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A primaeval calm descends upon my soul as my eyes follow the swirling multi-colored flames as they lick and curl around the hard wood upon which they feed. I am transported back to the dawn of time. I eagerly await the flames to faithfully turn the oak and mesquite wood into glowing coals...

My mother's voice echos from the past, "If you're starving to death come help me and dinner will be ready lickity-split!". Mom always served a variety of healthy balanced meals. My training in food preparation began as she and the rumblings in my belly forced me to learn. The ritual of creating a meal, simple or complex, can be a powerfully satisfying process impacting base emotions. High quality fresh ingredients are neccessary for nutrition as well as required for full uncorrupted flavor.

...the flames have receeded leaving coals which pulse and breath with heat. The vegetables, carefully scewered, oiled and seasoned, and the meat, marinade or herb rubbed and seasoned, sizzles on the hot steel of the grill. Like Pavlov's dog the salvia begins to form as the aroma of the cooking food takes me back once again to the dawn of time.

Fresh vegies and
meat on a skewer

Oak Pit
The Oak Pit

168 at one time!
How shall we serve them?
Well here is one way!

Sliced tomato

Sliced fresh Lemon Boy and
Beefsteak Tomatoes with
fresh Lemon Thai Basil,
Balsamic Vinegar, Capers
and Roquefort Cheese Crumbles
surrounded by Chili and Bell
from the Garden

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