Visual Activity Regenerates Neural Connections

Environment complexity stimulates visual cortex neurogenesis

"The Eye owes its existence to The Light.

Out of indifferent animal organs The Light

produces an organ to correspond to itself;

Eyes are formed, by The Light for the Light

so the inner Light may meet the Outer."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Where is the Eye able to see souls?

Where others can see only 'door' and 'wall'.

'Door' and 'wall' are subtle things:

Fire, earth, water - all tell sublime tales."


got one that can see !

Vision is defined as:



a promise

to envision

an epiphany

a lucid dream

faculty of vision

a vivid mental image

motivating global image

a sudden clear understanding

something that is or has been seen

sudden understanding of the essence

mental image produced by imagination

mystical experience of subconscious reality

The faculty of 'seeing' has both physical and spiritual elements.

After we imbibe colors, shapes and textures of external objects as a result of the stimulating action of light on acute retina we close our eyes and dream.

Our dreaming sets in motion a series of processes allowing that vision of a material object to come into actual existence through the creative process.

This is materially realizing the creative vision in temporal physical reality.

spectural perturbation

The idea of a direct,

unmediated form of knowledge,

a mental vision,

has a long philosophical history.

soul filtering equipment

We Are the Universe Looking Back at Itself

A civil servant missing most of his brain
challenges basic theories of consciousness

indra eye

As human consciousness evolves through archaic, magical, mythical, and rational consciousness, it becomes increasingly able to marvel at itself.

Integrating each of mode of consciousness into awareness allows an ever-increasing capacity to reflect on this awe inspiring manifestation.

A creation myth from ancient India, found in the Kalika Purana, offers a glimpse into how consciousness comes to reflect upon itself.

It depicts the way that Brahma, who is manifesting the phenomenal universe out of himself, beholds what comes forth.

This narrative portrays how Brahma (by analogy human consciousness) becomes fascinated and captured by the drama that unfolds.

Joseph Campbell says, "The really wonderful thing about Brahma's power is he can discover infinite meaning is every one of the forms and events…."

We change from consciousness unaware of itself to growing self-awareness.

The "Door" Study

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