culture is your operating system

A Clockwork Orange

Social Equilibrium

Malignant Cultural Hegemony

NSA back door gives every US secret to enemies

Culture shapes your mind — and your mental illness

"We can in the foreseeable future, develop macroscopic assessments of our social order, predict our future and put social processes under control.

I am reasonably convinced that social technology can be developed so that it would be possible to gain considerable control over many societal processes.

American social science has been geared to meet the needs of the ruling elites.

The literature of social accounting can be thus viewed as an ideology which justifies the emergence of a new ruling class that will provide "objective", "scientific" and non-ideological advice to the "rulers" of society." - Michael Springer 1970, Social Indicators, Social Reports and Social Accounts: Toward the Management of Society

"Our current trajectory is leading us into an extreme form of simulacrum where our experiences detach entirely from any connection to reality - even our most intimate personal relationships are increasingly shaped through lenses of reality television, consumerism, counseling, and commodification." - Liam Campbell

"The social forms and institutions of nonaggressive cultures positively reinforce acts that benefit the group as a whole while negatively reinforcing acts (and eliminating goals) that harm some members of the group.

The social forms of aggressive cultures reward actions that emphasize individual gain, even when that gain harms others in the community." - Ruth Benedict

Human nature is shaped by culture

The messy biological basis of culture

"Historically, society evolves in cycles from one governed by imagination, superstition, and custom to one governed by rational understanding and that, in turn, declines into a society governed by imagination." - Giambattista Vico

chains of social culture bind

The Chain of Obedience

"A participatory society would be one that has the same basic institutions at its core, of course with variation from case to case, as any other participatory society – and those would be the core institutions of polity, kinship, community/culture, economy, and connections to ecology and other nations." - Michael Albert

Open vs. Closed Stratification Systems

The Cultural Sickness Needs to be Named

Culture may be defined as:

thought patterns and beliefs

socially transmitted behavior patterns

lifestyle formed by aesthetic and intellectual training

'civilization' at a particular stage of intellectual and artistic activity

predomint attitudes and behavior characterizing the functioning of a group

American culture:
paradoxical ponerological psychopathic

Early American culture honored the value of hard work, integrity, courage and 'character' - a function of individual moral fiber.

American culture evolved with coming of the Eastern European Jews.

Modern American antiCulture honors the personality of celebrity:

superficial charm, artificial charisma, political correctness, appearance of wealth, and transhuman immortality through allopathic intervention.

Embedded deep within the American psyche is technological utopianism.

"Many fresh college graduates knowledge of reality is remarkably limited.

The notion of learning from a tight knit family community is part of what has passed from what is called American culture." - Frederick J. Parrella

The Influence of Culture and Society on Mental Health

"The social role demanded of all in the
new culture of personality was that of a performer.

Every American was to become a performing self."

Warren Susman

social is defined as:

convivial activities

relating to communal living

living together in an amalgamation

natural evolution of groups of people

symbiotic union through mutual intercourse

of or relating to human societies and their members

time spent marked by friendly companionable relations

an informal social gathering, as of the members of a church congregation

a party of humans assembled to promote sociability and communal activity

political correctness

Cultural conditioning is the social process in which authority figures such as parents, professors, politicians, religious leaders, peers, and the media define cultural values, beliefs and ethical systems.

Cultural conditioning can easily short circuit critical thinking.

The best cure for cultural conditioning is immersion in an alien culture.

Keep in mind that the manner in which behavior is approved or disapproved is directly related to taboo within the culture.

Anything outside expectations is interpreted as strange, absurd, or a threat.

Ethnocentricity perceives current mannerisms as "the correct way".

Cultural Differences May Affect Psychiatric Diagnosis

"No person can develop without being influenced by other people and their personalities,
or by the values imbued by his civilization, moral and religious traditions."

Andrew M. Lobaczewski

An irony of modern life is that, in spite of spectacular increases in material abundance and centuries of technological progress, hunter-gatherers, people who have lived with almost no material possessions, have enjoyed lives in many ways as satisfying and rewarding as lives led in the industrial North.

Neoclassical economic theory justifies the existing economic organization, resource use, and extremely unequal distribution of wealth.

cultural assumptions

subconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain

"Young people, in particular, want to believe they freely chose intentions and decisions; at the same time an experienced psychological analyst can track the causative conditions of these choices without much difficulty.

Much of this conditioning is hidden within childhood; the memories may recede into the distance, but we carry the reminders of early experiences around with us throughout our lives." - Andrew M. Lobaczewski

melting pot

melting pot

How Much Homogeneity Does Society Need?

The melting pot is a metaphor for a heterogeneous society becoming more homogeneous.

Through Alchemy the different elements "melt together" as in the crucible creating an amalgamated harmonious alloy.

A homogeneous society becomes more heterogeneous through the influx of foreign elements with different cultural background which creates cultural disharmony within the previous culture.

The melting-together metaphor, amalgamation, was in use by the 1780s.

1882 PT Barnum writes to US consuls in countries around the world hoping to acquire what he refers to as "specimens" from different cultures and races to exhibit to the public.

He ultimately contracted with people from Asia, Australia, Europe, the American West, and Africa - some against their will - to be part of the circus's sideshows exhibited in the animal menagerie.

1908 The exact term "melting pot" comes into general usage in the US after it was used as a metaphor describing a fusion of nationalities, cultures and ethnicities in the play of the same name.

The owners of America are looking to make the people into titanium.


cultural immersion

Mythology relates to personal apperception and personal worldview.

Individual mythology grounds you in the noumenon giving you an abode.

Every individual has a unique personal mythology.

Culturally specific mythology is in relation to cultural conditioning.

Culturally specific mythology grounds you in the culture.

Mythology intends to break the boundaries of the rational mind.

Broken rationality allows examination of reality from a new perspective.

Mythology relates - time/place/culture - specific wisdom of life.

The intent of mythology is to integrate the individual into the culture.

Indigenous mythology integrates an individual into the field of nature.

Wetiko cultural mythology makes Mother Nature an enemy of mankind.

Mythology connects conscious thought and subconscious emotion.

Mythology attempts to unite rational thought with mystical vision.

Culturally specific myths create culturally specific overlays.

The same power that animates our lives animates all the life on Earth.

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