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Nature does nothing uselessly.

All men by nature desire knowledge.

Philosophy is knowledge of the truth.

Reality exists eternally in unceasing motion.

Empirical order is a suitable realm for inquiry based on sense perception.

Theoretical knowledge finds true knowledge at the bottom of the rabbit hole.


Aristotle pens MetaPhysics.

Metaphysics introduces matter and form and the four causes - material, formal, efficient and final.

For example, to explain a statue, one can offer:

The material cause, that out of which the statue is made, is the marble or bronze.

The formal cause, that according to which the statue is made, is the shape that the sculptor has learned to sculpt.

The efficient cause, or agent, is the sculptor.

The final cause, is the purpose for which the statue is made.

There can be no potentiality without actuality.

Aristotle argues that, although motion is eternal, there cannot be an infinite series of movers and of things moved.

Therefore there must be an Initial Cause or Mover.

But the Mover itself must remain unmoved and thus the Mover sits remaining unmoved contemplating its own navel.

Nothing reaches the Mover and this is why it remains unmoving.


There are three ingredients in the scientific outlook of the eighteenth century that were equally important:

(i) Statements of fact be based on observation, not on unsupported authority.

(ii) The inanimate world is a self-acting, self-perpetuating system, in which all changes conform to natural laws.

(iii) The earth is not the center of the universe, and man is not its only purpose; moreover, "purpose" is a concept which is scientifically useless.

(1) Observation versus Authority:

Aristotle maintained that women have fewer teeth than men; children will be healthier if conceived when the wind is in the north; a man bitten by a mad dog will not go mad, but any other animal will; the bite of the shrewmouse is dangerous to horses, especially if the mouse is pregnant; elephants suffering from insomnia can be cured by rubbing their shoulders with salt, olive oil, and warm water. Nevertheless, classical dons, who have never observed any animal except the cat and the dog, continue to praise Aristotle for his fidelity to observation.

(2) Autonomy of the Physical World:

First law of motion says that a body which is moving will go on moving in the same direction with the same velocity until something stops it.

Only living beings could move without help of some external agency.
Aristotle thought that the heavenly bodies were pushed by gods.

(3) Dethronement of "Purpose''':

Aristotle maintained that causes are of four kinds; modern science admits only one of the four. Two of Aristotle's four need not concern us; the two that do concern us are the "efficient" and the "final" cause. The "efficient" cause is what we should call simply "the cause"; the "final" cause is the purpose.

In human affairs this distinction has validity.

In human affairs, the question "why?" is more naturally answered, as a rule, by assigning the final cause than by setting out the efficient cause.

(4) Man's place in the universe:

The effect of science upon our view of man's place in the universe has been of two opposite kinds; it has at once degraded and exalted him.

It has degraded him from the standpoint of contemplation, and exalted him from that of action.

To get this effect with its full impact, you should read simultaneously Dante's Divine Comedy and Hubble on the Realm of the Nebulae — in each case with active imagination and with full receptiveness to the cosmos they portray." - Bertrand Russell, Impact of Science on Society

A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion.

Subjects refuse to believe of illegal or immoral treatment from a ruler who they consider god fearing and pious as they accept the divine right to rule.

It is much more difficult for the citizenry to build a common revolt to move against a ruler who appears to many citizens to be allied with the gods.

Aristotle showed a preference for the investigation of the facts and laws of the physical world.

He tutored Alexander III of Macedonia.

Aristotle forged syllogisms with modalities (modal logic).

The word modal refers to the word 'modes', explaining the fact that modal logic deals with the modes of truth.

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