for blasphemy which began the Quietism revival.

A judge mocked George Fox's exhortation to "tremble at the word of the Lord", calling George Fox and his followers "Quakers" - now the common name of the Society of Friends.

Another imprisonment came in 1653 in Carlisle; it was even proposed to put him to death, but Parliament requested his release rather than have "a young man… die for religion".

George Fox suffered harsh treatment in prison following his refusal to fight against the return of the monarchy (or indeed to take up arms for any reason).

In 1653 George Fox was arrested and taken to London for a meeting with the Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell. After affirming that he had no intention of taking up arms, George Fox was able to speak with Oliver Cromwell for some time about the differences between Friends and members of the traditional Christian denominations, and advised him to listen to God's voice and obey it. George Fox records that on leaving, Oliver Cromwell "with tears in his eyes said, 'Come again to my house; for if thou and I were but an hour of a day together, we should be nearer one to the other' - later recalled as an example of "speaking truth to power".

Further imprisonments came at London in 1654, Launceston in 1656, Lancaster in 1660 and 1663, Scarborough in 1666, and Worcester in 1674.

Often, George Fox was arrested on no charge other than generally causing a "disturbance", other times he and the other Friends were also accused of more specific offenses.

Quakers fell foul of laws forbidding unauthorized worship.

While in prison, George Fox continued writing and preaching.

George Fox felt that a benefit of being imprisoned was that it brought him into contact with people who needed his help — the jailers as well as his fellow prisoners.

George Fox also sought to set an example by his actions there, turning the other cheek when being beaten and refusing to let his captors make him feel dejected.

By "speaking truth to power" - simple ideas related with plain speech - George Fox pursued the social goals of eradicating war, social injustice and oppression.

George Fox often emphasised the Quaker rejection of baptism by water; this was a useful way of highlighting how the focus of Friends on inward transformation differed from what he saw as the superstition of outward ritual.

{Christian baptism is based on the mikvah or mikveh - the ritual of full immersion in water.

The word "mikvah" literally means a "collection" - generally, a collection of water.

Talmudic law specifies that full immersion in water is required to regain ritual purity after ritually impure incidents have occurred. Most forms of impurity can be nullified through immersion in any natural collection of water. Some, such as a Zav, however require "living water," such as springs or groundwater wells. Living water has the further advantage of being able to purify even while flowing as opposed to rainwater which must be stationary in order to purify.

The mikvah is designed to simplify this requirement, by providing a bathing facility that remains in ritual contact with a natural source of water. Its main uses nowadays are: by Jewish women to achieve ritual purity after menstruation or childbirth; by Jewish men to achieve ritual purity; as part of a traditional procedure for conversion to Judaism; for utensils used for food.}

Let no man speak in an unknown tongue.

Let no one be put to death for chattel, for money or any outward thing.

Let all these things be taken away, he that will not speak a few words to his neighbor without money, freely without end, or reward, or bribery, and so bring it to a free Nation, and so a free people by the Power of God.

Let no one that is high, proud, or lofty, envious or scornful bear Office, for he will turn the sword backward and do Satan's work, which is to bring the world into a wilderness. For they that are hasty, proud in a mad blind zeal will turn the sword against the just.

Let no law be, but that man may ask a question. If it be a free Nation, let it be free.

Let none be persecuted and imprisonment as vagabonds who are moved by God to speak abroad God's Word freely and faithfully. Let none lie long in prison, for that is the way to spoil people, and to make more thieves, for there they learn wickedness together.

Let all this money, and stipends, and tithes, and hour-glasses for preaching by the hour be taken away from men, who make a trade of the Scripture.

Let all that worship God, worship God in selflessness not in selfishness.

Let all the Burying the dead for money, and Marrying for money, and Christening for money, and Churching of women for money, let all these things be swept away, and let the Nation be a free Nation.

Let no man bear the sword that does violence to any man, or accuse any man falsely.

Let no Judge, nor Justice, nor Sheriff that is ambitious, highminded, bear rule, or bear any Government, for such do not stand in awe of God which is the beginning of the wisdom with which they should order the Creation to the Glory of God the Creator. They are out of the meek state and humility, and doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly before God, and they are an ill favor in the nostrils of God, and to all sober, tender people and sincere.

Let all these things for money, preaching for money, and singing for money be laid aside.

Let not preaching be a trade, nor the Word of God made merchandise of, and let not the Law be sold nor bought.

Let not them handle the Law that will not do justice without money; for those will not do justice, but will favor the rich for a fee, a gift or reward, which eates up the poor, and they will hold people in long suites, by which the cause of the just suffers and is often overthrown." - George Fox

In 1738 John Wesley, an Anglican minister and Christian theologian, begin preaching the precepts of Methodism which lead to the Methodist revival.

The evangelistic teaching of John Wesley incorporated and melded Arminianist doctrine, Calvinist doctrine and Anglican doctrine as represented in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion for use by American Methodists in the 18th century. John Wesley's father was of the Arminian school. While in college John Wesley expressed strong disagreement with the doctrines of election and reprobation believing and later teaching that individual efforts towards holiness of heart and life could bring a truly holy and loving Christian to salvation.

John Wesley intensely studied the Church Fathers and Eastern Orthodox Church. John Wesley attended Moravian meetings, heard a sermon of Dr. John Heylyn and seriously studied Christian religious sects.

John Wesley believed that doctrine must be rational.

John Wesley believed faith and reason were synonymous.

John Wesley defined the witness of the Spirit of God as: "an inward impression on the soul, whereby the Spirit of God directly testifies to an individual's spirit that they are indeed children of God."

John Wesley believed a person must ultimately believe God's word for himself or herself - intercession was ineffective as redemption occurs only in a contrite heart.

John Wesley's strength as a theologian lay in his ability to combine seemingly opposing theologian stances backed up by a reasonable interpretation of scripture.

John Wesley's greatest theologian achievement was his promotion of what he termed "Christian perfection," or holiness of heart and life.

John Wesley's evangelical theology, especially his understanding of Christian perfection, was firmly grounded in his sacramental theology.

John Wesley insisted that in this life, the Christian could come to a state where the love of God, or perfect love, reigned supreme in one's heart. To be made perfect in love meant that a Christian could live with a primary guiding regard for others and their welfare.

John Wesley took as the basis for this Jesus' quote that the second great command is "to love your neighbor as you love yourself."

John Wesley traveled on horse back spreading his evangelic message while contending that the very purpose of the Methodist movement was to "spread scriptural holiness".

John Wesley's ministry created 135,000 church members, and 541 itinerant preachers under the name "Methodist." Methodists, under John Wesley's direction, became leaders in many social justice issues of the day including prison reform and abolitionism movements.

Like Jesus John Wesley died poor.

Pentecostal denominations are descended from Methodism and the Methodist Holiness Movement.

Pentecostal soteriology is generally Arminian rather than Calvinist.

enjoy your rebirth

"In all the world's higher religions, salvation and enlightenment are for individuals. The kingdom of heaven is within the mind of a person, not within the collective mindlessness of a crowd.

Christ promised to be present where two or three are gathered together. He did not say anything about being present where thousands are intoxicating one another with herd-poison." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

20th century Pentecostal revivals

Charles Fox Parham obtained a minister's license from the Southwest Kansas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Charles Fox Parham's adoption of Wesleyan "holiness" theology with its crisis experience of sanctification branded him as a troublemaker and he surrendered his minister's license. Holiness preachers declared that following conversion, believers should seek for a "second blessing" to purge the desires of the flesh from their hearts.

In 1901 27-year-old Charles Fox Parham founded Bethel Bible School in Topeka, Kansas. Forty students gathered to pray for the promised "Latter Rain" outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Joel 2:23,28,29) hoping to acquire the same supernatural spiritual power that marked the expansion of the Early Church.

In an intense atmosphere of expectancy Agnes N. Ozman became the first to "speak in tongues." Charles Fox Parham received the capability of speaking in "German" and "Swedish", Agnes N. Ozman in "Chinese," and others in a variety of "foreign languages" including "Japanese", "Hungarian", "Syrian", "Hindi" and "Spanish"(As there was no one in Topeka, Kansas who spoke any of these languages and as none of these "speakers of tongues" actual did any foreign missonary work it is unlikely that any of these spoken tongues were actual coherent foreign language verbalizations.)

Charles Fox Parham noted that "cloven tongues of fire" appeared over the heads of speakers of tongues. (A cloven tongue of fire appeared over William Marrion Branham's head in a famous photograph.)

Charles Fox Parham believed that being given the spritual gift of "speaking in tongues" meant that an individuals was given power by the Holy Spirit to speak and understand a foreign language to facilitate foreign missonary work.

Charles Fox Parham is considered by many to be the "founder of modern Pentecostalism." It is clear from history that both the Azusa Street revival and the Pentecostal revival that spread from Zion City (now called Zion), Illinois, grew from Charles Fox Parham's Latter Rain dogma.

Charles Fox Parham moved to Houston, Texas, where in spite of segregation, William Seymore, a one-eyed African-American preacher was taught Latter Rain dogma. (Apparently without the "serpent seed" dogma.)

don't be afraid

William Seymore went to Los Angeles, where his speaking helped spark the fires of the Azusa Street revival. The Azusa Street Revival of 1906.

Most Pentecostal denominations can trace their roots to the Azusa Street revival or were strongly influenced by it.

Charles Fox Parham after observing "supernatural manifestations" of the Azusa Street revival declared: "The Lord is sick at His stomach!"

Between 1907-1910 David Wesley Myland also taught the rudimentary dogma of the "Latter Rain."

The idea of a Latter Rain was present from the earliest days of Pentecostalism. Many believed that the return of speaking in tongues and the baptism of the Holy Spirit marked the Latter Rain, near the End Times. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost had been the "Former Rain" that established Christ's Church, but the current "movement" of the Holy Spirit was the Latter Rain that would bring the Christ's work to completion, and culminate in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

In the mid-1940's, the enthusiasm and fire of the Pentecostal revival that started at Azusa Street was waning, and adherents were looking for another movement of the Spirit - seeking signs and wonders.

Around 1947 William Marrion Branham, Percy Hunt and George Hawtin begin to codify Latter Rain mythology as the "New Order of the Latter Rain."

William Marrion Branham's mythology formed the basis for the "New Order" of the Latter Rain dogma.

William Marrion Branham was seen as the "prophet" (Elijah) of the movement.

Latter Rain dogma caused division in traditional Pentecostal churches.

Latter Rain dogma led to the condemnation of the "The New Order of the Latter Rain" by the Assemblies of God in their general council in 1949. Many Latter Rain acolytes resigned or were excommunicated for their involvement and formed independent Latter Rain fellowships. Most of these fellowships were small. Their evolving dogma became increasingly heretical and, many degenerated into clearly definable cults - Church of the Living Word, The Body, House of Prayer, etcetera .

Some of those who kept the Latter Rain dogma alive from that time and are a big influence in the new Latter Rain Third Wave are Bill Hamon, Paul Cain, the Kansas City "prophets", Vineyard and Harvest.

Latter Rain dogma includes a denial of the rapture for Christians; the placing of experience over exposition; baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be imparted through the "laying on of hands"; that Christ's Church is built upon the foundation the five-fold ministry of present-day apostles and prophets; the dominion mandate - the Latter Rain movement must overcome all resistance and destroy all evil which now prevents the return of Jesus; when all enemies are finally dealt with Jesus will be released from heaven to return to Earth, at which time Latter Rain acolytes will present the Earth to Jesus as Jesus' footstool.

"After being ordained into full-time ministry by a RHEMA graduate and acknowledged prophet I started a small ministry called "Latter Rain Ministries." I had several cassettes and booklets by William Marrion Branham and prayed I too could have such a supernatural ministry. I, like many others, believed that the Lord had restored the office of the apostle and prophet. Many prophetic words were spoken over my wife and I regarding the move of God and the end time glory which was about to be manifested and our role in this coming move. Now I know that I, and all my friends in ministry, were Montanists to the core, (although probably none of us knew it at the time). It was only recently (within the last two to three years) that the Lord has opened my wife and my eyes to the Truth of His Word, which has been subsequently revealing the darkness of what we once gladly walked in. I know from personal experience the great attraction Latter Rain holds for people. Adherents want to be on the cutting edge of spiritual advancement. Adherents want to see God's power manifested, the sick healed, feel His presence, etcetera. The problem is almost all of what transpires in neo-Montanist congregations is subjective experience devoid of any solid Biblical foundation. The Bible ends up being used to prove the experience, it matters not where the texts are drawn from, and context is immaterial." - Rev. Robert S. Liichow

Latter Rain dogma condemned by Assemblies of God included; overemphasis relative to imparting, identifying, bestowing, or confirming of gifts by the "laying on of hands" and prophecy; erroneous teaching that the true church is built on the foundation of present-day apostles and prophets; the suggestion that an intercessor could hear confession and absolve sin; extreme and unscriptural practice of imparting or imposing control over individuals by the gifts of utterance.

During the early years, some of the most ardent critics of the Latter Rain and Latter Rain's Manifest Sons mythology came from within Pentecostalism, particularly the Assemblies of God. Leaders of the Assemblies of God were concerned that it glorified men among other things and pointed to the "ye are gods" dogma as evidence of severe theological error.

Much of Latter Rain dogma, such as the five-fold ministry and the "laying on of hands", has been transposed into modern Pentecostalism effecting the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements at large.

"The flamboyant claims of the Charismatic are beyond tolerance and have succeeded in leading Christians to seek the ‘gifts' rather than the ‘Giver' and has already done untold harm to the people of God." -

The Latter Rain movement, along with elements of the "Healing Revival" slowly dissolved into parts of the larger Charismatic movement. Dancing, lifting of hands and spontaneous praise are marks of the Charismatic movement. Some parts of the Charismatic movement have a blend of influences that may include both the Latter Rain, the "Healing Revival" and the Jesus movement, elements distinctive from traditional Pentecostal theology.

The "Healing Revival" of the early day Kansas City "prophets" occured between 1947 and 1957 with Oral Roberts, Jack Coe, William Marrion Branham and Paul Cain. Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel, served as Paul Cain's "Healing Revival" campaign manager at one time.

"In Latter Rain circles truth is changing and evolving. Scriptures do not have one meaning, the meaning evolves as does the fellowship. What Latter Rain people look for in the Bible is the "present day truth" which is arrived at by the Holy Spirit as revealed through a current crop of apostles and prophets. In 1990 a shift occurred and the Apostolic movement began to be birthed. My wife and I have met no less than six apostles - most of whom used to be pastors, then prophets, and now apostles. Over the last fifteen years we have spiritually surfed various moves of the Holy Spirit and they all can be reduced to being nothing more than Latter Rain acolytes, only the error has progressed even more radically since 1947." - Rev. Robert S. Liichow

Two of the most prominent proponents of the dogma of Latter Rain are Paul Cain and C. Peter Wagner.

"...raising up a new standard, a new banner, if you will, that's going to radically change the expression, the understanding of Christianity in our generation... has invited us to have a role in establishing a new order of Christianity... is offering to this generation something He has never offered to any other generation...beware lest old order brethren rob you and steal this hope from you." - Paul Cain

C. Peter Wagner, co-founder of the World Prayer Center, a non-profit corporation, and chancellor of the Wagner Institute, a non-profit corporation, in Colorado Springs, is touted as a leading authority in the fields of church growth and spiritual warfare.

Morphed and evolved Latter Rain mythologies now include: Kingdom Now/Dominion mythology, Progressive Revelation, Revival/Harvest, Joel's Army, Replacement mythology, Post-Millennial Eschatology, Signs and Wonders, spiritual warfare , Ecumenism, Restoration of Apostles and Prophets, Jubilee/Feast of Tabernacles, and the Post-denominational Church.

Some leaders of the Latter Rain movement taught that as the End approached Manifest Sons would arise.

These Manifest Sons, ones who have come into the full stature of Jesus would receive the Spirit without measure.

Manifest Sons would be as Jesus was when Jesus walked on Earth. Manifest Sons would receive a number of "divine gifts", including the ability to teleport, to speak any language through the Holy Spirit, and would be able to perform divine healing and other miracles.

Manifest Sons claim they cannot be deceived and do not deceive while all fellowships that do not adhere to Manifest Sons dogma are channeling Satan - the "Antichrist".

Manifest Sons claim they will restore man's rightful position as originally mandated in Genesis ushering in the millennial reign of Christ in which all people will be given full redemption - free from the curse of Original Sin, free from sin causing evil spirits that will be scattered before the triumphant power of Joel's army and all sickness, disease, death and desires of the flesh will end.

Manifest Sons claim the ultimate anointing will glorify them to such a degree that they become "Christ" on Earth, an corporate embodiment of Christ, destined to rule over all humanity!

Manifest Sons dogma claims Christianity is not complete without economic, spiritual and day to day control of all human life through whatever means necessary - the "apostles" are the generals and individual acolytes make up the bulk of Joel's army of mindless human robots that pathetically follow the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing!

"At the apostles gathering as we worshiped the Lord and gave ourselves to the Spirit, a vision appeared. I saw the Heavens open, and a great white light appeared, radiating out from the One in the center, as the light from the sun does. As I looked, I saw it was Jesus, and He held in His Hands a Child, who had just been recently born. He extended the Child and asked, "Who will be responsible for this Child?, Who will care for it, nurture it, and see that it is kept safe from those who would harm or destroy it?" The Lord reached down into our midst, and said "will you (apostles gathering) be responsible for this Child?" Our voices rang out, "we will accept this Child as our own, we will bear the full responsibility for it, we will nurture and cherish it, and bring it to full maturity...we will see that no harm comes to it." Jesus then, handed the Child into our collective hands, and said, "I will be with you, I will provide ALL THINGS NEEDED to bring this Child to maturity and for it to accomplish the Divine Purpose I have Ordained for it on Earth...My Glory will be seen, and the Harvest will be reaped."A Man Child is birthed who is to bring about a dramatic change in the entire structure of the CHURCH....The Man Child will bring full Apostolic Order." - vision given to apostle Paul Cunningham at the 2nd apostles gathering

Major adherents of Manifest Sons mythology include: Earl Pearly Paulk, Oral Roberts, Paul Cain, William Marrion Branham and Benny Hinn.

holy ghost machine gun

"Are you ready for some real revelation knowledge ... you are God!" - Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn channels supernatural spirits. The supernatural spirit enters Benny Hinn and takes control of his mind and tongue to the point where he is unaware of what he has said. After his sermon on December 31, 1989, at Orlando Christian Center, during which he gave several future prophecies, Benny Hinn stated that he was drunk on the Holy Spirit and asked someone to tell him what he had just said.

"So my point is this, that there will be a manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. And it won't be this baloney that we've heard of in the past; I mean, there's been a few people tried to walk through a wall like this over here and knocked their brains loose, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a manifested son of god; if anyone walks through this wall over here, they're not going to tell you about it - I mean, they're just going to do it. And sons of god don't tell you they're sons of god, they'll just show you!" - Paul Cain

chain of command

prophetic apostolic culmination

The hallmark of the modern revival:
"submit now, think later"

Replacing God's love with a dopamine high is
the agenda of the New Apostolic Reformation.

"I know some of you are going to disagree with this. Don't you even stop to disagree. Revelation 12:5. If you disagree, just file it in `miscellaneous' and check it out. And don't bother with it; when we get to heaven we'll check it out and you'll find out I'm right" - Paul Cain

When any type of social grouping - revival, corporation or government - needs to slowly alter the beliefs and thoughts of a target group, they can effectively do this without harming or alarming the members of the target group, without incurring legal penalties, and while being supported and funded by those very people whom they seek to enslave!

The clever use of psychological operations disguised as revival entertainment in the form of music, atmospheric lighting, alteration of mood , crowd control, astounding testimonies to raise expectation, the noise, chaos, lack of time for reflection or thought - all this and more has been observed by revival watchers.

At revivals a repetitive beat, ideally ranging from 45 to 72 beats per minute (a rhythm close to the beat of the human heart), is very hypnotic and can generate an eyes-open altered state of consciousness in a very high percentage of people.

In an alpha wave state you are at least 25 times as suggestible as you would be in full beta consciousness.

Moving from a beta state of consciousness to an alpha wave state results in the internal release of the body's own opiates: enkephalins and endorphins, chemically almost identical to opium.

If you think you can attend such revival gatherings and not be affected, you are probably wrong.

An example is the case of a woman who went to Haiti on a Guggenheim Fellowship to study Haitian Voodoo. In her report, she related how the music eventually induced uncontrollable bodily movement and an altered state of consciousness. Although she understood the process and thought herself above it, when she began to feel herself become vulnerable to the music, she attempted to fight it and turned away. Anger or resistance almost always assures conversion. A few moments later she was possessed by the music and began dancing in a trance around the Voodoo meeting house. A brain phase had been induced by the music. She awoke feeling reborn!

Possessed by The Holy Spirit

The only hope of attending a gathering without being affected is to allow no positive or negative emotions to surface. Few people outside of psychopaths are capable of such detachment.

Some physiological disorienting tactics are well known (listed in KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual) - prolonged sessions of loud music, clapping, dancing, jumping, rolling around, flashing lights, laughing, shaking, speaking in tongues, people barking like dogs and allowing no dissent or opting out which is seen as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit - a never to be forgiven guarantee of eternal damnation!

Many who have been involved in "restoration" or "shepherding" fellowships as well as revivalist fellowships would agree that their lives were swallowed up by the people and events such that "natural life" disappeared and all social interaction took place with fellowship participants.

The fellowship, through leadership goals, becomes the adherent's only point of reference and anything outside of that dogma or fellowship experience is actively discouraged. Anything contrary to the "approved" dogma is viewed as evil and "negative".

When an initiate experiences revival "supernatural manifestations", people "outside" no longer seem to understand him. Only the "anointied" seem to have empathy for the initiate because they share his fellowship experiences.

All the initiates commit themselves to work for the exciting goals of restoration - they have a common cause that binds them, and non-members simply "do not understand".

Those initiates who are not totally convinced are put down and pushed out - no critical thinkers allowed - while only the mindlessly obedient are praised and lifted up - becoming trusted members of staff and elders. Choosing to leave the community is to throw away one's only "chance in this lifetime for enlightenment and glory."

To spare themselves criticism or challenge, initiates avoid contact with anyone who has not shared similar experiences. Indeed, contact and conversation with those outside quickly angers them, because their perceptions are challenged and the initiation begins to break down. Social events, outings, meals and other day to day happenings are all confined to fellowship members, thus reinforcing the validity of the revival experience.

This cult-like behavior seemingly never occurs to fellows in modern revival movements!

Astute revival watchers understand these techniques are being used within current revival fellowships to promote the new dogma.

Joe Christian may come to the fellowship meeting confident that he is saved, filled with the Spirit, reasonably clean-living and with no major hang-ups. Once there, Joe Christian meets with hundreds or possibly thousands of people (all similar to himself) who tell him by their words and actions that he "resisting the Spirit" if he does not adopt the altered paradigm of the new way of the Third Wave.

Joe Christian thought he knew God and had experienced the gifts of the Spirit. Joe Christian looks around at trembling and paralyzed bodies; he listens to testimonies of thousands of conversions and miraculous healing !

Joe Christian sees angels, blue clouds of glory, power surges in the electrical systems, loud and intense music pulsates at 66.6 beats per minute, strobe light flashes, glittering gold dust descends, lightning strikes! splitting the lectern in two - anything Joe Christian formerly thought was the anointing of the Holy Spirit now seems like dull fantasy.

Joe Christian needs "more, more" if Joe Christian is to become a "proper Holy Spirit filled Christian!"

God urges us to fully use our minds - after all God gave them to us - to pore over "teaching" to see if it is according to God's Word, and never, never to become a mindless automaton willing to accept anything and everything we hear or are commanded to by the new "prophets and apostles".

If people can be trained to be ruled by their senses, they are more malleable, easily manipulated, and ready to be driven from one new lustful fad to another. The advertising industry has learned that by appealing to people's "felt needs" they can sell a new product. Likewise, the charamismatic New Apostolic Reformation movement has borrowed the same tools and strategies to market latter rain/manifest sons/kingdom now/word of faith dogma and practices to traditional Christianity – a group already saturated with, and desensitized by, the modern mass media dopamine driven culture in which we live.

Neoevangelical initiates immersed in the constant barrage of modern mass media, particularly dopamine generating advertisements, become trained to salivate upon the stimulation of dreaming of the next dopamine inducing "anointing".

Neoevangelical initiates fall for dopamine generating "anointing" - "new, better or more" - just like drug addicts. Forget truth, this "feels" so right! Sensational! The Holy Spirit is doing a new thing! Rush off to the latest signs and wonders "revival"!

The Holy Spirit makes people laugh like hyenas, bark like dogs and contort their bodies into - birthing positions? Slick new packaging helps to sell products. Likewise, sugar-coating dopamine inducing events with a spiritual patina works to sell new dogma.

So if you can be induced to attend the latest rally, revival, prayer event, training session or conference then the organizers know you can more easily be persuaded, seduced, manipulated and marketed to. Addiction to the latest dopamine high disguised as a outpouring of the Holy Spirit! If it feels good, do it! Whatever it takes!

From an early age we seek to please our parents and those around us - to do so wins approval. Love and approval are closely allied; therefore doing those things that bring acceptance and approval within a social fellowship are those things that, to our natural minds, provide us with security, love and a sense of belonging.

In modern mass media revival, there is a continual pressure to adopt the actions and beliefs of the majority. Instead of leaving it to the individual conscience, the false religious leaders make sure than anyone not conformed to the herd mentality is humiliated in public, isolated and kept back from any recognition of authority. No doubter will ever get to lead the worship team!

seeking supernatural power

"When the Holy Spirit controls our lives He will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." - Galatians 5:23

Throughout history people have sought relief from emotional pain in fellowship with other people.

Some of those refuge seekers also sought something that many times seems more elusive - truth.

Seeker of truth do not typically function well in the institutional settings as adherence to dogma is an institutionnal necessity . Blind unquestioning faith and obedience to traditional forms of authority is not a trait of seeker of truth.

The prophetic apostolic corporatist reformation reaches out to a different kind of seeker – not a seeker of truth, but a seeker of power - supernatural power. Prophetic apostolic corporatist non-profit institutions are encouraged to be "seeker-sensitive" to those who are looking for supernatural power.

This has encouraged an explosion of false religous teacher who are quite willing to give the seeker of power what their itching ears want to hear and what their scaly eyes want to see. Many of the prophets of the day see this power seeker's attitude as something healthy, as they themselves seek power from the supernatural as opposed to truth.

Lonnie Frisbee made seeking supernatural power trendy when he supercharged the Jesus Movement with LSD.

"Millions upon millions are going to end up listening to the prophet, that will predict to them, and tell them what their destiny is. You see that's what people are after. They want to know what their destiny is . . . they're going to press a little bit further and they're going to ask for the prophets to come and tell them: What do we have to do? Where are we going to go? What is our future?'" - Kim Clement

Magic and supernatural power seekers are dissatisfied with a God they cannot physically see, hear or touch with their parochially conditioned consciousness.

"The word has to become flesh. When God gives you a word, it becomes your portion for life, and screams out at Him. God responds only to Himself, His own image…When you become the voice of God, you see with a divine perspective. Seeing prophetically is seeing from a divine perspective…what you see, YOU BE. When you become the voice of God, you change the way you see…The word, when it becomes the voice , has the power to stop anything in its way. You have to have the faith and energy to become the word; this is the promise that is already rooted deep within you." - Kim Clement April 2007

Other "prophets" have taken Ken Clement's word and are trying to bring it into being.

"You can only go to the level that your leader gets to. You can only prosper to the degree that he prospers because he sets the standard and the pace by what you allow him to achieve." - Ken Clement

The biggest promoter of the false prophet business and their business of making money by satisfying a hunger for power is Elijah List publisher, Steve Shultz. (Steve Shultz's advertised prognosticators include John Arnott, Bill Hamon, C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Todd Bentley, Wes & Stacey Campell, John & Paula Sandford, Kim Clement, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Jill Austin, Ché Ahn, Mahesh Chvada, Bob Jones, and anyone else who hears "audible voices" in their heads. Whatever conference they're involved in, Steve Shultz advertises them on his "Elijah List" - and sells the conference tapes afterwards.)

For the seeker of power the supernatural path to that power is purchased in the form of CDs, books, web casts and conferences.

Several years ago an "audible voice" spoke to John Hinkle the pastor of Christ Church in Los Angeles saying that evil would be ripped out of the world on June 9th. When nothing happened, it was explained away as something taking place invisible in the heavenly realm. Promoters of prophecy are looking for a "shift" in the heavens to a new date and are anticipating a great latter rain outpouring.

In June 2007 in Birmingham, Alabama there was a "Special Impartation Conference" with the following promotion:

"Bob Jones is one of the most respected prophetic fathers of our nation. His unique approach to the prophetic ministry ignites faith, releasing people to a new level of anointing in their prophetic gift. He seems to walk with the Lord both day and night, and the supernatural is an everyday occurrence to Bob Jones. As Bob Jones begins to minister prophetically to an individual, the Lord moves through Bob Jones, touching on their past wounds, present circumstances, and future dreams that they may be made whole. "I just tell them what the Lord reveals to me," Bob Jones says. The greatest strengths of Bob Jones' ministry today are in the areas of revelation, power over the enemy, and creative miracles."

Kathie Walters ministers in the seer anointing. Kathie Walters insists that the realm of the spirit - the supernatural realm, with angels, heavenly visitations, the Chariot Throne, etcetera - is meant to be a normal part of our spiritual lives and every individual should fantasize, imagine and pray for supernatural power. Kathie Walters travels all over the world, imparting a prophet/seer anointing and promising acolytes she can help them "increase signs and wonders in your ministry"and "release of finances for your ministry."

"The demonstrations of the Lord's power must increase in your ministry. There are things to do, places to go, and finances have to be released to enable the Lord's people to go where He is telling them to go and do what He is telling them to do."- Kathie Walters

Note the emphasis on power, signs and money and the lure of having the same supernatural power imparted to the participants through the transference of supernatural power - possibily by the "laying on of hands."

The "prophets" promoting "The Call" appear on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

LaMar Boschman: "Western people are afraid - we need to get vertical - that's the key to miracles."
(He spoke on the importance of singing and chanting.)

Ché Ahn: "Another wave is hitting ... we will see another Jesus movement."

Lou Engle: "We will no longer call him Baal, we will call him our husband."

Mike Bickle: "This is a sovereign dimension. The Lord is restoring the five-fold ministry. It is one river, not three separate movements (Mike Bickle heard these things from an audible voice, that only an apostle could hear.)

Steve Hill is sponsored his own effort to harness teen power in an event called "Collision 2007":

"We are living in the greatest days of history. There is a hunger for revival and a deep longing for the Lord to do something unlike anything we've ever seen before. I'm especially seeing this among today's youth. The Lord is raising up a generation of young people who are willing to take a stand for Jesus, regardless the cost. I sense within my spirit a deep urgency to do everything possible to fan this flame. Being parents of teenagers, Jeri and I are dedicated to making sure young people have every opportunity to "collide" with the presence and power of the Lord. It is for this reason we will be hosting our first youth conference, appropriately named Collision. We're inviting youth from across the nation to come join with us this summer as we seek one thing, a "collision" with the King of Kings." - Collision Conference 2007 advertisement

"Steve Hill has preached to millions, claims to have seen hundreds of thousands won into the Kingdom, and now has the heart to see a new generation come into a life-changing encounter." - advertisement

"Greg Wilkerson, international speaker, neoevangelist, and award-winning film producer, has focused his ministry on teenagers. Known for his insight and ability to communicate effectively with high school students, Greg Wilkerson has addressed tens of thousands of teens at youth conferences and festivals throughout the world. Greg Wilkerson is the son of David Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge." - advertisement

For any discerning believer, certain things are evident from the rhetoric coming out of Apostolic Prophetic movement. These "prophets" do not lift up traditional Christian thought process'; they appeal to those seeking supernatural experience; everything is shrouded in mystery; they see themselves as little gods; and they need to involve masses of humanity in order to harness physic energies for tapping into "THE FORCE".
By setting themselves up as "prophets and apostles" they become the CEO, and CFO of the newly franchised corporate non-profit 501c3 fellowship. It is easy to understand why the modern searcher, yearning for more than our mass media driven global consumer culture offers, would search for God in a mega-church. After all mall size churches are familiar and, just like the mall, allow more sycophants to participate in mass hypnosis and delusion.

"When you come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a shaman, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you. " Deuteronomy 18:9-14

"But there was a certain man called Simon, who previously practiced sorcery in the city and astonished the people of Samaria, claiming that he was someone great, to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, "This man is the great power of God." And they heeded him because he had astonished them with his sorceries for a long time... And when Simon saw that through the laying on of apostles' hands the Holy Spirit was given, he offered them money, saying, "Give me this power also, that anyone on whom I lay hands may receive the Holy Spirit." But Peter said to him, "Your money perish with you, because you thought that the gift of God could be purchased with money! You have neither part nor portion in this matter, for your heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this your wickedness, and pray God if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven you. For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness and bound by iniquity." (Acts 8:9-11,18-23)

Those that are looking for "signs and wonders" would do well to leave their God forsaken commercialized, steel stud, drywall sheathed, mega-churches and look for God were man does not reign - in nature.

No human that has ever set foot in Yosemite Valley can doubt the might and power of the Creator. No human that has ever stood at the base of a two and a half thousand year old Sequoia , born before Jesus, and doubt the power of the Creator. No human can stand on the sea shore when a set of 20 foot tall waves are breaking on the shore and doubt the power of the Creator.

{magical thinking expounded!}

New Apostolic Reformation

"My heart was set to see revival but revival did not come. I spoke about God's demand for holiness and how revival would come if we met it. Two elders grabbed me by the arms and took me to an office away from the meeting. Another leader joined us and they decided that I must have a demon." - Gregory L. Robertson

"Apostolic people are people of vision taking dominion in the marketplace for the glory of God. As believers we are to establish Kingdom dominion and culture and represent the will and purpose of the government of God." - The Voice Magazine

"I foil the signs of false prophets and make fools of diviners and those who overthrow the learning of the wise turning learning into nonsense." - Isaiah 44:25

The New Apostolic Reformation or Apostolic Culmination was birthed from a combination of the Charismatic Pentecostal, Latter Rain/Manifest Sons/word of faith/ Kingdom Now movements, and thus includes belief in the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit within an adherent; the performance of miracles (healing, supernatural works, or "signs and wonders"), prophecy, revelation and formation of god within a believer.

The New Apostolic Reformation maintains the "New Apostles" are ordained through "visions, signs and wonders" and given supernatural power and authority to fulfill a task, rather than merely to convey a message. The five-fold offices of the Church - Apostle, Prophet, (Neo)Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher - was first popularized by Latter Rain/Manifest Sons adherents.

Many "prophetic" ministers publicly declared that "the '80's was the restoration of the "prophetic", the '90's would bring the restoration of the "apostolic".

The New Apostolic Reformation seeks to reform Christianity on a global scale beginning first with the local fellowship which is then networked to other apostolic fellowships which relate to one another as the Body of Christ. Apostolic fellowships tend to be small; consisting of dedicated sycophants; who all function and carry weight in the fellowship; working together toward the vision of the local "prophet."

"Prophets" who were hosted by Mike Bickle such as Paul Cain, Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, and John Paul Jackson have gone on to take a leading role in the formation of the New Apostolic Reformation .

"The reality the Lord has planned will always manifest first in the prayer life of His intercessors. As intercessors, He has called us not to wonder about the future, but to create it through the knowledge of His Living Word and prayer!" - Francis Frangipane, associated with the Kansas City "prophets"

The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders was formed to provide a corporate forum for leaders with a recognized "prophetic gift." The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders claims it warned of terrorist attacks killing people on American soil if American did not pray fervently in the winter of 2000.

Some current and past members of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders are: Paul Cain, Stacey & Wesley Campbell, Mike & Cindy Jacobs, Bart Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Doris & C. Peter Wagner and Mike Bickle.

Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals of Intercession, Joel's Army, issued "A Prophetic Call to Revolution" to youth in 2000. This prophecy foretold that certain fellowships would become official "command posts for revolution" and that the Lord now was calling "radical revolutionaires."
"For I would say to you, my children there is a page turning in the heavenlies, and at the top of this page I have one word, and it's 'revolution'. And the Lord says, these are going to be days where I am going to trouble the enemy through you. These are going to be different days than you have ever known, and I am going to require sacrifice of you that you cannot imagine. I am going to require a sacrifice of your children, says the Lord. And the Lord says, I'm going to shake everything that can be shaken." - Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals of Intercession channeling the Lord

"There are fellowships that will be command posts for revolution, and to these command posts I would say, I am going to bring a revolution. Look and see; I am calling radical revolutionaires. There is a sound going forth from heaven, says the Lord. I am calling from the north and the south and the east and the west. They're going to move, they're going to change universities to come to these command posts. They're going to change jobs. I'm going to bring the 18, 19, 20, 21 year olds, and they're going to mentor the generation under them. And then the high schoolers are going to mentor the generations under them." - Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals of Intercession channeling the Lord

"So the Lord says, get ready for I have said many things, and I have made many promises. And the Lord says, there is going to be a day when there are as many youth as adults in these command posts. And the Lord says I'm going to put the gift of (neo)evangelism in the youth. I'm going to cause them to bring souls, and souls and souls. And the Lord says, I am calling for an invasion from these churches, from my command posts. And the Lord says get ready, get ready, get ready, for it begins today." - Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals of Intercession channeling the Lord

"Their visions are false and their divinations a lie. They say, "The Lord declares," when the Lord has not sent them; yet they expect their words to be fulfilled. Have you not seen false visions and uttered lying divinations when you say, "The Lord declares," though I have not spoken?" - Ezekiel 13:6-9

Notice to proponents of the New Apostolic Reformation:

If all you self-proclaimed "apostles" and "prophets" believe that you are going to get all of the people on Earth to accept your dogma as truth you are living in a fantasy. The only way large numbers of people will ever accept your dogma, elevating you above all others, is at the end of a gun barrel.

In 1900, there were 28 churches for every 10,000 Americans. In 1950, there were 17 churches for every 10,000 Americans. In 2000, there were 12 churches for every 10,000 Americans. In 2004, the latest year available, there are 11 churches for every 10,000 Americans. The average American church has 125 members.

Toronto revival

Catch Your Wave/Finale

Free Donuts: Catch The Wave - Part One

In July of 1993, Randy Clark, a St. Louis Vineyard pastor was despondent. In desperation, Randy Clark visited a Rodney Howard-Browne meeting in Tulsa. Randy Clark kept going up to get prayed for and kept getting knocked down by Rodney Howard-Browne.

Randy Clark took Rodney Howard-Browne's manifestations - slain in the spirit, shakings, laughter, etcetera - to be an anointing of the Holy Spirit . Randy Clark was invited to speak at John Arnott's Toronto Airport Vineyard fellowship in January of 1994. Randy Clark put to work what he had learned from Rodney Howard-Browne.

The Toronto revival has also been referred to as the "Toronto Blessing", "The Father's Blessing", "The Anointing", "The Awakening", "The River", "The Fire".

When Randy Clark announced his sermon, "The Making of a Warrior," Carol Arnott fell on the floor. For about twenty minutes, while on the floor, Carol Arnott slashed violently with an imaginary two handed sword in her hands.

When Randy Clark finished his message, Carol Arnott delivered the following "prophecy":

"This is My sword, this is not man's sword, this is My golden sword. The ways you have been using My weapons, the methods that you have been using in the past, you are to throw them away because I am giving you My sword now and the old ways of doing things will not do. The old methods will not be acceptable to Me anymore because I am doing a new thing. Do not look to the yesterdays but look to the future because I am doing a new thing and this new way is not the old. This new way is new and you must throw away the old ways of doing things and take up My sword because My sword is made of pure gold and is purer and is mighty. If you wield it the captives will be set free, the chains will be broken and the healings will be manifest because it will not be by might, nor by power, but by My wonderful Holy Spirit. ...Let Me refine you and come and take up that golden sword for I will use you in ways, I will use you in ways that you can't imagine, but I must purify you first." - Carol Arnott channeling the Holy Spirit

People infected with "Fire of the Holy Spirit" exhibited the following behaviors: miraculous healing, hysterical laughter ("holy laughter"), physical spasms and jerking, weeping, groaning, shaking, 'drunkenness,' falling to the floor ("slain in the spirit"), roaring like lions, barking like dogs and "speaking in tongues." Many considered these type of "supernatural manifestations" to be of a Latter Rain/Manifest Sons dogma mindset leading to apostasy.

"If you're going to be concerned about deception, then please be concerned about the greatest deception that there is, and the greatest deception of all, in my opinion, is not to fall for teachings of a false prophet ... in my opinion the greatest deception of all is to have a move of the Lord come through and you not recognize it." - John Arnott

At first the Vineyard and Charismatic establishment embraced these "supernatural manifestations" as it brought out the crowds. After two years the Toronto Airport Vineyard was forced by John Wimber to resign from the Vineyard Association.

"A couple weeks ago, I talked about a new book by Christine Wicker called The Fall of the Evangelical Nation: The Surprising Crisis Inside the Church 2008. Christine Wicker was raised in the evangelical Baptist church, came to Christ at age nine, then grew away from the church, but kept a soft and warm spot in her heart for it. A major publisher asked her to write a book about what great successes the megachurches were as the spearheads of the evangelical movement. But after more than a year of research, the leaders within the churches convinced her that she was writing the wrong book. She went back to her publisher and took another year to write, instead, about the unreported fact that evangelical churches and numbers are declining, have not kept up with population growth for the past hundred years, and that we've been duped into thinking they were strong because they learned to manipulate the media very cleverly. They represent perhaps 7% of Americans, not the 25% we've been told – and the churches know this. She includes herself among the duped, as she was a religion writer for the Dallas Morning News for seventeen years." - Davidson Loehr

The Call

"Remember God so much that you are forgotten.
Let the caller and the called disappear; be lost in the Call." - Rumi

"The Call, D.C." is issued. "Will Work for Revolution" T-Shirts, purchased for $15 at The Call DC booth on Independence Avenue, identified attendants.

"According to Lou Engle, the PromiseKeepers gathering represented the turning of the hearts of the fathers to the children. Now, three years later, The Call is set to represent before God's throne the turning of the hearts of children to their fathers." [Generals of Intercession News]

The Call, DC was billed as "The vision is to call a solemn assembly of Christian young people and their parents to fast and pray for repentance and revival in our nation. The Call is about reconciliation between generations - adults and children. America's youth are facing their darkest hour. Beyond the Columbine massacre and the Wedgewood Baptist Church shootings, we are seeing a whole generation under satanic attack. One of The Call's main purposes is to "turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and turn the hearts of the children to their fathers."

The Call, DC was heralded as the commencement of "The Elijah Revolution". A companion website titled "The Elijah Revolution" features Lou Engle's prayer CDs, prayers for "The Elijah Revolution", "X-treme Disciples" and Joann McFatter's Temple Dance, all of which can be purchased at "The Revolution Store."

"A mighty youth army is gathering spontaneously, apparently out of nowhere. In the dark hours before the dawn, dew starts to collect on the ground that was dry the night before. It's an enemy's worst nightmare: to wake up and be suddenly surrounded by an army that appeared out of thin air! What had been an empty field the night before, is now filled with soldiers whose weapons and armor glint like dew in the sunrise. Overnight, an army of consecrated young people are going to emerge out of this present darkness. Though presently unseen, this vast youth army is already mobilizing. Invisible now, invincible later. This is an army like no other - ever. The millennium awaits them." -

It is an historical phenomenon that revolutionaires with secular agendas have, through psychological manipulation, succeeded in transforming the Pentecostal Charismatic movement into an instrument of revolution to usher in Kingdon Now dominion directed by celebrity "prophets" and "apostles".

The origins of The Call, DC can be traced to the United States Center for World Missions [USCWM] – an offshoot of Fuller Theological Seminary - and their Harvest Rock fellowship, whose pastors are Ché Ahn and Lou Engle. (It should be noted that Fuller Theological Seminary married the study of religion with the study of psychology in the hopes expanding the reach of the neoevangelicalic order.)

Lou Engle used the term "Extreme Youth" to describe the up and coming generation who were inspired - not by the Holy Spirit - but by video, audio, posters, etcetera to "GO TO DC and start another Jesus movement".

Directors as listed on The Call, DC website were:

Ché Ahn, CEO, Harvest Rock & President of Harvest Int'l Ministries
Lou Engle, Rock the Nations - Vice President; Executive Director for Mobilization of Youth
Tom Pelton, March For Jesus - Youth Mobilization
Larry Tomczak, Christ the King of Greater Atlanta - Youth Mobilization
Bob Weiner, Weiner Ministries International - Youth Mobilization

The list of Advisors to the Board includes many names linked to the New Apostolic Reformation .

Dr. Byung Kook Ahn Founder and Pastor Emeritus, Antioch Korean Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia
Ted Haggard Sr. Pastor, New Life Church Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cindy Jacobs President, Generals of Intercession Colorado Springs, Colorado
George Otis Jr President, The Sentinel Group Lynnwood, Washington
Pat Robertson Chairman, CEO, Christian Broadcasters Network Virginia Beach, Virginia
Dutch Sheets Sr. Pastor, Spring Harvest fellowship Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mike Bickle Founder, Friends of the Bridegroom Ministries Kansas City, Kansas
John Kilpatrick Sr. Pastor, Brownsville Assemblies of God Pensecola, Florida
Chuck Pierce Vice President, Global Harvest Ministries Colorado Springs, Colorado
Peter and Doris Wagner President, Global Harvest Ministries Colorado Springs, Colorado

Following PromiseKeepers "Stand In The Gap" came "The Call, DC", a youth gathering designed to ignite passion for world (neo)evangelization and revival. The Promise Keepers leadership was deeply involved, as was Youth With A Mission and leaders from every part of the global revival agenda.

"After "The Call, SF" in 2003 Ché Ahn, my spiritual father and apostle, sent me out to plant a fellowship on San Jose State University campus. I went through The Call School training on fellowship planting and it was during this time I received a revelation while reading the book of Acts those few days on a different approach to planting fellowships for the next generation. It would be using missionary methods of small group fellowships planting fellowships as in the book of Acts. The Lord revealed to me in the months after that I was to start a campus fellowship planting organization with the vision to spark another student volunteer missionary movement. This dream has begun as Ché Ahn and Lou Engle commissioned me to start "Campus Church Networks" a mission's organization with the vision to initiate and cultivate student-led fellowship planting movements on every campus in every nation." - Jaeson Ma (Campus Church Networks is a non-profit institution.)

The Call -Nashville

apostle - prophet business profitable

Profits for Prophets

"We are not, as are so many, peddling the word of God"- 2 Corinthians 2:17

A brief sampling of some past conferences:

Come Up Here – Third Heaven RevelationConference
Bob Jones, Paul Keith Davis, Bobby Conner, John and Carol Arnott
05/31/2006 — 06/03/2006 Toronto Canada
Cost : $99 CDN ($83 United States) up to $139 CDN ($117 United States)

Summary: If you want to see His Kingdom come and experience Heaven on Earth, join us for this supernatural conference! As you learn how to minister out of intimacy and heavenly revelationmiracles, signs and wonders will flow!
Come and learn from the forerunners – speakers; Bobby Conner, Paul Keith Davis, Bob Jones, & John and Carol Arnott

Summit of the prophets Releasing Signs and Wonders
Peggy Cole, Joshua Mills, David Herzog, Timothy Snodgrass & David Gardiner
06/01/06 thru 06/03/06 San Luis Obispo, California
Cost $75.00 Individual, $140.00 Couples luncheon included.
After 5/20/06 Registration: $85.00 Individual, $150.00 Couples.

Summary: Please come and be a part of what the Lord is doing in California. We no longer need to pray for revival for it is here. We must now step forward and participate in what the Lord is doing. We will have prophetic and healing teams who will minister and release you into what the Lord has for you. Saturday is a special day with our luncheon.

"The fabric of this world is about to be shaken, as kings are awakened from their slumber and robe themselves with heavenly garments of eternal destiny. Do not fear the shaking that is coming upon the world. The unexpected fires which are about to burst forth will not touch a hair on our head, but only free you from your chains. You have been held like a prisoner within a world that is not your own, but remember that you are only a pilgrim passing through this small speck of dust as an ambassador on assignment from Heaven. The kings of this world are about to be judged, and many leaders will soon fall. After the fires have settled, only true kings will remain. The church age began with the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher (Ephesians 4:11), but will end with the final two ministry offices of the king and priest appearing on the scene (Revelation 1:6). The hour of the seven-fold ministry has now arrived, for the kingdoms of this world are about to become the kingdoms of our God and King, and the world stage is now set for the final battle between darkness and light."- Timothy Snodgrass December 17, 2007

MorningStar's Holy Spirit Conference
Rick Joyner and the MorningStar Ministry Team
06-01-06 thru 06-03-06 Fort Mill South Carolina
Cost: $50

Summary : Devoted to knowing and walking in the power, gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit


Exorcism Healing Deliverance School
Lady Exorcist Erica Shepherd
06/02/06 thru 06/03/06 Opa Locka, Florida
Cost $50

Summary: Exorcism Healing Deliverance the integrated Prayer ministry where 99% of all you pray for are Healed, Delivered, Restored. (Cool! Sounds a lot like the video game Final Fantasy!) The school that takes you beyond information to equipping. This training takes you to the next level of anointing.

Prophetic Training Conference
Prophetess Dawn Nelson
06/03/2006 — 06/03/2006 Davie, Florida
Cost $50 + $7 for materials

Summary: Practical, in-depth teaching and training on various aspects of hearing from the Lord and speaking it forth. Activation workshops and character teaching included.

Free To Be Me ‘A Lazarus Experience'
Bishop David Huskins, apostles - Veronica Smith, Elizabeth Hairston, Pamela R. Hardy
06/07/2006 — 06/11/2006 Cedartown, Goergia
Cost: CDF $145.00 Non CDF $160.00 Daily rates: $60.00

Summary: Classes included the following: Flags, Streamer, Vocal Technique, Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Praise & Worship, Modern, Tap, Heart Of the Artist, Human Video, Hip hop, African, Billows Pageantry, Sign, Hula Worship, Conditioning, Drama, Administration, Prophetic Understanding of the Tabernacle, Embodied Pray, Heart for the Nation, The Moods of the Spirit, Relationship Between the Sr. Pastor and the Music Ministry, Worshipers as Gate Keepers, Preparing our temple, Dance improvisation, Intimacy with the Lord (intercessor !) and much more.

West Coast Awakening
Matt Sorger, Ché Ahn, David Herzog & Brian Johnson
06/08/2006 — 06/10/2006 San Leandro, California
Cost $55 - $75 per person

Summary: The winds of awakening are blowing in America once again! Join us for this strategic revival gathering, West Coast Awakening, as we contend for a fresh wind of the Lord's Spirit to be released over our nation. This gathering will be marked with passionate worship and prayer, dynamic prophetic preaching and teaching, along with the manifest presence and glory of the Holy Spirit. Prepare to be AWAKENED!

Special Vision & Impartation Session : We will be having a Special Vision & Impartation Session with Matt Sorger Ministries on Saturday, June 10 at 2 PM. This will be a time where you can get up close and personal with Matt and his team, and receive a special prayer of impartation. You will also hear more about what the Lord is doing around the world and learn how to partner with us for global harvest in a more significant way.

Apostolic Encounters 2006: Building According To Pattern
apostle John Tetsola, apostle Thamo Naidoo, apostle Eric L. Warren
06/08/2006 — 06/11/2006 Columbus Ohio
Cost: May 15 — $65.00; May 16 — $75.00. All fees are non-refundable.

Summary: There is a spiritual transformation taking place in the four corners of the Earth called the Apostolic Reformation. Under this canopy felowships must be able to articulate what they are doing, do what they are articulating, and create a model for others to follow. This conference is mandated to train leaders for apostolic reform through kingdom dimensions of reformation.

PrayerQuake 2006 - Igniting Transformational Prayer
Dutch Sheets, Henry Blackaby and Jackson Senyonga
06/14/2006 — 06/16/2006 Mesa Arizona
Cost $90 - $125 per person

Summary: A conference unlike any other. Powerful, Inspirational, and Practical Encouragement.

Launch a Revival Conference, 2008
February 28 - March 2, 2008 Chino, California
Cost: $40 early bird, $50 regular, $30 youths (Ages 13-18)

Summary: Have you been praying for a revival? If you have, you must also face a tough question; that is, other than your prayers, what have you done about it? Are you a bystander, a crowd, a fan, or a pursuer of His Kingdom come? Are you writing your own Acts today? There is no better time than right now to have every man, woman, and child rise up and be a History Maker.

That's only a small portion of the conferences and meetings promoted by the Elijah List which has become one of the greatest purveyors of heresy and false prophecy on the web. The New Apostolic Reformation as they call it has become big business. Just like secular motivational speakers, they travel from city to city, charging money for their inspirational talks - revivals are now "conferences" - needed cash flow to build non-profit corporate empires.

son of man

"Surely it is obvious, to those who wish to see and have had their eyes enlightened by Christ, that the professing church, Christendom, has become nothing more than a very successful business, reaping huge profits into the coffers of those who, wandering off the garden path, have been enticed by a desire for fame, fortune and universal acceptance. They have turned the Father's house into nothing more than a house of merchandise and are utilizing the secular world's resources and the secular world's methods to achieve what they believe to be spiritual success. The corporation churches, in the same manner as the corporations of the secular world, have definite characteristics that are clearly observable. They are human initiated and governed, management-based, profit-oriented, success-driven, client-friendly, product-focused (programs and services), and image conscious. " - Huge Skyborn

501c3: Facts

501c3: The Devil's Church

Woe To State Churches: Obtaining Corporation Status (501c3) is Against God

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