emotional spiral


Chinese charater for emotion

"The things that separate us from animals are:
the ability to discern the difference between right and wrong
and to make decisions not according to our desires and emotions."
- Laura McCants

emotional waves

"We understand emotions as
practical action programs that work to solve a problem,
often before we're conscious of it." - Antonio Damasio

"Individuals believe in their own uniqueness,
we think we're so emotionally different from others -
we refuse to use the information that's right before our eyes."
- Daniel Gilbert

Emotions are shaped by interpretations of neurophysiological changes in valence and arousal in light of the eliciting stimulus and the individual's idiosyncratic stores of semantic knowledge, memories, and behavioral responses that shape subjectively experienced reality. Distinctions among experienced emotional states are highly dependent on cognitively complex processes, which are subserved by a distributed network of regions of the cerebral cortex.

Emotion words shape emotion percepts.

Emotion, Etmnooi, or Emitoon?
Faster lexical access to emotional than to neutral words during reading.

Emotion and memory: a recognition advantage for + and - words independent of arousal

Left-hemisphere processing of emotional connotation during word generation.

The right hemisphere fails to orient to the negative valence of visually presented words.

The Effect of Negative and Positive Emotionality on Associative Memory: An fMRI Study

Negative emotion impairs conflict-driven executive control.

The Neural Representation of Abstract Words: The Role of Emotion.

"The most beautiful and most profound emotion
we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.

It is the sower of true science.

He to whom this emotion is a stranger,
who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe,
is as good as dead." - Albert Einstein

just walk away

emotion is defined as:

any strong inner feeling

a state of mental agitation or disturbance

human feelings or sensations named as listed above

the part of the consciousness that involves feeling; sensibility.

of the mind alone, being the excited action of intuition or feeling.

a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort
and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling or sensation

psychological barriers

verbally emotions may be projected,
or conversely, emotions may be directly experienced

ASSUME those with emotional experiences are NOT:

psychopaths, zombies, vampires, bureaucrats, werewolves, mummies, plutocrats,
porn queens, kings, gravediggers, ski bums, clowns, sanitation emgineers,
suceesful drug dealers, rock stars, used car salesmen, journalists,
plumbers, emperors, queens, jesters, scribes, pharisees,
cows with guns or chickens in choppers !

Approach EMOTION with extreme CAUTION !!!
EMOTION may prove HAZARDOUS to your HEALTH!!!

emotions you may have experienced:

abandoned, abhor, absurd, abysmal, admiration, adore, affection, aghast, alarm, alive, amazed, ambivalence, amiable, amused, anger, animated, anguish, anxiety, apathy, appreciation, ascendent, ashamed, astonished, arrogance, attraction, avarice, awake, awe, baffled, bewilderment, bewitched, bigotry, bitter, blame, bliss, bold, bored, bummed, callous, careful, careless, cautious, charmed, cheerful, cherished, circumspect, closed, cold, coldhearted, colorful, comfortable, comical, compassion, conceit, confounded, confusion, conspicuous, conquered, constrained, contentment, correct, courage, dejection, craving, cruel, curious, dead, defeated, delighted, depressed, deserted, desire, despair, despised, disappointment, discern, disconcerted, discouraged, discriminating, disenchantment, disillusioned, doubt, drab, dread, droll, duty, elaborate, embarrassed, empathy, empty, enchanted, energized, enlightened, enlivened, enraptured, entralled, enthusiasm, entranced, envy, euphoria, excitement, exhilaration, fascinated, fear, fervent, fervid, feverish, fighting, flabbergasted, flamboyant, flattered, foolish, forceful, forgiveful, forsaken, friendly, frustration, fury, gay, gloomy, gracious, gratitude, great, greed, grief, guarded, guilt, hampered, handsome, hate, happy, hard, harried, hindered, hollow, honor, hope, hopeless, horror, hostile, humiliation, humorous, hungry, hypnotized, hysterical, illogocal, impassioned, impatient, impregnable, imprudent, incautious, inconspicuous, indifferent, indiscreet, infatuated, infuriated, ingratiated, injudicious, insecure, intelligent, intoxicated, invisible, invincible, irritation, invigorated, jealousy, joy, kind, lazy, lenient, loathing, logical, lonely, love, ludicrous, lulled, lust, mad, malice, marvel, mean, melancholy, merciful, merry, mesmerized, misery, mistaken, moody, morose, mournful, mystified, nice, nobile, nonsensical, obsessed, open, optimistic, overwhelmed, pain, panic, paranoia, passionate, patience, peaked, perplexed, pessimistic, pissed, pity, plain, pleasure, poor, powerless, predominant, prejudiced, pretty, pride, pronoia, prudent, puzzled, rage, reasonable, regret, rejection, remorse, repulsion, resentment, rested, restricted, restrained, revengeful, reverence, rich, ridiculous, sad, satisfied, scorn, sensible, sexy, shabby, shame, silly, simple, shocked, slothful, small, smart, sober, soft, sorrow, spellbound, spoiled, sprightly, staggered, stressed, strong, subdued, suffering, suppressed, sympathy, tender, tense, terror, thankfulness, tough, transfixed, trepidation, unfriendly, unhappy, unguarded, unkind, unreasonable, unwise, unworthy, vane, vehement, vertigo, vicious, victimized, vigilant, vindictive, visible, warm, warmhearted, weak, wise, withdrawn, wonder, worry, worthy, zeal ...

the words listed above finish the sentence "I feel ..."

consciousness of emotion
or emotional intelligence

emotional light generation

The ability to understand emotion in others is one of the most important factors involved in regulating social interactions. Such emotional awareness functions to coordinate activity among group members, enable the formation of long-lasting individual relationships, and facilitate the pursuit of shared interests.

Studies of emotional processing in humans are practically nonexistent constituting a major gap in our understanding of the extent to which emotional awareness has played an important role in shaping human behavior and societies.

anxiety is not a pescription deficiency

Vertigo is an example of how our
emotions manifest themselves physically.

"It is not the conception of truth that will change sorrow.
Sorrow, like joy, is absolute." - Henri Barbusse


I do not believe it
I don't believe it!

oh shit that is not what Iwanted to happen
Oh shit that isn't what I wanted to happen!

do you really think so
"Do you really think so?"

Surprise: The eyebrows raise, there is a slight raising of upper eyelids and dropping of the lower jaw.

Sadness: The eyelids droop as the inner corners of the brows raise and (in extreme sorrow) draw together, and the corners of the lips pull down.

Anger: The eyebrows are pulled together and lowered, the lower eyelid is tensed, the eyes glare, and the lips tightened, appearing thinner.

Fear: The eyebrows draw together and raise, the upper eyelid raises, the lower eyelid tenses, and the lips stretch horizontally.
Disgust: The nose wrinkles, the upper lip raises, and the corners of the mouth turn down.

Contempt: The only unilateral expression. The cheek muscles on one side of the face contract, one corner of the mouth turns up.

Facial displays lasting less than one-fifth of a second can give an astute observer a glimpse into your true emotional state. Intensely felt emotions can create facial displays that last up to four seconds. Facial expression held for more than five seconds are typically not genuinely felt as most real expressions last only for a few seconds.

Diagnostic fMRI scanning procedures that cause active areas of the brain to "light up" onscreen are allowing researchers to peer into the human brain while it's at work. As a result, they can better see, in real time, how we react both neurologically and biochemically to emotional triggers. Such glimpses are giving scientists a new understanding of the biological basis of emotion.

"Most of the brain is dominated by automatic processes, rather than deliberative thought. A lot of what happens in the brain is emotional, not cognitive."- George Loewenstein, a behavioral economist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Our brains detect danger, for example, and initiate body wide physiological responses like increased heart rate, perspiration and muscle tension sometimes before we even realize we're afraid.

endocannabinoid system

There is a syndrome called alexithymia in which a person experiences the same physiological response associated with an emotion as a normal person, as recorded by an fMRI scan, but is unaware of having the emotion.

Many of our emotional responses are hardwired into our brains, meaning that our conscious "feelings" may play less of a role in creating emotional responses than previously thought. As well, our automatic emotional reactions may have a much stronger impact on our physiology than previously understood.

"One nagging thing I don't understand about myself is why I'm still fooled by incidental feelings. Some 25 years ago I studied how gloomy weather makes one's whole life look bad -- unless one becomes aware of the weather and attributes one's gloomy mood to the gloomy sky, which eliminates the influence. You'd think I learned that lesson and now know how to deal with gloomy skies. I don't, they still get me." - Norbert Schwarz

"Emotion rather than reason appears increasingly to guide social, educational and political propositions. The eclipse of empiricism by superstition is not exclusive to either the political left or the political right." - Christopher W. Williams

"Emotions like sadness serve to give us important information about ourselves and the nature of life. Those needed insights teach us how to master the ups and downs of life. Melancholia has its upsides, but rather than champion one emotion over another why not embrace them all. Maybe if we knew how to take charge of our emotions, we'd ultimately find the satisfaction we seek." - Darlene Mininni


When a mammal feels threatened a combination
of two emotions occurs - fear and anger.

Fear is expressed as the emotional desire to flee while
anger is expressed as the emotional desire to fight.

"The notion of an outburst of temper grossly out of proportion to whatever provoked it implies moral judgment as to what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate displays of anger." - Theodore Dalrymple

please don't feed the fear


"Where fear is present, wisdom cannot be." - Lactantius

"Fear is the great tool of mass manipulation. It sells everything from insurance to deodorant and builds audience ratings for cable news. Historically it was used to promote a catalog of wars and ideologies, and it has been responsible for witch burnings and a spectrum of racism.

The panic button simply needs disconnecting. Time to forgo the scare tactics and replace anxiety with clarity, while we all, without exception, take a deep breath and move to the metaphoric exits, managing not to trample each other in the process." - Mick Farren

"Fear stops us from objecting to government spending on a bloated military. Fear means we will not ask unpleasant questions of those in power. Fear means that we will be willing to give up our rights and liberties for security. Fear keeps us penned in like domesticated animals." - Chris Hedges, The Disease of Permanent War


"I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

When it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain."


mujahideen warrior
heir of House Atreides

danger is real

psychospiritual depression

Psychospiritual depression is what we are addressing here.

Depression may have a physical cause tied to brain inflamation due to diet, injury or toxins.

Psychospiritual depression is based on unrealistic expectations of reality, of one's actual place in the overall scheme of things, in an inability to except life for what it is and a failure of imagination.

"The clinically depressed are less susceptible to basic cognitive errors. The clinically depressed recognize the illusion for what it is. Unhappy people have the more accurate view of reality."
- Daniel Gilbert

A new study released in June 2009 debunks an original study that concluded that a single gene determined one's risk of depression in response to a divorce, a lost job or another serious life reversal. The original study followed 847 people from birth to age 26 and found that those most likely to sink into depression after a stressful event - job loss, sexual abuse, bankruptcy - had a particular variant of a gene involved in the regulation of serotonin. Those in the original study with another variant of the gene, that had orginally appeared significantly more resilient, were found to be no different. }

It is almost unheard of to value depression as an important catalyst in a larger living process.

Depression, when correctly understood, affords an individual the opportunity to deepen, empty, and open one's heart.

The current popular ideology of materialism has the mistaken notion that the point of living is the successful attainment of situations and conditions - material security - safe and secure equals happy.

Depression is defined by materialism as the nemesis of happiness.

Depression, from a materialistic viewpoint, indicates a fundamental failure in living.

The truth is that none of the circumstances that we struggle to achieve will last and they do not provide the height and depth of freedom we desire in any case for any length of time.

True freedom resembles more a surrender of our unattainable, unrealistic and egotistical desires than a victory over situations and conditions.

True surrender becomes possible as we shift from cognitive dominance, the need to control, to submission, the ability to accept, to directly experience, to immerse oneself, in the joy of living.

True freedom exists at the center of our being, our innermost soul, the point where the divine spark of God exists in each man's soul.

At the heart of happiness, peace and contentment is the ability to live where we are, as we are, to interrupt the assumption that we must escape or change our present experience to become whole.

We cannot become safe, secure, or free of discomfort, but we can be who and where we are and realize we are already whole even while experiencing emotional pain, sadness or loss.

The experience of emotional pain, especially that based on a false understanding of reality, provides the motivation and ultimately the inspiration to discover and live a life based on the truth.

Many experiencing significant depression come to the conclusion that happiness cannot be won through attainment.

The depth of the depression marks an individuals proximity to the obviousness of surrender. At some point surrender may become obvious and choiceless as every other option is extinguished.

empathy for life

"One cannot reach the dawn save by the path of night" - Kahil Gibran

Depression is a sign that a psychospiritual rebirth is immanent and necessary.

Depression marks a potentially significant spiritual break from one's old life - beliefs, opinions and attitudes.

Depression manifests as the struggle between the longing for material freedom and the fear of death reaches its heights - at the bottom of the abyss.

"Fear of death really equates to a fear of life, which is about growth, change, and transformation, a continual dying of the old and birth of the new, season to season and moment to moment." - Charles Eisenstein

We want to be free. To realize that freedom we must be willing to give up the old beliefs and opinions we cherish.

People are captivated by the endless task of securing things they believe will make them happy.

Unfortunately, in the long run we all face the reality of the end of everything we so dearly cherish.

We see that our worst fears of loss are true.

We realize the inescapable truth of our own insecurity, we will die.

When one collapses into depression one holds the notion that I am unique in this frailty, that I have unjustly been singled out as a loser and that everyone else has it better than me.

It is the belief that I, in particular, have failed at the life task everyone else is succeeding at.

The pain of life being so terribly out of sync with previous expectations reaches a feverish pitch.

One realizes that one cannot continue to live as one has.

At this point many people make the mistake of committing suicide.

They can not release the belief that the only way to be happy is to have life work out according to their unrealistic expectations.

jaded appetites

"Loss of heart arises from a basic sense of grief and defeat. Specific losses may be involved: loss of a loved one, a career, cherished illusions, material possessions, or self-esteem. Or there may be a more global sense of defeat carried over from childhood. In either case, the depressed person feels a sense of powerlessness and loss of control." - John Wellwood

We are depressed because we can not accept the fundamental inevitability of the pain of loss.

Those that end their lives simply cannot accept the utter nakedness of moment to moment awareness that does not depend on the ego.

If I give up now, accept my death before I die then there is nothing to fix, nothing else to do but continue to live.

At this point I intuit that the present moment can be experienced as whole in and of itself.

-adapted from Brian Adler

There is an irrational part of every human that wishes that actual reality would be different from that which reality actually is. That wish is tied to desire. Desire causes humans to fantasize, wishing reality to be different than reality is.

empathy movement


"From despair comes surrender, and from surrender comes an opening to new beliefs, a new conception of self and world." - Charles Eisenstein

The left brain, the seat of reason and logic, creates rational logical plans in anticipation of the possibilty of future occurrences based on past occurences.

The right brain is the seat of intuition and emotion as it has a direct sensory connection to Reality.

Happiness occurs when the right brain is satisfied with environmental conditions and when the left brain has met the goals it has set for self.

Despair is directly related to the set of survival immediate needs identified by the right brain but consciously unseen and unnoticed by the left brain which is trapped behind the Veil of Cognitive Blindness in a Zombie Apocalypse nightmare as it has severed all communication with the right brain.

Right brain says, "Hey left brain, i need to be convinced that you are smart enough, left brain, to be left in control of making plans for the future, cause i ain't too happy with the situation you have gotten me into now. If you are not up to it then i am taking over!"

This, our nature, is a survival mechanism.

Our dualistic nature of looking at things is not because nature is dualistic but because that is how we perceive things due to the two lobes of our brain. Each indiviual, being unique, is going to fall somewhere of the bell curve spectrum of dominate lobe.

insane =
visions =
re-birth =
flip switch =
life re-evaluation =
mystical experience =
nervous breakdown =
invasion of the body snatchers =
possibility of realignment of dominate lobe

you are a ghost in a Labrynth steeringa meat covered skelton

This hypothesis explains temporary insanity, psychosis, schizophrenia and bi-polarism. The extremity of the experience of the mind will be dependent on the severity of the severed connections and the depth of the negative-positive polarity imbalance. Those on the extreme left will be emotionless while those on the extreme right will be hysterical.

A human consciousness that is used to using certain areas of their brain is shown the door and thrown out into the wilderness of unpatterned thought.

The left brain can not perceive reality while the right brain requires the stimulation of reality to survive. Over stimulation of the right brain can cause the left brain to shut down and then the flight or fight mode kicks in - living in fear.

Over time, under stimulation of the right brain leads to despair.

Left brain failure to worship material self, Body, as vehicle of Divine Consciousness while properly monitoring current environmental conditions and health does the same thing which causes the left brain to shut down and right brain to go into hunter-gatherer-eater role.

The best way to break the Knot of Despair is to go on walkabout to modify your living and thinking patterns but be prepared the release of Demons creates an emotional roller coaster!

Chinese charater for desire

empathy wheel

All spiritual corruption is tied to the desire for
reality to be other than reality actually is, can or will be.

exit stage left

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