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Mythology of Business Part 1: The Veil of Ignorance

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There Is No Such Thing as a Free Market

"Freedom of choice is to choose from choices that are handed down from marketing." - Norman Solomon

"Wall Street's mantra is that markets move randomly and reflect the collective wisdom of investors. The truth is quite opposite. The government's visible hand and insiders control markets and manipulate them up or down for profit - all of them, including stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies." - Stephen Lendman

"In an unmanipulated free-market economy, the private participants or actors make decisions on their own. When billions of decisions have to be made and re-made continuously, there is really no other possible method that is efficient and effective at producing greater wealth and welfare except decentralized decision-making and choice." - Michael S. Rozeff

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"The great virtue of a free market system is that it does not care what color people are; it does not care what their religion is; it only cares whether they can produce something you want to buy. It is the most effective system we have discovered to enable people who hate one another to deal with one another and help one another." - Milton Friedman

"This entire capitalist society, dependent upon the interplay of consumer and marketing industry, has produced the most profoundly manipulative advertising empire the Earth has ever known - and the main "game" is to create self-imagery dependent on external validation." - Lew Paz

"At least in a democracy each person is formally equal. The humblest citizen, the most prestigious citizen still only has one vote. But when we move that power over to the marketplace, the humblest and the wealthiest are totally asymmetrical. And one has such immense power that they can literally crush the other completely and utterly and fully. That's one of the reason historically we've always felt the need to regulate markets." - political economist Elaine Bernard, executive director of the Trade Union Program at Harvard University

True free market capitalism, cooperation as opposed to coercion, is the best thing that could happen to the American environment, the American economy and the American people.

True free market capitalism, in which businesses pay all the costs of bringing their products to market, is the most efficient and democratic way of distributing the goods of the land - and the surest way to eliminate pollution.

Free markets, when allowed to function properly, value raw materials and encourage producers to eliminate waste by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Corporatism, as it exists in America today, is the anti-thesis of free markets.

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"At least four aspects of current corporatism are not true to free market theory and result in various forms of overconsumption.

First, the current system fails to discourage monopolies and ever-greater concentrations of capital.

Second, the system will generally reward a business that imposes costs on others by generating negative externalities.

Third, reliable factual information is not easily available to consumers.

Fourth, government and business have become inexorably intertwined, with massive subsidies tilting the free market playing field toward some highly consumptive economic activities and away from others." - Donald O. Mayer

"In the two plus centuries it has been practiced, orthodox classical corporatism has not brought a growing or even a stable level of prosperity to the peoples who inhabit the countries in which it has been practiced.

Spurts of apparent prosperity have been continuously destroyed by economic crashes that have over and over again ruined the lives of millions. What if its intent has never been the promotion of the people's prosperity? What, if any, result has it attained consistently?

Well, it has consistently protected the wealth of the privileged; it has preserved the status quo. The wealthy privileged increase their wealth in good times and in bad." - John Kozy

In a truly free market economy, when you make yourself wealthy, you enrich your community.

Corporate polluters make themselves wealthy by making everybody else poor.

They raise the standard of living for themselves by lowering the quality of life for everyone else. Corporate polluters do that by escaping the discipline of the free market.

The coal burning utilities that acidify the Adirondack Lakes, poison waterways with mercury, provoke 120,000 asthma attacks , and kill 30,000 of neighbors every year are imposing costs on us that should, in a truly free market economy, be reflected in the price of the energy when they bring it to the marketplace.

By avoiding these costs, the utilities are able to enrich their shareholders and put their more conscientious and efficient competitors out of business. These costs do not just disappear.

The American people pay for them downstream - with poison fish, sickened children, a diminished quality of life and a shortened life span.

Every one of America's federal environmental laws is intended to restore a true free market so that the price of bringing a product to market reflects the costs that it imposes on the public.

When polluters cheat, it distorts the entire marketplace, and none of us benefit from free market efficiencies.

Corporations do not want free markets, they want dependable profits, and their surest route is to crush the competition by controlling the State.

The domination of the State by large corporations leads to the elimination of free markets and, ultimately, to the loss of represenative democracy.

Some of the largest federal subsidies are going to western resource industries - grazing, lumber, mining, and monoculture agribusiness - that have spawned the most vocal attacks against federal environmental laws.

These industries are run by some of the richest and most radical people in the country, men like Richard Mellon Scaife, Charles Hurwitz, Charles Koch and Joseph Coors(Heritage Foundation).

Intense hatred for State regulation is combined with an intense reliance on federal subsidies.

Taxpayers gave away at the turn of the 21st century $65 billion every year in subsidies to big oil and more than $35 billion a year in subsidies to the radical owners of western resource industries many of whom are destroying public lands and waterways with unsustainable practices.

Conservative Senator John Sununu stated after helping to defeat Wise Use energy bill of Richard Bruce Cheney, "As fiscal conservatives we have to stand for something. This bill broke the budget caps for 2004 and busted budget caps over a five-year period. The tax provisions were outrageous. The agreement had over $24 billion in tax breaks. There's just no need to provide special consideration to the oil, coal or the nuclear power industries. These are healthy, robust, competitive industries, and they don't need special treatment or a special tax break from the federal government."

Subsidies helped create the billionaires who financed the right-wing revolution on Capitol Hill that put George Walker Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney in the White House.

The free market has been all but eliminated in an energy sector dominated by cartels and monopolies and distorted by subsidies to the polluters.

America's once vibrant agricultural markets are now basically controlled by multinational monopolies with no demonstrated loyalty to America, the American people, the environment or American law.

"Wise Use groups and others, out of duplicity or ignorance, posture as defenders of the free market. But in fact, they often argue for special privileges and protections that cost the environment, consumers and taxpayers dearly." - John A. Baden, Ph.D. and Tim O'Brien

"The narrative for corporate America has changed. Government is not seen in opposition to the firm, but as a partner." - Rakesh Khurana, professor Harvard Business School 03/28/09

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"They mingled among the pagans and adopted their evil customs."
Psalm 106:35

nag factor

hypersexualization of children

The Benefits of Limiting TV

Parents Urged Again to Limit TV

"Undermining the role of parents has been a strategy marketers have exploited to sell their brands through the development of "kids only" products and marketing themes. Kiddie marketing often strives for the "nag factor", an actual measurement by the advertising industry of the extent to which an ad drives a child to pester the folks about a purchase." - Jamie Court

"The average American child sees 40,000 advertisements a year on television. Comparing the marketing of today with the marketing of the past is like comparing the BB gun to the smart bomb. All aspects of children's lives - their health, education, creativity, and values - are at risk of being compromised by their status in the marketplace." - Dr. Susan Linn, psychiatry instructor at Harvard Medical School

"You hoped your little girl's Disney princess obsession was harmless, didn't you! It will not have escaped you, Mothers of America, that Disney Princess' rarely slay dragons, play sports, pilot jets or do open-heart surgery. I was not thrilled when my 3-year-old informed me that she wants to be "a pwincess" when she grows up. "You are a commoner," my 3-year-old shrieked, and adjusting her tiara ran off to watch Disney Princess Enchanted Tales." - Rosa Brooks 03/08

Children are being taught that everything is for sale; desired "things" will make you happy; that desired "things" have more value than intangibles like relationships; (especially those relationships that keep you separate from your desired things like mom and pop); and that providers of the desired "things" love you and only want you to be happy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that children under the age of eight years are unable to understand the intent of advertising and accept advertisements as the truth.

The 'nag factor' is a marketing strategy that takes manipulation of children to the extreme.

Lucy Hughes and her colleagues at Initiative Media, with the help of child psychologists, analyzed nagging behavior in children and put it to work.

20 to 40% of all purchases adults make are made because children have nagged them into making the purchase.

disney princess


Disney "Princess" franchise rakes in $4 billion.

"There is an association between the number of hours that the television is on at home and early childhood aggression." - Catherine Taylor

"Little girls who want to be princesses and wear cute little clothes are assuming the classic stereotyping of the many misguided families who believe that little girls should be the lesser handmaidens of boys who too frequently grow up to be boys."- Ralph Mitchell 04/08

"To minimize the role of gatekeepers, corporations often seek to undermine the authority of parents. In their advertisements, corporations portray parents, often in jocular veins, as ignorant, out of date and out of touch with the children's reality, and they frequently ridicule parental concerns for health and safety." - Linda Coco

1992 to 1997 Amount of money spent on marketing to children doubles, from $6.2 billion to $12.7 billion. At this time:

- American children influence purchases totaling over $600 billion a year .

- American children spend almost forty hours a week outside of school consuming televised media.

- 65% of American children eight to eighteen have a television in their bedroom as do 32% of children two to seven and 26% of children under two.

- The marketing industry has found that American babies are requesting brands as soon as they speak.

- In 2000, a federal report from the General Accounting Office called marketing in schools a growth industry.

- More American children recognize the Budweiser Frogs than Smokey the Bear.

- 85% of American parents would like to see children's television programs advertisement free.

- Commercial marketing tactics of fast food have forged epidemic levels of childhood obesity, diabetes and kidney stones.

"The aggressive marketing of fast food and confectionery to children does influence their dietary choices early in life, and it puts them at greater risk of becoming obese or overweight later in life. A major concern is childhood diabetes. General practitioners are seeing more children than ever before with diabetes, and that's a disease associated with poor diet and lack of exercise. Children can be extremely vulnerable to television advertising promoting fast food."- Verity Newnham
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