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"A mandala is a technical term for a magic circle which is used for meditation, but it is also used in a lower form for purpose of witchcraft; the witches' circle was well known in the Middle Ages." ~ Carl Jung, ETH Lecture 25Nov1938, Page 25

From the Greek: to  'change one's mind, repent' signifying a spiritual conversion or awakening sparking a fundamental change of character.

Pronoia can be defined as the opposite of paranoia.

A person enjoying pronoia feels that reality conspires to keep them alive and well.

Pronoia is a neologism that is defined as the opposite state of mind as paranoia.

"You have feet - why make out you are lame?

You have hands - why then hide your fingers?

When a master puts a spade in a servant's hand

He doesn't need words to make his meaning clear.

Our hands, like that spade, are signs of Allah;

Understand the signs He flashes into your heart

And give your life to be in harmony with them.

He'll give you hint after hint about the mysteries;

He'll remove your burden and give you authority.

Are you carrying His burden? He'll give you the strength.

Are you receiving His order? He'll grace you His grace.

Accept His Order and you'll become His witness:

Look for Union with Allah and you'll become one with Him."


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