The images conveyed in myths have symbolic archetypical reality in that they reflect the inner life or thought of mankind
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A new order for the ages that God approves

Money and US Dollar Occult Symbolism

"The eye and the pyramid shown on the reverse side of the one-dollar bill are in the Great Seal of the US. The Great Seal was first used on the reverse of the one-dollar Federal Reserve Note in 1935. The Department of State is the official keeper of the Seal. They believe that the most accurate explanation of a pyramid on the Great Seal is that it symbolizes strength and durability. The unfinished pyramid means that the US will always grow, improve and build. In addition, the "all-seeing-eye" located above the pyramid suggests the importance of divine guidance in favor of the American cause. The inscription ANNUIT COEPTIS translates as "He (God) has favored our undertakings," and refers to the many instances of Divine Providence during our Government's formation. In addition, the inscription NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM translates as "A new order of the ages," and signifies a new American era." - US Department of the Treasury Website, June 2, 2008

Pharaoh built the pyramid to prove HE could perform superhuman, godlike feats.

Pharaoh raised a mountain with a geometric shape of perfect precision,
a miraculous feat which only a god could perform.

The apex of the pyramid, wrapped in gold, reflected the sun rays.

Those reflected golden rays swept the land as the sun traveled across the sky.

At the apex of the pyramid was the all-seeing-eye of Horus" forever sweeping the land as the sun traveled through the sky, sunrise to sunset, solstice to solstice.

The Alchemists renamed this symbol the all-seeing-eye of God. Christians enclosed the symbolic eye in a triangle representing the Trinity and named it the all-seeing-eye of Providence. Masons adopted a similar symbol naming it the all-seeing-eye of the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

The design of the Federal Reserve Note uses the Great Seal to transfer the supernatural power of the all-seeing-eye to the Federal Reserve incorporating into American mythology and the American psyche the all powerful money power.

The Federal Reserve, through the symbology on the Federal Reserve Note,
sets the issuer of the note at the apex of the pyramid by branding the subconscious.

The Federal Reserve knows all, sees all - bow down to your god of money!

It was NOT the intent of the founding fathers to hand control of money into private hands. If the founding fathers had wanted private interests to control money then they never would have declared independence from the existing monarchical oligarchy of King George III.

The all-seeing-eye logo is used by the Information Awareness Office, a division of DARPA within the US Department of Defense, and was used by MI5, a British intelligence service.

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"I carry a copy of the Great Seal in my pocket in the form of a dollar bill - paper money, legal tender."

On the dollar bill is an interpretation of the ideals that brought about the formation of the USA. Look at a dollar bill. Here is the Great Seal of the USA. Look at the pyramid on the left. The pyramid has four sides. These are the four points of the compass. There is somebody at this point, there's somebody at that point, and there's somebody at this point. When you're down on the lower levels of this pyramid, you will be either on one side or on the other. But when you get up to the top, the points all come together, and there the Eye of God opens.

America was the first nation on Earth established on the basis of reason.

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the founding fathers were eighteenth century Christian Deists.

Deism is a religious philosophy that became prominent in England, France, and America in the 17th and 18th centuries. Christian Deists typically reject supernatural events, incorruptible holy books, prophecy, miracles, speaking in tongues and divine revelation prominent in organized revivalist and literalist cults. Instead, Christian Deists hold that correct religious beliefs must be founded on human reason and observed features of the natural world, and that these sources reveal the existence of God, the Creator. George Fox and John Wesley were essentially Christian Deists.

holy trinity

Gnostics, the first Christian Deists, were exterminated by the Roman Catholic purge of Gnostic Christian religion under Constantine which culminated in the Nicene Creed.

Christian Deists are misunderstood and condemned by the neoevangelic because they fail to put the proper emphasis on religious dogma and salvantionism. Many so called "Christians", especially neoevangelics, find a lack of suitable adherence and repetition of dogmatic beliefs to be indicative of those who fail to believe in their version of God.

These false "Christians" do not stand in awe of the Creator and Sustainer but adore and worship a warped supernatural version of supreme being that lives in the nether realms. Failing to adhere to and repeat dogma does not suggest a failure to believe in God - it suggests a failure to accept dogma as reality.

Dogma, seen in a social culturally normative way, is understood to be corrupted metaphorical allegory.

The founding fathers did not believe the mind of man was cut off from the Creator and Sustainer as do the intercessors.

The rational mind of man, cleansed of secondary and merely temporal concerns, beholds with the radiance of a cleansed mirror a reflection of the rational mind of the Creator and Sustainer and in this way gains knowledge of the reality of the Creator and Sustainer.

A rational mind and reason put you in touch with the Creator and Sustainer.

Consequently, for the founding fathers, there is no special revelation anywhere, and none is needed, because the rational mind cleared of its fallacies is sufficiently capable of the knowledge of the Creator and Sustainer.

Nearly every person born has access to the rational mind.

That is the fundamental principle of true democracy. The rational mind is capable of true knowledge, you do not have to have a special authority, or a special revelation telling you that this is the way things should be - no one needs an intercessor. It is not the mythology of a special revelation. (See Socrates)

The Hindus, for example, do not believe in special revelation. They speak of a state, channeling God, in which the senses have opened to the song of the universe. Here the eye has opened to the radiance of the mind of the Creator and Sustainer. And that's a fundamental Christian Deist idea. Once you reject the concept of the fall, man is not cut off from the source of life.

When you count the number of courses on this pyramid, you find there are thirteen. When you come to the bottom, there is an inscription of Roman numerals. It is, of course, 1776. Then, when you add one and seven and seven and six, you get twenty-one, which is the age of reason.

It was in 1776 that the thirteen states declared independence. The number thirteen is the number of transformation and rebirth. Thirteen is the number of getting out of the field of the bounds of twelve into the transcendent. You have the twelve signs of the zodiac and the sun. The designers of the Great Seal the were very conscious of the number thirteen as the number of resurrection, rebirth, a new life, and they played it up here all the way through.

The saying above, "Annuit Coeptis, " means "God has smiled on our accomplishments" or "our activities." The divine power has smiled on our doings. And this new reality has been built to replace God's original creation.

If you look behind that pyramid, you see a desert. If you look before it, you see plants growing. The desert signifies the waste laid by the power of money. Before the pyramid is the life to be ground under the monumental foundation of a pyramid of corporate profit at the apex of which lies the all-seeing-eye of America's god - the Federal Reserve.

Look at the right side of the dollar bill. Here's the eagle, the bird of Zeus. The eagle symbolizes the descent to Earth of the war god Yahweh into the field of time. The eagle symbolizes the incarnation principle of the deity - the incarnation of continual war on Earth. This is the bald eagle, the American eagle Yahweh comes down, descending into the world of the pairs of opposites, into the the field of time and action.

One mode of action is war, the other is peace. So in one of the his feet the eagle holds thirteen arrows - that's the principle of war. In the other he holds a laurel leaf with thirteen leaves - that is the principle of peaceful conversion - leveraged buyouts and hostile takeovers. The eagle is looking in the direction of the laurel. That is the way the criminal elite wish us to be looking - conquering all dissent through leveraged buyouts, hostile takeovers and ruthless well-capitailized competition. Just in case the eagle holds the arrows in the other foot, reminding the world that America spends more on military than all the other countries of the world combined.

I was lecturing once at the Foreign Service Institute in Washington on Hindu mythology, sociology, and politics. There's a saying in the Hindu book of politics that the ruler must hold in one hand the weapon of war, the big stick, and in the other the peaceful sound of the song of cooperative action. And there I was, standing with my two hands like this, and everybody in the room laughed. I could not understand. Then they began pointing. I looked back, and here was this image of the eagle hanging on the wall behind my head in just the same posture that I was in.

When I looked, I also noticed this sign above his head, and that there were nine feathers in his tail. Nine is the number of the descent of the divine power into the world. When the Angelus rings, it - rings nine times. Over on the eagle's head are thirteen stars arranged in the form of a Star of David, Solomon's Seal. Solomon used to seal monsters and giants into jars. Remember in the Arabian Nights when they would open the jar and out would come the genie?

I notice Solomon's Seal here, composed of thirteen stars and then saw that each of the triangles was a Pythagorean tetrakys. This is a triangle composed of ten points, one point in the middle and four points to each side, adding up to nine: one, two, three, four/five, six, seven/eight, nine. This is the primary symbol of Pythagorean mystery philosophy, susceptible of a number of interrelated mythological, cosmological, psychological, and sociological interpretations, one of which is the dot at the apex as representing the creative center out of which the universe and all things have come. The initial sound (a Christian might say, the Creative Word), out of which the Universe was precipitated, the Big Bang, the First Infinite Light, the pouring of the transcendent energy into and expanding through the field of time. As soon as it enters the field of time, it breaks into pairs of opposites, the one becomes two.

When you have two, there are just three ways in which they can relate to one another: one way is of this one dominant over that; another way is of that one dominant over this; and a third way is of the two in balanced accord. It is then, finally, out of these three manners of relationship that all things within the four quarters of space derive.

There is a verse in Lao-tzu's Tao-te Ching which states that out of the Tao, out of the transcendent, comes the One. Out of the One come Two; out of the Two come Three; and out of the Three come all things.

So what I suddenly perceived when I recognized that in the Great Seal of the USA there were two of these symbolic triangles interlocked to form the Star of David. We now had thirteen points, for our thirteen original states, and that there were now, furthermore, no less than six apexes, one above, one below, and four (so to say) to the four quarters. From above or below, or from any point of the compass, the creative Word might be heard, which is the great thesis of democracy. Democracy assumes that anybody from any quarter can speak, and speak truth, because his mind is not cut off from the truth. All he has to do is clear out his passions and then speak.

What you have here on the dollar bill is the eagle representing this wonderful image of the Way in which the transcendent manifests itself on Earth. All oligarchs know if you're going to govern, you've got to govern from the apex of the triangle, from the all-seeing-eye, and you've got to convince the populace you are governing from a position at the top representing knowledge and wisdom through vision even if your real goals are simply material.

Now, when I was a boy, we were given George Washington's farewell address and told to outline the whole thing, every single statement in relation to every other one. So I remember it absolutely. Washington said, ' As a result of our revolution, we have disengaged ourselves from involvement in the chaos of Europe.' His last word was that 'we not engage in foreign alliances.'

We held on to his words until the First World War. And then we canceled the Declaration of Independence and rejoined the corporate conquest of the Earth. So we are now on one side of the pyramid. We have moved from one to two. We are politically, historically, now a member of one side of an argument, the corporate side. We no longer represent that principle of transcendent wisdom. All of our concerns have to do with Federal Reserve Board and politics and not with the voice and sound of reason. Of course what destroys reason is passion. The principal passion in politics is greed. That is what pulls you down. And that's why we're on this side instead of the top of the pyramid.

An important transition that took place about 500 B.C. This is the date of the Siddhartha Gautama, of Pythagoras, of Confucius and of Lao Tze. This is the first awakening of man's reason. No longer is he informed and governed by the shamanistic animal powers. No longer is he guided by the analogy of the planted Earth, no longer by the courses of the planets - but by reason .

The 18th century Enlightenment was a world of learned gentlemen. We have not had men of that quality in politics very much. It's an enormous good fortune for our nation that that cluster of Christian gentlemen had the power and were in a position to influence events at that time. The founding fathers hoped to emulate the natural moral order and the reality of God's creation in American social culture(The founding fathers were off to a good start until American social culture became corrupted by Mammon).

You've got the same body, with the same organs and energies, that Cro Magnon man had thirty thousand years ago. Living a human life in New York city or living a human life in the caves, you go through the same stages of childhood, coming to sexual maturity, transformation of the dependency of childhood into the responsibility of manhood or womanhood, marriage, then failure of the body, gradual loss of its powers, and death. You have the same body, the same bodily experiences, and so you respond to the same symbolic images that man has reacted to for thousands of years.

A constant image is that of the conflict of the eagle and the serpent. The serpent bound to the earth, the eagle in spiritual flight - isn't that conflict some thing we all experienced? And then, when the two amalgamate, we get a wonderful dragon, a serpent with wings. All over the Earth humans recognize these images.

Birds, in general, are symbolic of the release of the spirit from bondage to the Earth, just as the serpent is symbolic of the bondage to the Earth. This is one of the mysteries that these symbolic, paradoxical forms try to represent.

It appears to me that we have lost the art in our society of thinking in symbolic imagery. Our thinking is largely discursive, verbal, linear, concerned with rules and regulations. There is more reality in a symbolic image than in a word. (modified wording can be used as a weapon!)

Nature is your nature, and all of these wonderful symbolically poetic images of mythology are referring to something in you. When your mind is simply trapped by the symbolic image out there, so that you never make the reference to yourself, you have misread the symbolic image and the power that symbolism hold in every day life.

- adapted from Joseph Campbell

The images conveyed in myths have symbolic archetypical reality in that they reflect the inner life or thought of mankind
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