Under The Bridge

The Thinspace is a metaphor with two connotations.

The first is as a bridge between the spiritual world and the temporal world.

The second is as a bridge between mystical consciousness and rational consciousness.

Students of cognition will readily observe that although we have named two connotations they are really just one truth looked at from two perspectives .

It seems institutionalized religions that built empires had some description for the transition from life to death described in the terms of a bridge to another world.

"In Burma, among Karens, strings are strung over rivers, for ghosts of the dead to pass over to their graves.

In Java, a bridge leads across the abyss to the dwelling-place of the gods; evil-doers fall into the depths below.

The soul crosses an awful gulf over a stretched rope, among the Esquimaux until it returns to the womb.

The Ojibways cross to paradise on a great snake bridge.

The Choctaw bridge is a slippery pine-log.

South American Manacicas cross on a wooden bridge.

Among many of the American tribes, the Milky Way is the bridge to the other world." - Ellen Lloyd

Zoroastrians chose between the path of 'good' or 'evil'.

The path of living decides the fate of the soul after death.

At the end of the human journey, souls arrive at the Chinvat crossing where Mithras (Covenant) represents one of the three judges of souls.

The other two judges are Sraosha (Conscience and Observance) and Rashnu (Justice).

These three judges together are omnipotent and judge your every thought and deed.

The demon Vizaresh drags damned souls into the druj-demana (House of Lies) signified by a river of molten metal.

Souls destined for salvation cross a river of milk to the land of milk and honey and enter Paradise.

light and darkness

thinspace of gnostic luminosity

Within the Thinspace

all facets of the Noumenon

are revealed by the Lumière Infinie.

Dancing upon smooth vermillion sandstone

over an indigo spring veiled by thick amethyst haze

under a living tree of sturdy gnarled oak,

a Divine Voice breathes on my Eternal Soul

"Jung refers to the transcendent function as the mediating force between oppositions within the psyche.

The transcendent function arises out of intense and concentrated conflicts within the individual.

Like the koan of the Zen masters, extreme and painful paradoxes can lead us to a place where we must transcend the ego so that our perception of reality is no longer split into two opposing forces.

Jung says that holding the tension of the opposites is essential to bridging the gap between ego-consciousness and the subconscious.

If the tension between the opposites can be held off long enough without succumbing to the urge to identify with one side or the other, the third, completely unexpected image, one that unites the two in a creative new way, comes into view.

The transcendent function has important implications for an ecological psychology because it can serve as a bridge between rational thinking and archetypal sensibility, thus facilitating a renewed connection between the human psyche and the natural world.

The privileging of rational thinking in modern culture characteristically diminishes or rejects the subconscious, hence, archetypal, realm as inferior.

The same dismissive attitude prevails in relation to reality.

Archetypal traits of reality are no longer taken seriously." - Betsy Perluss

"To overcome the conflict between intelligence and instinct it is first necessary to understand, or at least imagine a point of view, or perhaps a state of mind, which is experiential rather than intellectual - a deeply felt neurological sensation rather than a set of ideas.

When put into inadequate words this sensation always seems paradoxical, but experience is not paradoxical.

Everyone who has felt it has always felt at the same time that it is totally simple and clear." - Alan Watts

"Celebrate all things that were.

Celebrate all things that shall be.

Celebrate all things as they

exist in the Thinspace."

"Upanishads, answer the question "Who am I?" with "Tat tvam asi."

This succinct Sanskrit sentence means literally: "Thou art That."

It suggests that we are not namarupa - name and form (body/ego), but that our deepest identity is with a divine spark in our innermost being (Atman) that is ultimately identical with the supreme universal principle (Brahma).

Hinduism is not the only religion that has made this discovery.

The revelation concerning the identity of the individual with the divine is the ultimate secret that lies at the mystical core of all great spiritual traditions.

The name for this principle can be the Way, Buddha, Cosmic Christ, Allah, and many others." - Stanislav Grof, Holotropic Breathwork

"The idea of a ground of objects of experience helps organize knowledge.

Keep before your mind the idea of Unity in this body of phenomena."

Frank Thilly

The existence of consciousness greater than Self
is a necessity for mammalian human minds.

Groundwater: The Problem of Æon

"It is the warmth that these Avatars of Æon generate, and the undying fires they kindle, which cause the Light of the Compassion of Æon to burn fiercely in the heart of humanity."- Bahá'u'lláh

In nature all things are perfect in their time and place even though it may not seem so to us as they may not exist as we wish them to exist.

Everything in existence exists is in nature. There is nothing 'outside' nature.

The words spoken by Jesus of Nazareth relate to the Kindom of Heaven as a state of mind not as a removed physical realm.

Jesus the Tannaim was attempting to awaken within us the Gnostic way of looking at our very human mammal existence.

If we allow the perfection of nature to be seen then we can feel eternity and experience a oneness with Æon - communion with Creation and Sustainance.

An individual who experiences a feeling of oneness with the Creator and Sustainer feels a oneness with nature and has experienced what people throughout history have termed a mystical religious experience.

There are no words to describe the undescribable.

A mystical union of inner peace and intuitive enlightenment.

That feeling demands sharing so sacred texts like this are written!

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