Failure as a Way of Life

Do not be discouraged by 'failure'.

Discouragement is a trick of the Ego.

Ego searches for perfection that does not exist.

Leave perfection to God.

"The visceral experience of failure has been edited out

of the career trajectories of the rationally dissociated.

Those who end up making big decisions affecting all of us

don't seem to have much sense of their own fallibility."

Matthew B. Crawford

Failure can knock self-worth surprisingly early

Fail is defined as:

judged unacceptable

fall short of expectations

perform ineffectively or inadequately

disappoint, prove undependable, abandon or forsake

decline in strength resulting from excessive strain; made otherwise useless

The ultimate taboo - failure!

Hero worship is embedded early.

Americans still revere the images of the lone cowboy, riding off into the sunset in search of his destiny.


contrary to conscience

an unjust or injurious act

contrary to ethics or morality

violation of the rights of another

not in conformity with actual truth

not functioning properly; out of order

contrary to the principles of justice or law

erroneous condition; 'immoral' or 'improper'

invasion or a violation of another's natural rights

an incomplete perspective made for dog and pony shows

"Wanting experience, the whole universe, is but one vast scene of error.

Return to Nature, consult her laws, call practical knowledge to aid.

For want of practical knowledge men form imperfect ideas of the combinations of matter and the energies from which it springs.

Ignorant of Nature, he has mistaken her laws; he has not contemplated the necessary routine marked out." - Paul-Henri Thiry, Baron d'Holbach

use the stepping stones of error


a defect; a blemish

a character weakness

to find error or defect in; criticize or blame

anything that fails, is found wanting, impairs excellence

paint yourself into a corner


defective; faulty

improper; inappropriate

not in conformity with actual truth

Error has adaptive value. This may not be immediately apparent.

To err there must first be an attempt. Nothing attempted = no error.

Suppose we dislike having blood drained by a mosquito.

We attempt to find a solution to the problem of the mosquito draining blood.
Unknown to Othmar Zeidler he solved this problem when synthesizing DDT.

Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane kills the mosquito - dead.

The application of the scientific method and cost-benifit accounting suggests we kill all the mosquitoes so we embark open a Global Malaria Eradication Program which the World Health Organization did in 1955.

The application of the scientific method and cost-benifit accounting breaks reality into unreleated segments and variables are invariably overlooked.

DDT still damaging ecosystems 50 years after being sprayed

Errors in human judgement may take 50 years to appear in ecosystems.

vedatta   system error   vedatta

Humans Can Optimally Accumulate Evidence for Decision-Making

Chinese charater for error

error is defined as:

to err

make a mistake

inadvertent incorrectness

condition of having false knowledge

defect or insufficiency in structure or function

misconception resulting from incorrect information

deviation from an accepted code of behavior


My Favorite Mistake

Chinese charater for mistake


misconception or misunderstanding

an action attributable to bad judgement or ignorance

error resulting from defective judgement, deficient knowledge

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