The Zia symbol represents:

north, south, east and west
morning, noon, evening and night
spring, summer, autumn and winter
childhood, youth, middle years and old age
a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and
adherence to the rule of reciprocity

"The writings of contemporary developmental psychologists suggest that the way that consciousness develops in each person from infancy through adulthood recapitulates the way that consciousness has collectively evolved during the course of history.

Margaret Mahler, a British psychoanalyst, has described an initial stage in which the infant experiences a sense of oneness similar to that of the archaic consciousness.

The developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, found that magical thinking develops between ages two and four.

He also concluded that the culmination of cognitive development in contemporary society occurs in adolescence with the acquisition of abstract reasoning, which he called "formal operations."

This corresponds to Gebser's rational consciousness.

Recently cognitive theorists have extended Piaget's model of human development and have described a further stage in the development of consciousness, beyond abstract reasoning.

Herb Koplowitz refers to this stage as Unitary Consciousness." - Swami Ajaya

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