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"To you the Earth yields her Fruit,
you shall not want if you know how to fill your hands.

It is in exchanging the gifts of the Earth
that you shall find abundance and be satisfied.

Unless the exchange be in Compassion and Justice,
it will but lead some to Greed and others to hunger."

Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

Before the invention of the steam engine global commerce consisted mainly in the exchange of commodities between the Temperate zone and the Tropics.

The commodities desired were mostly articles of luxurious consumption - sugar, tea, coffee, indigo, opium, cotton, silk and the spices.

When Eliza Lucas Pinckney and her enslaved Africans were able to cultivate new strains of indigo near Charleston it became the second most important cash crop in the colony (after rice) before the American Revolution.

It comprised more than one-third of all exports in value.

Individual countries produced sufficient food for local consumption.

As all manufactured products were wrought by hand each country could supply its own needs.

Trade over land is restricted by the logistics of distance but that distance shrank when shipping goods over water.

Commerce enriched the countries surrounding the Mediterranean which carried on trade and made the merchants wealthy.

The Phoenicians possessed a monopoly on trade for two thousand years.

Egypt's share of the trade traffic from central Africa built its great wealth.

In the age of Solomon, the Hebrews possessed the Eastern end of the trade traffic for a generation and considered it the chief glory of Solomon's reign.

The power of the Assyrian Empire was largely based upon the possession of the Eastern end of this commerce.

The conquests of the Assyrian Empire along the Mediterranean broke up the old line of the trade by way of the Red Sea.

620 BC   To obtain possession of this commerce was the aim of the conquests of Nebuchadnezzar of the Chaldean Dynasty who freed the Babylonians from Assyrian rule, conquered Judah and Jeruselam, and built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Nebuchadnezzar carried the trade commerce through Babylon, and up the Euphrates, across Syria and Asia Minor, and gave the Western end of the traffic to the Lydians and the Ionian Greeks.

The possession of the Western end of the trade commerce awakened the slumbering Greek culture which then flowered.

The hostility of the Greeks to Persia originated in the fact Persia gave the trade commerce back to the Phoenicians, who restored the Red Sea route.

After the Christian Era, the Venetians took possession of the trade commerce and it made them the great merchant princes of the Middle Ages.

1488   For 69 years the Portuguese have been attempting to find a route from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

This year Bartolomeu Dias sails around the Cape Good Hope giving the Far East trade commerce into the hands of the Portugese Navigator's Guild who closely guard their topographic knowledge for a century.

Then the Dutch, the French and the English organized trading companies competing with each other for the possession of the East India trade.

Dutch, French and English vessels operated with a Portugese navigator.

British Empire

global sea trade

1600   Royal Charter granted to "George, Earl of Cumberland, and 215 Knights, Aldermen, and Burgesses" to trade with the East Indies.

The charter awarded the newly formed incorporation a monopoly on trade with all countries east of the Cape of Good Hope and west of the Straits of Magellan for a period of fifteen years.

Anybody who traded in breach of the charter without a corporate license was liable to forfeiture of ships and cargo (half to the Crown and half to the licensor), as well as imprisonment at the "royal pleasure". (Pirates!)

The incorporation opens a factory in Bantam on the first voyage and imports of pepper from Java become an important part of trade for 20 years.

Pepper as a Natural Sinus Infection Remedy

The factory at Bantam survives until the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824 when all the British colonies in the East Indies are handed over to the Dutch in return for recognition of British primacy over the Malay Peninsula.

The company benefits from imperial patronage expanding its commercial trading operations eclipsing the Portuguese Estado da Índia, which had established bases in Goa, Chittagong, and Bombay, which Portugal later ceded to England as part of the dowry of Catherine de Braganza.

1602   Dutch trading amalgamates into the United East Indies Company.

1612   United East Indies Company introduces the first joint stock venture.

Investment in shares may be traded on an exchange.

Wealthy merchants and aristocrats own the shares.

English traders frequently engage in hostilities with their Dutch and Portuguese competition in the Indian Ocean.

The British East India corporation achieves a major victory over the Portuguese in the Battle of Swally held at Suvali of Surat.

The Britsh East India launches multiple joint attacks with the Dutch United East India on Portuguese and Spanish ships off the coast of China, which secures ports in China.

The Britsh East India corporation establishes trading posts in Surat (1619), Madras (1639), Bombay (1668), and Calcutta (1690).

1694   Under pressure from ambitious tradesmen the charter is revoked.

Any English firm can now trade with India, unless specifically prohibited.

1697   The admission of Solomon Dormido to membership in the English Royal Exchange leads to a suspension of the law excluding Jews.

They purchase enough seats that the "Jews' Walk" is allotted to them.

As the law had been abrogated for the Jews, a similar suspension as regards the taking of the oath is adopted; and in consequence the Exchange is soon overrun with doubtful characters.

"The Lord Mayor and the Aldermen have been busy this week in receiving petitions from a great number of persons, who put in to be Exchange brokers: they are to be 100 in number, 80 of whom are to be Englishmen and the rest foreigners and Jews, each of whom is to carry a medal in his pocket with his name on it, the King's effigy on one side and the city arms on the other, and they are to show it on the making of any bargains."

Abuses grew so rapidly that public clamor resulted in a reorganization of the Exchange and its laws.

1698   A new "parallel" East India incorporation (officially titled the English incorporation Trading to the East Indies) is floated under a state-backed indemnity of £2 million.

The powerful stockholders of the old incorporation quickly subscribe a sum of £315,000 in the new concern, and dominate the new body.

The two companies wrestle with each other for some time, both in England and in India, for a dominant share of the trade.

1708   The companies merge by a tripartite indenture involving both companies and the state.

Under this arrangement, the merged incorporation lends the Treasury a sum of £3,200,000, in return for exclusive privileges for the next three years, after which the situation is to be reviewed.

Twelve 'Jew brokers' licensed to operate in the City of London on the Jew's Walk tendered the British Treasury £3,200,000 in return for an exclusive grant of trading privileges with all countries of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, between Cape Horn and Cape Good Hope for the newly chartered amalgamated joint stock incorporation - the United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East Indies.

{"Benjamin Levy, who may be reckoned the father of the congregation, left behind him three children: Menahem, Abigail, and Elias. The first-named, the son of his former marriage, was eighteen years of age at the time of his father's death, and inherited a comfortable fortune. As he was still a minor he could not take over his father's place and medal as one of the twelve licensed Jew Brokers, which passed to one Aaron Alvares. When Menahem came of age in 1707, he tried in vain to persuade his father's kinsman and associate Moses Hart (who had been admitted to 'Change in 1704, in succession to David de Faro) to retire in his favor, and went so far as to assert that he had paid him £1,000 on this understanding. The case gave rise to prolonged litigation and an enquiry by the Court of Aldermen, with the result that Moses was exonerated. In the following year Menahem Levy died, unmarried (October 14th, 1708). " - History of the Great Synagogue Chapter XII THE NEW GREAT SYNAGOGUE, 1790}

1715   United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East Indies opens a trading station in Canton importing opium and tobacco into China.

The British want silk.

The Chinese will only take silver bullion in trade for silk.

British silver reserves become depleted.

British restore silver reserves by only excepting silver in exchange for opium.

1756   Great Britain dispossesses France of colonial possessions in the Seven Year War, from 1756 to 1763.

The Seven Year War, a global conflict fought between 1756 and 1763, involves every European great power of the time while spanning five continents.

Its effects reverberate through Europe, the Americas, West Africa, India and the Philippines.

The conflict splits Europe into two coalitions, led by the Kingdom of Great Britain (including Prussia, Portugal, Hanover, and minor German states) against the Kingdom of France (including the Austrian-led Holy Roman Empire, the Russian Empire, Bourbon Spain, and Sweden).

Superior nautical skill gives British vessels so great an advantage in naval combat that Britain gains maritime supremacy.

Spain loses control of Florida to Great Britain, but receives from the French the Île d'Orléans and former French holdings west of the Mississippi River.

1757   The Battle of Plassey is a decisive victory of the East India Company over the Nawab of Bengal.

This effectively brings French power in India to an end, making way for British hegemony and eventual control of the subcontinent.

1764   The Trading Company exercises imperial sway in Bengal over a territory containing a population of 40 million yielding larger revenue streams than those of the Austrian empire - the greatest European power.

The Trading Company, the wealthiest corporation in the world, rules a territorial empire.

The success of the Trading Company in India rested on trickery, wrong, extortion, theft, robbery and murder.

With the Mughal empire in the last stages of decay the Trading Company constantly shifts its ground as expediency requires, sometimes treating the Princes of India as independent states, and sometimes, as dependencies.

The East India Company provides mercenaries to a native prince, to enable him to conquer another - selling favors on every side.

When the opportunity comes, the East India Company devoures treasures and territories of friends and foes alike raping India in the process.

This set the stage for corporations of the future giving them the ability to follow in the footsteps of the greatest criminal empire the world ever saw.

History presents no career of conquest, in which fraud, deceit and rapine were so well used as in the conquest of India by the East India Company.

The East India Company continued its occupation of India until the Sepoy mutiny at which time the Company got the Crown involved.

1774   James Watt improves the design of the Newcomen engine perfecting the steam engine which replaces natural power sources of wind and water.

The steam engine is set to work on the newly invented power loom, the spinning Jenny and the cotton gin, and in transportation.

At this time Great Britain is the only country in Europe which has coal and iron for steam purposes.

The power of steam opens up a new commercial era.

Commerce and industry blossom.

1788   Constitution of the United States of America is ratified.

The Contract Clause guarantees the inviolability of sales and financing contracts to encouraged an inflow of foreign capital by reducing the risk of loss to foreign merchants trading with and investing in the former colonies.

1800   Moses Haim Montefiore and Nathan Mayer Rothschild enter the counting house in the City of London, and became two of the twelve "Jew brokers" licensed by the City of London.

Moses Haim Montefiore marries Judith Cohen daughter of Levi Barent Cohen.

Judith's sister Henriette Cohen marries Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

1835 "We are to teach false history, false astronomy, false medicine, because we find them in coöperation with a false religion." - Minute by the Hon'ble T. B. Macaulay, 2nd February 1835

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