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My original interests in construction began as a child. Before I could speak I began building fortresses with simple wooden blocks. Throughout my childhood my construction imagination was sparked by the "toys" I chose to play with. I built elaborate structures out of the building material I had readily at hand which included among others Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets and Legos. Whenever I would visit with another child in their home I would become fascinated by their building "toys". By the time I was in sixth grade I had taken part in the construction of numerous underground forts and tree houses. I learned to shingle in the seventh grade. I started erecting partition walls in the ninth grade. In the eleventh grade I worked the summer with a brick mason.

After high school I went to work in the local residential construction industry initially working with a company that built tract homes and later with a company that built room additions and custom homes. In the late 70's I bought and sold a series of homes which I renovated and/or remodeled. After this renovation experience I felt I wanted to understand design better so I went back to college first recieving an Associates in Art degree from Santa Barbara City College in 1984 and then receiving a Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnical at San Luis Obispo in 1987.

Due to a need to support and provide for my two sons, Ryan and Andrew, I took over my father's real estate brokerage in 1987, wrote a policy and procedures manual for the sales associates (which at one time numbered 21), closed 345 transactions and then sold the business at the end of 1989 so that I could persue my true calling which was the design and construction. I received a Real Estate Broker's license # 00493123 on June 6, 1979 which is still active.

I received my General Contractor's B license # 536177 on July 31, 1988. I have dedicated myself to construction and design since January 1, 1990.


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B license # 536177

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