Chinese charater for myth

myth : in the beginning

Chinese charater for begin

In an age veiled in the mists mankind was not sexually differentiated.

There were no births, there were no deaths.

Within the eternal celebration, a great public dance takes place.

The Dawn of Man

Who's Next

In the frenzy of the dance one of the participants is trampled to death.

At the moment of death the differentiation of sexes takes place.

Now death was balanced by begetting, begetting by death.

From the buried parts of the dismembered body food plants grew.

Time had come into being, death, birth, and the killing and eating of other living beings, for the preservation of one' own life.

That timeless Golden Age, the Dreamtime, in which all-is-one and one-is-all was terminated by the communal crime of murder - a sacrifice of life for the group defined common good in hope of continued survival.

One of the main problems of living deals with reconciling the mind to this brutal precondition of all life - living by the killing and eating other lives.

Heaven and Earth

"R. Jehudah in the name of Rabbi said:

Ten things were forged on the first day, and they are:

Heaven and earth; chaos and desolation; light and darkness; wind and waters; the measures of the day and those of the night,

for it is written:

"And the Earth was without form and void (chaos)";

for it is written:

"And darkness was upon the face of the deep"; light,

for it is written:

"And God said, Let there be light"; wind and water,

for it is written:

"And the spirit of God (wind) was waving over the face of the waters"; the measures of the day and those of the night,

for it is written:

"And it was evening; and it was morning, the first day."

Babylonian Talmud


Life lives on Life.

Both animals and plants are alive !

The essence of life is this eating of itself !

The reconciliation of the Eternal Soul to the horrific conditions of life is fundamental to all Creation myths.

Ancient sacrificial rituals consist chiefly of killing, a reenactment of the first primordial crime out of which arose this imperfect temporal dualistic reality.

All Creation myths embed this element.

Yahweh the Patriarch

Yahweh = YHVH = I AM = יהןה

"In the beginning, the tribal god of the patriarchal monotheistic Israelite cult, was simply a powerful nomadic warrior god in a pantheon of gods.

Yahweh was just a local tribal god.

In most cultures there are two or three creation stories.

There are two in the Bible.

In the Garden of Eden story of Chapter 2:

God is trying to think of ways to entertain Adam, whom he has forged to be assistant, to take care of his garden.

That is an old, old story that was borrowed from ancient Sumer.

The gods wanted somebody to take care of their garden and cultivate the food that they needed, so they forged man.

That's the background of the myth of Chapters 2 and 3 in Genesis.

The Gardener, Yahweh, is bored.

So Yahweh tries to invent toys for man.

Yahweh creates the animals, but all the man can do is name them.

Then Yahweh choses to draw the soul of woman out of Adam' own body.

This is a very different creation story than that found in Chapter 1 of Genesis; God forges Adam and Eve both in the image of Himself as male and female.

In this narrative God Himself is the primordial androgyne.

Chapter 2 is by far the earlier story, coming from the 8th century or so BC, whereas Chapter 1 is a priestly text of about the fourth century BC, or later.

In the Hindu story the Self felt fear, then desire, then split in two.

In book of Genesis, it is man, not God, who splits in two.

So we all now spend our lives trying to find and embrace our other halves.

The basic mythological theme is All is One, and then there is exponential division resulting in an infinite variety of things." - Joseph Campbell

In Babylon the serpent carries deception bringing error into temporal reality.

In the Abrahamic religions the serpent tempts man to turn his back on the Creator - a refusal to affirm life and blind himself to Creation.

The nomadic warrior Cult of Yahweh finds women either traitorous whores, Delilah, or temptress goddess' singing songs to Solomon.

In the reworking of the myths of Ugrit, every natural impulse becomes sinful unless it has been circumcised or baptized by the One chosen by Melchizedek.

"Yahweh will see and provide" = Yahweh-Jireh

"Yahweh who heals" = Yahweh-Rapha

"Yahweh my protector" = Yahweh-Nissi

"Yahweh who sanctifies you" = Yahweh-Mekaddishkem

"Yahweh our peace" = Yahweh-Shalom

"Yahweh our righteousness" = Yahweh-Zidkenu

"Yahweh is present" = Yahweh-Shammah

"Yahweh my shepherd" = Yahweh-Roi

The identification of the woman with sin, of the serpent with sin, and thus of life with sin, is the central pathological ponerological psychopathic twist that has been given to the story in the biblical myth of Original Sin or the Fall.

Women are held responsible for the Fall because they bring forth new life !

Man doesn't enter life except through woman, and so it is woman who brings human life into this mysterious world of pairs of opposites and suffering.

Nature is corrupt, sex is corrupt, and the female, as the epitome of sex, corrupts reality - its messy and complicated ! better not think about it !

It is a foolish attitude to say no to life because life comes with pain !

Foolhardy attitudes entrance or enchant the rationally dissociated observer putting the intellectual back into the deep hypnotic sleep of hyperreality.

mother of temporal reality

Hymns To The Silence

Ten Jewish Sensibilities

Sophia, the Mother of Temporal Reality, brings Life into Being.

The principal divinity of the Canaanites was El, the Creator.

Secondary gods, who acted on Earth, were Baal and Baal's consort Asherah.

Sophia doesn't belong in a monotheistic religion so she is written out of the Mishnah except in the guise of Esther, a mortal woman.

Baal becomes Chrestus for the Gnostic Christians.

The serpent has always been the symbol of the Mystery of Life.

The Sadducee cult of the Zaddikim, rejected Life.

The rejection of the Mother Goddess is the creation story of the Garden.

Formerly you had a dreamtime paradise there in the Garden of Eden - no time, no birth, no death - no self-awareness of participation in living.

The serpent dies.

The serpent is then resurrected shedding its old skin and renewing its life.

The serpent is the lord of the World Tree, where time and eternity merge.

Yahweh, the one who walks there in the cool of the evening, is a visitor.

The Garden is the serpent's place. It is an old, old story.

We have Sumerian seals from as early as 3500 BCE showing the serpent, the tree and the goddess, with the goddess giving the fruit of life to a visiting male.

The mythology of the Mother Goddess is right there.

The Garden of Eden is a metaphor for an innocence that is innocent of passage of time and innocent of recognition of opposites.

The dreamtime is the time before consciousness becomes aware of itself.

Linear time does not exist and humans have no self-awareness.

God, appearing as a parent, walks in the cool of the evening in the garden.

Adam eating fruit of life come to self-awareness.

Adam and Eve become aware of differences.

Male and female is one opposition.

Another opposition is mankind and God.

Good and evil is a third opposition.

The primary oppositions are sexual opposition
and the opposition between human beings and God.

In the Zorastarian conception of life a battle rages between Ahura Mazda (Wise Spirit) and Angra Mainyu (Hostile Spirit).

In the Biblical tradition these forces are analogous to the forces of darkness and the forces of light, of good and evil, battling for supremacy.

The Septuagint tradition compartmentalizes the conception of reality into thinking in terms of pairs of opposites - night and day, good and evil, man and woman, summer and winter, wet and dry, hot and cold, etcetera.

Comparative dialecticism of the Alexandrian Hebrews is emotionally sensational.

"Understanding the deep meaning of things brings essential peace.

The Way is a vast space where nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess.

Choosing to accept or reject means we do see not the true nature of things.

Live neither entangled in outer things, nor in inner feelings.

Erroneous views will disappear entering into the oneness of things.

Stop activity to achieve passivity and your very effort fills you with activity.

As long as you remain in one extreme you will never know Oneness.

Those who do not live in the Way fail - both actively and passively.

Do not remain in the dualistic state; avoid such pursuits carefully.

If there is a trace of this and that, mind-essence will be lost in distraction.

Although all dualities come from the One, do not be attached even to this One.

When mind exists undisturbed in the Way, nothing in the world can offend.

Without discriminating thoughts, the old way of thinking ceases to exist.

All dualities come from ignorant inference." - Hsin Hsin Ming

There is a standard folk tale plot dealing with the One Forbidden thing.

Pandora fell victim to the spell of the cognitive deception of hidden treasure.

Pandora is tricked by Zeus into releasing all the evils on humanity by thinking she is opening a jar purported to flow with unending bountiful gifts.

Bluebeard, says to his wife, "Don't open that closet"?

Each wife is tricked by her curiosity just as Eve was tricked !

How did we lose
touch with Unity?

Route 66

One theme is separation was somebody's fault.

The wrong fruit or wrong words are said: God gets angry and goes away.

Once that happens the Eternal excludes humanity.

Mankind has to find some way to get back in touch with the Eternal.

In nature religions humans come from the Womb of Mother Earth.

Often there is a great ladder, chain or mountain people climb.

The last people to want to get out are two great big fat heavy people.

They grab the chain, and snap! - it breaks.

So we are separated from our source.

The problem is to reunite the broken connection to mystical insight.

A triangular Hindu image, the Mother Goddess, has a dot in the center representing the energy of the transcendent entering the field of time.

And then from this triangle there come pairs of triangles in all directions.

Out of one comes two.

All things in the field of time are pairs of opposites.

A shift from rational consciousness to the consciousness of participation.

Now you are in the field of time.

Another theme involves emanation and precipitation without personification.

A sound precipitates air, then fire, then water and earth - creating reality.

Wholeness of the first sound symphonically fragments within the field of time.

When an individual partakes of the forbidden fruit of life he or she will reject global consumer culture and begin agitating for social justice.

Falling into rebellion an individual overcomes his or her social conditioning.

Masters of their own life fight popular cultural misconceptions of reality.

The independent living of life begins with the first act of disobedience marking the emergence of free will allowing the ability to question tradition and observe life as life is.

spread of the mystery of mithras

Eight thousand years of natural selection in Europe

The Roman Emperor Constantine was a follower of the Mysteries of Mithras as were nearly all the officers of rank in the Roman Legions.

When the Council of Nicaea chose the myths to include in the New Testament they included personally disenfranchising ponerological elements.

Deeply embedded in the collective subconscious of Western culture dualistic categorization of magical thinking requires a good or evil judgement.

The duality of good or evil is perspective dependent.

There are things that humans seek and things that humans avoid.

A conscious choice based upon erroneous information will spawn error.

Spiritual corruption occurs when a consciousness blinds itself to a destructive pattern of erroneous choices, particularly when they are compounded.

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