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Cherokee Sioux

genocidial maniac Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln and Press Suppression Reconsidered

The Lincoln Administration and Arbitrary Arrests

The Truth About Abraham Lincoln
Stefan Molyneux


"America will never be destroyed from the outside.

If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

We the people are the rightful masters of Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

I have the Confederacy before me and the bankers behind me, and for America I fear the bankers most." - Abraham Lincoln

For several years before his election to the presidency, Abraham Lincoln took blue mass pills for treatment of chronic melancholia.

Lincoln was known to have experienced neurological symptoms, including insomnia, tremor and rage attacks, suggesting he suffered mercury poisoning.

In 2001, a study led by renowned public-health investigator Norbert Hirschhorn recreated a typical formulation, concluding that the quantity of blue mass that Lincoln likely took would have delivered "a daily dose of mercury exceeding the current Environmental Protection Agency safety standard by nearly 9000 times," which may have adversely affected his health.

"The division of the US into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe.

These bankers were afraid that the US, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world.

The voice of the Rothschilds prevailed.

Therefore they sent their emissaries into the field to exploit the question of slavery and to open an abyss between the two sections of the Union." - German chancellor Otto von Bismarck

When Abraham Lincoln is assassinated there is speculation he is preparing to abandon international finance and set up an American central bank with the ability to issue currency controlled by Americans.

His assassin, John Wilkes Booth, is a pawn of foreign finacial interests.

Abraham Lincoln's desire for dominant federal government control of the Confederated States of America directly caused the deaths of nearly a million people.

Abraham Lincoln initial idea of freeing the slaves was meant to hasten the collapse of the Confederated States of America.

Beginning in the early weeks of the Civil War, thousands of fugitive slaves or "contrabands" flee to Washington, DC.

The federal government responded by crowding the Black men, women, and children into hastily prepared contraband camps that supplied insufficient food and clothing, had little or no sanitation, and were breeding grounds for infectious diseases.

Abraham Lincoln formulated a plan to repatriate the enslaved Blacks back to Africa.

This plan is abandoned as unfeasibly expensive.

April 1864

Jay Cooke, a Philadelphia banker and financier, is a close friend and advisor of Treasury Secretary Chase.

From Salmon P. Chase to Abraham Lincoln, New York, April 15, 1864

My dear Sir,

Debt can not be increased indefinitely by selling US treasury bonds & issuing promissary notes; and the time has come when taxation and retrenchment must play their parts.

Next to taxation and retrenchment a uniform national currency is most important.

This can be accomplished only through the passage of the National Banking Law now before Congress.

The National Government will need to pay interest on debt, current expences, and, as long as the war lasts, its extraordinary expences, vast sums from taxes.

Duties on imports are the only exclusive resource of the Nation as distinguished from the States.

Why should not the National Banks & their property and franchises be added?

The National Banking bill should be followed by the bill to tax local bank circulation & prohibit after some fixed period its further issue.

These two bills will give us what we must have, if success is wanted, a national currency.
Yours truly SP Chase

From James Henderson to Abraham Lincoln, April 27, 1864

Dear Sir,

Mr. Chase's management of the finances of the nation is contrary to the dictates of sound policy or common sense.

The sudden decline in stocks in the first week of September 1863, and the rise in the premium of Gold from 127 to 157 in 5 weeks, because Mr. Chase's friends were short of stocks, should have had its effect upon you to dismiss such a Secretary of the Treasury.

Mr. Chase benefitted his friends by asking the National Bank of New York, National Bank of Boston and National Bank of Philadelphia to loan 50 million, when they are already choked with US treasury bonds.

The disturbance to the money market from this loan resulted in a panic, which put stocks down 25% and a rise the premium of Gold of 30% in 5 weeks.

The value of US treasury bonds were injured by the means Chase used, and the US currency depreciated 15 to 20%, which it has never recovered.

Chase was then induced to sell 5 or 6 millions of US Gold, - laid apart, as Congress directed, to pay the interest on the National Debt.

This is a breach of faith, which you will find will injure the US treasury bond value.

Six million of US Gold was obtained from the Govt at about 165 when the price in the market was from 170 to 180.

Chase sold on Thursday, Friday & Saturday 14th, 15th & 16th 8 million US Gold from 166 to 185 and two million US Sterling from 5 to 12% under normal exchange rates.

To keep the cheques for several millions, say 6 or 7 millions Dollars, & present them to City Bank all at once & demand Greenbacks or legal tender money. He had previously made this money scarce, temporarily, for God knows there is enough of it, by selling Duties for paper money against [Cost?]; & then he & his friend predicted that the State Banks must fail.

US treasury bonds went down 10% frightened at such abominable action of Chase.

The Banks are aroused to the unprincipled action of Chase's stock-jobbing friends and will resist the National Banks.

The Gold Market only went down till Chase stopped selling.

How will Chase get back this Gold?

By paying 200 or over for it. Why?

Nearly every US treasury bonds will come back from Europe.

Yours -- James Henderson

lincoln orders mass hanging

Largest US Execution Memorialized In Art

The Cherokee people live in southwestern North Carolina, southeastern Tennessee, and parts of western South Carolina and northeastern Georgia before they are forcibly relocated.

Cherokee language is a Southern Iroquoian language and part of the Iroquoian language family.

1710 to 1715 Cherokee and Chickasaw ally with the British.

1721 Cherokee cede lands in South Carolina.

1739 Smallpox epidemics break out among the Cherokee.

Half the population is dead within a year.

Many commit suicide due to losses or disfigurement from the disease.

Lord Jeffrey Amherst and Smallpox Blankets

1775 to 1786 Before the forcible relocation to Oklahoma many Cherokees relocate to Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.

The Cherokee, along with people of other nations such as the Choctaw and Chickasaw, began settling along the Arkansas and Red Rivers.

The Dakota are first recorded to have resided at the source of the Mississippi River during the seventeenth century.

Rarely mentioned is the radical shift in life style that allows the Native Americans to tame the wide open spaces of the plains - the horse.

The survivers of the decimated Six Nations and Southern tribes followed the rivers onto the plains mingled with other tribes and became the Sioux.

1862 Great Sioux Nation, Oceti Sakowin or Seven Council Fires, stretched from the Big Woods of Minnesota to the Rocky Mountains.

There were seven Sioux tribes, including three western tribes, collectively called the Lakota, and four eastern tribes living in Minnesota and the eastern Dakotas called the Dakota.

"Several Minnesota Dakota Sioux tribes of Native Americans revolt against the US.

General John Pope was sent to quell the uprising.

General John Pope initiated military tribunals and sentenced 303 warriors to be executed by hanging.

Some trials lasted less than 5 minutes. Abraham Lincoln, needing the vote in Minnesota, selected 38 individuals who were promptly hanged.

Abraham Lincoln carried Minnesota in the next election and is the only president to order a mass hanging." - Robert Pisapia

August 17, 1862 US breaks the treaty with the Dakota Sioux after a few Santee men murder a white farmer and his family and begins proceedings to remove the Dakota entirely from Minnesota.

A bounty of $25 per scalp is paid.

"At the onset of the Dakota War, Sarah Wakefield's husband decided that she should travel with her children to Fort Ridgely. George Gleason, a clerk at the Lower Agency warehouse, drove Wakefield, 33, and her children -- a baby daughter, Lucy, and a 4-year-old son, James.

Their journey was interrupted by two Indians: Hapa, the man who would antagonize Wakefield throughout her captivity, and Chaska, the man who became Wakefield's savior. After stopping Gleason and Wakefield, Hapa wishes to kill both of them. Hapa kills Gleason.

"I begged Hapa to spare me," Wakefield wrote, "put out my hands towards him, but he struck them down. I thought then my doom was sealed and if it had not been for Chaska, my bones would now be bleaching on that prairie, and my children with Little Crow."

Chaska persuaded Hapa to spare Wakefield, and she was taken as a war captive. Wakefield spent six weeks living among the Mdewakanton Dakota, often in danger from a few Dakota who felt captives should be killed. Chaska and his family intervened. Wakefield was still nursing her daughter.

Weak and unaccustomed to living outdoors Wakefield describes various ways that Chaska and his family protected her from murder, starvation and sexual assault. When he felt it was safe, Chaska brought Wakefield and her children to General Henry Sibley and his troops.

Wakefield spoke out for Chaska's good deeds maintaining that Chaska had been her protector and had not killed George Gleason.

There were 392 trials for alleged war crimes committed by Dakota during the war.

Three hundred and three Dakota men were sentenced to hang, while their families were brought to a prison camp near Fort Snelling, according to "The War in Words" by Katheryn Zabelle Derounian-Stodola.

After pardoning many of the accused, Abraham Lincoln orders the execution of 38 Dakota men.

Despite his innocence, and despite Wakefield's attempts to intervene, Chaska was convicted of killing George Gleason.

He was sentenced to hang on Dec. 26, 1862, in Mankato.

"As a final cry for justice, Wakefield published her work, "Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees: A Narrative of Indian Captivity," in 1863 and 1864 in Minnesota. Through her narrative, Wakefield challenged not only her role as a submissive, subordinate woman, but also the government-endorsed, or accepted, version of the Dakota War. Vindicating both herself and the Dakota, Wakefield describes the exploitation of the Dakota people and the wrongful hanging of an innocent man, Chaska, her protector." - Corey Hickner-Johnson

No Hero to Native Americans

Seven Sacred Ceremonies of the Cherokee

Oct 20, 1862 First Presidential Executive Order

Executive Order Establishing a Provisional Court in Louisiana

Winter of 1862–1863

1,600 Dakota Sioux are held in a fortified camp on Pike Island below Fort Snelling.

1864 Battle of Killdeer Mountain.

The Sioux, a deeply spiritual people, share Wakan Tanka or the Great Mystery.

Religious visions are cultivated and people commune with the spirit realm through music and dance.

Sand Creek massacre

November 29 A 675-man force of the Third Colorado Cavalry led by US Volunteers Colonel John Chivington attack and destroy a village of Cheyenne and Arapaho in Colorado Territory, killing and mutilating an estimated 163 Native Americans, about two-thirds women and children.

Chivington was a Methodist preacher, Freemason and an opponent of slavery.
"Jis' to think of that dog Chivington and his dirty hounds, up thar at Sand Creek. His men shot down squaws, and blew the brains out of little innocent children. You call sich soldiers Christians, do ye? And Indians savages? What der yer s'pose our Heavenly Father, who made both them and us, thinks of these things?" - Kit Carson to Col. James Rusling

Some of Chivington's men were drunk and many of the soldier casualties were due to friendly fire.

Chivington and his men dressed their weapons, hats and gear with scalps and other body parts, including human fetuses and male and female genitalia.

They publicly display these in the Denver Apollo Theater and area saloons.

The massacre disrupted the traditional Cheyenne power structure, due to the deaths of eight members of the Council of Forty-Four.

White Antelope, One Eye, Yellow Wolf, Big Man, Bear Man, War Bonnet, Spotted Crow, and Bear Robe were all killed, as were the headmen of some of the Cheyenne military societies.

Once the details of the massacre became widely known the US sent a blue ribbon commission and the Treaty of the Little Arkansas is signed in 1865.

1866–1868 Red Cloud's War

1868 The Sioux consider the Black Hills to be sacred.

US Fort Laramie Treaty, exempting the Black Hills from all white settlement forever.

1872 Lieutenant Colonel George Crook and the 5th Cavalry attack the Yavapai and Apache stronghold of Skeleton Cave, located in Salt River Canyon, Arizona.

75 Yavapai and Apache warriors are killed, including Chief Nanni-chaddi, while another 34 were captured the Battle of Salt River Canyon or the Skeleton Cave Massacre..

1874 Gold is discovered in the Black Hills.

Grant administration advertises gold in the Black Hills to relieve the pressure of the Panic of 1873.

1875 Gold Rush starts in the Black Hills.

Commissioner of Indian Affairs declares non-reservation tribes of Sioux subject to arrest.

June 15, 1876 Battle of Little Big Horn

The 7th Cavalry, a veteran organization combined after the Civil War, under General George A. Custer is requested to force the Lakota Sioux bands onto the newly delineated tribal reservation.

1880 Thousands of miners in the Black Hills make it the most densely populated part of Dakota Territory.

1890 US adjusts the Great Sioux Reservation of South Dakota, the majority of the state, into five smaller reservations to accommodate homesteaders and in accordance with the "policy of breaking up tribal relationships" and "conforming Indians to the white man's ways, peaceably if they will, or forcibly if they must."

Tribes are separated into family units on 320 acre plots, forced to farm, raise livestock, and send their children to boarding schools that forbade any inclusion of Native American traditional culture and language.

"Our communal sin is the bald lie that we all live and perpetuate from moment to moment, year upon year, from our past to the days ahead: the misbegotten belief that we are a peaceful people." - Randall Amster

December 15, 1890 Fearing the spread of the Ghost Dance movement the US orders the arrest of Sitting Bull at Standing Rock.

Sitting Bull and eight of warriors are shot dead at the Standing Rock reservation by agency police.

December 23 350 people leave Miniconjou village concealed by darkness to begin their 150 mile trek through the frozen Badlands to the Pine Ridge Agency.

December 28 Troops of Major Samuel M. Whitside and the Seventh Calvary (General George Custer) drive Red Cloud and Big Foot to the bank of Wounded Knee Creek.

Interrogated sleeplessly throughout the night soldiers drink and revel all night in celebration of the capture of Big Foot.

Colonel James Forsyth arrives with reinforcements taking command of the situation and stationing four Hotchkiss revolving cannon firing two pound explosive shells at a rate of fifty per minute on the ridge above.

A rumor panics the Indians - they are to be deported to Indian Territory (Oklahoma), reputed for worse living conditions than any prison.

Soldiers begin stripping the Indians of weapons, further agitating tensions.

While soldiers search, some Indians began singing Ghost Dance songs, and one (possibly the medicine man Yellow Bird) throws dirt in a ceremonial gesture.

A gun discharges.

Although no one is injured, the soldiers immediately spray the now unarmed Indians with the four Hotchkiss revolving cannon from the ridge above.

Most of the Indian fatalities occurred during the initial ten to twenty minutes, but sporadic firing lasted for several hours as cavalrymen pursue Indians.

Twenty-nine soldiers among the Sioux perish from "friendly fire".

Indian survivors remarked that the soldiers cried out "Remember the Little Bighorn" as they hunted human prey - they believed the massacre to be revenge for Custer's annihilation at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 (Santee Sioux, Sid Byrd, from oral histories of several survivors.)

December 29 Twenty-three soldiers from the Seventh Calvary, said to be drinking, receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for slaying defenseless Indians with overwhelming firepower from the four Hotchkiss revolving cannon.

"When the rain of ammunition ceased, over 300 Lakota people lay dead from gunfire, cannon fire, or manual butchering within the encampment and within adjacent ravines up to two miles away.

The dead were Lakota men who had been disarmed before the weapons fire began, women, many with babes in arms or waiting to be born, and children.

The soldiers walked away from their crime against humanity and left the dead where they lay. That night, the sky cried snow and the warm winter wind of peace was supplanted by the cold winter wind of grief.

Four days later the soldiers came and loaded the dead like cordwood in wagons and hauled their loads to hastily dug mass graves, where the dead were thrown in - the bodies of men, women and children whose spirits walked the encampment and ravines, wailing.

Twenty-seven Congressional Medals of Honor for "bravery" were awarded to the soldiers who participated in that heinous murder for their parts in fighting the allegedly hostile "war parties" attacking them that day." - Wanbli Sapa

1980 US Supreme Court rules that the Black Hills were illegally taken.

Native American Boarding Schools

Residential School survivors speak out

US stole thousands of Native American children

The Role of Cultural Assimilation

What's Up? – Assimilation vs. Acculturation

being president

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