Mithras owed his prominence to the belief that he was the source of life, and could also redeem the souls of the dead into a better world.

Ceremonial worship included baptism to remove sin, anointing with perfumed oil, and a sacred meal of bread and cannabis infused wine possessing a wonderful power.

In the catacombs at Rome was preserved an image of the infant Mithras seated in the lap of his virgin mother, while on their knees are Persian Magi offering gifts.

382 AD Written and archaeological evidence confirms the majority of the Roman senators were at that time "patres" of the Sol Invictus Mithras (the Invincible Sun Mithras).

Mithras and to Christianity, were perfectly compatible.

There is no lack of historical evidence to prove it.

"The Roman Mithraic institution was not a religion devoted to Sun worship – no more than modern Freemasonry can be defined as a religion devoted to the worship of the Great Architect of the Universe." - Flavio Barbiero

384 Vettius Agorius Praetextatus, the last "papa" (acronym of the words Pater Patrum = Fathers' Father) of the Cult of Mithras, dies in Rome.

His name, and his religious and political appointments, are written on the basement of St Peters' Basilica, together with the names of a long list of other Roman senators, spanning a period from 305 to 390.

The one thing they have in common is that they all are "patres" of Mithras.
With the abolition of paganism all Roman senators became Christians.

The worship of Mithras, the emissary of light, who symbolized the dissemination of life giving forces in the face of the powers of darkness and chaos fit neatly within the soldiers calling of bringing Roman "law and order" to a chaotic evil world.

Mithras was a life-death-rebirth deity also known as a "dying-and-rising" or "resurrection" deity, an avatar of the Creator and Sustainer.

The Vatican is built upon ground devoted to the worship of Mithras.

Orthodox Christian hierarchy is nearly identical to the Mithraic version.

Virtually all of the elements of Orthodox Christian rituals, from miter, wafer, water baptism, alter, and doxology, were adopted from the Mysteries of Mithras, cross pollinated by the followers of Serapis.

The Mysteries of Mithras preceded Christianity by six hundred years.

They covered a large portion of the ancient world and flourished until being superseded by Constantine's Imperial version of Christianity.

lion and lamb

Jesus with lion, lamb and cannabis incensor

The Messianic Idea of a Savior originated in ancient Persia.

Mithras, Son of the Sun God of ancient Persia,
had the following karmic similarities with Jesus the Tekton:

Mithras presided over an Eucharist or "Lord's Supper."

Mithras was identified with both the lion and the lamb.

Mithras was represented as a beautiful youth and a mediator.

Mithras was born on the Winter Solstice as an offspring of the Sun.

Mithras, a great traveling teacher and master, had twelve companions who performed miracles with holy anointing oil.

Mithras was called "the Good Shepherd, "the way, the truth and the light - redeemer - savior - Messiah."

Mithras after being buried in a tomb for three days ascended on the Spring Equinox.

Mithras held the highest rank among the gods of ancient Persia above the Trinity - Vohu Manah (Good Purpose), Ahura Mazda (Wise Spirit) and Angra Mainyu (Hostile Spirit).

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