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My original interests in design began as a child. Before I could speak I began building fortresses with simple wooden blocks. Throughout my childhood my design imagination was sparked by the "toys" I chose to play with. I built elaborate structures out of the building material I had readily at hand which included among others Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets and Legos. Whenever I would visit with another child in their home I would become fascinated by their building "toys". By the time I was in sixth grade I had taken part in the design and construction of numerous underground forts and tree houses.

By the time I had graduated high school I had learned how to work with wood, masonry and metals. I started designing and building furniture shortly after graduating high school. I went to work in the local residential construction industry initially working with a company that built tract homes and later with a company that built room additions and custom homes. In the late 70's I bought and sold a series of homes which I renovated and/or remodeled. After this renovation design experience I felt I wanted to understand design better so I went back to college first recieving an Associates in Art degree from Santa Barbara City College in 1984 and then receiving a Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnical at San Luis Obispo in 1987. I graduated with a 3.45 average and had been listed on the School of Architecture and Environmental Design Dean's Honor Roll of the top fifteen percent for three quarters.

Due to a need to support and provide for my two sons, Ryan and Andrew, I took over my father's real estate brokerage in 1987, wrote a policy and procedures manual for the sales associates (which at one time numbered 21), closed 345 transactions and then sold the business at the end of 1989 so that I could persue my true calling which is design and construction.

My first home was designed and built in the early 90's. The larger more complex design work completed includes kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, sunrooms, an art studio and garage as well as smaller projects which include porch and entry enhancements, decks, indoor and outdoor furniture, whimsical structures and landscapes/gardens.


Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnical State University at San Luis Obispo in 1987

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