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green eyed lady


Song of the Irish Whistle


Once upon a time Cuchulainn came over the fair green of Brl Leith, and he saw at the edge of a well a woman with a bright red comb adorned with gold, washing in a silver basin wherein were two bluebirds with little, bright gems of purple carbuncle in the rims of the basin.

A red gold mantle Áine had, a forest green cloak, a brooch of fairest gold.

A kirtle she wore, long, hooded, of green silk, with red embroidery of gold.

Marvelous clasps of gold and silver in the kirtle on her breasts.

The sun glistening of the gold against the green silk was manifest to men.

There she was, undoing her red gold tresses to wash, her arms out through the sleeve-holes of her smock; white as snow the two hands, soft and even, and red as foxglove were the two clean beautiful cheeks.

Dark as the back of a stag-beetle the two eyebrows.

Like a shower of pearls were the teeth in her head.

Green as an olive were the eyes.

Red as rowan berries the lips.

Very high, smooth and soft-white the shoulders.

White as the foam of a wave was the flank: slender, tender, soft as wool.

Polished and warm, sleek and white were the two thighs.

Round and small, hard and white the two knees.

The bright radiance of the moon was in her noble face.

The loftiness of pride in her smooth eyebrows.

The light of wooing in each of her regal eyes.

A dimple of delight in each of her cheeks.

Soft dignity in her voice; a step steady queenly gait was hers.

It seemed to Cuchulainn that she was from the elfmounds.

Of her was said: "Shapely and dear are all till compared with Áine."

A longing for her straightway seized the Cuchulainn; so he detained her.

Asking tidings of her: "Shall I have an hour of dalliance with thee?"

"Tis for that we have come hither under thy safeguard," quoth she.

"Query, whence art thou and whence hast thou come?" quoth Cuchulainn.

"Áine am I, daughter of Etar, King of the cavalcade from the elfmounds.

I have been here for twenty years since birth in an elfmound."

"Thou shalt have welcome, and for thee every other woman shall be left by me, and with thee alone will I live so long as thou hast honour," quoth Cuchulainn.

"My proper bride-price to me!" she quoth, "and afterwards my desire."

"Thou shalt have both," quoth Cuchulainn.

First Humans To Settle Americas Came From Europe

Stone Age Europeans in Delmarva 20,000 years ago

Deep peace of the running wave to you,

of water flowing, rising and falling,

sometimes advancing, sometimes receding. . .

May the stream of your life flow unimpeded!

Deep peace of the running wave to you!

Deep peace of the flowing air to you,

which fans your face on a sultry day,

the air which you breathe deeply, rhythmically,

which imparts to you energy, consciousness, life.

Deep peace of the flowing air to you!

Deep peace of the quiet Earth to you,

who, herself unmoving, harbours the movements

and facilitates the life of the ten thousand creatures,

while resting contented, stable, tranquil.

Deep peace of the quiet Earth to you!

Deep peace of the shining stars to you,

which stay invisible till darkness falls

and discloses
their pure and shining presence

beaming down compassion on the turning Earth.

Deep peace of the shining stars to you!

Deep peace of the watching shepherds to you,

of unpretentious folk who, watching and waiting,

spend long hours out on the hillside,

expecting in simplicity some coming of the Lord.

Deep peace of the watching shepherds to you!

Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you who,

swift as the wave and pervasive as the air,

quiet as the Earth and shining like a star,

breathes into us His Peace and His Spirit.

Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you!

celtic symbols

Celts: Kings and Druids

"If I break faith with thee,

may the Sky fall upon me,

may the Sea drown me,

may the Earth rise up

and swallow me

Celtic oath

Orinoco Flow

Celtic Tree of Life

Neolithic jewelry splits farmers from hunters

Antler trade led up to Viking invasion of England

This great Celtic oath calls the very elements to witness.

Celts held a panentheistic or primal holistic concept of deity.

"Elements" are powerful manifestations of gods, not to be trifled with.

This great Celtic oath is a most solemn pledge to the elements to destroy those who do not keep their word and repay their debts.

The state of the land is always a reflection of the kingly rule.

Omens in the sky, the soil no longer growing crops, the rains coming at the wrong times, unseasonable cold and hot waves, all pointed to poor stewardship on the part of the king who directed the activities of the people.

Or did these omens point to bad advice ?

"Good is his reign. Since he assumed the kingship, no cloud has veiled the sun for the space of a day from the middle of spring to the middle of autumn. Not a dewdrop has fallen from grass till midday."

The word druid (Irish drui, Welsh derwydd) is derived from the Sanskrit: veda - to see or know, combined with the word for oak: Gaulish dervo, Irish dour, Welsh derw.

The words for wood and wisdom are very close: Irish fid and fios mean tree and knowledge; Welsh gwydd and gwyddon mean tree and knowledgeable.

This close connection suggests a druid is 'a knower of the tree' or 'tree-sage', give a closer feel of what the druid really was - a seer of great knowledge, whose closeness to the natural world put him or her in the position as a Walker of the Thinspace between the collective subconscious of mankind and the unseen collective consciousness of Nature.

The druids, sons and daughters of the Oak, were distinct by reason of the gift of reading natural patterns.

The gathering place for Galatian druids was called Drunemeton, literally "Oak Sanctuary".

Male and female druids were gifted people who exhibited excellence in various arts (talents or skills) while maintaining shamanic roles.

Druids were the repositories of Oral Tradition wisdom/knowledge.

Druids, who searched for deeper understanding in the patterns revealed throughout Nature, used that wisdom/knowledge to note the right time for spring sowing, autumn harvest or the prognosis of an injured limb.

Some druids specialized in Branches of Nature, becoming seers or fáithi, teachers, poets, satirists and battle strategists as well as advisers to kings.

A druid is a person with natural wisdom whose advice is sought on matters of daily life; one who perhaps also practices a craft; one who married and had a family; one who brought people together for common celebrations.

In the druid we see the earliest form of tribal leadership - which was spiritual rather than temporal.

Distinctions between king and druid are blurred in Celtic mythology.

Although the king is the assumed leader, the druid rules through omen.

Rome banned the Druidic arts after sacking Anglesey in AD 64.

The function of the seer or fáithi, to divine the course of human affairs through a close observation of human nature, is still associated with people of Celtic extraction, many of whom possess 'the second sight'.

celtic trees

The Drowning Plains

4000 BC The ancient Celts are a branch of the Indo-Europeans, an ethnico-linguistic group that includes Germanic, Slavic, Greek and Indo-Iranian people.

From the the Pontic-Caspian Steppes, the Proto-Indo-Europeans conquer most of Europe, Central Asia and South Asia thanks to the advent of the Bronze Age in the North Caucasus.

2500 Proto-Celtic people enter Europe from the Balkans equipped with horses and superior bronze weapons quickly conquering Western Europe, from Iberia to the British Isles.

1200 Classical Celtic culture emerges in central Europe around modern Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland as found in Hallstatt, Upper Austria.

600 to 400 BC La Tène culture spreads from the Alps to most of Western and Central Europe.

People in these areas speak a similar language, share the same religion, have similar traditions and beliefs and engage in the same arts and techniques.

Celts are more advanced than the Romans in science, law and economics.

Pre-Roman Celtic calendars are much more accurate than the Roman one.
Each Galatian tribe was organized in four septs (clans), each ruled by a tetrach (chief), assisted by a judge, a general and two deputy generals.

Each sept sent 25 senators to a central shrine called Drunemeton.
Ancient Celtic society gave much more freedom and power to women than the Greeks and Romans did.

Greco-Roman housewives were prohibited to do business and mostly sequestrated in their home under the supervision of male family members.

Celtic women could become powerful tribe leaders and go to war.

390 BC Celts plunder Rome.

Oaks are of primordial importance in Celtic religion.

Druids ritually cut mistletoe off oak trees.

Celts believed in recycling - automatic reincarnation of the Eternal Soul.

The Celts practice ritual human sacrifice to the gods, typically near water (lake, river, spring) and/or in forest groves.

Offerings appear to be war prisoners or criminals.

Druids, being both judges and priests, combining judicial executions with the honouring of the gods.

Romans crucified political opponents and had prisoners killed or eaten alive by wild beasts in arenas.

Celtic religious sacrifices were less barbaric than Romans executions.

Many ancient Celtic tribes gave their names to modern places.

Bohemia was named after the Boii, and Belgium after the Belgae.

The ancient name of Switzerland was Helvetia, from the Celtic Helvetii tribe.

In France, Paris is named after the Parisi tribe, and Lyon is a corruption of Celtic name Lugdunon, meaning the "hill fort of Lugh" (one of the most important Celtic deity).

A Cisalpine branch of the Veneti tribe gave their name to Venice and the Veneto region in Italy.

The Italian cities of Belluno, Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia, Brianza, Genova and Milano all have Celtic roots.

300 BC Celts invent chainmail and the helmets later used by Roman legionaries.

Celtic swords and shields are at least as good as the Roman's.

The decoration of the Celtic weapons, chariots and artifacts was in many ways superior to those of many Mediterranean cultures.

58 BC The Celts are immensely rich and prosperous.

They have a built a road network across the European continent.

The Celts active trade with the Mediterranean world, exchanging notably their iron tools and weapons for wine and pottery.

They import amber from the Baltic to resell to the Romans and Greeks.

Gauls are described as wearing shiny, gold-like armours and swords.

Julius Caesar, an opportunist, makes his move.

Over 400 Celtic gold mines are found in France alone.

The Romans have little gold on the Apennine Peninsula so the conquest of Gaul will be a tremendous boost to their Mediterranean power.

Julius Caesar, Patrician, decimates the Celts slaughtering 10% and enslaving another 10% to be marched back to Rome as booty.

Green Man has survived countless transformations and cultural diversities.

It is with the coming of the empire that his images are noted as spanning religions, as he has been found both within the empire and at its borders.

Sayyidina Al-Khidr is the patron saint of all those who go directly to God without intermediaries.

Khidr is in Islam what Elijah represents to the Jewish people.

Elijah (Elias) is Idris (Enoch) who was a messenger before Noah, an immortal operating in the Thinspace, ever living archetype of direct Divine inspiration.

Al-Khidr is the spirit guide of those ready to accept gnostic knowledge.

The Green Man, Cernunnos, is also Al-Khidr, Elijah, Idris, Enkidu.

405 AD Jerome of Stridon notes that the language of the Anatolian Galatians in his day is still very similar to the language of the Treveri (from the region of Trier on the border of Germany and Luxembourg).

Celtic languages progressively disappear during the Middle Ages.

They only survive in Brittany, Corwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and for a time also in Galacia (north-western Spain).

Only a minority of people still speak Celtic/Gaelic languages, and they are confined to Wales, Brittany and western Ireland.

2001 The Basque language is considered to be a language isolate; a language which is not known to be related to any other in the world.

The Basques are thought to be the closest descendants of the Palaeolithic people who established the first settlements in Britain more than 10,000 years ago.

Welsh and Irishmen are genetic blood-brothers of the Basque people.

The evidence of a link is in a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by James Wilson and Prof David Goldstein of University College London, with colleagues at Oxford University and the University of California, Davis.


The findings provide the first direct evidence of a close relationship between the people thought of as Celts and the Basques.

The team looked for similarities between the Y chromosomes - only carried by men - of 88 "Celtic fringe" individuals from Anglesey, North Wales, 146 from Ireland with Irish Gaelic surnames, and 50 Basques, revealing "remarkable" similarities.

The Celts carry the early Y chromosome, said the study, which provides the first clear evidence of a close relationship in the paternal heritage of Basque and Celtic speaking populations.

"They were statistically indistinguishable," said Prof Goldstein.

Gene Study Shows Ties Long Veiled In Europe

celtic astrology

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