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"Government regulations - such as those that protect the environment from destruction, workers from death and injury, and consumers from faulty and dangerous products and exploitative advertising - require corporations, by law, to be socially and environmentally responsible, rather than trusting and hoping that they will be under threat of charter revocation.

Government regulations are decisions about appropriate standards for corporate behavior that are made to protect and promote the public interest and reflect the will of the people.

Government regulations, unlike market-based solutions, combines authority, capacity, and democratic legitimacy to protect citizens from corporate overreach misdeeds.

Through it, government can pursue social value - social justice, citizen health and welfare, environmental integrity, cultural identity - beyond the narrow goals of self-interest and wealth maximization dictating the behavior of corporations." - Joel Balkan

"Forbid only that which can be enforced."

Napoleon Bonaparte

Some regulation is necessary in modern complex industrial culture for a true free market economy to work correctly and efficiently.

Regulations designed to create a viable, vibrant truly free market by having multiple local providers of goods or services competing on a level playing field is the most effective form of economic distribution of resources.

If a monopolizing interest takes control of a resource or if a provider of goods and services is subsidized then the free market will fail to function as a free market.

Regulation, at some level dependent on the specific industry, is required to assure that multiple providers of goods and services exist and that they compete with each other on a level playing field.

An industry failing to assure the safety of marketed products or failing to provide a service as marketed has become egregiously socially irresponsible.

Industry forfeits its claim to self-policing and must submit to regulation by a government regulatory institution to retain a charter.

Egregiously socially irresponsible corporate charters are revoked.

Economic efficiency suggests industry actually rigorously police itself.

While poorly designed and implemented regulation stifles the internal balancing mechanisms of a free market, self-regualtion equals token regulation.

If an industry is subsidized or monopolized the free market fails to function efficiently.

American automotive industry is a good example of socially irresponsiblity.

General Motors, the Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Group, basically a three member cartel, held only 48.1% of the American new auto - cars and trucks - sales market in July 2007 when foreign imports for the first time held more than half the market at 51.9%.

First two-thirds of 2011: foreign imports - 52.9%; domestic - 47.1% …

but … 13 American Cars Made Almost Entirely Overseas

What’s Killing the American Middle Class?

"Detroit likes to claim that making cars more efficient is too costly, requires changes that consumers won't accept or would compromise safety, or that the technology isn't here yet.

The auto industry opposed shatterproof windshields, seat belts, upholstered dashboards, safety locks, inside trunk locks, air bags, then smart air bags, catalytic converters, emission-control devices, energy-absorbing steering wheels, head restraints, nickel-metal hydride batteries, California zero emission vehicle mandate and changes to the corporate average fuel economy.

Only legislation can move Detroit." - John Spradley

Foreign auto companies embrace efficiency and safety above and beyond legislatively set regulation and now those same foreign auto companies hold over half the American domestic market in new car and truck sales.

While American automotive companies fought regulation as too expensive foreign auto companies prove that making a better product increases market share making regulation a market driver.

In certain cases, as below, regulation is entirely ineffective outside prohibition.

nuclear power liability

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