1774 James Watt improves the design of the Newcomen engine perfecting the steam engine which soon replaces most natural power sources of wind and water.

The steam engine is set to work on the newly invented power loom, the spinning Jenny and the cotton gin.

1775 All 13 colonies legalize slavery.

A slave can produce a 1,000 pounds of carded cotton a day with a cotton gin.

Cotton becomes the first mass consumer commodity.

Cotton is one of the world's first luxury commodities.

Cotton is not itchy like wool or stiff like hemp.

1803 Over 20,000 slaves are brought into Georgia and South Carolina to work in the cotton fields.

Cotton is the leading American export from this year until 1937.

1850 Most of the cotton is exported to Britain where the invention of the Spinning Jenny, the Water Frame and the Power Loom have increased the demand for raw cotton.

America is producing 3,000,000 bales of cotton and the industry has become a vital element of the South's economy.

In the Lancashire cotton mills (from which Marx and Engels derived their livelihood) , children worked from twelve to sixteen hours a day; they often began working at the age of six or seven.

Children had to be beaten to keep them from falling asleep while at work; in spite of this, many failed to keep awake and rolled into the machinery, by which they were mutilated or killed.

Handicraftsmen had been thrown out of work by the machines; rural laborers were compelled to migrate to the towns by the Enclosure Acts, which used Parliament to make landowners richer by making peasants destitute; trade unions were illegal until 1824; the government employed agents provocateurs to try to get revolutionary sentiments out of wage-earners, who were then deported or hanged." - Bertrand Russell


The market value of the southern slaves is:

roughly three times greater than the total amount invested in banks;

equal to about seven times the total value of all currency in circulation;

three times the value of the entire livestock population;

twelve times the value of the entire US cotton crop;

forty-eight times the total expenditure of the federal government this year.

"Cotton brought commercial ascendancy to New York City, was the driving force for territorial expansion in the Old Southwest and fostered trade between Europe and the United States.

One-fifth of Britain's twenty-two million people were directly or indirectly involved with cotton textiles (tuberculosis)." - Gene Dattel

New England mills consumed 283.7 million pounds of cotton, or 67 percent of the 422.6 million pounds of cotton used by US mills making New England mills dependent of Southern cotton.

1873 William Sprague IV, of Rhode Island, is the richest of the mill owners of New England.

Amid the thousands of bankruptcies throughout the country the ruin of the New England mills attracts little attention.

Nobody in America wished to break down the New England mills.

The foreclosed New England mills did not cease operations.

New joint stock incorporations were set up controlled by the Money Power and the mills were set in operation again, prices were stiffened up to a point that yielded a fair profit and the mills resumed their operation.

1885 The "Cotton Seed Oil Trust" takes possession of the small American producers to manufacture bogus lard and cooking oils.

The American producers had sold cotton seed oil as light weight lubricating oil.

1888 Southern cotton syndicate is formed to subsidize the cotton market.

Monsanto Wrote and Broke Laws to Enter India

Decades before there was a "debate" over GMOs and Monsanto's PR and law firms became the busiest of bees, India was introduced to this corrupting, corporate giant that had no respect for the laws of the land.

When this massive company did speak of laws, these laws had been framed, essentially, by their own lawyers.

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