Without Faith in God, Man is Blind; without Faith in God you are nothing more than walking corpses.moving corpses = zombies = mindless human robots = corporately conditioned consumer clones


Imperial Christianity

Soren Kirkengard

theocratic absolutism

dominion/kingdom now mythology

word of faith

control through witchcraft

polytheistic religious branches of Christianity

strategic-level spiritual warfare

polytheistic prophetic-apostolic mythology proponents

Only theology verified by personal experience has any
validity as one man's theology is another man's belly laugh.

"The best theology would need no advocates: it would prove itself." - Karl Barth

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,
the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." - Dresden James

"The social world that shapes theologians' thought patterns also shapes them as believers, not just as intellectuals. The social setting is thus the most crucial aspect in shaping patterns of thought." - Jon Sobrino Jesus the Liberator

"A society of packaged fulfillment, administered desire, managerialized politics and consumerist economics is unlikely to cut to the depth where theological questions can ever be properly raised. " - Terry Eagleton

"I can tell you as an insider that you don't want to invest too much in the spoutings of theologians. You might think that there must be some secret knowledge that theologians learn, that gives them a special kind of authority not available to normal people. But I spent seven years in graduate school, and if there had been that kind of secret knowledge, I would have found it. The truth is, theologians have no secret knowledge about life, because their courses aren't about life. Theologians are academics, and their courses are restricted to thinking about life from the perspective
of their religion. But wisdom comes from living through life experiences and being able to reflect on them in ways that shed light – and that's not what theologians do." - Davidson Loehr

Nation of Islam - white humans originated through genetic experiments performed by scientists.

Jehovah's Witness - blood transfusion will contaminate the soul and 3 does not equal 1.

Kabbalah - red string wards off the evil eye, the Torah is the name of YHVH and numbers are very very important. The Kabbalah, the tradition of the Sadducees, is the ‘secret doctrine' of ‘elect' Jews. Those deemed worthy comprehend hidden teachings in the written Torah and, through mystical techniques, make direct contact with YHVH. Among these mystical techniques are rapid recitation of the ‘Holy Name of God' (YHVH, or Tetragrammaton), meditation on the 11 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life which are believed to be emanations of YHVH, learning to use the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as force-carrying energy patterns which serve as the building blocks of the cosmos, and, finally, transcending the space/time limitations of the physical world to realize one's inner divinity giving one the ability to physically modify reality)

"The most hidden, secretive part of Kabbalah, commonly known as "practical Kabbalah", involves use of hidden knowledge to affect the world in ways that could be described as magic. The Talmud and other sources ascribe supernatural activities to many great rabbis. Some rabbis pronounced a name of YHVH and ascended into heaven to consult with YHVH and the angels on issues of great public concern. One scholar is said to have created an artificial man by reciting various names of YHVH. Much later stories tell of a rabbi who created a man out of clay and brought it to life by putting in its mouth a piece of paper with a name of YHVH on it." - Mechon Mamre


Scientology - After spending years and tens of thousands of dollars sycophants reach Theological Level III were they learn about Xenu the galactic warlord, who 75 million years ago was in charge of 76 overpopulated planets. Xenu brought trillions of these alien beings, Teegeeack, to Earth on spaceships and placed them in select volcanoes. Xenu then vaporized the Teegeeack with hydrogen bombs, (this is why volcanoes are radioactive - not!) scattering to the winds their souls, called thetans, which were then rounded up in electronic traps and implanted with false ideas. Corrupted thetans attach themselves to people thus corrupting them and leading them to drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, depression and other psychological and social ailments that only Scientology "classes" and "auditing" employing "e-meters" can cure.

Anton Le Vey

{L. Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology after a break with Anton Szandor LaVey, real name Howard Stanton Levey - an apostate Talmudist and the founder of the Church of Satan. In October 2009 a Paris, France court convicted the Church of Scientology's French office, its library and six of its leaders of organized fraud. Investigators said the group pressured members into paying large sums of money for questionable financial gain and used ''commercial harassment'' against recruits. Belgium, Germany and other European countries have been criticized by the U.S. State Department for labeling Scientology as a cult or sect and enacting laws to restrict its operations. If there was any question as to the alignment of the federal government this pretty much answers that question.}

Imperial Christianity disregards the peaceful aspects of Jesus' teaching to focus on the return of a supernatural messiah leading an avenging army of angels that will sweep away all non-believers and law breakers aside. They righteously guard the hate in their hard hearts for those that fail to believe that it is this supernatural god's will that they torture and kill the "evil doing blasphemous heretics" (anyone who disagrees with their evil blasphemous heretical version of reality), in the name of their evil supernatural god - whom others name as Lucifer, Satan, Baphomet, hermaphroditic Goat of Mendes, Beelzebub, Iblis, Molech, Ashtaroth. (Imperial Christians, Zionist Christians and One World Order Christians believe themselves to be followers of Jesus but their words and acts reveal them to be worshiping the anti-thesis of Jesus.)

Fanatical Islam - satiation of physical desire in death.

Zoroastrian - everything that exists is either male or female, dark or light, good or evil, black or white.

Lifespring Inc - modification of self image through deep cathartic psychological insight by experiencing completely every feeling and living only in the present moment which brings lasting happiness and self-realization through the grandiose delusion of the ultimate limitlessness of an individual's power.

University Network - exceedingly complex mythology incorporating numerology, astrology and William Eugene Scottism that includes the Pyramids, Atlantis, Roswell UFO's, Stonehenge, Amityville poltergeists, Nikola Tesla, the Bermuda Triangle, The Spear of Destiny and even the Philadelphia Experiment while preaching that a adherent's path to heaven and position in heaven is dependent upon the amount of money contributed to William Eugene Scott, Incorporated.

Mormon - Jesus appeared in America after his death on the cross; God is made of flesh and blood, is married to a heavenly Mother and is fully comprehensible; 3 does not equal 1; there is a secret handshake and everybody gets to wear itchy underwear. There are three levels in heaven and the "chosen" become as God.(see transcendental temptation)

Swedenborgianism - There is one God = Christ = Holy Spirit = Divine Trinity. Saving faith is to believe in the redemptive powers of Christ and to live a life of charity. All evil originates in mankind and is to be shunned. Good actions are encouraged by Christ, necessary for life and should be done. Good acts shoul be credited to Christ.

In Swedenborgianism one's fate after death is according to the character one has acquired in life; specifically that those governed by the love of the Lord or the love of being useful to others are in heaven, and that those governed by love of self or the love of worldly things are in hell.

Soren Kierkegaard

Søren Kierkegaard

Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard asserted that the best religion was the most ridiculous. Søren Kierkegaard believed one cannot have faith unless one is capable of transcending one's own rationality. Søren Kierkegaard believed that the individuals that betray religion are the ones that try to make rational sense of it, such as ‘creation scientists' who assert that the Bible is a scientific theory.

"Søren Kierkegaard was convinced that Christianity must be life centered
and so resisted passionately any tendencies that might make it thought centered." - Vernard Eller

"Søren Kierkegaard understood that the purpose of thinking outside the proscribed culturally conditioned limits of thought was what was necessary to propel an individual into a greater understanding and awareness of reality. Interesting enough this is also precisely what a Zen Koan, a succinct paradoxical statement or question used as a meditation discipline(thought problem), sets out to accomplish." - Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach Druid

theocratic absolutism

Theocratic absolutism has been around longer than theory, and its effects have been far more deadly.

You do not need to believe in God to have a theocracy; some theocracies are atheist.

A system based on theocratic absolutism has these characteristics:

In theocratic absolutism there are 'sacred writings', a scripture whose word is inerrant and may not be doubted, which has such absolute authority that it trumps all other authority. Everything, even the discoveries of science, must be judged against what sacred scripture says, and if there is a contradiction, scripture wins. This sacred scripture might be the Bible, it might be the Q'uran, it might be the works of Karl Marx, it might be the ideology of the corporatist neo-cons or it might be "words" of the "apostles" of the "New Apostolic Reformation".

There are 'Doctors of Theology', theocratic absolutists, "apostles", "prophets", "think tank experts" who interpret the 'sacred writings, the 'holy book' or the current up-to-date-cutting-edge market data needed to make decisions in the fast paced volatile market of ever changing "real world conditions" and make pronouncements on what it all means - predictions. It might be Saint Augustine, it might be the ayatollahs, it might be Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - "Lenin" or it might be Milton Freidman.

There is a priesthood with special powers and privileges, there is close control of the news media through manipulative press releases, frenetic condemnation of ideas not fitting neatly within the parameters of the accepted dogma and new initiates are "sold on the product" fanatics.

The Roman Catholic Church of the Counter Reformation invented the word 'propaganda'.

"All Americans, regardless of individual religious affiliation, or absence thereof, are gravely threatened by this fundamental undermining of the separation of church and state in our beloved democracy." -Abraham Entin


imperial Christianity

Many people are under the false impression that imperial Christians never practiced human sacrifice. Imperial Christians burned many people at the stake making a sacrifice to their god of the demon that supposedly possessed the individual burned. (How can you kill a spirit/demon by killing flesh?)

"All day long I opened my arms to a rebellious people. But they follow their own evil paths." - Isaiah 65:2

"Hitler has a deep respect for the Catholic church and the Jesuit order; not because of their Christian doctrine, but because of the 'machinery' they have elaborated and controlled, their hierarchical system, their extremely clever tactics, their knowledge of human nature and their wise use of human weaknesses in ruling over believers." - Hermann Rauschning

Any state religion must sanction war, or it will be quickly replaced with another that does.

Christianity took up the sword once it was adapted and embraced by the Roman Empire. At that time the new ruler of Rome, Constantine, decided to take the four prevalent religions of the time Hellenism, early Christianity, Talmudism and the Mystery religions and create a new religion - Roman Catholicism or imperial Christianity.

What has seemed mysterious to most students of history - the disappearance of most of the Talmudic congregations - does not seem very mysterious if one considers how easily Hellenized Jews could accept the tenets of imperial Christianity which mirror Talmudic thought on so many levels. For example, the imperial Christian Messiah would return from a supernatural realm and sweep the Earth clean of sinners with the sword while the Talmudic Messiah would be a naturally born Talmudic man, a chosen one, with the extraordinary ability to sweep the Earth clean of sinners with the sword.

"For the chosen people racialism substitutes the chosen race , selected as the instrument of destiny, ultimately to inherit the earth. In the case of racialism, this is thought of as a kind of natural law; the biological superiority of the blood of the chosen race explains the course of history, past, present, and future; it is nothing but the struggle of races for mastery." - Karl Popper

There is no turning of cheeks among imperial Christian rulers - and there hasn't been for 1600 years. Yet the Words of Jesus are still there for those who wish to return to the pacifist tradition witnessed by the spoken Words of Jesus.


"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." - Matthew 5:9

Attempts have been made from time to time to return to the original pacifist tradition of early Christianity but they have always been rejected as "unrealistic". "We better kill them before they kill us," "might makes right," "the evil doers must be preempted and punished" and "if your not with us you must be against us."

"I was part of a delegation to San Quentin in September 2005. Our day ended with a visit to the death chamber. We had a final discussion with the captain who had been our escort for the day, who is also pastor of a fellowship in a nearby community. We asked him how he could preach the love of Christ on weekends and be part of this killing process during the week. He stunned us with his reply: "You have to leave your faith at the gate to work in this place"."
- Father George Horan co-director of the Office of Restorative Justice of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles

For 1600 years, imperial Christians have been by far the most barbaric of the Earth's major religions. Starting with the Roman Empire, imperial Christians got their biggest break with Constantine and have never looked back, slaughtering all unbelievers by blade, fire, crucifixion, impalement, iron maidens and devices made strictly to kill in as agonizing a fashion as possible. Imperial Christians used Norse berserkers to lead in crusade battles. Infighting between imperial Christians cults lead to the inquisitions and methods of torture mentioned previously.

Ancient scientific pioneers were ruthlessly exterminated. Giordana Bruno was burned at the stake in 1586 for claiming the Earth revolved around the sun. Other early scientific pioneers, Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, et. al, work nearly cost them their lives as they were viewed as heretics. And of course the only thing that has changed 2000 years after the birth of Jesus is that the imperial Christians do not publicize torture campaigns (foreign newservices do though!) and heretics, those who fail to accept the social culture of the imperial Christians, are written off as nut cases while being forced to take mind altering medication!

The dogma that traps men is used by unscrupulous religious leaders to destroy critical thinking.

Vatican arms dealerfaith in God

Imperial Christian's believe:

There is a war between good and evil in the supernatural realm in progress;

The State cannot commit evil acts as it acts in YHVH's place;

The State is invested with force instituted and ordained by YHVH;

The State has received the sword it weilds from the hand of YHVH;

The State can kill people because it acts in YHVH's place;

Any individual that defies the State defies YHVH;

If one acts in the name of YHVH then it is not a sin;

People become wealthy because they a righteous in the eyes of YHVH and the State;

At some time the war god YHVH, in the body of Christ, will lead an army of avenging angels to destroy the evil-doers and it is in the interest of sycophants to hasten the End Times;

A pantheon of supernatural entities exist which includes YHVH/Christ/Holy Spirit, archangels, angels, saints, Satan and demons which can be controlled by exorcists. (see polytheist)

The words written in the Bible are uncorruptable, accurate, truthful and are all to be taken literally and individualy unless a self-proclaimed apostle says otherwise;

If there appears to be a contradiction in scripture the sycophant is told that YHVH will make everything clear after death,

The most important aspect of imperial Christianity is the continuation of the ego after death were everything the sycophant missed in life will be given.

Assuming imperial Christians will be granted a heavenly reward based on the wants and needs of the ego after life is an extremely egocentric way of looking at the Jesus narratives. The need for a heavenly reward after life is based on the desires of the ego and of flesh to a continued existence. The promise of a future heavenly reward was orginally designed to give the individual strength through hope of a better future and free the individual from a debilitating fear of death.

After many renditions, renewels, remakes, reformations and revivals a beautiful and wonderful way of living based on Jesus' Words has been defiled, debased and corrupted into imperial Christianity - an evolved Hellenistic religion based on a literal belief in fantastic supernatural happenings centered on the glorification of the individual ego which is physically embarked upon a journey to conquer the supernatural evil penetrating natural reality, this world, as seen in the Kingdom Now/Dominion/Joel's Army, British Israel, Christain Zionist and Manifest Sons movements.

Imperial Christianity is closely aligned ideologically with Talmudic Zionism. Both wish to create heaven on Earth for sycophants at the point of the sword. Both intend to cause all non-conforming ideology, religion, social culture and political expression to be exterminated. Both intend to create a New World Order based upon the triumvirate of false ideas that "might makes right," "only the fittest predator survives" and "materialistic consumerism is righteous."

"Talmudists are the real liars and bloodhounds, who have perverted and falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end without ceasing with their interpretations. The sun never did shine on a more bloodthirsty and revengeful people as the followers of the Talmud, who imagine to be the people of YHVH, and who desire to and think they must murder and crush the heathen. And the foremost undertaking which they expect of their messiah is that he should slay and murder the whole world with the sword." - Martin Luther

The imperial Christian emphasis on individual ego calls on the individual to do nothing more than believe and spread the dogma - the mark of all false religions. A true religion calls upon the individual to critically examine the possible consequences of planned actions, both long and short term, and to refrain from taking those actions if any of God's Creation will suffer grievous harm due to those actions. God's Creation being identified as the fragile perishable ecosystems, plant and animal life, humans included, that God so graciously bestowed upon the Earth.

A true religion frees the disciple of detrimental emotional baggage, teaches the disciple how to live life in a way that is beneficial to both the disciple and to every other individual that comes into contact with the disciple.

Any religion that fails to do this is a false religion.

"Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to go to the ends of the Earth and tell everyone how they could achieve eternal life. As we advance around the Earth we'll be shortening the time needed to fulfill that Great Commission. Then, the Bible says, The End will come."- James Davis, Global Pastors Network

"Our whole purpose is to has hasten the End times" - Bill McCartney co-founder of the charismatic Promise Keepers movement.

"I usually started by taking them to the Hatikva Quarter and showed them the shabby living quarters where Sephardic Jews are forced to live - as many as 18 living in a two-room apartment. Sharing the apartments would be cockroaches, mice, rats, ants and lizards. While in the Hatikva Quarter, I would show them Hagana Street with its small shops where Sephardic Jews tried to eke out a living. The 6 block area on Hayarkon between Allenby Street and Frishman Street would shock those on my tour. They would see Sephardic prostitutes as young as age 14 hustling customers on the streets. I wanted to show as many people from America as possible that Israel is far from being the wonderful country the American people have been led to believe through Zionist propaganda." - Jack Berstein on conditions in Israel

John Hagee Zionist

"We are the generation that will probably see the rapture of the church. In Christian theology, the first thing that happens when Christ returns to Earth is the judgment of nations. Twenty-five years ago, I called a meeting of (neo)evangelists to discuss such an effort, and the conversation didn't last an hour. This time, I called and they all came and stayed. And when the meeting was over, they all agreed to speak up for Israel." - (neo)evangelist John C. Hagee - founder of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, President and C.E.O. of Global Evangelism Television which broadcasts in America on 120 full power television stations, 110 radio stations and three networks" - has helped 12,000 Russian Jews move to Israel, has donated several million dollars to Israeli and wears a Jewish prayer shawl . (In addition to John C. Hagee's help the United States guaranteed $10 billion in loans for Israel's resettlement of hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The Russians émigrés made it possible to build the wall between the Palestinians and the Israelis as the new immigrants were willing to provide the physical unskilled labor that the Palestinians once provided - no more need for Palestinians!)

"Twenty goyim will cling to each thread of our prayer shawls, pleading to serve us as protection against our divine judgment." - Yossi Klein Halevi

"I truly believe John Hagee is at once a daring, beautiful person - and quite dangerous." - Orthodox Rabbi Brad Hirschfield.

"I am a Zionist."- Jerry Falwell, Old Time Gospel Hour, 1/27/85

"I'm grateful for all the wonderful Christian (neo)evangelists wanting to help us. Christians are now Israel's best lobbyists in America." - Gershon Solomon, spokesman for Jerusalem's Temple Institute

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) is the largest Christian Zionist organization but other influential Christian Zionist organizations form a broad coalition: The American Messianic Fellowship; Bridges for Peace;the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary; the Council of Christians and Jews;Christian Friends of Israel; the Church's Ministry Among Jewish People, also known as The Israel Trust of the Anglican Church within Israel; Intercessors For Britain; Jews for Jesus ; The Messianic Jewish Alliance America; and Prayer Friends of Israel. Leading contemporary Christian Zionists include Charles Dyer, John C. Hagee, Mike Evans, Jerry Falwell, Dave Hunt, Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson and John Walvoord.

"The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judiazizes, he destroys the Catholic or Protestant faith, he provokes indifference but he imposes his idea of the world of morals and of life upon those whose faith he ruins. He works at his age old task, the annilation of the religion of Christ."- Lazare Marcus Manassé Bernard*


"I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Talmudic century, a time when the spirit of the community, the non-ideological blend of the emotional and rational and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society. I call this process the Talmudization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Talmudic." - Rabbi Martin Siegel, New York Magazine, January 18, 1972

"In August 2000, two Zionist lawyers in Germany almost succeeded in winning an injunction against publishers of the Bible in an attempt to redact the words of Jesus because they regarded them as "anti-Semitic"." - Michael James

"The Zionists use such religious sounding words as the Jewish faith, the Jewish religion, Jewish spiritual values, Jewish morals, Jewish religious heritage, Judeo-Christian, Jewish religious doctrines, and like phrases which deceive and lead the uneducated into total equanimity. TALMUDISM is an ECONOMIC-POLITICAL SYSTEM of and for one-worldism." - Reverend Gordon Winrod

"Anything I can do for the Jewish people, I will do. Mormons believe the Jewish people are the chosen people, just like the Old Testament says. I feel sorry I'm not Jewish sometimes." - Senator Orin Hatch

"Mr. Hatch unbuttons his white dress shirt to expose the golden mezuzah necklace he wears every day. Mezuzahs also adorn the doorways of his homes in Washington and Utah. Mr. Hatch keeps a Torah in his Senate office." - Mark Leibovich, December 8, 2009

The Christian Zionist by his unequivocal support of Zionism and Zionist Israel believes he is helping God fulfill God's prophetic plan. In reality Christian Zionists have fallen for an evil deception. Rather than helping God fulfill His plan they are helping the syndicate of the soulless, the Synagogue of Satan, fulfill it's plan for mankind which does not put Christ upon the throne of the New World Order but instead seats the anti-Christ as the head of the New World Order. (Although Christian Zionist adherents profess to follow Christ their actions indicate that their allegiance lies elsewhere.)

"There is a plan to disorganize at one blow Christian society and the beliefs of the Jews, then with this double organization to bring about a state of things where, religiously speaking, there will be neither Christian nor Jew, but only men stripped of divinity, and where, politically speaking the Christian will become, if not the slave, at least the inferior of the Jew, the master." - Abbe Joseph Lemann 1886

"We should examine our faith constantly in the sweet light of human reason rather than believing, as the White Queen said to Alice, "six impossible things before breakfast." Faith is only an approximation, like memory; I am never sure I have the real thing in my grasp. If I could, I'd return to early Christianity, before it became a state religion under Constantine; before its connection to the state, when it was a company of friends whose inspired leader once said that the one without sin should pick up the first stone." - Nora Gallagher

During the past 160 years, imperial Christians trumpeting laissez-faire corporatism, taught to them by their Vampires Zionist masters, have routed out every area where they desired to run their form of economy, even the drug economy beginning with the Opium Wars in 1846. Although many of the imperial Christian/Vampires Zionist nations do help others in times of need, the G7 have used the IMF, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank as economic hit men.

"The (neo)evangelists don't pay much attention to New Testament teachings such as those found in Matthew that focus on social justice. Instead they rummage around in the Old Testament for passages that support their political agenda, which is out of sync with New Testament principles." - John Rossmann

Imperial Christianity is based on the Old Testament way of thinking, ‘an eye for and eye' and ‘we are the chosen ones'. There is only one book in the New Testament that supports imperial Christianity, Revelation. Biblical scholars believe that John the presbyter, a priest, not John the Apostle wrote Revelation. Revelation uses archetypal symbolism and a lot of numbers (numbers were thought by some to have magical properties at the time - Kabbalah) in what appears to be a hallucinogenic dream to predict the return of the Jewish Messiah. At one point the Roman Catholics rejected the writings of John the presbyter but later decided to reinstate them into Catholic cannon as they allowed the Roman Empire to commit imperial action in the name of their bloody imperial god - Thanatos.

Imperial Christians need to reject the false teachings of "prophets" and "apostles", stop basing religion on a few scriptual verses and start to carefully study the Words of the One they call their God - Jesus.


Kingdom Now/Dominion/Joel's Army

Lay hands

Kingdom Now/Dominion/Joel's Army mythology, a resurrection of early imperial Christian mythology mixed with Talmudism, harkens back to the time when Rome was still expanding and Roman gods, especially Thanatos, still walked the Earth.

The basic premise of Kingdom Now/Dominion/Joel's Army mythology is that man lost dominion over the Earth when Adam and Eve succumbed to Satan's temptation in the Garden of Eden. The Father "lost control" of the Earth to Satan at that time, ("serpent seed" occurs - Cain spawn of Satan) and has since been looking for a "covenant people" who will be the Father's "extension," or "expression," on Earth and take dominion back from Satan. (Sounds suspiciously like Talmudic Gnosticism were the Demiurge's action created a faulty world.)

"Overcomers" who yield themselves to the authority of the Father's apostles and prophets for the Kingdom Age, will take control of the kingdoms of this world. These kingdoms are defined as all social institutions, such as the "kingdoms" of education, the "kingdoms" of science, the "kingdoms" of the arts, and so on. Most especially there is the "kingdoms" of politics or government. ( the Askenazi have made great inroads toward these goals.) This naturally implies the concentration of military and police power in the hands of the apostles and prophets who pass out the various "kingdom" fiefdoms during the "Kingdom Age". (This is corporatism/fascism, communism, Vatican heirarchy, George W. Bush's cronyism and Zionism that has florished and given us the conditions we are experiencing today.)

According to Jesus the Kingdom of God is within (or among) people unlike Kingdom Now/Dominion/Joel's Army/Zionism mythology. Jesus' Kingdom of God is approached through understanding and is entered into through the acceptance of God's Law as reality with the awe of a child - this is spiritual rebirth within the will of God.

The truth is this:

If all people learned to treat others as they wish to be treated then human life on Earth would live in a Kingdom of God, as close to Paradise as organic human beings could create. For this to happen all individuals would have to be able see themselves as - to empathize with - every other unique individual life.

Empathy becomes possible when we suspend critical judgement
and see every unique life as valuable in and of itself.

Another truth is this:

The proponents of Kingdom Now/Dominion/Joel's Army/Zionism mythology would like to
make every human in the world conform to their ideology. (sounds like Talmudism to me!)

In so doing they are attempting to return to the time of the attempted re-unification
of the Roman Empire through religious unification
as decreed by the Nicene Creed.

Will they resort to the same methods that the Spanish Inquisition, New Spain's Inquisition
and the Roman Inquisition adhered to in the attempt to assure conformity of religious thought?

In starting a war, religious or otherwise, there is always the possibility that the assumption of impending victory is false.

Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy and Hirohito's Japan are good examples.

Are the proponents of Kingdom Now/Dominion/Joel's Army/Zionism mythology
ready to bend the knee and accept the tenets of Islam?

(I don't think there are enough nukes in America and Israel to totally cover
all the deserts, mountains and jungles were the willy Muslims might be hiding!)

If the world becomes of one religion why would anyone expect their chosen religion to carry the day?

"As history shows, there is absolutely nothing to gain from immature playground mentality of charging into battle because "my god is better than your god." - Ellen Hodgson Brown

"There is no such thing as 'Christian' soldiers. They may call themselves 'Christian', but those who follow the teachings of Jesus strive to love their neighbor and do not kill." - Barbara Aquino

Kingdom Now/Dominion/Joel's Army/Christian Zionism mythology is based on Manifest Sons mythology which was carried over from the time of William Marrion Branham by Earl Pearly Paulk - adherents are "little gods" exercising autonomous sovereignty within their spheres of dominion - a Talmudic Messianic concept.

Current Kingdom Now/Dominion/Joel's Army mythology seems to exclude the Identity dogma.

In 1960, Earl Pearly Paulk founded "Harvester Ministry", a non-profit corporation, with his wife, his brother Donald, and his sister-in-law Clareice in an area of Atlanta called "Little Five Points."

In 1972, the fellowship became known as Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester
famed for combining visual arts, particularly the dance team, with a liturgical style.

Earl Pearly Paulk (neo)evangelists television and radio programs were seen and heard on Trinity Broadcasting Network. Earl Pearly Paulk was a semi-regular guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network's "Praise the Lord."

In 1982, Earl Pearly Paulk was ordained as a bishop in the International Communion of Charismatic Churches, a non-profit corporate institution.

Earl Pearly Paulk has been involved in many sex scandals spanning several years.

Cindy Hall claimed Earl Pearly Paulk kissed her, intended to "make love" to her
and told her that they had a "special gift of love outside holy matrimony".

Tricia Weeks, a biographer/ghostwriter for Earl Pearly Paulk, claimed she had a two-year affair.

Mona Manning Brewer, a Sunday School teacher featured regularly as a soloist on television, claimed that Earl Pearly Paulk felt "'impressed of the Lord' to get to know her better" after there had been a "word of knowledge" claiming that she was about to enter a new relationship that would benefit her.

Earl Pearly Paulk preached "when you are in despair, the Lord will send you a resurrection",
later claiming that Mona Manning Brewer was his resurrection.

Jessica Battle, a member of the dance team, accused Earl Pearly Paulk of molesting
her between the ages of 7 and 11, and later of forcing himself on her when she was 17.

Donnie Earl (D.E.) Paulk, nephew of Earl Pearly Paulk and senior pastor of the Cathedral at Chapel Hill, informed the congregation that he is actually the biological son of Earl Pearly Paulk, and not the son of Donald Paulk.

A court-ordered DNA test confirmed this and Earl Pearly Paulk was forced to resign
as archbishop of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC).

In 2006 Earl Pearly Paulk swore in a deposition that the only woman he ever had sex with outside of marriage was Monica Manning Brewer. As part of the same lawsuit 8 women testified thay had sex under duress with Earl Pearly Paulk. In 2008 Earl Pearly Paulk was found guilty of lying under oath, a felony. By 2008 Earl Pearly Paulk's Bible College was closed and television show canceled.

"I doubt Jesus would support the violent invasions of sovereign nations, resulting in the death and wounding of hundreds of thousands of innocent people; the arrest, torture and imprisonment of innocent people; tax cuts favoring the wealthiest among us; the largest debt in America's history; not supporting the military with proper equipment; cutting veterans' benefits; higher costs for education, healthcare and housing; more environmental pollution, bribery scandals, lying, crony-ism, greed or corruption. Why do so many (neo)evangelists Christians believe their preachers instead of the facts?" - Greg Garcia

Imperial Christianity, although bloody, worked
when combatants fought wars with swords.

Imperial Christianity, even more bloody, worked
when combatants fought with rifles and even cannon.

Imperial Christianity will not work when
combatants use nuclear weapons.

Imperial Christianity is drawn to the fission furnace
as the moth is drawn to the candle flame.

Will Imperial Christianity use the fission furnace to smite the evil doers?

The concept of a Holy War or Jihad is common to both Imperial Christianity, Zionism and Wahhabi Muslims.

Imperial Christians are attempting to reunite the Roman Empire 1600 years after its demise through reincarnating the death and destruction that the Roman Empire, with the help and support of the Talmudists, fostered on its citizens in a futile attempt to get the social culture to conform.

though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.
Thy .50-caliber and 240, they comfort me."
- Captain David Burris, chaplain

"Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called sons of God."
- Matthew 5:9

"History's moral tragedies were often accompanied by clergy who were timidly and quietly complicit with the destructive government policies of their day. Reasonable people no doubt differ on how to identify and solve today's moral issues. It is, however, unreasonable to claim that Jesus and the other prophets do not have something to say about a doomed, unjust, immoral war; state sanctioned torture; international silence in the face of genocide and state sanctioned murder through the death penalty."- Ed Bacon, Rector, All Saints Episcopal Church Pasadena

"If converting to Islam is all it takes to get the terrorists off our backs, then all I have to say is, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And the best part: nothing would really have to change. We're not asking Americans to disrupt something essential in their daily lives, like changing your e-mail address. We'd be Muslims in name only, instead of what Americans are now - Christians in name only. I mean, look around, we don't care for the poor, or defer to the meek, or avoid judging people - it's not like we're that committed to Christianity." - Bill Maher*


word of faith

Word of faith consists of two distinct yet closely related factions: the Norman Vincent Peale/Robert H. Schuller Positive/Possibility fellowships, with their roots in the New Thought of William Essek Kenyon, and the Kenneth E. Hagin/Kenneth Copeland Positive Confession word of faith fellowships, which have their roots in both William Essek Kenyon's New Thought and William Marrion Branham Manifest Sons/Latter Rain dogma.

"High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true." - Robert H. Schuller

Word of faith dogma includes the following ideologies: Christians are "gods" who can use their own divinity to "speak" things into existence(see transcendental temptation), those that are not healthy and wealthy lack faith, faith is a "supernatural force" capable of being used for good or evil, use of negative words and thoughts release Satan's power, while positive words and thoughts release the Lord's power.

Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth E. Hagin, Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts, John Avanzini, Reinhard Bonnke, Rodney Howard-Browne, Morris Cerullo, Robert Tilton and almost all the celebrities on Trinity Broadcasting Network practice word of faith.

Kenneth Hagin & Kenneth Copeland: Pentecostal Bedlam

"You are as much the incarnation of god as Jesus Christ was."
Kenneth E. Hagin

Morris Cerullo

"Did you know that from the beginning of time the whole purpose of god was to reproduce himself?... And when we stand up here, brother, you're not looking at Morris Cerullo; you're looking at God." - Morris Cerullo*

{In 1990, Morris Cerullo purchased the assets of Jim Bakker's bankrupt ministry, "Praise The Lord" along with "Praise The Lord's" cable television network, The Inspirational Network, which was renamed INSP - The Inspiration Network. CEO David Cerullo, Morris' son, built a 9,000-square-foot $4 million home on a lot that overlooks Lake Keowee in 2009. At the same time the "ministry" laid of workers, froze wages and stopped making contributions to 401(k) retirement accounts. The network's revenues are expected to approach $100 million, largely donations from people who are told God favors those who donate. David Cerullo defended his $1.5 million in compensation even though IRS rules bar nonprofits from paying "unreasonable compensation."}

transcendental temptation

Robert Tilton

"Being poor is a sin.
The only time people were poor in the Bible is when they were under a curse." - Robert Tilton

Christian Televangelist Robert Tilton Fraud Scandal

Robert Tilton during the Last Days of Israel

"Remember television evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Tilton and Oral Roberts? They’re all the same. They offer up the comfort of the Lord and in return use threats of damnation if donations slow down." - Diane Dimond

Robert Tilton bought 5,000 hours per month of broadcast airtime for his Success-N-Life television program which was broadcast in all American broadcasting markets until it was discovered Robert Tilton threw away prayer requests without reading them, keeping only money and valuables sent to him by viewers which garnered him an estimated $84 million per year. (Sorry folks but you can not buy your way into heaven!)

Kenneh Copeland

"You don't have a god in you, you are one!" - Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland is a word of faith television (neo)evangelists and the founder of a religious institution called Kenneth Copeland Ministries, a non-profit corporation.

In the 1960s, Kenneth Copeland was a pilot for Oral Roberts. Kenneth Copeland attended Oral Roberts University, a non-profit corporation, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kenneth Copeland later became a member of the Oral Roberts University Board of Regents.

Kenneth Copeland later became acquainted with Kenneth E. Hagin, founder of RHEMA Bible Training Center (RBTC), also known as RHEMA Bible College, which is located on 110 acres in Broken Arrow suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The curriculum RHEMA Bible Training Center, a non-profit corporation, is taught from a Charismatic/Pentecostal viewpoint. RHEMA Bible Training Center is not accredited.

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is the largest religious television network on Earth. Trinity Broadcasting Network was founded by Paul Crouch, Jan Crouch, Jim Bakker, and Tammy Bakker in 1973. Trinity Broadcasting Network currently is the ninth largest broadcaster in America. The network now has a larger American audience than its three main competitor networks combined - followed by Daystar Television Network and The Inspiration Network. Trinity Broadcasting Network is carried on over 275 television stations in America and on thousands of other cable television systems around the world in 75 countries, where its programs are translated into eleven languages. Trinity Broadcasting Network, a non-profit corporation, owns 23 full-power television stations and 252 low-power rural stations in America.

On Trinity Broadcasting Network's Spring, April 1999 "Praise-a-Thon," Benny Hinn related his dream of being visited by Elijah who handed him his rod that could turn rivers into streams of blood.

Benny Hinn asked fellow guest Marc Chironna to interpret his dream after proclaiming Marc Chironna to be a prophet. Marc Chironna agreed that Benny Hinn had received "the spirit of Elijah and the essence of the Elijah ministry." Benny Hinn went on to use the new authority to get people to send in a double tithes to Trinity Broadcasting Network claiming they would not survive the coming year if they did not double their tithes.

Trinity Broadcasting Network "Praise-a-Thons" have used Elijah over and over again to put fear of the retribution of Elijah into those who might use their Social Security checks to pay the rent instead of handing it over as tithes. The "prophets" excuses for their failures are getting more and more clever. When a "word of knowledge" turns out to be proven wrong, they won't admit their connection to the supernatural failed - just that they mistakenly interpreted God's word.

"Man, I remember when the Lord would give me words of knowledge back when I began in this ministry. I missed nine out of ten. Nobody knew it except me. 'Well, Benny Hinn', I thought, 'when the holy ghost' - saints, the holy ghost is using an imperfect vessel. Are you listening? We're not infallible. Or when you give a prophecy sometimes you can be way off, you have to be open enough to say I blew it. Prophets blow it all the time. Paul blew it; Moses blew it; even Elijah blew it! They all blew it. Maybe not with prophecies, but they blew it in all kinds of things …When the supernatural spiritual gift begins it begins rough, but then as you keep going with it you just get better and better and cleaner and purer with it. So today with the "word of knowledge" - I'm just being open with - I rarely miss anymore. Why? Because I recognize how to operate in it." - Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn says his children don't recognize him and are in fact afraid of him when he is "in the anointing."(Mommy, Daddy is possesed by Satan, again!)

YouTube - Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

YouTube - Suzanne Hinn: Holy Ghost Enema

John Avanzini is billed as a recognized authority on biblical economics. The truth is that John Avanzini is an authority on perverting Scripture as a means to picking the pockets of acolytes. John Avanzini has honed his craft into such an art form that when word of faith teachers need money, they call on "Brother John ." Armed with a bag full of Bible twisting tricks, John Avanzini tells the unsuspecting:

"A greater than a lottery has come. His name is Jesus!" - John Avanzini, Trinity Broadcasting Network "Praise-a-Thon"

"I turned on Trinity Broadcasting Network, and some of the very people that turned me off, all of a sudden I looked at them with different eyes, because I had repented, and I looked at them with different eyes and they ministered to me and I broke and wept in my living room before the Lord. The Lord touched my heart. And I had to humble myself down like a little boy and learn again to receive from the Lord. I had to learn to receive from people again." - John Kilpatrick

"Brother Kenneth E. Hagin and Brother Kenneth Copeland have done an excellent job along with others on teaching us about the authority of the believer." - John Kilpatrick

John Kilpatrick was pastor of the Brownsville Assembly of God.

Jesus the Tekton

polytheistic religious thought in Christianity

polytheistic Christianity is based on Valentinian Gnosticism

"In the so-called monotheism of today, in addition to God there is also an acknowledgment of many transcendent beings capable of influencing reality: The son of God, the mother of God, the devil, angels and demons immediately come to mind." - R.H. Joseph

"The rabbis taught: Six things are said with regard to demons, three in which they are like the angels: they have wings, they float from one end of the world to the other, and they know what is about to be; and three in which they are like men: they eat and drink, they are fruitful and multiply, and they are mortal. Six things are said with regard to men, three in which they are like angels: they have knowledge like the angels, they go with stature erect, and they speak in the holy language; and three like the beasts: they eat and drink like beasts, they are fruitful and multiply, and they are mortal." - Babylonian Talmud, Tract Hagiga, Chapter II

Valentinian Gnosticism was extremely widespread through the Roman Empire from Alexandria, Egypt through Asia Minor and Syria in the east, and Northwest Africa. Valentinus and the Gnostic movement that bore his name were considered threats to Pauline Christianity by church leaders and Christian scholars. One needed to recognize the Father, the depth of all being, as the true source of divine power in order to achieve gnosis (knowledge).

Irenaeus identifies Valentinus as the author of the Gospel of Truth and condemns the Gospel of Truth as heresy.Irenaeus claimed Christianity must be catholic - that is, universally of one church.

Irenaeus and his followers insisted that there could be only one church and outside of that one church "there is no salvation." Members of this church alone are orthodox (literally, "straight-thinking") Christians. Irenaeus sets up the need for demi-gods, intercessors or confidants of God. Many of Valentinus teachings implicitly undermine the divine authority claimed by the orthodox catholic clergy of the time. Valentinus was a disciple of Theudas, a disciple of Paul of Taursus, a Sadducee Zaddikim.

"Valentinus was the first to invent three hypostases and three persons of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and he is discovered to have filched this from Hermes and Plato."- Marcellus of Ancyra

Marcellus of Ancyra was incorrect in thinking that Valentinus had come up with the idea of a triune godhead. Hebrew teaching at the time of Saul of Tarsus included a triune god. Valentinian Gnosticism professed God the Father, Sophia the Mother, and Logos the Son. Talmudic teaching professed by Hellenized Jews proclaims God the Father, Shekhinah the female aspect of God and the Law.

By the time of Jesus the Tannaim/ Tekton/Therapeutea Hellenized Jews, believed the Greeks to be superior in philosophy and knowledge with a better understanding of human nature, had become apostate to the Yahweh mythology of Moses by adding elements of Greek polytheism, numerology and astrology to the original patriarchal monotheistic religion .

Valentinus taught that only some Christians, his own followers, received the gnosis (knowledge) that allowed them to return to the divine pleroma, while other Christians would attain a lesser form of salvation. The rest of humankind was doomed to eternal perdition.

Christians claim to be monotheistic but most of those who claim to be monotheistic have a belief system that is polytheistic. Conceptually it is metaphorically possible to make three forms of God unite into one God. Trinitarianism states that the three distinct persons are One God, and Tritheism states the three divine persons are three Gods. But even if these three forms of God unite in God to make one God then where does God's arch enemy Satan fit in?

Does Satan have the power, as God does, to modify reality?

If one agrees that Satan does indeed modify reality then that blueprint of a heirachical multiverse inhabited by supernatural entities, as opposed to a universe, is based on the Demiurge found in other gnostic writing. In gnostic writing the Demiurge also went by the names Yaltabaoth, Samael, Saklas and Yahweh.

Or does Satan modify human reality spiritually by generating the temptation of unfulfillable desire based on a mistaken image of self coupled with a need to satisfy and fulfill the fantasy desires of that mistaken self - a self-centered ego which does not adequately comprehend it's actual place in the scheme of things which more closely parallels Islamic thought and the character of Iblis

"Iblis can enter a thousand beings
everyone that Iblis enters becomes like him.
Iblis is in whoever freezes your passion for living
Iblis is hidden under his skin.

When Iblis doesn't find a physical form,
he'll invade your imagination and make it drag you into evil:
from your thoughts Iblis' destruction will stream,
from thoughts even of peace or work,
or the love of knowledge or of home and family
no thought is safe from his twisting!"

- Rumi

"Lucifer's Fall represents the very beginnings of separation from God, just as the technology of fire was humanity's first abrogation and arrogation of nature's cycle of energy flow, marking the beginning of our separation from nature. Then in the figure of Satan, we have the further legend of the Devil at war with Heaven, or trying to set himself above God, a theme echoed in the Babel story, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and countless other myths. This represents our campaign to becomes the lords and masters of nature; it is the domestication of the wild, the Technological Program, the World Under Control. Just as in myth, the war against Heaven is ultimately doomed, and the pain endured in this losing campaign is proportional to the intensity with which it is waged. The failure of the technological fix, the failure of the program to bring all the world under control, we address by intensifying the effort to control, sacrificing more and more of Life to War. In the modern era, we have sold away our very lives to the enslavement of time and money." - Charles Eisenstein

To believe that Satan exists and acts on Earth to prevent humans from walking with God you must be a polytheist in the fact that at least two gods have the ability to modify existent reality.

Satan did not exist in the minds of the ancient monotheistic Hebrews. Valentinian Gnosticism, best expressed in the Gospel of Truth, names a heirarchy of beings called Aeons which are also named in the The Apocryphon of John. Satan had a legion of demons and Christ had teh ability to call on a host of angels.

"For from the indestructible light, which is the Christ, through the will of God the four lights (appeared) from the divine Autogenes (Christ). He expected that they might attend him. And the three (are) will, thought, and life. And the four powers (are) understanding, grace, perception, and prudence. And grace belongs to the light-aeon Armozel, which is the first angel. And there are three other aeons with this aeon: grace, truth, and form. And the second light (is) Oriel, who has been placed over the second aeon. And there are three other aeons with him: conception, perception, and memory. And the third light is Daveithai, who has been placed over the third aeon. And there are three other aeons with him: understanding, love, and idea. And the fourth aeon was placed over the fourth light Eleleth. And there are three other aeons with him: perfection, peace, and wisdom. These are the four lights which attend the divine Autogenes, (and) these are the twelve aeons which attend the son of the mighty one, the Autogenes, the Christ, through the will of God. And the twelve aeons belong to the son of the Autogenes. And all things were established by the will of God through the Autogenes." - Apocryphon of John

Nearly all the converts to Gnostic Christianity, and nearly all of the educated converts, were originally Hellenized Jews with an understanding of the evolving theologies of both the Saducees and the Pharisees. In the Apocryphon of John a whole heirachy of demons and angels is described.

"Yaltabaoth had a multitude of faces, more than all of them, so that he could put a face before all of them, according to his desire, when he is in the midst of Seraphim. He shared his fire with them; therefore he became lord over them. Because of the power of the glory he possessed of his mother's light, he called himself god. And he did not obey the place from which he came (fallen angel/demiurge). And he united the seven powers in his thought with the authorities which were with him. And when he spoke it happened. And he named each power beginning with the highest: the first is goodness with the first (authority), Athoth; the second is foreknowledge with the second one, Eloaio; and the third is divinity with the third one, Astraphaio); the fourth is lordship with the fourth one, Yao; the fifth is kingdom with the fifth one, Sabaoth; the sixth is envy with the sixth one, Adonein; the seventh is understanding with the seventh one, Sabbateon.

And the powers began: the first one, goodness, created a bone-soul; and the second, foreknowledge, created a sinew-soul; the third, divinity, created a flesh-soul; and the fourth, the lordship, created a marrow-soul; the fifth, kingdom created a blood-soul; the sixth, envy, created a skin-soul; the seventh, understanding, created a hair-soul. And the multitude of the angels attended him and they received from the powers the seven substances in order to create the proportions of the limbs and the proportion of the rump and the proper working together of each of the parts.

The first one began to create the head. Eteraphaope-Abron created his head; Meniggesstroeth created the brain; Asterechme (created) the right eye; Thaspomocha, the left eye; Yeronumos, the right ear; Bissoum, the left ear; Akioreim, the nose; Banen-Ephroum, the lips; Amen, the teeth; Ibikan, the molars; Basiliademe, the tonsils; Achcha, the uvula; Adaban, the neck; Chaaman, the vertebrae; Dearcho, the throat; Tebar, the right shoulder; [...], the left shoulder; Mniarcon, the right elbow; [...], the left elbow; Abitrion, the right underarm; Evanthen, the left underarm; Krys, the right hand; Beluai, the left hand; Treneu, the fingers of the right hand; Balbel, the fingers of the left hand; Kriman, the nails of the hands; Astrops, the right breast; Barroph, the left breast; Baoum, the right shoulder joint; Ararim, the left shoulder joint; Areche, the belly; Phthave, the navel; Senaphim, the abdomen; Arachethopi, the right ribs; Zabedo, the left ribs; Barias, the right hip; Phnouth the left hip; Abenlenarchei, the marrow; Chnoumeninorin, the bones; Gesole, the stomach; Agromauna, the heart; Bano, the lungs; Sostrapal, the liver; Anesimalar, the spleen; Thopithro, the intestines; Biblo, the kidneys; Roeror, the sinews; Taphreo, the spine of the body; Ipouspoboba, the veins; Bineborin, the arteries; Atoimenpsephei, theirs are the breaths which are in all the limbs; Entholleia, all the flesh; Bedouk, the right buttock; Arabeei, the left buttock; Eilo, the testicles; Sorma, the genitals; Gorma-Kaiochlabar, the right thigh; Nebrith, the left thigh; Pserem, the kidney of the right leg; Asaklas, the kidney of the left leg; Ormaoth, the right leg; Emenun, the left leg; Knyx, the right shin-bone; Tupelon, the left shin-bone; Achiel, the right knee; Phnene, the left knee; Phiouthrom, the right foot; Boabel, its toes; Trachoun, the left foot; Phikna, its toes; Miamai, the nails of the feet; ...

"And the origin of the demons which are in the whole body is determined to be four: heat, cold, wetness, and dryness. And the mother of all of them is matter. And he who reigns over the heat (is) Phloxopha; and he who reigns over the cold is Oroorrothos; and he who reigns over what is dry (is) Erimacho; and he who reigns over the wetness (is) Athuro. And the mother of all of these, Onorthochrasaei, stands in their midst, since she is illimitable, and she mixes with all of them. And she is truly matter, for they are nourished by her.

The four chief demons are: Ephememphi, who belongs to enchantment, Yoko, who belongs to desire, Nenentophni, who belongs to grief, Blaomen, who belongs to fear. And the mother of them all is Aesthesis (sensuous perception). And from the four demons passions came forth. And from grief (came) envy, jealousy, regret, humilation, callousness, anxiety, mourning, etc. And from enchantment much wickedness arises, lust, empty pride, and similar things. And from desire (comes) anger, wrath, frustration, bitterness, anguish, and similar things. And from fear (comes) dread, terror, suffering, and shame. All of these are like useful things as well as evil things. But the insight into their true (character) is Anaro, who is the head of the material soul, for it belongs with the seven senses, Aesthesis. " - The Apocryphon of John
Are those that are possessed by the Holy Spirit, "speaking in tongues", in reality possessed by Satan/Yaltabaoth/Samael/Yahweh/Saklas?

Traditional polytheist Christian fellowships find many of the behavioral practices of the Pentecostal revival movements - Healing, Latter Rain, Toronto, The Call, Charismatic, New Apostolic Reformation, the Apostolic Culmination, Manifested Sons - disconcerting, unnerving and unsettling.

Christian traditionalists see fits of uncontrollable "holy laughter" - and all other "supernatural spiritual gifts" - during a Bible reading as mocking God's word and actually being a deceptive ploy perpetrated by the deceiver - Satan. When members of a fellowship behave like animals Christian traditionalists see this as Satan mocking human beings, and lowering them to the status of animals.

Many Christian traditionalists believe Pentecostal revival movements to be a ploy by Satan/Moloch, put into force by Satan's followers - those who worship at the altar of the Synagogue of Satan/Moloch, to gain ever greater numbers of deceived swooning foot soldiers by the day, foot soldiers who believe that they have sworn allegiance to God only to have actually enlisted in a spiritual war on the side of Satan/Moloch and in a material war on the side of the Synagogue of Satan/Moloch.

Satan's followers deceive us into believing we will be given supernatural spiritual "rewards" - that we will be endowed with supernatural power to control others, perform miracles and become as Jesus, a Manifest Son - such supernatural spiritual "rewards", we are told by false religious teachers, come from the Holy Spirit.

Supernatural spiritual "rewards" may come as "speaking in tongues, "prophecy", "slain in the spirit", "holy laughter", barking like a dog, shaking like a leaf in a storm, visions of people and places described on live television with outstanding skills of oratory and rhetoric - these are manifestations, to be sure, but there is no evidence that such behavior is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus the Tannaim/ Tekton/Therapeutea cast out "demons." In other words Jesus the Tannaim/ Tekton/Therapeuteahealed people that exhibited erratic behaviors that were attributed to "possession by demons." Jesus healed individuals that exhibited the same types of behavior that is now called an "outpouring of the Holy Spirit." Demons historically are related to deviant behavior.

People could not understand what caused deviant behavior due to brain damage so they attributed it to unseen entities which they named demons. This behavior is typically caused by physical processes which lead to schizophrenia, dementia, etc. or may be simply behavior unacceptable to the social culture as it stood at the time. The demon becomes responsible for the deviant behavior.

Exorcism is an attempt to change the behavior expressed by the individual. Today most exorcists come in the form of psychiatrists. Frontal lobotomies were used to exorcize "demons" up until the 1986. Now neuroleptics like Thorazine are used to create chemical frontal lobotomies thus dispelling those nasty demons.

"In proportion as mind and heart are fixed upon the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, we may count on the Holy Spirit's enabling. But if we make the Spirit Himself the object of our aspirations and worship, some false spirit may counterfeit the true and take us for a prey." - Sir Robert Anderson


control through witchcraft

Isolation is a solid weapon of witchcraft. Witchcraft wants to separate you from your friends, your family, or anyone whom it perceives can speak truth into your life. People operating in witchcraft are masters at pitting people against one another in order to separate and isolate them.

The spirit of witchcraft likes abnormal attention, but most importantly, attention behind the scenes. People operating in witchcraft don't want to share your attention with others but want to keep you totally for themselves. If need be, witchcraft will even get super spiritual in its effort to manipulate you.

People who walk in witchcraft have an uppity air of spiritual superiority about them. Claims of spiritual fatherhood fall into this category. The force of witchcraft will cause people to lose their individual identities. Those influenced by witchcraft begin to wonder who they are.

Sickness is a key weapon of witchcraft.When you are battling witchcraft, you might start getting severe headaches or feel like you are choking and can't breathe. I have met many people, especially intercessors, who felt sick and got headaches when witchcraft was attacking them. Witchcraft drains the life (energy) right out of you.

Witchcraft controllers spend abnormal amounts of time with their victims (disciples). Witchcraft will go out of the way to control and waste your time. Witchcraft is a master at diverting attention away from itself by turning it toward you. Witchcraft makes others think that you are the one with the problem.

People operating in witchcraft are masters at taking the focus off of themselves whenever they are about to be discovered. The spirit of witchcraft seeks a legitimate front. Witchcraft uses sexual soul ties (fornication) to control its victims (disciples).

If a witch can hook your emotions, then he or she can gain a soul tie with you. If he or she can form a soul tie with you, then he or she can control you. Sexual relations in marriage generate a healthy soul tie, while sexual relations outside of marriage create unhealthy soul ties.

Apostle Jonas Clark, Spirit of Life Ministries, Hallandale Beach, Florida USA

Cats are evil, the Pope told me!

In 1484 Pope Innocent the VIII, issued a proclamation that decreed all cats as evil and involved with Satan because the Egyptians had venerated cats. As result anyone seen talking to a cat was charged with witchcraft and burned at the stake. Any cat found was killed. The Black Death, the bubonic plagues that swept Europe, were caused by the systematic extermination of cats. Bubonic plague was spread to humans from the bites of fleas that rode on the backs of rats. Without a stable cat population to control the rats, the fleas spread everywhere and carried the infected fleas with them.

Every American woman that has a cat talks to it! They all must be witches worshiping pagan Egyptian gods and trafficking with Satan! Burn the lonely old witches in the name of god!

The King James version of the New Testament the words "witch", "witchcraft", and "witchcrafts" are used wherever the masoretic text, from which it is translated, has kashaph or kesheph and qesem, and the Septuagint has pharmakeia; similarly in the New Testament it uses 'witch', 'witchcraft', and 'witchcrafts' to translate the pharmakeia of the underlying Greek text.

Kashaph literally means herb user (a compound word formed from the roots kash, meaning herb, and hapaleh, meaning using). Pharmakeia of the Septuagint translates as potion user. The potion preparer, the one skilled in the use of herbs, is considered to be a practitioner of witchcraft. Today the pharmaceutical manufactures prepare potions - witchcraft practitioners!

The Malleus Maleficarum ("The Hammer of Witches" or the "Hexenhammer") is considered by many to be the classic Roman Catholic text on witchcraft, although it was in fact condemned by the Inquisition in 1490, and never officially used by the Catholic Church. First published in 1487, the book is notorious for its use in the witch hunt craze of the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. The work was originally prefaced by the papal bull Summis desiderantes issued by Pope Innocent VIII on December 5, 1484, the main papal document on witchcraft.

Christian demonology, the diabolical mark was an indelible mark that especially Satan, or any other demon, made in the body of those who had made a pact with him. All witches and warlocks were said to have that mark, because the diabolical pact was a necessary condition to be such a thing. It was believed that this mark was made in a hidden place of the person's body, i.e. the armpit, under the eye lip, in the genital zone, inside the mouth. It often looked like a scar or a spot with a special shape (all this subject to interpretation by the judges that examined the accused). The other form of the diabolical mark (always present in every accused according to the tribunals that used this test) was a small zone of the body in which the individual could not feel a prick; so it was established the proof of the needle, in which the person's body was stung with a needle until that area was found. It has been proved that every person has an insensible area in his/her body, so all people put to this test were found guilty of practicing witchcraft.

strategic-level spiritual warfare

"It was exhilarating, thrilling, reviving, rewarding - everything an angelic warrior was made for!

The Host of Heaven had waited so long and had built up such fervor that when the signal finally came, they broke over the crests of the mountains on every side like a violent, shimmering ocean wave and showered down like hail upon the dark cloud of demons in the valley, scattering them like dust before the wind, routing, battling, swinging, and pushing down, down, down toward the Summit Institute.

Tal, at the crest of the wave, dove like a hawk, his wings straight back, his sword a needle of light at the end of his outstretched arm. His war cry could be heard above all the tumult, and his sword was the first to strike. They flew into the heart of the black cloud, like piercing a black, boiling thunderhead. The swords of spirits clashed, wings slapped and fluttered, red smoke fogged the air.

Tal kicked, cut, spun like a scythe, and fought his way downward, downward. He could hear the roar of Guilo, the Strength of Many, just above and to the left, batting at demons and mowing them down, flipping them sideways to meet other blades, kicking and grabbing what hides he could find, cutting a widening swath, gutting the cloud at its core." - Frank E. Perretti - author This Present Darkness

{"If a man should conquer in battle a thousand and a thousand more, and another man should conquer himself, his would be the greater victory, because the greatest of victories is the victory over oneself; and neither the gods in heaven above nor the demons down below can turn into defeat the victory of such a man." - Dhammapada}

Strategic-level spiritual warfare, popular in the New Apostolic Reformation , often involves going to the highest place in a city or region, like a mountain top, with attempts to bind "territorial spirits," the "high-ranking demons" that rule over specific geographical regions. The idea is that - if their demonic grip is broken - then the people who live in that region will respond en masse to the word of God, and they will be freed of sinful strongholds, like evil magic, lust and greed.(Good magic and self-righteous pride are acceptable though!)

Many fellowships have eagerly adopted strategic-level spiritual warfare, believing it's the key to fulfilling the "Great Commission" which will usher in the "Kingdom Age". Adherents take part in showy ceremonies, where they seek to directly confront territorial spirits by name.

Apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation anoint adherents with specific supernatural powers. John Arnott anoints adherents with a "new anointing" he calls the "Sword of the Lord" or "Warrior Anointing" which brings supernatural power.

The apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation sell a form of supernaturalism that is suspiciously similar to fantasy video games. Just like the fantasy hero adherents are anointed with supernatural powers so they may attack greater and larger demonic forces. Just like video game manufactures charge consumers for their games, New Apostolic Reformation adherents are charged a fee to receive the next new "anointing." (And if you could not attend the "conference" you can purchase a DVD of past events and past training sessions for a nominal fee. If you have faith then you too will receive the "anointing!")

Supernatural spiritual warfare comes dangerously close to shamanism which may culminate in the belief that an individual can control and be controlled or possessed by supernatural entities - angels and demons in polytheistic neoavangelic cults and animal spirits in shamanistic cultures.

polytheistic prophetic-apostolic mythology proponents

Kansas City "prophets"

Kansas City fellowship was founded in 1982 by Mike Bickle after he received a prophecy and "heard an audible voice" in Cairo, Egypt.

Bob Jones debuted in 1983. In 1984, Bob Jones and another member of Kansas City fellowship claimed they "heard the audible voice of the Lord" telling them that in 10 years the "new wine would be poured out" just like the butler (cupbearer) was restored to his position serving Pharoah (Genesis 40:13).

John Paul Jackson debuted in 1985. In 1986 Kansas City fellowship founders and elders form Grace Ministries, an umbrella non-profit corporation designed to facilitate the emergence of end-time prophets.

The various ministries eventually included Apostolic Teams, City Churches, The House of Prayer (now IHOP), The Joseph Company, The Israel Mandate, Ministry Training Center and Shiloh Ministries. In 2000 Mike Bickle handed over senior pastorship of Metro Christian fellowship to Floyd McClung, former Youth with a Mission international director.

John Paul Jackson

"During my five-year tenure at Kansas City fellowship I was an eyewitness to the teachings and experiences of Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson, as well as the lesser known "prophets" and "seers." What I am concerned about is those who are being led astray by his unscriptural teachings." - Timothy Smith

"I believe you could divide up the history of the Kansas City fellowship into five eras. The first was late 1982 to 1985, the Formative years. The second was 1985 to 1990, the Hijacked years. The third was 1990 to 1996, the Languishing years. The fourth was 1996 to 2000, the "valiant-attempt-to-make-a-comeback-but-not-knowing-how-to-do-it" years. The fifth are the "IHOP-Shiloh" years, 2000 to present. Even when the leadership wanted in the worst way to do the will of God, ignorance at the very least, if not the temptations to fame and popularity, kept them from seeing what that will of God was. " - Don Clasen

harvest rock - dreaming dreams, seeing visions

Harvest Rock began in Maryland in 1982 with the common vision of Ché Ahn and Lou Engle.

"The year is 1982. I am in Maryland, and Ché Ahn is pastor of a fellowship. Ché Ahn has a dream. In the dream a black man is saying, "Come to Los Angeles. There is going to be a great revival. There is going to be a great harvest." Then Ché Ahn woke up - and the Holy Spirit was upon him. Ché Ahn began to seek confirmation and to seek council from the leadership of People of Destiny International (PDI)." - Lou Engle

Ché Ahn prayed that Larry Tomczak, co-founder of PDI would ask him to plant a new fellowship in Los Angeles as a confirmation of the dream. Six months passed before Larry Tomczak asked him out to lunch - a lunch during which Ché Ahn was certain Larry Tomczak would ask him to establish a new fellowship. Larry Tomczak preferred that the new fellowship to be closer to Maryland than the site of Ché Ahn's dream but elders of PDI were open to Ché Ahn's request that the fellowship be established in California, but they asked him to seek further confirmation. (People of Destiny International changed it's name to PDI Ministries in 1998 and to Sovereign Grace Ministries in 2003. All non-profit corporations.)

While "seeking the Lord" Ché Ahn spent a few days in a condominium in Ocean City, Maryland - a vacation destination. Ché Ahn had an "impression" to turn on the television to see if Pat Robertson's "700 Club" was on the air. Ché Ahn surfed the channels and came to Pat Robertson's show just as Pat Robertson, an intimate of Satan, was giving a "word of knowledge": "There is a pastor who is asking the Lord for a confirmation about planting a fellowship. The Lord says this of him. 'And if you go out in unity and harmony, the Lord will give you great success'." (Ché Ahn was commissioned by Pat Robertson, one of Satan's pawns, who was given a word of knowledge by Satan.)

Ché Ahn convinced the pastors and elders that he had heard from the Lord. In 1984 twelve persons from PDI, including Ché Ahn and Lou Engle left for Los Angeles as the black man in the dream instructed. They had been reading a book by Frank Bartleman, the reporter who made Pentecostal history with his first-hand account of the Azusa Street revival, and felt "called" to settle in Pasadena to await a fresh move of the Spirit in the greater Los Angeles area.

The next ten years were difficult ones for Ché Ahn. A widespread "spiritual drought" occurred in 1980s and the rapid growth experienced in the 1970s due to the Jesus movement was fast becoming a memory. Despite prayer, fasting and active neoevangelism, there was no sign of the expected revival. Over the years Ché Ahn's fellowship grew to about 500 people, but it was not the revival of Ché Ahn's dreams. Ché Ahn was able to attend Fuller Theological Seminary at this time. Ché Ahn studied psychology earning a Master and Doctorate of Divinity while learning how to use psychology to indoctrinate sycophants.

"On other fronts, we did everything possible to evangelize during that decade. We did open air preaching at California State of Los Angeles. We went door to door witnessing. We did street theater. We went into the ghettos. We held special meetings. We brought in special speakers. Yet we saw little fruit. It was a far cry from revival." - Ché Ahn

During the "spiritual drought" experience of the 1980s and early 1990s Ché Ahn and Lou Engle's vision for revival was nurtured by dreams, visions, and prophecies. Lou Engle had a vision that the mantle of Frank Bartleman would be his. Ché Ahn described this period as "the eighties from Hades."(poor cash flow?)

"Therefore hearken not ye to your prophets, nor to your diviners, nor to your dreamers, nor to your enchanters, nor to your sorcerers, which speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon." - Jeremiah 27:9

"During this season I picked up this book by Bartleman again, and the Lord began stirring in my heart that this is what he wanted to do in Los Angeles again. One night - I think I had been fasting and praying (or drinking) - I just cried out. I cried, "Give me the mantle of Frank Bartleman. I want to see revival - I want to see revival in Pasadena." "The next day a brother comes up to me - someone with whom I had covenanted (soul ties) and with whom my heart is knit. He didn't know what I had been praying for, but he said, "I had a dream of you last night, and in the dream I saw a black book. On it I read the word 'revival' on the cover. I turned to the inside and saw the image of a guy's face, and it said 'Frank Bartleman.' I was looking at his face, and it turned into your face." - Lou Engle

Ché Ahn received a boost when he met the black man of his dream. It was during a clergy gathering in 1992 that Ché Ahn spotted the black man who in a dream a decade earlier said, "Come to Los Angeles. There is going to be a great revival. There is going to be a great harvest."(Does the "black man" have a name?)

Ché Ahn approached the black man and asked him if he had been praying for revival. The black man replied that he had begun praying for revival in Los Angeles in 1982 when we heard a Paul Yonggi Cho speak about how he had prayed for revival in Korea. This encounter provided a fresh encouragement for both Ché Ahn and Lou Engle .

"We felt this was a sign that Azusa Street still lives." - Lou Engle

Problems between the fellowship in Pasadena and the parent People of Destiny International were brewing during the years of drought and came to a head in 1993. It was during that time that Cindy Jacobs called Ché Ahn and told him that 1993 would be the hardest year of his life and that he would be leaving the fellowship he founded, "but not until 1994."

"The leaders accepted my resignation as senior pastor, but asked for me to stay on for a one year transition period. I agreed. I stepped down as senior pastor, and became a staff (neo)evangelist. A pastor whom I had raised up became the new senior pastor. Now the young man to whom I was a pastor while he was in seminary became my new pastor and my boss. My salary was drastically reduced, and to say the least, so was my pride. Yet the real pain I was facing was deep confusion and personal disillusionment. I didn't realize it then, but the Lord was breaking me and preparing me for 1994, the year that the Lord would begin to fulfill the dream of the promised revival." - Ché Ahn

Just weeks after the Toronto Airport fellowship (then Toronto Airport Vineyard) experienced its first touch of "revival" on January 23, 1994, the Anaheim Vineyard fellowship held a Healing conference where Ché Ahn had his first taste of holy laughter.

Ché Ahn was in self-described "depression" from the events of 1993 but at the Anaheim Vineyard conference he experienced an unexpected refreshing:

"My friend Lou poked me with his elbow and excitedly yelled, "It's coming towards us! It's coming towards us!" I remember saying, "Well, I'm not going to laugh." But when the Holy Spirit hit our section, I felt myself getting inebriated. I could not stop laughing. It lasted at least twenty minutes. Everything was funny - even though no one was saying anything funny. It was a wonderful, refreshing experience that seemed to invigorate every part of my being. I didn't even notice until later that my depression was gone! I was excited about ministry again." - Ché Ahn

In March, 1994, Ché Ahn and Lou Engle invited fifteen people to join them for a prayer meeting that resulted in the founding of Harvest Rock, breaking with PDI. Harvest Rock was founded as a non-profit corporation.

Ché Ahn and Lou Engle made their first trip to the Toronto Airport Vineyard for the first "Catch the Fire Conference" in October, 1994. They both received what Lou Engle had described as "another explosion," an experience of empowerment together with "supernatural manifestations".

Ché Ahn asked John Arnott, pastor of the Toronto Airport Vineyard, if he would be willing to come to Pasadena to speak. When John Arnott accepted his invitation and came to the rented facilities at Mott Auditorium on January 2, 1995, more than 2,000 people showed up. This event launched Harvest Rock's debut on the Internet as a revival "hot spot" - an extension of the Toronto Airport Vineyard revival.

"I attended a "revival" meeting last night where John Arnott was the featured speaker at Lake Boren, also known as the Seattle Revival Center, "Toronto Northwest."

At this meeting John Arnott introduced a "new anointing" he calls the "Sword of the Lord." With this "anointing" comes a "new boldness, a new power." John Arnott also called it the "Warrior Anointing." "Warrior Anointing" promises to bring "deliverance from your enemies."

The visible effects of receiving this "anointing" include roaring, shouting and grasping the hands above the head, then swinging them up and down as if one was actually holding a sword and attacking an enemy.

John Arnott cautioned the crowd not to "take the sword if you have any "secret sin because that sword may turn on you."(Amazing nearly everyone has "secret sin.")

After explaining all this, most of the 600+ people attending lined up to receive this "new anointing" from John Arnott as he grabbed upraised hands and said, "Receive the sword." With this "anointing" touch most of the people fell down and began moving their arms back and forth while on the floor. Some stood and repeated this same movement.

It is interesting to me that, without exception, the leaders and "seekers" at both Toronto and Brownsville have indicated that they "don't understand" everything that goes on but just accept it as coming from the Lord. It seems to me that what you "don't understand" CAN hurt you!

If you happened to see people jumping into a river (to use their term) and then coming out jerking, falling down, roaring, shaking, bowing, barking, blowing, looking drunk and disoriented, acting like they are attacking an unseen enemy, you would want to know what is in the water that causes them to act in such a manner. It could be a toxic chemical that at first causes euphoria, then later brings paralysis or insanity.

What I saw last night was a disgrace to the cause of Jesus.

I trust that the Lord will somehow lead these people to His Truth." - Dan Van Hoy

It was around the extension of the Toronto Airport Vineyard revival that Rick Wright, a Vineyard pastor from Glendale, California, joined Ché Ahn and Lou Engle.

Rick Wright's vision for revival of the Los Angeles area began in 1981 when he was pastor of a small charismatic fellowship he had founded in Glendale.

"The Lord gave me a 'word' that we would see more people saved than we had buildings for them. All I knew is that we were going to have an incredible revival. That 'word' became a passion, as my vision moved beyond Glendale to expand to the greater Los Angeles area." - Rick Wright

Rick Wright's vision was fueled by prophecies given in the mid to late 1980s by prophets Bob Jones and Rick Joyner as they began to speak of the visions they had received about Los Angeles.

"We knew our vision would fit right in." - Rick Wright

"Bob Jones told us the revival would "start in the northeast in the land of chickadee." I asked him, "What does that mean." Bob Jones replied that he did not 'know'. So when the renewal started in Toronto, I called and asked the secretary, "Do you know what a 'chickadee' is?" She said yes -- "they are the little birds that fly around up here." I thought, "Praise the Lord! This is it!" - Rick Wright

When John Arnott came to Pasadena several months later Rick Wright received another "word" from the Lord: "On the morning of the 4th (of January), the Lord gave me a mini-vision and said, "I am opening the heavens over Los Angeles; go tell Ché Ahn to pray for strategy." (strategy = psychology)

Rick Wright's Glendale fellowship joined with Harvest Rock in hosting protracted revival meetings that were being held five nights a week. In response to Rick Wright's request, the board of elders of the Glendale Vineyard then gave their approval to a merger with Harvest Rock. The two fellowships combined in March, 1995, to be known for the first nine months of their existence as the Vineyard Christian fellowship of Greater Pasadena, a non-profit corporation.

After the Toronto Airport Vineyard was ousted from the Vineyard Association, the fellowship reclaimed the original name of Harvest Rock. After experiencing the Toronto Airport Vineyard revival Ché Ahn realized that what was needed at Harvest Rock was more theatrics to bring in new adherents. Ché Ahn also realized that the theatrics would not be effective on middle age people so he concentrated on pliable young minds that were more likely to accept his dogma based on a combination of Latter Rain/Manifest Sons/word of faith dogma and Dominion mythology.

Under the leadership of Ché Ahn Jim Johnson brought in Cornerstone Christian fellowship and Karl Malouf's brought in Community Bible fellowship to Harvest Rock.

Harvest Rock membership grew to approximately 1000 people. [Pasadena's population was over 134,000 in 2000. Glendale's population was over 201,000 in 2000. If all of the 1000 that attend Harvest Rock came exclusively from Pasadena and Glendale then Harvest Rock drew around 1 out of every 335 of the local population which does not seem to be much of a revival.]

Ché Ahn was branded "(neo)evangelist prophet" and upgraded to "apostle" in 1998.

Lou Engle was branded as a "prophetic revivalist" and a "prayer warrior."

Rick and Pam Wright were branded as "prophets" until 1998 when they were upgraded to "apostle".

Karl Malouff was branded "pastor" while Jim Johnson was branded "pastoral teacher."

Harvest Rock's revival was "playful". The outward displays of unusual "supernatural manifestations" were explained as "the Father was playing with His children." Hysterical holy laughter, being "drunk in the spirit," uncontrolled jerking, jumping up and down ("po-go-ing"), and even animal noises was "the Father playing with His children."

"Playful" revivals, which occurred in Toronto, Brownsville and Harvest Rock are damped down over time by overriding social mores that tend to frown upon "playfulness" in religious worship.

"Very quickly the Word of the Gospel becomes an oppressive law as established political and social order embrace the fellowship. The spirit of play is forced to the periphery of the fellowship, where it was welcomed by those who were previously excluded. Charismatic counter-movements come into being as an antidote for the over-emphasis on the Word over Spirit; order over spontaneity; control over liberty. The Charismatic movement has been derailed in the West by the same Roman legalistic and Greek rationalistic forces that gave birth to the Constantinean church. A key to understanding the transition is the concept of play. Play critically confronts any ideology and political or religious system which has absolute claims. Nor are playful human beings out to dominate reality and exploit it, to justify their own existence with the result. This implies a criticism of technocratic utilitarian thought and achievement which attacks both the nature and the quality of human life. Both approaches are typical of the false self, which not only wrongs reality (and thus the truth) but leads to an absolutization of one's own interpretation of existence." - Jean-Jacques Suurmond

Charismatic adherents suggest that "play" brings a closer relationship to the supernatural, a renewed sense of personal sinfulness and a fresh sense of forgiveness, healing of relationships, inner and emotional healing, as well as physical and mental healing leaving the fruits of love, peace and joy.

True prophets do not seek the gift of prophecy, often lack motivation to fulfill its obligation and seek no reward for the delivery of the message while often facing persecution, incarceration and execution in the process. A prophet feels obligated with the responsibility of agitating for social change due to observed social injustice.

False prophets actively participate on a professional basis in a consultative manner and usually seek monetary rewards, possibly as tithes, for the performance of divination, premonition and the interpretation of dreams.

Maintaining an openness to prophecy requires that individuals suspend belief in utilitarian motives and demonstrate a willingness to "play" - to imagine and fantasize a new anointing of supernatural spiritual gifts.

Prophecy brings with it a range of potentially explosive emotional responses that may be considered ecstatic "play."

Prophecy functions when it; edifies, encourages and comforts; provides correction and warning; clarifies direction and enhances vision.

Prophecy through visions, dreams, impressions, "divine coincidences" or verbal proclamations may or may not be true.

Prophecy, given for and sought as self-promotion or reward has been, is and always will be, condemned.

A prophecy may be given by a prognosticator, a seer, a soothsayer, a forecaster or a diviner.

A prophecy may be given by a "clark kent" telepathic clairvoyant mind reader or by a petite perfumed palm reading fortune-teller decked out in glittering dangling ornamentation.

A prophecy may be given by a visionary prophet or prophetess.

In fact the weather men forecast the weather, telepathic clairvoyant mind readers and palm reading fortune-tellers practice cold-reading and visionary prophets or prophetess' have visions that may or may not culminate in a true prophecy.

True prophecy has no obvious utilitarian reward whereas false prophecy comes with a promise of monetary reward.

Question: Have the "prophets" and "apostles" that have embraced the New Apostolic Reformation/Culmination gotten together and agreed on the "visions" and the visions interpretation beforehand? Or do they just let each other push the envelope and watch the cash flow?

Perhaps if one charismatic corporate "prophet" elevated another charismatic corporate "prophet" then no one would become wiser to the self-serving corporate mega-church monopoly of the Holy Spirit.

Prophecy has been embraced by the central players at Harvest Rock. Prophecy is "playfully" intertwined with biblical stories and connected to the Harvest Rock experience to justify Harvest Rock's existence.

"The church is founded on apostles and prophets, we welcome and honor the prophetic ministry. We are called to be a prophetic people and are committed to do only what we see our Father say and do." - Philosophy of Ministry of Harvest Rock

"As sociologists have long known relgious experiences are institutionally dangerous, and institutions quickly develop mechanisms to protect themselves from potential sudden upheavals. Social psychologists similarly are well aware of the importance of routine in individual lives. Most people seem to desire a stable social reality (or at least the perception of stability) that protects them from having to "live on the edge." - Margaret M. Poloma

Although prophecy is woven into the very fabric of Harvest Rock, there is evidence of a subtle shift under way from prophecy as a dynamic process to prophecy as a status or position. There appear to be two positions that are eclipsing "playful" prophecy at Harvest Rock, namely those of prophets and apostles.

Ché Ahn reported in a personal interview that he believes the last of the five-fold biblical offices is being restored during this decade and that he, Ché Ahn, is an apostle.

"I pray for Ché Ahn today - that you would make him an apostolic man for this city - even as you have granted him favor, like Nehemiah. I ask you, Lord, that you would make him a uniter of many parts of the Body of Christ - even through "Love L.A." - that you would use him to unite the church in Los Angeles." - Lou Engle

"I long to see the signs and wonders accompany the apostolic - to see the dead raised and watch whole cities get saved. That's what I want to see. It is my cry and my prayer. "Lord, restore apostolic ministry, apostolic purity, apostolic anointing." In some groups the prophetic has been pretty much restored, but we don't yet understand the apostole role." - Rick Wright

Harvest Rock birthed Harvest International Ministries in 1996, a network of churches now having over 150 members that align themselves with Ché Ahn's leadership. In accord with the Latter Rain/Manifest Sons/word of faith dogma and Dominion mythology that has influenced Harvest Rock, this new structure is not regarded as a denomination but rather a loose network of fellowships, many of which are located in African and Asian countries.The functions of this association of fellowships includes fellowship planting, "apostolic equipping" of existing fellowships, training missionaries, resource sharing, and operating the Harvest International School of Ministry. The latter is described as offering classes that include:

"...practical Bible training, developing of preaching message and style, teaching and application of supernatural spiritual gifts with an emphasis on the prophetic signs and wonders in (neo)evangelism and fellowship growth, inner healing and listening prayer, cross cultural studies and its contextualized ministry, linguistics, facets of ministry in the local fellowship and more."

YouTube - Power Evangelism in Hollywood(It's all about celebrity!)

"It appears that many "prophets" are filling conference halls, proclaiming new "hot spots," writing triumphalist books, proclaiming the number of "people saved" on billboards, and most recently meeting to "take cities" away from the "principalities and powers" that reside in the heavenlies. With the original message of God's love lost in the Babel of supernatural spiritual technologies and self-promotion, the future of the renewal seems dim." - Margaret M. Poloma

"Lou then shared with me that for the past 6 months the Lord has been laying strong on his heart a new movement called "The Cause" that would mobilize all of America, specifically young adults from college campuses to vote and pray for the coming November elections. I left my job on faith and within one week the Lord put it on the heart of a special person to finance my first 6-12 months of ministry without me even asking or telling this person about what I was doing. I knew it was the Lord's confirmation for me to join Lou to serve him and mobilize the young radicals on every college campus." - Jaeson Ma

"In Into the Fire Ché Ahn offers insight into supernatural power, prophets and apostles, city taking, prayer, reconciliation, personal revival and more. Ché Ahn provides reproducible steps and practical guidelines that will help you fan the flames of revival within your church and help you prepare for the Lord's mighty harvest." - advertisement

Ché Ahn was mentored by word of faith Dick Iverson, founding pastor of Bible Temple, a non-profit corporate institution. Dick Iverson is Apostolic Leadership Team Member of the Latter Rain/Manifest Sons dogma.

Dick Iverson also mentored Wendell Smith who holds 'Dragon Slayer New Generation' youth seminars.

Wendell Smith belongs to the Church of the Nazarene as does James C. Dobson and his wife, Shirley.
James C. Dobson, a pediatric psychologist, is descended from three generations of Nazarene ministers. James C. Dobson's Focus on the Family, a neoevangelical non-profit corporate institution, consists of more than 74 different programs in eight languages operating in 78 countries worldwide, employing more than 1,300 in its modern three-building Colorado Springs facility. For fiscal year 1999, Focus on the Family had an annual operating budget of more than $120 million. In the second chapter of James C. Dobson's book, Straight Talk to Men and Their Wives, James C. Dobson discusses the source of much of his ministry - not from Scriptures, but from direct revelation.

One of the main purposes of "The Call" is to "turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and turn the hearts of the children to their fathers."

Was your heart true or were you trying to show your father how successful you had become? Alexandria, an upper middle class Washington DC bureaucrat community expects its sons to be successful. It must have been quite a shock having to work in the ghetto and barrio of LA from your closeted youth. Of course that also explains your inability to connect with the inhabitants of LA ghettos and barrios.

How does your Baptist father feel about your "enhanced" religious theology? Did you always subscribe to the currently popular brand of religious dogma or did your religious concepts evolve from the Baptist doctrine of your father and celebrity worship.

So you have promised to reconcile the sons with their fathers but there is a caveat. The fathers must agree to convert to your version of imperial Roman Catholic dogma, agree you are an "apostle" and later ... rumblings in the not so distant future suggest that the five fold ministry may evolve into the seven fold ministry with the commissions of "priest" and "king."

Ché Ahn, do you hope to be crowned "king?" (After all you went from "teacher" to "apostle" in 25 years, perhaps "king" is achievable within your lifetime. Perhaps "King" of the Los Angeles Basin ?)

"Those who lead good people along an evil path will fall into their own trap." - Proverbs 28:10

You define a heirarchy of demonic and angelic beings based on Valentianian Gnosticism and tell everyone that you are the demon\angle controlling "apostle" who has control over entities that live only in the supernatural realm.

The Bible is not to be taken literally as it is a collection of myths originally cobbled together in the time of the imperial Roman Catholic Emperor Constantine , originally based on legends told by word of mouth about Jesus. The Bible was written by men and corrupted by the imperial Roman Catholic Emperor Constantine and later by the imperial Roman Catholic Emperor Theodosius I in an attempt to create a conforming religious social culture throughout the Roman Empire which decreed all citizens must bow down and swear allegience to the imperial Roman Catholic god, Thanatos.

I know that there are two levels of understanding in the Bible - the first level, the literal level, is for children; the second level, the metaphorical allegory level, is for adults who actually use the critical thinking faculties that God bestowed upon humankind. The Bible has much to teach humanity about human nature which is entirely lost when the Bible is taken to be an historically accurate account of actual historical events. Those who focus on one verse miss the entire point.

Evil has absolutely no power over a person unless that person grants evil that power. Men are supposed to speak out against social injustice and the evil they see permeating their social culture, to not do so is to align oneself with that evil. I submit only to the will of God and never to the will of evil manipulative men such as yourself, Ché Ahn and all the other false apostles and prophets.

This Earth does not need any more variations of imperial Roman Christianity/Zionist Christianity/Zaddikinism and this Earth certainly does not need the type of purge of civilization that the Romans carried out to in an attempt to conform the social culture. First a battle with the spirits and then - how long will it take to go the way of the Aryan Brotherhood which came from the same source as the dogma you profess, William Marrion Branham or the literalist zealots that burned the knowledge of the Ancients of the Classical period and ushered in the Dark Ages? (Perhaps you are not aware but the secret of concrete was lost for 13 centuries until John Smeaton rediscovered it in 1756. This was lost because the knowledge of the Ancients of the Classical period was destroyed as it did not fit in with imperial Roman Christian dogma.)

My son has told me he buried his emotions, stood apart as an observer, and that this is my fault. This is American social cultures fault - not mine. You have twisted what naturally occurs in human culture - boys are taught to hide their emotions in all social cultures as the expression of emotions makes one appear weak - into something that I have somehow done to destroy my son's ability to befriend other people.

I hosted "the Loft" at my home, broke bread with your sheep and now my son must perform an incantation to ward off the "principalities of darkness" before he can talk to me.

"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron, forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused if it be received with thanksgiving." - 1 Timothy 4

I never had a "respect" problem with my son until he went to a "retreat" - "special indoctrination session." After this "special training session" he told me he lost all respect for me when he was 9 years old because I lost my temper and yelled at his friend who had reformated the hard drive of my business computer as a "joke." My son has been taught by you that any emotional problems he has are due to me not being the father that I am supposed to be according to your judgement.

An email to a father from his son:

"I do not want to relate to you under the oppression of control; all it makes me feel is that I have to love you. When love is no longer a choice, it is no longer real love. I won't be answering the phone when you call, listening to your voice messages or reading and responding to your e-mails."

(Note: The only way a single individual can "control" another and modify their thinking is by the methods the CIA uses as spelled out in the KUBARK interrogation manual and that requires the victim to be incarcerated in an isolation cell with no access to anyone other than the interrogator/brainwasher.)

My son has told me, according to the way he has been taught by you, that I am trying to control him. But my son is exhibiting the behavior of someone who has been "brainwashed" into a cult. Anything that does not fit neatly within your dogma is stigmatized. I can no longer communicate with my son as he seems to be speaking a different language with a radical fringe conceptual understanding of reality and man's place within reality. My son has been unjustly angry at me for over a year. My son, 25 years old, claims to be going through an "identity crisis" and that he is just now learning who he "really" is.

Let all be forewarned: Ché Ahn and Harvest Rock supports and approves of a group of homosexual predators that work within the fellowship to bring the confused and lonely into the tribe of Lost Boys residing on the small island of Neverland. Once they reach the Land of Play they follow in Pinocchio's footsteps becoming donkeys which are then trained to perform all kinds of tricks. This group of Lost Boys, frolicking in the Land of Play, indoctrinate new sycophants into the wonders of homosexuality.

Ché Ahn, you have claimed to be your flocks "spiritual father". Your "spiritual fatherhood" teaches your initiates that no one understands anything about God but you, a self-proclaimed "apostle." You, along with all the other false "apostles" and "prophets," claim your flocks need "apostles" and "prophets" to act as "intercessor to God." Are we turning the clock back to before Martin Luther translated the Bible into German or William Tyndale translated the Bible into English? Why would anyone need you to act as intercessor to God? The Roman Catholic Church has all the intercessors to God that are needed on this Earth.

"I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves men will arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after them." - Jesus, Acts 20:29-30 (description of Ché Ahn actions)

I have seen you, Ché Ahn, stand up on the on the stage in Ambassador Auditorium and perform "miraculous healing."

The "miraculous healing" that Aimee Semple McPherson(54), William Marrion Branham(57) and Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman (68) was not transferred to enough anointed disciples to keep them alive or to keep the famous miracle healer Oral Roberts University School of Medicine from closing in 1989.(I guess Oral Roberts miracles did not work in the hospital only on the stage!)

A true healer would open the doors of City of Hope and release the captives of bad health. Perhaps your faith is just not strong enough, Ché Ahn. After all Jesus said you could move mountains if your faith was just strong enough. Ché Ahn, I am a mountain, but your faith is not strong enough to move me and it is not strong enough to remove the cancers of the patients of the City of Hope!

The truth is this:

Ché Ahn, you live the life of an American aristocrat jet-setting around the world; Ché Ahn, you use a combination of psychology and superstition to control your flock of sheep; Ché Ahn, you have made out like a bandit on the free labor my son and others have provided for you - why can't you pay your people like Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel; Ché Ahn you do not carry compassion in your heart only the deadly sins of pride and greed; Ché Ahn, through your dogma, you have turned the heart of my son against me - you are responsible as you claim "spiritual fatherhood" - you are no apostle, not a prophet, not even a good pastor and your teaching is heretical according to the Bible and all the Biblical scholars and theologians that do not subscibe to latter rain, manifest sons, word of faith and dominion dogma; Ché Ahn repent of you evil way!

Ché Ahn you are nothing but a cheap huckster, a con-man and a charlatan!

divine plan

I invoke the protection of
Saint Patrick's Breastplate!

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