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Old European Culture: Thundering Sun God

Egypt had one river of significance, the Nile, and smaller villages grew up alongside its banks.

Each of these village communities manifested a mythology, but these mythologies did not create tensions among the communities.

The Hermopolis theological system declared that in the beginning there was nothing but an immense Chaos, Nun - an ocean of shapeless magma containing the potential for life surrounded by Naunet.

In this Chaos there had been a consciousness in existence since antiquity.

This Heliopolitan System, the Ogdoad, continued morphing gods until eight gods had sprung forth from the Chaos.

Four males wearing the heads of toads, and the four females wearing the heads of snakes.

They form the pairs of Nun and Naunet (primordial matter and primordial space); Kuk and Kauket (the illimitable and the boundless); Huh and Hauhet (darkness and obscurity); Amon and Amaunet (hidden and concealed ones).

These eight bring forth Ra, the Sun.



Memphite theology

3000 BC The Memphite theology presents the teachings of Menes, who establishes a new capital at Memphis.

In Memphite theology all local and former mythological traditions are brought to their theological goal in the god Ptah, architect of material reality.

Creation was first a spiritual and intellectual activity, facilitated by the divine heart (emotion) and tongue (speech/word) of Ptah.

Creation became a physical activity carried out by Ptah, the Father of the Sun, who produced the Ennead from his heart, tongue and seed.

Ptah had two children, Shu and Tefnut.

Shu and Tefnut had two children, Geb and Nut.

In the days before Ptah had left the Earth, before he had begun to grow old, his great wisdom told him that if the goddess Nut bore children, one of them would end his reign among men.

So Ptah laid a curse upon Nut - that she should not be able to bear any child upon any day in the year.

Filled with Sorrow, Nut went for help to Thoth, the thrice-great god of wisdom/magic/learning, architect of Reality.

Thoth knew that the curse of Ptah, once spoken, could never be recalled, but in his wisdom he found a way of escape.

Thoth went to Khonsu, the Moon, and challenged him to a contest of draughts.

Game after game they play and Thoth always won.

The stakes grew higher and higher.

Khonsu wagered his own light and lost.

At last Khonsu could play no more.

Then Thoth the thrice-great in wisdom/magic/learning gathered up the light and made it into five extra days which were set between the end of the old year and the beginning of the new.

Since his match with Thoth, Khonsu the Moon has not had enough light to shine throughout the month, but dwindles into darkness and then grows to his full glory again; for he had lost the light needed to make five whole days.

On the first of these five new days Osiris (grandson of the Sun), the eldest son of Nut, is born.

On the second day the second son of Nut, Horus (Day), came into being.

On the third day the third son of Nut is born, Seth (Night).

On the fourth Isis saw the light, and Nephthys born the night of the fifth.

In this way the curse of Ptah was both fulfilled and defeated: for the days on which the children of Nut were born belonged to no year.

Isis, by her craft, learned the secret name of Ptah leaving Osiris to become sole ruler of Egypt and reign on Earth as Ptah had done before him.

Osiris and Isis found the people both savage and brutish, fighting among themselves while killing and eating one another.

Isis discovered barley and millet.

Popular Beer and Wine Brands Contaminated With Glyphosate

Osiris taught the people how to plant the seeds when the Nile had risen in the yearly inundation leaving fertile mud over the fields; how to tend and water the crops; how to cut the millet when it was ripe; how to thresh the grain on the threshing floors, dry it and grind it to flour and make it into bread.

Osiris then showed them also how to plant vines and make the grapes into wine; and they knew already how to brew beer out of the barley as their grain had gotten wet before.

The symbolism of Osiris warns understanding the difference between death and awakening into life can be played out only if we maintain an active role in the continuing struggle between preconception and perception.

So rapidly are our fleeting moments of clarity destroyed by our habitual preoccupations that we need reminders to remember their existence.

When the people of Egypt had learned to make bread and cut only the flesh of the dead animals Osiris taught were suitable, he went on to teach them Law, and how to live peacefully together, delighting themselves with art, music and poetry.

As soon as Egypt was filled with peace and plenty, Osiris set out across the land to bring his blessings upon other nations.

While Osiris was away he left Isis to rule over the land, which she did both wisely and well.

Seth envied Osiris and hated Isis.

The more the people loved and praised Osiris, the more Seth hated him; and the more good Osiris did and the happier mankind became, the stronger grew Seth's desire to kill Osiris and rule in his place.

When Osiris returned from his travels Seth was among the first to welcome him back and kneel in reverence before "the good god Pharaoh Osiris".

Seth obtained the exact measurements of the body of Osiris, and commissioned a beautiful chest to be crafted that would fit only him.

It was fashioned of the rarest and most costly woods: cedar brought from Lebanon, and ebony from Punt at the south end of the Red Sea for no wood grows in Egypt except the soft and useless palm.

Seth gave a great feast in honor of Osiris.

When the heart of Osiris had been made glad with feasting and song the chest was brought in, and all were amazed at its exquisite beauty.

Osiris marveled at the rare cedar inlaid with ebony and ivory, with less rare gold and silver, painted inside with brilliantly colored figures of gods in animal forms.

Osiris wished to own it.

"I will give this chest to whosoever fits it most exactly!" cried Seth.

"Let me see if I will fit into this marvelous crafted chest," said Osiris, and he laid down in the chest.

"It is yours indeed, and shall be so forever!" hissed Seth, the Deceiver, as he banged down the lid and sealed it with molten lead.

Seth took the chest containing Osiris and cast it into the Nile.

As the chest floated toward the great green sea it became hung in the reeds of an island in the marshes of the delta.

Later Seth came hunting wild boars with his dogs, hunting by night after his custom, since he loved the darkness in which evil things abound.

By the light of the moon he saw the chest of cedar wood inlaid with ebony and ivory, with gold and silver, and recognized it.

At the sight anger overcame him in a red cloud, Seth flew into a rage and rendered like a panther of the south.

Seth tore open the chest, took the body of Osiris, and rent it into many pieces scattering it up and down the Nile so that the crocodiles might eat them.

Isis missing Osiris begin to search for him.

Nephthys left her wicked husband Seth and came to join her sister, Isis.

Anubis, the son of Osiris and Nephthys, taking the form of a jackal, assisted in the search.

As Isis searched along the Nile and among the many streams of the delta she made her way in a boat made of papyrus.

The crocodiles, in their reverence for the goddess, touched neither the rent pieces of Osiris nor Isis herself.

Indeed ever afterwards anyone who sailed the Nile in a boat made of papyrus was safe from them, for they thought that it was Isis still questing after the pieces of her husband's body.

Isis gathered the pieces together, rejoined them by magic, caused the body to be embalmed and hidden away in a tomb of which she alone knew.

After this the spirit of Osiris passed into Amenti to rule over the dead until the last great battle, when Horus would slay Seth and Osiris return to earth.


As Horus grew in this world the spirit of Osiris visited him often and taught him all that a great warrior should know - how to fight Seth in both body and spirit - a final battle between good and evil.

When Osiris knew that the time had come for Horus to declare war on Seth he bade him gather together a great army and sail up the Nile to attack him in the deserts of the south.

This theological system began in the Delta, at Heliopolis not far from the head of the Delta.

It was accepted because Amun, Ra, Amun-Ra, or Ptah could easily be made the chief god in any local area, or a local goddess could become his consort, which eventually increased the Egyptian pantheon.

Hammurabi, the Babylonian, added gods of local surrounding tribes just as the Egyptians had done.

Later, following the same model of empire building the Roman Catholics added a pantheon of Saints.

The acceptance of the sun god, Amum/Ra, fit the mindset of the ancient tribes living along the Nile as Amum/Ra was seen everday in a papyrus barque crossing the ocean of the sky.

(Apollo, the Greek sun god, drove his chariot across the sky.)

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