Unique Design Lab : Gallery

A master suite 4 bedroom, 2 fireplace, 2 bath home

An Art Studio for Leonard Olstead

Bathroom redone as turn of the century with claw foot tub, pull chain toilet and pedestal sink

Cabin on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake at Fawnskin



Histroical renovation

Pager Laboratory

Cabin in the North Fork of the San Gabriel River

A cathouse for the protection of the furry critters

Treedeck in a large California Live Oak

Ryan's and Andy's Clubhouse

what's next

Index of Unique Design Lab

Unique Design Lab Gallery
a home

Plans for a home as well as a photo tour
Art Studio & Garage

Photos of Leonard's Studio
antique bath

Photos of a bathroom done in a turn of the century style (1900)
Big Bear Cabin Dining Table

Photos of Laughing Elk's Cabin at Fawnskin on the north shore of Big Bear Lake
Brushed Gold Plate Fountain Fill

Photos and Design Drawings of a Luxurious Bathroom
Small Kitchen made large

Photos of Baumgartner's Kitchen
Teater's Deck

Photos of Teater's Deck
Leonard's Deck

Photos of Leonard's Deck and the switchback trail to the deck.
A porch. God Bless America!

Photos of a porch
Historical renovations

Photos of a historical renovation
Pager Laboratory Counter

Design drawings and photos of a Pager Laboratory
North Fork Cabin Photos of a North Fork Cabin

Photos of the cathouse and the cats as well as a complete set of construction drawings

Photos of the tree house / tree deck as well of veiws of the South Hills and Bluebird Hill
Photos of the Playhouse and a link to Alan's Castle

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Lawrence Turner

Lawrence Turner Design
Lawrence Turner
Glendora California 91741
Lawrence Turner

Lawrence Turner Construction
Lawrence Turner
Glendora California 91741

Unique Woodwork by Lawrence Turner
Lawrence Turner
Glendora California 91741