slave drivers

Evolution of Capitalism,
Escalation of Imperialism

Three International Corporations
for the Elven-Kings under the Silken Sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-Lords in their Halls of LodeStone,
Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die,
One for the Dark Lord on his Dark Throne

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

One Supreme International Corporation
to rule them all,

One Supreme International Corporation
to find them,

One Supreme International Corporation,
to bring them into the Darkness and bind them

In the Land of Mordor where
the Shadow Governments lie to us all.

ILLUMICORP - Illuminati Secret Training Video Reveiled

brought to you as a public service message from the Bank of International Settlements

work buy consume die

manipulation of resources

"They scoff and speak only evil;
in their pride they seek to crush others."
- Psalm 73:8

Adam Smith, in his 1776 classic, The Wealth of Nations, said he was troubled by the fact that corporations' owners, shareholders, did not run their own businesses but delegated that task to professional managers.

Adam Smith believed professional managers could not be trusted to apply the same "anxious vigilance" to manage "other people's money" as they would their own and "negligence and profusion therefore must prevail, more or less, in the management of such a incorporation."

The "best interests of the corporation" priciple, a fixture of corporate law, addresses Adam Smith's concern by compelling corporate decision makers always to act in the best interests of the corporation and its shareholders.

The law forbids any other motivation for actions, whether to assist workers, improve the environment, or help consumers save money. Corporate officers can do these things with their own money, as private citizens but as corporate officials, however, stewards of other people's money, they have no legal authority to pursue such goals as ends in themselves - only as means to serve the corporation's own interests - to maximize the wealth of shareholders.

A corporation, by definition of corporate law, is singularly self-interested.
Corporate social responsibility is illegal.

Corporate social responsibility is an oxymoron.

"Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility." - Ambrose Bierce Devil's Dictionary, 1911

September 11, 2001 SEC offices are destroyed in the World Trade Center.

"The SEC has not quantified the number of active cases in which substantial files were destroyed. Reuters and the Los Angeles Times published reports estimating them at 3,000 to 4,000. They include the agency's major inquiry into the manner in which investment banks divvied up hot shares of initial public offerings during the high-tech boom." - Margaret Cronin Fisk

2002 to 2007 US Justice Department wins 1,236 convictions in corporate fraud cases.

2004 The wealthiest 1% of American citizens own 36.9% of all stock. 30% of stock is enough to fully control most corporations.

2007 Warren Buffet states he feels no imperative to invest in socially responsible corporations or to press those corporations in which he invested to be socially responsible.

January 21, 2010 Quest for corporate personhood completed. Corporations can now make unlimited, direct political contributions.

"The Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission paves the way for unlimited corporate and union spending in elections, thus drowning out of the average citizen's voice in our public policy debates. In other words, the court has made a bad situation worse by enhancing the ability of the deepest-pocketed special interests to influence elections and the US Congress." - Bob Edgar 01/22/10

"The corporate design contained in hundreds of corporate laws across the face of the Earth is nearly identical . . . the people who run corporations have a legal duty to shareholders, and that duty is to make money. Failing this duty can leave directors and officers open to being sued by shareholders. The law dedicates the corporation to the pursuit of its own self-interest - and equates corporate self-interest with shareholder self-interest. No mention is made of responsibility to the public interest. Corporate law thus casts ethical and social concerns as irrelevant, or as stumbling blocks to the corporation's fundamental mandate." - Robert Hinkley, corporate lawyer

"There can be no real freedom or democracy until the men who do the work in a business also control its management." - Bertrand Russell

plutocracy pyramid

The wealthy need winners and need losers in order to increase the wealth they parasitically stole and, to keep it, they need only bet on the winning side - themselves.

"The idea that some areas of society and life are too precious, vulnerable, sacred, or important for the public interest to be subject to commercial exploitation seems to be losing its influence. For on an Earth where anything or anyone can be owned, manipulated, and exploited for profit, everything and everyone will eventually be." - Joe Balkan

corporate marketing advertisement

"The practical business view is that a fine is an additional cost of doing business. A prohibited activity is not inhibited by the threat of a fine so long as the anticipated profits from the activity outweigh the amount of the fine multiplied by the probability of being apprehended and convicted." - Bruce Welling

"The truly "elite" are the super-rich who have received massive tax breaks while American jobs are sent overseas in an effort to convert millionaires into billionaires. This unpatriotic action has turned the proud post-World War II middle class into a marginalized segment desperately fending off poverty." - David Ohman


"In 1950 US corporations footed 26% of the total US tax bill. By 1990 they were covering only 9%, contributing to massive budget deficits and the current $14 trillion US debt. In 2009 corporate leviathans such as Bank of America, General Electric and ExxonMobil paid no US federal taxes. Exxon's net profit for that year was over $45 billion. It utilized subsidiaries in the British Crown-controlled Bahamas, Bermuda and Cayman Islands to dodge the IRS." - Dean Henderson

"Any fresh survey of men's political actions shows that, in those who have enough energy to be politically effective, love of power is a stronger motive than economic self-interest. Love of power actuates the great billionaires, who have far more money than they can spend, but continue to amass wealth merely in order to control more and more of the world's finance." - Bertrand Russell

"We should not forget even for a moment that this whole animate world is a large family in which nature has not assigned any property to any particular individual. Individual ownership has been created by selfish opportunists so that they might take advantage of the defects of this system in order to grow fatter in a parasitic way. The aspiration to become rich by exploiting others is a mental malady." - Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

"Accumulated wealth is not a reward for any tangible contribution to society made by the possessor."
Ferdinand Lundberg 1937

"Corporate libertarianism" - a totally different animal than individual libertarianism - has emerged placing the rights and freedoms of corporations above that of individuals.

This influence led to cultural and economic ideologies known by numerous names such as neoliberal, libertarian economics, market capitalism, market liberalism etc which in truth is nothing other than neofeudalism in disguise.

The guiding principles of corporate libertarianism ideology include:

Sustained corporate growth as the way to human progress.

Free markets without government "interference" as the most efficient and socially optimal allocation of resources.

Corporate globalization as beneficial to everyone.

Privatization removes inefficiencies of public sector.

Governments function to provide infrastructure and to advance the rule of law with respect to property rights and contracts.

"When more than a billion people struggle to survive on the purchasing power equivalent of less than a dollar a day there has to be serious moral doubt about whether anyone should be a billionaire."
Peter Singer

77 billionaires, about 1 in 4, started out with a huge inheritance.

"Why should men leave great fortunes to their children?

If this is done from affection, is it not misguided affection?

Observation teaches that, generally speaking, it is not well for the children that they should be so burdened.

Men who continue hoarding great sums all their lives, the proper use of which for public ends would work good to the community, should be made to feel that the community, in the form of the State, cannot thus be deprived of its proper share.

By taxing estates heavily at death the State marks its condemnation of the selfish billionaire's unworthy life." - Andrew Carnegie

Billionaire by name &
wealth by market segment

Net Worth



Petroleum, natural gas & electricity
Charles De Ganahl Koch 12 billion Wichita, KS inheritance petroleum, commodities
David Hamilton Koch* 12 billion New York, NY inheritance petroleum, commodities
William Ingraham Koch* 1.3 billion Palm Beach, FL inheritance petroleum
Robert Muse Bass 5.5 billion Fort Worth, TX inheritance petroleum,
Lee Marshall Bass 3 billion Fort Worth, TX inheritance petroleum,
Sid Richardson Bass 3 billion Fort Worth, TX inheritance petroleum,
Edward Perry Bass 2.5 billion Fort Worth, TX inheritance petroleum,
Anne Windfohr Marion 1.3 billion Fort Worth, TX inheritance, petroleum
William Alvin Moncrief Jr 1 billion Fort Worth, TX inheritance petroleum
Richard Edward Rainwater 2.5 billion Fort Worth, TX real estate, energy, insurance
Robert Rowling 5.2 billion Dallas, TX inheritance petroleum & gas
Ray Lee Hunt 3.2 billion Dallas, TX inheritance petroleum, real estate
T Boone Pickens, Jr 2.7 billion Dallas, TX petroleum & gas, hedge funds
Trevor Rees-Jones 1.5 billion Dallas, TX petroleum
Timothy Headington 1.1 billion Dallas, TX petroleum
Billy Joe "Red" McCombs 1.3 billion San Antonio, TX radio, petroleum, real estate
Jeffrey Hildebrand 1 billion Houston, TX petroleum
Tracy W Krohn 1.4 billion Houston, TX petroleum
Dan L Duncan 7.5 billion Houston, TX petroleum, gas pipelines
Richard Kinder 2.8 billion Houston, TX gas pipelines
George Phydias Mitchell 2.5 billion The Woodlands, TX petroleum
David Rockefeller Sr 2.6 billion New York, NY petroleum, banking
Gordon Peter Getty 2.3 billion San Francisco, CA petroleum inheritance
George B Kaiser 8.5 billion Tulsa, OK inheritancepetroleum & gas, banking
Aubrey K McClendon 1.6 billion Oklahoma City, OK petroleum
Marguerite Harbert 1.5 billion Birmingham, AL petroleum inheritance
Richard Mellon Scaife 1.2 billion Pittsburgh, PA inheritance petroleum, banking, publishing
Philip Frederick Anschutz* 7.8 billion Denver, CO petroleum, gas, fiber optics
Phyllis Miller Taylor 1.6 billion New Orleans, LA petroleum, gas
Tom L Ward 1.6 billion Edmond, OK gas
Robert Earl Holding 4.2 billion Sun Valley, ID energy, resorts, ranching
Robert C McNair 1.5 billion Houston, TX energy, sports
Hedge funds
George Soros* 8.5 billion Westchester, NY hedge funds
Edward S Lampert
(Skull and Crossbones)
Robert Rubin* protege
4.7 billion Greenwich, CT consumer products,hedge funds
James H Simons 4 billion East Setauket, NY hedge funds
Steven A Cohen* 3 billion Greenwich, CT hedge funds
Paul Tudor Jones II 2.5 billion Greenwich, CT hedge funds
Bruce Kovner * 3 billion New York, NY hedge funds
Stanley Druckenmiller * 2 billion New York, NY hedge funds
Israel Englander * 1.2 billion New York, NY hedge funds
David E Shaw 1 billion New York, NY hedge funds
Louis Moore Bacon 1 billion London hedge funds
Kenneth C Griffin* 1.7 billion Chicago, IL hedge funds
David Tepper* 1.5 billion Chatham, NJ hedge funds
Samuel Wyly* 1.1 billion Dallas, TX stock trader, hedge funds
Daniel Morton Ziff* 1.5 billion New York, NY publishing inheritance, hedge funds
Dirk Edward Ziff* 1.5 billion New York, NY publishing inheritance, hedge funds
Robert David Ziff* 1.5 billion New York, NY publishing inheritance, hedge funds
Leveraged buyouts
or hostile takeovers
Carl Icahn * 9.7 billion New York, NY leveraged buyouts
Ronald Owen Perelman * 7 billion New York, NY leveraged buyouts
Henry R Kravis * 2.6 billion New York, NY leveraged buyouts
Leon Black * 2 billion New York, NY leveraged buyouts
Thomas Haskell Lee * 1.4 billion New York, NY leveraged buyouts
George R Roberts 2.6 billion San Francisco, CA leveraged buyouts
Tom T Gores * 2 billion Beverly Hills, CA leveraged buyouts
Alec Gores * 1.2 billion Beverly Hills, CA leveraged buyouts
Nelson Peltz * 1.3 billion Bedford, NY leveraged buyouts
Jerome Spiegel Kohlberg Jr * 1.2 billion Mt Kisco, NY leveraged buyouts
Wilbur L Ross Jr 1.2 billion Palm Beach, FL leveraged buyouts
David Howard Murdock * 4.2 billion Los Angeles, CA leveraged buyouts
Harold Clark Simmons* 4.1 billion Dallas, TX leveraged buyouts
Stephen A Schwarzman *
(Skull and Crossbones)
3.5 billion New York, NY leveraged buyouts
J Christopher Flowers 1.2 billion New York, NY leveraged buyouts
Michael Robert Milken * 2.1 billion Los Angeles, CA junk bonds, leveraged buyouts
Money management
Fayez Shalaby Sarofim* 1.5 billion Houston, TX money managment
Michael F Price 1.4 billion Far Hills, NJ money managment
Robert Addison Day 1.3 billion Los Angeles, CA money managment
(Superior petroleum inheritence)
Kenneth L Fisher* 1.3 billion Woodside, CA money managment
Julian H Robertson Jr 1 billion New York, NY money management, wine
Alfred P West Jr 1.2 billion Paoli, PA money management
Eli Broad* 5.8 billion Los Angeles, CA mutual funds
Charles H Brandes 2 billion San Diego, CA money management
Evgeny (Eugene) Markovich Shvidler (partner Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich*) 2.2 billion London, United Kingdom money management
Abigail Johnson 13 billion Boston, MA mutual funds
Edward Crosby Johnson III 7.5 billion Boston, MA money management
Charles Bartlett Johnson 4.3 billion San Mateo, CA mutual funds
Rupert Harris Johnson Jr 3.7 billion San Mateo, CA mutual funds
John P Calamos 2 billion Naperville, IL mutual funds
Thomas Bailey 1.2 billion Aspen, CO mutual funds
Joseph D Mansueto 1.2 billion Chicago, IL mutual funds
Jonathan Lovelace Jr 1.1 billion Los Angeles, CA mutual funds
Elizabeth S Wiskemann 1.1 billion San Rafael, CA mutual funds
Charles R Schwab* 4.6 billion Atherton, CA discount stock brokerage
J Joseph Ricketts 2.3 billion Omaha, NE discount stock brokerage
William H Gross 1.2 billion Laguna Beach, CA bond broker
Peter R Kellogg 2.5 billion Short Hills, NJ inheritance, stock trader
Insurance and banking
Warren Edward Buffett 46 billion Omaha, NE insurance
Franklin Otis Booth Jr 1.9 billion Los Angeles, CA insurance
Charles T Munger 1.6 billion Los Angeles, CA insurance
Joan H Tisch * 3.4 billion New York, NY hotels, insurance, tobacco, gas
Wilma Stein Tisch* 1.9 billion New York, NY hotels, insurance, tobacco, gas
Maurice Raymond Greenberg* 2.8 billion Ocean Reef, FL insurance
Ernest S Rady 2.2 billion San Diego, CA insurance, banking
Ernest E Stempel* 1.7 billion Haton, Bermuda insurance
Arthur L Williams Jr 1.7 billion Palm Beach, FL insurance
Sanford Weill * 1.5 billion New York, NY insurance, banking
Peter Benjamin Lewis* 1.4 billion Coconut Grove, FL insurance
William W McGuire 1.2 billion Wayzata, MN insurance
George Joseph 1 billion Los Angeles, CA insurance
Carl Henry Lindner Jr 2.3 billion Cincinnati, OH insurance, banking
Clemmie Dixon Spangler Jr* 2.5 billion Charlotte, NC banking
John Edward Anderson 1.9 billion Bel Air, CA beer, banks, insurance, cars
Roland E. Arnall* 3 billion Holmby Hills, CA mortgage banking*
Carl Pohlad 2.6 billion Minneapolis, MN banking
T Denny Sanford* 2.5 billion Sioux Falls, SD banking, credit cards
Herbert Anthony Allen Jr* 2 billion New York, NY investment banking
Bernard Francis Saul II 1.8 billion Chevy Chase, MD banking, real estate
Gerald Ford 1.6 billion Dallas, TX banking
James Cayne 1.1 billion New York, NY investment banking
Richard S Fuld Jr* 1 billion Greenwich, CT investment banking
Leslie Alexander 1.2 billion Houston, TX student loans
Daniel Gilbert 1.1 billion Livonia, MI mortgage banking
Kenneth G Langone 1 billion Sands Point, NY investment banking, building supplies
L John Doerr 1 billion Woodside, CA venture capital
Publishing inheritance
Donald Edward Newhouse* 7.3 billion Somerset County, NJ publishing inheritance
Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr * 7.3 billion New York, NY publishing inheritance
Pauline MacMillan Keinath 1.6 billion St Louis, MO publishing inheritance
Cargill MacMillan Jr 1.6 billion Wayzata, MN publishing inheritance
W Duncan MacMillan 1.6 billion Wayzata, MN publishing inheritance
Whitney MacMillan 1.6 billion Minneapolis, MN publishing inheritance
John Hugh MacMillan III 1.6 billion Hillsboro Beach, FL publishing inheritance
Marion MacMillan Pictet 1.6 billion Haton, Bermuda publishing inheritance
Leonore Annenberg* 2 billion Wynnewood, PA publishing inheritance
Media conglomerate inheritance
Barbara Cox Anthony 12.6 billion Honolulu, HI inheritance, media conglomerate
Anne Cox Chambers 12.6 billion Atlanta, GA inheritance, media conglomerate
William Randolph Hearst III 2.1 billion San Francisco, CA inheritance, media conglomerate
Phoebe Hearst Cooke 2 billion San Francisco, CA inheritance, media conglomerate
Austin Hearst 2 billion New York, NY inheritance, media conglomerate
David Whitmire Hearst Jr 2 billion Los Angeles, CA inheritance, media conglomerate
George Randolph Hearst Jr 2 billion Los Angeles, CA inheritance, media conglomerate
Walmart inheritance
Alice L Walton 15.5 billion Fort Worth, TX inheritance consumer products
Helen R Walton 15.3 billion Bentonville, AR inheritance consumer products
Jim C Walton 15.7 billion Bentonville, AR inheritance consumer products
S Robson Walton 15.6 billion Bentonville, AR inheritance consumer products
Christy Walton 15.6 billion Jackson, WY inheritance consumer products
Ann Walton Kroenke 2.6 billion Columbia, MO inheritance consumer products
Nancy Walton Laurie 2.2 billion Columbia, MO inheritance consumer products
Mars, Inc. inheritance
Forrest Edward Mars Jr* 10.5 billion McLean, VA inheritance processed food
Jacqueline Mars* 10.5 billion Bedminster, NJ inheritance processed food
John Franklyn Mars* 10.5 billion Arlington, VA inheritance processed food
SC Johnson & Sons inheritance
H Fisk Johnson 1.6 billion Racine, WI chemicals inheritance
Imogene Powers Johnson 1.6 billion Racine, WI chemicals inheritance
S Curtis Johnson 1.6 billion Racine, WI chemicals inheritance
Helen Johnson-Leipold 1.6 billion Racine, WI chemicals inheritance
Winnie Johnson-Marquart 1.6 billion Virginia Beach, VA chemicals inheritance
Hyatt hotels inheritance
Anthony Pritzker * 2 billion Los Angeles, CA inheritance hotels
Daniel Pritzker * 2 billion Marin County, CA inheritance hotels
James Pritzker * 2 billion Chicago, IL inheritance hotels
Jay Robert (JB) Pritzker * 2 billion Evanston, IL inheritance hotels
Jean (Gigi) Pritzker * 2 billion Chicago, IL inheritance hotels
John A Pritzker * 2 billion San Francisco, CA inheritance hotels
Karen Pritzker * 2 billion New Haven, CT inheritance hotels
Linda Pritzker * 2 billion St Ignatius, MT inheritance hotels
Nicholas J Pritzker II * 1.6 billion Chicago, IL inheritance hotels
Penny Pritzker * 2.1 billion Chicago, IL inheritance hotels
Thomas J Pritzker * 2.3 billion Chicago, IL inheritance hotels
Estee Lauder inheritance
Leonard Alan Lauder * 2.9 billion New York, NY inheritance consumer products
Ronald Steven Lauder * 2.7 billion New York, NY inheritance consumer products
Campbell Soup inheritance
Mary Alice Dorrance Malone 2.2 billion Coatesville, PA inheritance processed food
Hope Hill Van Beuren 1.3 billion Middletown, RI inheritance processed food
Charlotte Colket Weber 1.3 billion Ocala, FL inheritance processed food
Dorrance Hill Hamilton 1.1 billion Wayne, PA inheritance processed food
Bennett Dorrance 2.1 billion Paradise Valley, AZ inheritance processed food
Sheldon Adelson * 20.5 billion Las Vegas, NV casinos, hotels
Kirk Kerkorian * 9 billion Los Angeles, CA casinos
Stephen A Wynn * 2.6 billion Las Vegas, NV casinos, hotels
Phillip Ruffin 1.4 billion Wichita, KS casinos, real estate
William Samuel Boyd 1.2 billion Las Vegas, NV casinos, banking
William Barron Hilton 1 billion Los Angeles, CA casinos, hotels
William Henry Gates III 53 billon Medina, WA software
Paul Gardner Allen* 16 billion Seattle, WA software
Steven Anthony Ballmer * 13.6 billion Bellevue, WA software
Charles Simonyi 1 billon Medina, WA software
Lawrence Joseph Ellison * 19.5 billion Redwood City, CA software
James Goodnight 4.5 billion Cary, NC software
John Sall 2,2 billion Cary, NC software
Thomas M Siebel 1.5 billion San Mateo, CA software
David A Duffield 1.2 billion Incline Village, NV software
Michael Dell* 15.5 million Austin, TX computers
Steven Paul Jobs 4.9 billion Palo Alto, CA computers, entertainment
Theodore W Waitt 1.7 billion San Diego, CA computers
Weili Dai 1 billion Los Altos Hills, CA semiconductors
Gordon Earle Moore 3.4 billion Woodside, CA semiconductors
Sehat Sutardja 1 billion Los Altos Hills, CA semiconductors
Henry Thompson Nicholas III 2 billion Laguna Hills, CA integrated circuits
Henry Samueli 2 billion Newport Beach, CA integrated circuits
John Hammond Krehbiel Jr 1 billion Lake Forest, IL interconnection products
William Morean 1 billion St Petersburg, FL circuit boards
Scott D Cook 1.3 billion Woodside, CA microprocessors
James Kim 1.5 billion Bryn Mawr, PA microchips
Sergey Brin * 14.1 billion Palo Alto, CA internet search engine
Larry E Page* 14 billion San Francisco, CA internet search engine
Eric Schmidt* 5.2 billion Atherton, CA internet search engine
David Filo 2.5 billion Palo Alto, CA internet search engine
Jerry Yang 2.2 billion Los Altos, CA internet search engine
Omid Kordestani 1.9 billion Atherton, CA internet search engine
Kavitark Ram Shriram 1.5 billion Mountain View, CA internet search engine
Pierre M Omidyar 7.7 billion Henderson, NV online auction
Margaret C Whitman 1.2 billion Atherton, CA online auction
Jeffrey P Bezos 3.6 billion Seattle, WA online consumer product sales
J Russell DeLeon 1.8 billion Gibraltar online 'gaming'
Ruth Parasol 1.8 billion Gibraltar online 'gaming'
Barry Diller * 1.3 billion New York, NY internet sales and services
John G Sperling 1.3 billion Phoenix, AZ online education
Peter Sperling 1.3 billion Phoenix, AZ online education
James H Clark 1.1 billion Palm Beach, FL web browser
Lester Crown* 4.1 billion Wilmette, IL weaponry
Ira L Rennert* 1 billion Suffolk, New York junkbonds, mining, armored vehicles
Jerral W Jones 1.3 billion Dallas, TX lawsuits, entertainment
Joseph Dahr Jamail Jr 1.4 billion Houston, TX lawsuits
David Gottesman 2.5 billion Rye, NY lawsuits
Gary Magness 1.1 billion Denver, CO telecom inheritance
Craig O McCaw 2.1 billion Seattle, WA telecom
Irwin Mark Jacobs 1.7 billion La Jolla, CA wireless telecom
John P Morgridge 1.5 billion Portola Valley, CA telecom
Walter Scott Jr 1.3 billion Omaha, NE construction, telecom
Robert William Galvin 1.2 billion Marshfield, WI telecom products
Kenny A Troutt 1.2 billion Dallas, TX telecom
Mary Anselmo 1 billion Greenwich, CT telecom
Broadcasting & Entertainment
Charles Ergen* 7.6 billion Denver, CO broadcasting
John Werner Kluge* 9.1 billion Palm Beach, FL broadcasting
A Jerrold Perenchio 3 billion Bel Air, CA broadcasting
Mark Cuban * 2.3 billion Dallas, TX broadcasting
Todd R Wagner 1.4 billion Dallas, TX broadcasting
Stanley Stub Hubbard 1.4 billion St Mary's Point, MN broadcasting
Edmund Newton Ansin 1.2 billion Miami Beach, FL broadcasting
Keith Rupert Murdoch 7.7 billion New York, NY media conglomerate
Sumner M Redstone * 7.5 billion Beverly Hills, CA media conglomerate
Roy Edward Disney 1.2 billion Los Angeles, CA media conglomerate
Haim Saban* 2.8 billion Beverly Hills, CA television
Amos Barr Hostetter Jr 2.6 billion Boston, MA cable television
Charles Francis Dolan* 2.3 billion Oyster Bay, NY cable television
John C Malone 1.7 billion Parker, CO cable television
Oprah Winfrey 1.5 billion Chicago, IL television
Alan Gerry* 1.4 billion Liberty, NY cable television
Herbert Siegel* 1.3 billion New York, NY television
Robert L Johnson 1 billion Washington, DC television
Robert E "Ted" Turner 1.9 billion Lamont, FL cable television
George L Lindemann* 1.5 billion Palm Beach, FL broadcast, telecom, gas
Frank Batten Sr 1.4 billion Virginia Beach, VA inheritance broadcasting
David Geffen* 4.6 billion Malibu, CA movies, music
George Lucas 3.6 billion Marin County, CA movies
Steven Allen Spielberg * 2.9 billion Pacific Palisades, CA movies
Ray Milton Dolby 1.7 billion San Francisco, CA entertainment
Amar Gopal Bose 1.5 billion Framingham, MA entertainment
Robert Allen Naify 1.2 billion San Francisco, CA movie theaters
Micky Arison* 5 billion Bal Harbour, FL leisure
Marilyn Carlson Nelson 2 billion Minneapolis, MN leisure
Barbara Carlson Gage 2 billion Minneapolis, MN leisure
James C France 1.5 billion Daytona Beach, FL auto racing
William C France Jr 1.5 billion Daytona Beach, FL auto racing
Ollen Bruton Smith 1.4 billion Charlotte, NC race tracks
Jeremy Maurice Jacobs Sr* 1 billion East Aurora, NY sports concessions
Real Estate
Donald L Bren* 8.5 billion Newport Beach, CA real estate
Samuel Zell* 4.5 billion Chicago, IL real estate, private equity
Henry Ross Perot 4.3 billion Dallas, TX computer services, real estate
James L Sorenson 4.3 billion Salt Lake City, UT medical devices, real estate
Leonard Norman Stern* 3.7 billion New York, NY real estate
Paul Milstein* 3.5 billion New York, NY real estate
Matthew Bucksbaum* 3 billion Chicago, IL real estate
Donald John Trump* 2.9 billion New York, NY real estate
Melvin Simon* 2.6 billion Indianapolis, IN real estate
Leona Mindy Rosenthal Helmsley * 2.5 billion New York, NY real estate
Stephen M Ross 2.5 billion New York, NY real estate
Mortimer Benjamin Zuckerman*BB/CFR 2.5 billion New York, NY real estate
John Albert Sobrato 2.4 billion Atherton, CA real estate
E Stanley Kroenke* 2.1 billion Columbia, MO sports, real estate
Malcolm Glazer* 2 billion Palm Beach, FL sports, real estate
Tamir Sapir 2 billion New York, NY real estate
Edward P Roski Jr* 1.8 billion Los Angeles, CA real estate
Sheldon Henry Solow* 1.7 billion New York, NY real estate
Neil Gary Bluhm* 1.6 billion Chicago, IL real estate
George Leon Argyros 1.6 billion Newport Beach, CA real estate, landlord
Igor Olenicoff 1.6 billion Newport Beach, CA real estate
Theodore N Lerner* 1.5 billion Washington, DC real estate
Norma Lerner* 1.5 billion Cleveland, OH real estate inheritance
Nancy Lerner* 1.5 billion Cleveland, OH real estate inheritance
Randolph D Lerner* 1.5 billion Cleveland, OH real estate inheritance
Alan I Casden 1.5 billion Beverly Hills, CA real estate
Steven Roth* 1.4 billion New York, NY real estate
A Alfred Taubman* 1.4 billion Bloomfield Hills, MI real estate
Thomas John Flatley 1.3 billion Milton, MA real estate
Carl Edwin Berg 1.2 billion Atherton, CA real estate
Timothy Blixseth* 1.2 billion Rancho Mirage, CA timberland, real estate
Herbert Simon* 1.2 billion Indianapolis, IN real estate
Marvin J Herb* 1.1 billion Chicago, IL soft-drink bottling, real estate
John P Manning 1.1 billion Boston, MA real estate
Alexander Gus Spanos 1.1 billion Stockton, CA real estate
Thomas J Barrack 1 billion Santa Barbara, CA real estate
Stephen R Karp 1 billion Weston, MA real estate
Leonard Litwin 1 billion Great Neck, NY real estate
Richard Edwin Marriott 1.8 billion Potomac, MD hotels
John Willard Marriott Jr 1.7 billion Potomac, MD condos
Jorge M Perez 1.8 billion Miami, FL hotels
Edward John Debartolo Jr 1.5 billion Tampa, FL shopping centers
Blase Thomas Golisano 1.7 billion Victor, NY outsourcing
Stephen J Bisciotti 1.1 billion Millersville, MD outsourcing
Gary L West 1.1 billion Omaha, NE outsourcing
Mary E West 1.1 billion Omaha, NE outsourcing
Patrick Soon-Shiong 3.4 billion Los Angeles, CA generic drugs
Edgar M Bronfman Sr * 3.2 billion New York, NY liquor
Barbara Piasecka Johnson 2.8 billion Monte Carlo, Monaco pharmaceuticalsinheritance
Jess Stonestreet Jackson 2.2 billion Healdsburg, CA wine
Brad M Kelley 1.5 billion Nashville, TN tobacco
Stewart Rahr 1.5 billion New York, NY pharmaceuticals
Phillip Frost 1.4 billion Miami, FL pharmaceuticals
Ernest Gallo 1.3 billion Modesto, CA wine
Michael Jaharis 1.2 billion New York, NY pharmaceuticals
Howard S Schultz 1.1 billion Seattle, WA coffee
Consumer products
Philip H Knight 7.9 billion Beaverton, OR shoes
Ralph Lauren 3.9 billion New York, NY fashion
Mitchell P Rales* 2.6 billion Washington, DC industrial and consumer products
Steven M Rales* 2.5 billion Washington, DC industrial and consumer products
H Ty Warner 4.5 billion Chicago, IL toys
Richard M Schulze 3.6 billion Edina, MN electronics
Leslie Herbert Wexner* 3.1 billion Columbus, OH clothing
Clayton Lee Mathile 2 billion Dayton, OH pet food
Jim Davis 2 billion Newton, MA shoes
William Wrigley Jr 1.6 billion Lake Forest, IL chewing gum
Michael Krasny* 1.6 billion Highland Park, IL computer and software sales
David Green 1.5 billion Oklahoma City, OK hobby
Manny Mashouf 1.5 billion Brisbane, CA clothing
Robert E Rich Jr 1.5 billion Islamorada, FL nondairy creamer
James Jannard 1.4 billion San Juan Islands, WA sunglasses
John J Fisher* 1.3 billion San Francisco, CA clothing inheritance
William S Kellogg 1.3 billion Menomonee Falls, WI department stores
Robert Kraft 1.3 billion Brookline, MA paper, packaging, sports teams
Robert J Fisher* 1.2 billion San Francisco, CA clothing
William Sydney Fisher* 1.2 billion San Francisco, CA clothing
Paul Barry Fireman 1 billion Brookline, MA shoes
Donald Joyce Hall 1.6 billion Mission Hills, KS consumer products, broadcasting
James Martin Moran 2.4 billion Deerfield Beach, FL car sales
Roger S Penske 2.2 billion Birmingham, MI car sales
Thomas Friedkin 1.2 billion Houston, TX car sales
medical devices
William Alfred Cook 3.2 billion Bloomington, IN medical devices
John E Abele 2.2 billion Boston, MA medical devices
Ronda E Stryker 2 billion Kalamazoo, MI medical devices
Peter M Nicholas 1.9 billion Boston, MA medical devices
Thomas F Frist Jr 1.8 billion Nashville, TN health care facilities
Jon Lloyd Stryker 1.7 billion Kalamazoo, MI medical devices
Gary Karlin Michelson 1.4 billion Los Angeles, CA medical patents
Pat A Stryker 1.4 billion Larimer, CO medical products
John W Brown 1 billion Kalamazoo, MI medical products
John Richard Simplot 3.2 billion Boise, ID potatoes, microchips
Ronald Burkle* 2.5 billion Los Angeles, CA supermarkets
Charles C Butt 2.2 billion San Antonio, TX supermarkets
S Daniel Abraham* 1.9 billion Palm Beach, FL processed food
Peter Buck 1.5 billion Danbury, CT fast processed food
Fred DeLuca 1.5 billion Fort Lauderdale, FL fast processed food
Michael Ilitch 1.5 billion Detroit, MI poison pizza
James Leprino 1.5 billion Denver, CO poison cheese
Christopher Goldsbury* 1.4 billion San Antonio, TX inheritance, salsa
S Truett Cathy 1.2 billion Atlanta, GA fast processed food
Joyce Raley Teel 1.1 billion Sacramento, CA supermarkets
Leonard Blavatnik* 7 billion New York, NY industrialist
Henry Lea Hillman* 3 billion Pittsburgh, PA industrialist
Jerry Zucker* 1.1 billion Charleston, SC industrialist
Robert M Friedland* 1 billion Singapore mining
Michael E Heisley Sr 1 billion Jupiter Island, FL manufacturing
Jon Meade Huntsman 1.5 billion Salt Lake City, UT chemicals
Archie Aldis "Red" Emmerson 1.6 billion Anderson, CA timberland, lumber
Marc David Rich* 1.5 billion Meggen, Switzerland commodities
Pincus Green* 1.2 billion Meggen, Switzerland commodities
Martha Robinson Rivers Ingram 2.9 billion Nashville, TN shipping and distribution
Frederick Wallace Smith 2.2 billion Memphis, TN shipping
Victor Fung 1.6 billion Hong Kong distribution
Leslie L Gonda* 1.3 billion Beverly Hills, CA transportation
Donald J Schneider* 1.3 billion Green Bay, WI trucking
Robert Drayton McLane Jr 1.2 billion Temple, TX consumer products logistics
William E Connor II 1.2 billion Hong Kong supply-chain services
Jack Crawford Taylor 13.9 billion St Louis, MO car rentals
Bradley Wayne Hughes 4.1 billion Malibu, CA storage facilities
Steven Udvar-Hazy* 3.1 billion Beverly Hills, CA aircraft leasing
Louis L Gonda* 1.6 billion Beverly Hills, CA aircraft leasing
Richard T Farmer 1.3 billion Cincinnati, OH uniform rentals and sales
Michael Rubens Bloomberg* 5.3 billion New York, NY information services
Patrick Joseph McGovern 3 billion Hollis, NH publishing
Richard J Egan* 1.3 billion Hopkinton, MA information management
Dwight D Opperman* 1 billion Dellwood, MN publishing
John R Menard Jr 5.2 billion Eau Claire, WI building supplies
Herbert V Kohler 4.5 billion Kohler, WI inheritance, plumbing fixtures
William Morse Davidson* 4 billion Bloomfield Hills, MI glass
Dennis Washington 2.8 billion Missoula, MT construction, mining, shipping
Riley P Bechtel* 2.7 billion San Francisco, CA engineering, construction
Stephen Davison Bechtel Jr* 2.7 billion San Francisco, CA engineering, construction
Kenneth Hendricks 2.6 billion Beloit, WI building supplies
Margaret Hardy Magerko 2 billion Belle Vernon, PA inheritance, building supplies
Bernard Marcus* 1.9 billion Atlanta, GA building supplies
Arthur M Blank* 1.3 billion Atlanta, GA building supplies
William J Pulte 1.2 billion Bloomfield Hills, MI home building
Richard M DeVos 3.5 billion Ada, MI multi-level marketing
Glen Taylor 2.3 billion Mankato, MN printing
Min H Kao 2.2 billion Mission Hills, KS navigation equipment
Alfred E. Mann* 2.2 billion Los Angeles, CA inventor, entrepreneur
H Wayne Huizenga 2.1 billion Fort Lauderdale, FL garbage, entertainment, car sales
Albert Lee Ueltschi* 1.6 billion Vero Beach, FL pilot education
Gary L Burrell 1.5 billion Stilwell, KS navigation equipment
Dean V White 1.4 billion Crown Point, IN billboards, hotels
John Orin Edson 1.1 billion Seattle, WA leisure craft
Arturo Moreno 1.1 billion Phoenix, AZ billboards

Dorrance family soup works

The Cox family, the DeVos family, the Dorrance family, the Gallo family, the Harbert family, the Koch family, the Mars family, the Sobrato family, the Walton family and several other families have relied on their fortunes, the resources of their companies and their business connections to marshal a massive anti-estate tax juggernaut that has reported nearly a half-billion dollars in lobbying expenditures ($490.3 million) since 1998. They stand to save $1 trillion.

Michael Robert Milken, the "Junk Bond King", expanded the use of high yield debt in corporate finance increasing mergers and acquisitions, which in turn fueled the 1980s boom in leveraged buyouts, hostile takeovers, and corporate raids which were responsible for moving untold wealth out of middle American into the hands of men like Charles Hurwitz. Milken was responsible for a large swath of Northern California clearcut pushing King Salmon to the brink of extinction through habitat destruction. He was indicted on 98 counts of racketeering and securities fraud in 1989. Milken plead guilty to six felony counts of securities fraud and conspiracy, paid $600 million in fines was sentenced to ten years in prison and spent 22 months behind bars.

Barbara Piasecka Johnson - 34-year-old Polish chambermaid: February 2016 - $72 million talcum powder verdict in St. Louis to a woman from Alabama who died of ovarian cancer from using baby powder for 35 years. March 2016 - $502 million DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implant verdict in Dallas to five people who suffered metal poisoning, device failure, and surgery. May 2016 - $55 million talcum powder verdict in St. Louis to a woman from South Dakota with ovarian cancer who used baby powder for 45 years. July 2016 - $70 million Risperdal verdict in Philadelphia to a teenage boy from Tennessee who grew breasts (gynecomastia) at the age of 5 years old. October 2016 - $70 million talcum powder verdict in St. Louis to a woman from California who survived ovarian cancer after using baby powder for 40 years. December 2016 - $1 billion DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implant verdict in Dallas to six people from California who suffered metal poisoning and device failure.

Born into an extremely wealthy family with an uncle, Sid Richardson worth $810 million, Robert, Lee, Ed, and Sid Bass all attended Yale University. Ed Bass was a classmate and personal friend of George W. Bush, and the brothers, especially Lee Bass, helped George Walker Bush financially both before and throughout his political career.
Richard Edward Rainwater was investment manager for the four Bass brothers from 1970 to 1986.
Robert Rowling has been given the title of Pioneer for his contributions to the George Walker Bush campaign.
On September 8, 2007, Ray Lee Hunt signed an petroleum deal with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. Ray Lee Hunt spent most of the Bush administration serving on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. The Iraqi petroleum minister has denounced the deal as illegal, though there is no specific law against it, claiming it undermines the country's negotiations to share profit between the Kurds, Sunni and Shiites.
T Boone Pickens, Jr and fellow financier Harold Clark Simmons are financial supporters of George Walker Bush, having contributed heavily to both his Texas and national political campaigns. Harold Clark Simmons gave $4 million to Swift Vets and POWs for Truth to undermine the 2004 presidential election.
Billy Joe "Red" McCombs cofounded radio station empire Clear Channel Communications with Lowry Mays in 1972.
Jeffrey Hildebrand, a former Exxon geologist, founded Hilcorp Energy with partner Thomas Hook 1989.
Tracy W Krohn worked as an engineer and drilling supervisor for Mobil petroleum.
Dan Duncan illegally shot and killed a moose and a wild sheep from a helicopter in 2002.

In 1990, George B Kaiser bought the Bank of Oklahoma, N.A. from the FDIC.
Richard Mellon Scaife gained notoriety for making an end-run around weak campaign finance laws to donate $ $990,000 to the 1972 re-election campaign of Richard Nixon. Richard Mellon Scaife was not charged with a crime, but about $45,000 went to a fund linked to the Watergate scandal.
In November 1997, Samuel Richard Berger paid a $23,000 civil penalty to settle conflict of interest allegations stemming from his failure to sell his stock of Amoco Corporation. On July 19, 2004, it was revealed that the US Justice Department was investigating Berger for unauthorized removal of classified documents in October 2003 from a National Archives reading room prior to testifying before the 911 Commission, by stuffing them down his pants. Samuel Richard Berger eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material on April 1, 2005. Samuel Richard Berger was fined $50,000, sentenced to serve two years of probation and 100 hours of community service, and stripped of his security clearance for 3 years.
Robert Earl Holding - "If you deal with him long enough, you'll be broke." - Ed Higbie of Western Real Estate in Cody, Wyoming.
In 2005 Warren Buffet made a $21.8 billion bet that the dollar would fall. - times wire service
Igor Olenicoff plead guilty to filing a false income tax return and paid $52 million in back taxes in 2007.
Leona Mindy Rosenthal Helmsley was convicted of federal income tax evasion and other crimes in 1989 and served 19 months in prison (and two more months under house arrest), after receiving an initial sentence of 16 years.

Pohlad got his start in the banking business by foreclosing farms during the Great Depression.
A federal bankruptcy judge ruled on May 12, 2009 that a $375 million loan Credit Suisse made to the Yellowstone Club, a Montana resort for the ultrarich, was predatory and should be subordinated to other debts. Credit Suisse authorized club owner Timothy Blixseth to use $209 million of the loan for "purposes unrelated" to the Yellowstone Club including the purchase of private estates in Scotland, France and Mexico, according to an accountant who testified on behalf of the Yellowstone Club.
Chewing gum originally was made of chicle. In the 1960s chicle was replaced by butadiene-based synthetic rubber. Butadiene is a hydrocarbon.
Armand Hammer, Irv Robbins, Jack Abramoff, William Rosenberg, Charles Hurwitz, Ivan Boesky, Henry Samueli, Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, Herbert A. Allen, Andrew Grove, Barry Diller, Michael Eisner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Andrew Grove (Andras Grof), ad infinitum.

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