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The Art of Amarna: Akhenaten and his life under the Sun

Graves show culture clash that let Nubians rule Egypt

The Pharaoh of Egypt was considered to be an immaculately conceived resurrected form of the god Osiris carried in an Avatar of the Divine that held the homoousion essence as the son of Osiris, Horus.

Although Pharaoh was considered to be a descended god his queen was considered to be a mortal consort.

The sons of Pharaoh were immaculately conceived.

Born of a virgin queen impregnated - not by a mortal man - but by the god Horus carried to Earth in the physical form of the body of Pharaoh which acted as an Avatar of the Divine.

Death of the Firstborn Egyptians

1360 BC  Pharaoh Amenhotep III, son of Pharaoh Thutmose IV, and Queen Tiye had two known sons.

The goddess Neith was required to give birth while remaining a virgin.

When the elder brother died as a teenager Pharaoh Amenhotep III had to re-brand his wife as the goddess Neith as she obviously was not a virgin after having given birth previously.

This made the second son, rebranded Amenhotep IV, able to fulfill the mandate of being born of a virgin which assured the Pharaoh's lineage of succession.

Strict religious traditionalists considered this re-branding heretical.

Wooly Bully

1350 BC Amenhotep IV, educated in the court of Amenhotep III in the royal capital of Memphis, is branded the god Horus at the religious capital of Thebes.

Amenhotep IV ascended to the throne at the age of 18.

Amenhotep IV quickly wrought nothing less than a complete revolution in religion, art, construction and governance.

Amenhotep IV did away with the old gods, which were generally portrayed with human bodies and the heads of animals.

In the place of the old gods, Amenhotep IV decreed that there was only one God, the god of his father and grandfather - Aten, symbolized by the Sun.

Amenhotep IV changes his name to Akhenaten, which means roughly, "The useful Son of the Sun Disc."

Akhenaten begins replacing the names of the old gods from temples and public buildings with gods being combined and blended into Aten, much as Menes had done at Memphis 17 centuries earlier.

The difference between night and day became, simply, that Aten was no longer present at night. No longer did other gods rule the dark.

"The real revolution implied transformation of thought patterns, in which all the traditional forms were bathed in the glare of the Lumière Infinie which the traditional Egyptians came to find intolerable.

Beginning with the change in the king's birth name, from which the name of the Amun was removed, there was a step-by-step process of elimination.

Amun was replaced by Aten, mythical statement by rational statement, many-valued logic by two-valued logic, the gods by God.

This was accomplished according to a well-conceived plan." - Erik Hornung

Monoculture: The Worst Mistake Humans Ever Made

"Akhenaten was not a visionary but rather a methodical rationalist.

Akhenaten was a rational philosopher who took the throne of perhaps the most powerful empire on earth at that time, and implemented reforms one by one as soon as the necessary political conditions had been created.

Akhenaten manipulated the power of the priestly institutions at his command very brilliantly.

The new religion could be summed up as there is no god but Aten, and Akhenaten is his prophet. " - Jimmy Dunn

Akhenaten was the first Head of State on Earth to attempt complete unification of diverse religious traditions through a declaration of the monotheistic embrace of the moral order of One God.

This rebranding required the population to be 'converted' (re-educated).

Akhenaten called himself the son of Aten (God), prefiguring the legend of the Mystery of Christ.

Akhenaten provoked a change in art forms.

At times, Akhenaten is shown riding with Nefertiti in a chariot, kissing Nefertiti in public and with Nefertiti sitting on his knee.

Akhenaten carved images of Nefertiti onto the four corners of his granite sarcophagus and she provided the protection for his mummy, a role traditionally played by the female deities Isis, Nephthys, Selket and Neith.

In the long history of Egyptian art, Pharaohs were generally presented as ideal figures, with athletic bodies and handsome faces.

Portraits and statues made during Akhenaten's rule were much more realistic in style, often showing Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti, the Chief Royal Wife, in intimate, affectionate poses or with their children, six daughters, on their laps.

Akhenaten was portrayed with a long, narrow face, wide hips on a somewhat deformed body, a small potbelly, and unusually long fingers and toes.

A variety of evidence suggests that Akhenaten may have suffered from Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that alienated him from his family.

Marfan sufferers recall feelings of rejection and isolation in childhood.

The community may have shunned him due to his unusual appearance and that isolation may have led him to reject the gods of the old religion.

The connective tissue defect was shared by Abraham Lincoln.

The Mystery of Akhenaten: Genetics or Aesthetics?

the family of Tutankhamun

Akhenaten later sired Tutankhamun (meaning "Living Image of Aten), likely by the royal wife Kiya.

Each of the royal women had her own sanctuary, frequently called a sunshade temple, usually situated in a parkland environment of vegetation and water pools.

Crucially important to Akhenaten was renewal of creation through reproduction, basic to Akhenaten's personal life, but also in the daily renewal of creation affected by Aten.

Another change Akhenaten wrought was the eg● women.

Akhenaten compares with Muhammad ibn 'Abdullāh and Siddhartha Gautama in founding a religion respectful of women as human beings.

In the fourth year of his reign, Akhenaten decided to build his own capital city, and he chose the site now known as Tell el-Amarna, midway between Memphis and Thebes.

To speed construction, Akhenaten changed the way buildings are built.

In the past, public buildings have been put together with large blocks of sandstone, often weighing as much as 12-1/2 tons.

Akhenaten decrees that the masons use blocks that averaged only about 10 inches square and 20 inches long, making them much easier to transport and assemble.

They are quarried from a soft sandstone that could be easily shaped.

(The Harappans used the same sized bricks, which they fired, and standard weights in 2500 BC, 1200 years earlier than Akhentan used bricks and 1500 years earlier than the Chinese fired brick. The Masons that built the cathedrals of Europe used nearly the same size stones. The reason is simple - it takes only one man to lift and place the building blocks.)

Akhenaten moved into the new city, called Akhetaten, or "Horizon of the Sun Disc", two years after construction began.

Elaborate drawing and narratives were carved onto the outside of the buildings and painted.

Akhenaten built eight structures at East Karnak, some the size of four football fields.

This method of building was abadoned at the end of the reign of Akhenaten.

successive awakening

Unfortunately their was a backlash to this revolution in thought.

Cracks can be seen in the Egyptian empire , and they became ever more evident during the reign of Akhenaten.

Colonies begin to be neglected near the end of the reign of Amenhotep III.

During the reign of Akhenaten the civil and military authority was left to Ay, 'Father of God', possibly the father-in-law of Akhenaten, and Horemheb.

Ay and Horemheb both eventually became kings before the end of the 18th Dynasty, and Horemheb particularly was instrumental in reversing the Egyptian state religion back to its previous traditional form.

Many of the followers of Akhenaten and Aten, the inhabitants of Akhetaten, fled from Eygpt when the Egyptian state religion was converted back to its previous traditional form.

This wandering tribe came to be known as the Hebrews.

Down the Nile to Port Said, then along the shoreline to Jerusalem is ~ 900km.

The main difference between the Sun Disc and the god of Moshe Rabbenu is that Akhenaten focused on the creative aspects of God - the reproduction of life, the daily resurrection of the life giving warmth of the sun, the seasonal life giving aspects of the waters of the Nile, etcetera whereas the god of Moshe Rabbenu, although still the God of Creation, has a nomadic hunter warrior characteristic as manifested in Yahweh rather than a settled gatherer fertility god like Osirapis.

Contrary to the rumor that the entire race of Hebrews were enslaved by Pharaoh many were employed by Pharaoh building pyramids.

Joseph (Yosef), who was sold into slavery by his brothers, became Pharaoh's trusted adviser.

The Egyptians planted and harvested in the proper seasons and after harvest they went down to the city to work as craftsman in the construction of the pyramids which are most likely a poured in place forerunner of concrete.

Beer in Ancient Egypt

Man Moves Huge Blocks!

Building the Pyramids of Egypt

Eds Coral Castle Quarry and Flywheel

Old Man Breaking Big Rocks with Hand Chisels

Great Pyramid K 2019 - Director Fehmi Krasniqi

Beer was of central importance to ancient Egyptian society.

Beer was enjoyed by both adults and children, was the staple drink of poor Egyptians but was also central to the diet of wealthy Egyptians.

The gods were often made offerings of beer, and beer was mentioned in the traditional offering formula.

Wages were often paid in beer and the workmen living in the worker village at Giza received beer three times a day as part of their rations.

Near a Giza pyramid was discovered the first bottled beer factory.

Those bottles have been found scattered at places of habitation throughout the Mediterranean Sea basin.

"The mouth of a perfectly contented man is filled with beer." - ancient Egyptian proverb

Bare-breasted women engaged in sudsy brewing work adorn tomb paintings and clay models from the dynastic period.

To slake his thirst, each laborer on the pyramids got a daily beer allotment of 1 1/3 gallons.

Ancient Egyptian beer was nutritious, thick and sweet and mildly intoxicating.

Everyone partied at the annual celebration of the Drunkenness of Hathor, goddess of fertility, motherhood and the Milky Way.

It is clear that beer could could be fortified to be as intoxicating as Egyptian wine, as participants in the festivals of Bast, Sekhmet and Hathor would get very drunk as part of their worship of these goddesses.

A popular myth tells how beer saved humanity when Sekhmet (in her role as the "Eye of Ra") was tricked into drinking coloured beer which she mistook for blood and became very drunk, passing out for three days!

rumors of immortality

Walk Like an Egyptian

"The civilization, which included a written alphabet, had seemingly risen to a higher order than those immeasurably later civilizations of Egypt and Chaldaea, yet there were curious omissions. I could, for example, find no pictures to represent deaths or funeral customs, save such as were related to wars, violence, and plagues; and I wondered at the reticence shown concerning natural death. It was as though an ideal of immortality had been fostered as a cheering illusion." - HP Lovecraft, The Nameless City

There has been rumors since the Pyramids of Giza were built that no human could accomplish such a feat.

There has been speculation that an alien race of reptilians fled Mars when the sun cooled down 10,000 years ago and founded a civilization on the Nile.

The pyramids have a secret and that is they act as a gateway to Heaven, or Orion, depending on your loyalty.

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