they live as celebrities


Chinese charater for superstar

A famous individual.

A widely known individual.

A individual of distinction or renown.

The state or condition of being celebrated; fame; renown.

care about what people think

Celebrity involves the deification of a performance artist
by a to-be-admired cheerleader section coupled with a
to-be-denounced detractor section which ultimately leads
to the deindividualization or depersonalization of any and
all individuals who have not attained the elevated status of
the much-to-be-admired cheerleader section with their shiny bling !

magians assistant

"It hardly needs re-stating that Talmudwood is driven by the desire for dollars rather than artistic integrity. As such, cinema is open to product placement in a variety of forms, from toys, to cars, to cigarettes, and even state-of-the art weaponry (hence the "special thanks" to Boeing in the credits of Iron Man (2008))." - Matthew Alford 02/09

joel stein opens his loud mouth

"Rich individuals are always trying to weasel out of their responsibility. They usually do this in complicated ways, such as creating intricate offshore tax shelters or by trying convince a judge in Malibu, that working peoples feet damage the special David Geffen* sand." - Joel Stein*

The most easily appreciated value is celebrity.

People deify individuals they admire from a distance.

"I've been working with celebrities many, many years. I've treated many for chemical dependency and the like. They have profound childhood trauma. It's not something to do with their job or the life they lead. They just happen to be people driven to seek celebrity as a way to make themselves feel better. The question becomes, why are we preoccupied with this population? This points toward the mirror. We, too, have been increasingly narcissistic. I speculate that that's what drives us toward this phenomenon of elevating people to almost god-like status. We're taking someone who needs to be a god and making them a god." - David Drew Pinsky MD

"The field of media psychology may be the study of a religion. The forces of media create the celebrity gods we both adore and hate. Celebrities create the means by which we come to evaluate others. Celebrities provide the intellectual, and hedonic manna that fills our senses and alternately crystallize or cloud our thoughts. Celebrities inspire the dreams of our ambitions and the demons of our nightmares. The media business' participants constitute a priest class that has the power to move us and to shake us. They create the songs to be sung, the instruments on which they are composed and performed, and designate who are to be the performer demigods of the moment." - Stuart Fischoff

After the archetypical hero's mythical journey into the psyche to wrestle and defeat fear the archetypical hero returns to society bearing enlightenment as a gift to everyone.

For the celebrity sharing the gift of enlightenment requires sensational packaging in the media supermarket which always includes coffered hair, tailored clothes and designer accessories - appropriate bling.

Celebrities become devotional objects as they triumph.

Donald John Trump will always be triumphant - his name guarantees it !

Martha Stewart emerged triumphant from prison.

Oprah Winfrey, continually in crisis, always triumphs.

No society has ever had as many celebrities as modern America. An ever-growing segment of the economy is devoted to designing, building and dressing the sets in which Americans live, work, shop and play.

People profess feeling closer bonds with and more passionate emotions about the lives of celebrities than about their own primary relationships.

Richard Schickel, in his book on celebrities - Intimate Strangers, talks of sychophants having internalized their chosen idol, subconsciously making them a part of their consciousness. He is describing a form of communion - an adoption of traits admired through mimosis.

There is the deification as affection apotheosized into worship, with fans making pilgrimages to grave sites as shrines, buying artifacts as relics and seeking exegesis of their lives through books detailing celebrity lives as if they were sacred texts like the Jesus Narratives.

Economic value of celebrity might exceed the value of material assets.

Barbara Walters prefaced questions by stating her obligation to ask them and listened to the answers in misty eyed agony while emoting sympathy.

Larry King, always friendly never challenging, provided a public access forum for celebrity as celebrities felt secure enough to lower their guard.

When people say, as many did after the death of Princess Diana, that they felt they had a "personal relationship" with her, they invoked the same term that neoevangelists use to describe their relationship with God.

The celebrity archetype addresses the social fear existent in modern America:

the anxiety of losing one's identity or never finding it at all;

the terror of having too little amid plenty;

the dread of continued anonymity;

the suspicion that celebrities are lucky;

and the fear that we will never be celebrities.

the dumbest move the commercial for this game
just good natured kidding to understand she will have to watch the advertising

"Conformity is ensured by the tendency to be sensitized to the expectations and preferences of others." - David Reisman, sociologist

"Walter Lippmann claimed that the media system created a pseudoreality of stereo-types and emotional impressions along with facts. The public is easily manipulated, not because we're necessarily dumb, but because we're ignorant. We don't have the necessary tools to counter the propaganda. We don't teach effective media or information literacy or even advertising literacy to counter the surround-sound propaganda of our society - and this omission is by design." - Nancy Snow

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