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There are nine levels of Druidic training.

The first six levels of Druidic training teach the acolyte mastery the physical elements of Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood.

The three uppermost levels teach mastery of spiritual elements of Physics, Metaphysics and Walking the Thinspace.

triskelion air symbol

Air Druids


Blue Wind Druids work with the essence of Air.

Their magic includes aeromancy which is divination conducted by interpreting atmospheric conditions.

Aeromancy uses cloud formations, wind currents and cosmological events such as comets to divine the future.

An Air Druid can become a whirlwind and is often be found in habitations in deserts, valleys, and canyons.

An Air Druid has the ability to completely merge with Air, making the bodies into nothing but thin Air for a few moments.

Air Druids can be full of hot air which can come bellowing out at unexpected times !

Air Druids are not good for much except blowing hot Air, but you have to start somewhere!

triskelion water symbol

Water Druids

(Hydro Technician)

Aquamarine Water Druids may be calm and serene, then immediately change to savagely angry, which endows them with a notoriously stormy repute.

They may aid an individual one minute, and then create a whirlpool directly beneath or a thunderstorm directly over their head the next depending on the quality of the essence they sense within the person with which they have engaged.

Water Druids practice hydromancy, a method of divination by means of water which judges color, ebb and flow, ripples and any other movements in bodies of water.

Water druids habitations are always near fresh flowing water - a Stream, Pond, River or Lake.

Water Druids have the ability to completely merge with Water, making their bodies completely out of Water.

A Water Druid that has mastered both Water and Air can swirl the essences of the Water and Air in the atmosphere into a Storm to create Rain and through this ability understands the essence of Steam and the Power of Steam.

A Druid that has mastered both Water and Earth can swirl the essences of the Water and Earth in a pond to create Ice.

triskelion earth symbol

Earth Druid

(Geoligist, Mineralogist, Pedologist and Edaphologist)

Brown Earth Druids work with Earth and Rock and are typically calm and steadfast, like the element with which they work.

Earth Druids are many times found in farming communities, enriching the soil and guarding the land.

Earth Druids have the ability to completely merge with the Earth, making the bodies formed completely out of a variety of rock types from the family of Metamorphic Rocks or Igneous Rocks.

An Earth Druid that has mastered Earth, Water and Fire understands the essence of Concrete and Ceramics.

triskelion fire symbol

Fire Druids

(Master Pyrotechnician)

Red Fire Druids work with the essences of Fire.

The path of a Fire Druid is impossible to predict unless an Air Druid is at hand.

The Fire Druids possess the ability to "Firedance", allowing them to become flame for a few moments and hurl tremendous bursts of Spiritual Fire.

Fire Druids have the ability to completely merge with Fire compeletly consuming themselves in Fire for a few moments.

Many reports have been made of Fire Druids that lost their concentration and were consumed in spontaneous combustion.

Fire Druids practice pyromancy, the art of divination by means of fire.

A Druid that has mastered Air, Water, Earth and Fire can become a Metal Druid.

Stainless Druid

(Master Metallurgist)

Liquid Metal Druids work with the flowing spiraling essence of Metal.

Metal working Druids are often found near crumbling rock faces or holes in the Earth within which they enter to extract their Metal.

Metal Druids have the ability to completely merge with Metal becoming entirely Iron, Copper, Silver or Gold.

Metal druids avoid the soft flowing metals of Mercury and Aluminum and prefer pure metals over alloys.

These Siver Metal Druids are skilled at creating tools and plowshares.

Botanical Druids

(Master of Symbiosis)

Green Master Gardener Druids believe that true beauty can only be approached using the endless patience of the natural world, and believe that Oak trees epitomize this.

To defend their home forest there have been confirmed reports from several witness' (and victims), that Green Druids can merge themselves with a tree to form a "Wood Dryad" in the image of Fangorn the Ent.

Green Master Gardener Druids have the ability to completely merge with Living Wood thus transforming their bodies into Living Wood.

Green Master Gardener Druids are botanists and as such must be skilled in the use of Air, Water, Earth and Metal.

Green Druids even go so far as to grow their own tools !

Tekton Druids

(Master of Physics)

Tekton Druids are Masters of Physics.

Tekton Druids must have a thorough understanding of the the spiraling flowing essences of the six elements of Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Metal and Wood and how each of these elements interacts with each of the others.

Jesus was a Tekton Druid.

As Master Builders they fully understand the Laws of Physics.

Alchemist Druids

(Master of Metaphysics)

Alchemist Druids deal with the spiraling flowing essences of the Soul.

An Indigo Alchemist Druid, with consent of the Eternal Soul being transmuted, can merge his or her spiraling flowing essence with that of another Human Being helping that individual transmute his or her unique Eternal Soul from lead into gold.

In the vein of the Vulcan Mind Meld this does no physical harm to the individuals involved outside of exhaustion caused from a lack of sleep while typing crazily at late hours on the keyboard while letting the participants see deep into each others Minds.

Alchemist Druids have a deep reverence and understanding of Life as they understand and merge with the Essence of Life Itself.

Naturally Indigo Alchemist Druids, Soul Transmuters, are found in high concentrations in population centers and on social networking sites.

rainbow spiral eye

Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time Druid

(Master Thinspace Walker)

Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time Druid simply incorporates the aspects of all the Druidic frequencies and wavelengths into a coherent whole which he or she incorporates into a Library for the entertainment and betterment of Human Beings.

Possessing a deep understanding of history, mysticism, and healing the Ascended Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time Druid is able to control visionary journeys through the four lower levels of consciousness, Archaic, Magical, Mythical and Rational into Integral Consciousness.

Practical experience shows that a placebo is a strong factor in intention, particularly where a problem can largely be solved by putting someone at their ease or when trying to achieve a change in mental state with the intent to make a person more confident or comfortable with reality.

number nine number nine number nine

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