Seventy eight fusion centers in America

"The heart of our government's national security information sharing challenge is to provide analysts the ability to analyze and quickly draw appropriate inferences from multiple and sometimes disparate information sources lies. This is to share the right information, with the right people, at the right time.

Prior to 9/11, the information flow between federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial partners was not sufficiently robust to achieve a strong, effective, and productive nationwide information sharing partnership.

Today, fusion centers serve as focal points within the state and local environment for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information between the federal government and state, local, tribal, territorial and private sector partners.

To support these information sharing efforts, federal agencies have significantly improved coordinating the planning and provision of deployed personnel, training, technical assistance, exercise support, security clearances, connectivity to federal systems, technology, and grant funding, in support of the National Network of Fusion Centers." - Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Company does sock puppet propaganda for US military
also identifies "anarchist networks" at home

agents of the Soulless Reptilian Money Changers  take notice - you are under surveillance

Fusion centers, raise very serious privacy issues at a time when new technology, government powers and zeal to control the population, body and soul, are combining to threaten Americans' privacy at an unprecedented level.

Lack of proper legal limits on fusion centers, domestic intelligence, undermines fundamental American values.

This nascent domestic surveillance system include:

• Watching and recording the everyday activities of an ever-growing list of individuals

• Channeling the flow of the resulting reports into a centralized security agency

• Sifting through ("data mining") these reports and databases with computers to identify individuals for closer scrutiny.

A list of 65 behaviors LAPD officers "shall"report includes:

• taking measurements

• using binoculars

• taking video footage "with no apparent esthetic value"

• abandoning vehicle

• drawing diagrams

• taking notes

espousing extremist view.

big brother loves you !

"It is necessary to know exactly what every citizen is up to, to know his relations,
his amusements." - Jacques Ellul, Technological Society, 1964

The Secret Surveillance Catalogue

Secret History of American Surveillance

Catalogue of Government Gear for Spying on Your Cellphone

Barack Obama's Secret Terrorist-Tracking System, by the Numbers

Nearly half of the people on the US government's widely shared database
of terrorist suspects are not connected to any known terrorist group

bad return on investment

This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult

"Accurate surveillance as a means of control is a practical impossibility.

What is much more likely is a loss of privacy and constant inconvenience as the wrong people gain access to information, as one wastes time convincing the inquisitors that one is in fact innocent, or as one struggles to untangle the errors of the errant machine." – Victor Ferkiss

noble drone strikes Is Not Neutral, Not Secure, and Not the Internet

XKeyscore Exposé Reaffirms the Need to Rid the Web of Tracking Cookies

'Chilling Effect' of Mass Surveillance Is Silencing Dissent Online

computational politics

If only we could step outside our normal way of thinking for a moment.

None of the frameworks we normally call on to understand the national security state capture the irrationality that lies in the Heart of Darkness.

"National security" is a proselytizing warrior religion.

National security state has Holy Orders.

National security state has its Sacred Texts.

Classified except for eyes that "need to know".

It has its dogma and its warrior priests.

The national security state is sanctified, known as "The Promiseland."

The national security state has its seminaries, which we call think tanks.

The national security state is a monotheistic faith with no alternatives.

The national security state is Machiavellian in its view of the world.

As with so many religions, its an-eye-in-the-sky, an all-seeing Being.

adapted from Tom Engelhart


The Threat of AI Weapons

Drone Swarms Are Getting Too Fast For Humans To Fight

Government Surveillance of Occupy Movement

You Can't Vote Out National Security Bureaucrats

Lobbyists for Spies Appointed To Oversee Spying

gordon duff

A Visual Glossary

Confessions of a Drone Warrior

Drones: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Ex-drone operator: 'I lost that respect for life'

I'm on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted by drones

Former Drone Pilots to Obama: Civilian Killings Driving 'Terrorism'

Former Drone Operators Horrified By Cruelty of Assassination Program

Drone veteran confessions: more dangerous than the government is telling you

Plan to shift oversight to the Pentagon flagged in face of opposition in Congress

90 Percent Of People Killed In Recent Drone Strikes Were Not The Target

Former US Drone Techs Condemn Inhumanity of Secretive Kill Program

Psychologists Propose Horrifying Solution to PTSD in Drone Operators

Drone Contractors: Oversight and Accountability Gap

Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones

The Drone Papers | Part 3: The Kill Chain

US draws up plans for nuclear drones

El Condor Pasa

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