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fallacies that lead to errors in judgement

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rhetological fallacies

Logical fallacy - an error in reason based on an incorrect fundamental assumption

Accent fallacy - emphasis used to suggest an alternate understanding from the apparent one

Base rate fallacy - ignoring available statistical data in favor of chosen particulars

Broken window fallacy - assuming breaking a window creates economic growth

Competition fallacy - assuring an 'even' playing field

Cornucopia fallacy - there will never be enough food to feed mankind

Conjunction fallacy - assuming specific conditions are more probable than general ones

Consensus fallacy - assuming that others think the same way

Consumption fallacy - consuming things is good for the economy

Control fallacy - assuming randomly occuring events are not steered by human means

Definition fallacy - the definition fails to make clear the concept

Depravity fallacy - the idea that mankind is inherently evil

Distraction fallacy - the misuse of logic to distract from the invalidity of the conclusion

Double or nothing fallacy - failing to take into account the fact that winning streaks end

Empty vessel fallacy - assumption that humans are pliable to conditioning

Exclusion fallacy - valid evidence undermining the conclusion is excluded from consideration

Explanation fallacy - an insignificant explanation of phenomenon that doesn't explain anything

Freedom fallacy - failure to recognize restrictions in the environment and circumstances

Gambler's fallacy - assuming future probabilities are altered by past events, yet they are unchanged

Gender Identity Fallacy - projecting social conditioning onto sexuality

Good Intentions Fallacy - assuming a person with good intentions actually knows what is good

Labor fallacy - there is a fixed amount of work to be divided up among the supply of laborers

Ludic fallacy - the analysis of chance related problems according to the belief that the unstructured randomness found in reality resembles the structured randomness found in games, ignoring the non-gaussian distribution of many real-world results

Moral Superiority fallacy - popularity predicates morality

Mimetic fallacy - attempt to convey a perspective state by reenactment of that state

Memory fallacy - confusion of imagination or true memories replaced with false memories

Personification fallacy - the tendency to attribute human characteristics to non-persons

Planning fallacy - underestimating task-completion times

Regression fallacy - ascribing a deliberating cause outside self to natural perturbations

Romantic fallacy - the idea that strangers care about each other

Teleological fallacy - assuming form is designed for function

Texas sharpshooter fallacy - selecting or adjusting a hypothesis after the data is collected, making it impossible to test the hypothesis fairly. Refers to the concept of firing shots at a barn door, drawing a circle around the best grouping and declaring that to be the target.

Technological fallacy - new technologies will solve mankinds problems

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