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Brené Brown on Empathy


Are we hardwired for empathy?

The Empathic Civilisation

The Power of Outrospection

Spiritual Empathy Residing Within Old Souls

"Empathy is a better word than identification to describe what Pagan mystics experienced." - John Lamb Lash

Waking rational consciousness involves a single-minded focus of attention.

Empathy occurs when engaging of the consciousness of another individual.

When attention lapses back into a single-minded focus empathy turns off.

Active empathy identifies what someone else is feeling using mirror neurons to react to those emotions with an appropriate emotional response.

When we engage in empathic response we validate the other person.

lack empathy not religion

Mirror neuron circuits fire and activate motor and visual circuits as simulations of activity observed.

The brain manufactures empathy circuits to understand the motivations of other people, Reptilians and Apes.

Balancing the forces of emotion and rationality extends moral concern to people further from our personal lives.

balance is key

Empathic people are natural targets for sociopaths

As early 24 as months of age children display empathy - an emotional response that corresponds to anothers emotional state of mind.

Children between seven and 12 naturally feel empathy for others in pain.

At about age fifteen the ability to overcome the dogma of the discrete and separate self and adopt the collective consciousness of the tribe.

Methods for transcendence of the rational, egoic self of the pre-teen involve ceremonies that incorporate ritual reenactments of the birth process.

Empathy is alert to the humiliation and indignity of being treated differently.

As social behavior is learned through mimesis it is difficult to discern in the shapeshifting individual that studies human emotion and mimics it.

True empaths can discern the difference between the mimicking of emotion, feigned emotion, and the expression of true emotion.

turning honest people into criminals since 1937

Disparity of wealth creates a need to condition in the collective consciousness the concept there are always those that deserve to suffer.

Empathetic emotional response for those less fortunate must brand those beaten down demoralized souls as weak, traitorous or simply unintelligent.

For any group to live extravagantly the division of labor of the culture must be such that a large percentage of the lowest paid workers creation of value through production is siphoned off by the purchaser of the workers services.

It is always in the best interests of those at the apex of the social pyramid to reduce any feelings of empathy any member of the upper classes may feel for the downtrodden disenfranchised lower classes at the base of the pyramid.

empathy map

"lf you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have that within you, what you do not have within you will kill you."

Jesus the Tekton, Gospel of Thomas

Empathy for living beings is a biological imperative.

"I take gnostic statements emotionally; it's an image of the truth, illumination and divine presence to be found in every human being.

It teaches that within every human life is a bit of the divine source, and everything comes from that source.

All life is to be respected as coming from God." - Elaine Pagels

"Humanity, given dominion over animals, may legitimatly use animals.

Animal flesh can be consumed for food; animal skins can be used for clothing; the Torah itself must be written on parchment animal hides.

We are permitted to use animals only when there is a genuine, legitimate need, in the manner that causes the animal the least suffering.

Hunting for sport is prohibited, trapping for legitimate needs is permissible only when it is done in the least painful way possible." - Mechon Mamre

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

My Feet Are Killing Me

The Wanderer

Empathtic abilities appear voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily.

In complex cultures based on subdivision of labor with daily contacts with strangers people are conditioned to hide authentic emotional response.

Deep emotional intelligence gazes from behind the "civilized" mask to decipher emotional states hidden away deep within a walled citadel.

Emotional awareness is directly related to individual self-awareness.

Natural healers engage the daily application of empathetic response.

in the distance

Empaths, holding a broad-minded perspective while engaging a vivid imagination, are unlike those with compartmentalized psyches.

Empaths, known for multiple talents, have a high degree of creativity.

Empaths, respectful of the beauty of Nature, are passionately evolving.

Animals, reflecting the natural beauty of life, are empaths dearly beloved.

Empaths find revivification in solitude to rebalance their psyches.

Empaths, highly expressive of emotional connection, may cause consternation in respect to their emotionally charged reflections.

Empaths simply cannot find social justification nor understand the lack of heart and the lack of concern for the suffering they feel and see.

Empaths know anything untruthful feels wrong and causes physic pain.

Physically unable to choke back the tears they may turn away from society.

embrace your tears

"Many people reading the signs that you are an empath will likely think themselves empathic.

It is not glamorous or exciting, painful more often than not." - Isabella Snow

Empaths: can easily detect lying in normal people; feel another's emotional distress; are overwhelmed in crowds; feel other people's physical ailments.

concentrated empathy

I Am The Walrus

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