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An interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD

Highly cited paper at Sloan Kettering corrected three times

Ohio State: 75-page misconduct report by a cancer observer

Nicholas Gonzalez MD

1884   New York Cancer Hospital founded.

It is the largest and oldest private cancer center in the world.

1922   Coca-Cola® plant built in Ashtabula, Ohio.

The drink contains coal tar derivatives and massive amounts of sugar.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, a brilliant bacteriologist and John Hopkins, begins researching and developing alternative cancer cures.

Mainstream Medical Science Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right

1924   Morris Fishbein, a graduate of Rush Medical School, known for low admission standards, becomes the primary editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association - one of the most influential medical journals.

As head of JAMA, Morris Fishbein becomes one of most powerful and prominent men in medicine at the time.

He transforms medicine into a money-making machine and uses negative campaigns to squash competitors.

He is one of the key figures to suppress Dr. Royal Rife's cancer cure.

Harry Hoxsey founds his first cancer clinic in Taylorville, Illinois.

Harry Hoxsey offers a natural herbal formula to cure cancer.

This is the first of 17 clinics to eventually open.

There are two herbal formulas used in the Hoxsey treatment.

One is external, and it consists of a red paste made with bloodroot, the active anti tumor ingredient, mixed with zinc chloride and antimony sulfide.

This paste is applied directly onto skin cancer tumors.

The internal tonic consists of Red Clover blossom, Licorice root, Buckthorn bark, Burdock root, Stillingia root, Poke root, Barberry root, Oregon Grape root, Cascara Sagrada bark, Prickly Ash bark and Wild Indigo root.

Sea Kelp was added more recently to the original formula.

A supplement of potassium iodide, was included along with the tonic.

During treatment, patients are asked to avoid consumption of tomatoes, vinegar, pork, alcohol, salt, sugar, and white flour products.

An almost identical version of the Hoxsey external paste has a history of successful applications on skin cancers as far back as 1850 in England, by Dr. Fell, who evidently got the bloodroot ingredient from Lake Superior Native Americans by way of European physicians traveling in America.

In 1949 and again in the 1960's, there were other American physicians who used the same paste successfully in the United States.

1926   New York Cancer Hospital has more radium than anywhere else in the world - about 9 grams - earning it the nickname "Radium Hospital."

JAMA attacks Harry Hoxsey.

The article scares observers away from being associated with Hoxsey.

1927   John D. Rockefeller Jr. gives the first of his annual contributions to Memorial (Sloan-Kettering) Cancer Center.

1928   John D. Rockefeller Jr. has given $65 million in endowment funds to the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

1932   Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research becomes the Rockefeller Institute and then, like a snake shedding its skin, becomes Rockefeller University.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife develops a cancer cure.

Dr. Rife claims to have developed a machine that can neutralize disease causing micro-organisms, including cancer cells, with the use of frequencies.

Rife develops technology which is still commonly used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation.

Rife practically developed bioelectric medicine himself.

Rife's invention include a heterodyning ultraviolet microscope, a micro-dissector, and a micro-manipulator.

1933   Dr. Royal Raymond Rife constructs the incredibly complex Universal Microscope, which has nearly 5,682 different parts and has a magnifying power of 31,000X.

Rife painstakingly identifies the individual spectroscopic signature of microbes using a slit spectroscope attachment.

He slowly rotates block quartz prisms to focus light of a single wavelength upon the microorganism he is examining.

The intent is to find the wavelength which resonates with the spectroscopic signature frequency of the microbe based on the now-established fact that every molecule oscillates at its own distinct frequency.

The atoms that come together to form a molecule are held together in that molecular configuration with a covalent energy bond which both emits and absorbs its own specific electromagnetic frequency.

Resonance amplifies light in the same way two ocean waves intensify each other when they merge together.

No two molecules of different substances have the same electromagnetic oscillations or energetic signature.

Rife is able to see otherwise invisible organisms and watch them actively invading tissues cultures.

The result of using a resonant wavelength is that micro-organisms which are invisible in white light suddenly become visible when they are exposed to the color frequency that resonates with their own distinct spectroscopic signature.

1934   Dr. Milbank Johnson, Director of the Southern California AMA, appoints a Special Medical Research Committee at the University of Southern California to bring terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital to Rife's San Diego Laboratory for clinical treatment.

The team includes physicians and pathologists assigned to examine the patients - if still alive - in 90 days.

After the 90 days of treatment, the Committee concluded that 86.5% of the patients had been completely cured.

The treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 13.5% of the patients also responded within the next four weeks.

The total recovery rate using Rife's technology is 100%.

New York Cancer Hospital rebranded Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

1937   Passage of the National Cancer Institute Act enshrines cancer in America and creates the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

1938   Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act certifies 19 dyes for use in foods.

1939   Dr. Weston Price, a research dentist, publishes Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects proving that processed foods and sugar causes physical degeneration and disease as opposed to natural unrefined foods.

John D. Rockefeller Jr. donates the land and provides $3 million of funding to open Memorial Sloan-Kettering - one of 47 National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

The Great Invasion

Brain Health Guide To Red Dye #40

Seeing Red: FDA Fails to Protect Children

1940 to 1977

American intake of petroleum based food colorings and additives increases exponentially.

Most of the additives prove later to be carcinogenic.

1944    American Cancer Society (ACS) is reorganized, chiefly under the watch of Albert Lasker* and Elmer Bobst (president of two drug companies, Hoffman LaRoche and Warner Lambert).

Albert Lasker is the leading lobbyist for establishment of the National Institutes of Health.

Mary Lasker in New York is the driving force of the ACS for decades.

The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, based on the Lasker advertising fortune, provides the impetus to dominate cancer research.

The Lasker Award is named for Albert Lasker; seventy-six Lasker laureates have received a Nobel Prize.

1945 Cornelius Packard Rhoads becomes the first director of Sloan-Kettering Institute and the first director of the combined Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center.

1946   Dr. Max Gerson demonstrates medical proof of complete remissions of cancer in over 33% of his patients before the Pepper-Neeley Congressional Sub-Committee for Hearings on S1875, a bill to authorize the president to wage war on cancer.

Lobbying for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy defeats the bill which supports research into dietary means for preventing and reversing cancer.

Gerson's publications claiming most chronic degenerative diseases and cancer can be 'cured' through proper nutrition are black-listed.

Gerson Therapy, based on the fact disease is caused by the accumulation of toxins treats disease by having patients consume a predominantly vegetarian diet including hourly glasses of organic juice and dietary supplements.

Animal proteins, seen as tumor causation, is excluded from the diet.

Tumors may escape T lymphocyte response by losing major histocompatibility.

Immune escape may occur with acquired immune defects in antigen presentation mediating elimination of tumor-specific T-cells.

Following in the footsteps of John Harvey Kellogg, patients receive enemas of coffee, castor oil and sometimes hydrogen peroxide or ozone.

Regular use of enemas may weaken the colon's normal function, causing or worsening constipation and colitis.

Gerson's medical license in New York is suspended and he dies.

cancer biopsi

Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer

"You'll have to answer to the Coca-Cola company"

Cancer Can Be Prevented, Even Cured, Through Diet

1949   AMA Council of Pharmacy and Chemistry goes on record to deny dietary changes have anything to do with prevention or treatment of cancer.

Harry Hoxsey sues JAMA for libel and slander and wins.

1952   Albert Lasker dies from stomach cancer.

Mary Lasker lobbies Congress for funds "to fight cancer", and the National Cancer Institute budget goes from $18 million per year to $110 million per year - half involved with chemotherapy.

Dr. Chester M. Southam of Sloan-Kettering Institute injects three to five million live cancer cells into 53 prisoners at the Ohio State Penitentiary.

1953   Senator Charles Tobey, Jr. begins a Senate investigation.

US Justice Department attorney Ben Fitzgerald is hired as special counsel.

Fitzgerald's report concluded that "the AMA, in direct collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the Federal Drug Administration, entered into a conspiracy to suppress alternative, effective cancer treatments."

Senator Charles Tobey, Jr. enters the Fitzgerald Report into the Congressional Record which indicates evidence exists of a conspiracy to suppress medical advances in the treatment of cancer in the 1950's.

Senator Charles Tobey dies of a "heart attack".

CIA's Heart Attack Gun

CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

1955   American Cancer Society publication "Cancer Facts" states "there are only three proven ways to curb cancer - x-rays, radium and surgery."

American Cancer Society advertising circular states "cancer will strike one of every four persons now living. More children from 3 to 15 years of age die of cancer than from any other disease."

The American Cancer Society predicts 6.4 million deaths from cancer, compared with 128,000 in 1933 - an increase of 6.2 million cases in 22 years.

1956 FDA issues a public warning about Hoxsey Cancer Treatment and it is banned in 1960.

1957   FDA tests report that 10 of 13 certified food dyes produce cancer.

1958   Outgoing President of the Gerontological Society, Dr. AI Lansing, muses "finding a cure for cancer and heart disease would be a major financial disaster which would bankrupt the social security system and the insurance companies."

We'll Sing In The Sunshine

LBJ and Mary Lasker

Forbidden words and diagnosis

1960   Laurance Rockefeller serves as Chairman of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York up until 1982.

Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York becomes the most influential cancer center in the world.

During WWII Sloan performs the first experiments in applying chemical warfare to the "treatment of cancer", which evolves into 'chemotherapy'.

1963 With Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson as influential allies, Mary Lasker gains entree to Washington elite.

Bio-Medical (Hoxsey) Center opens in Tijuana, Mexico.

It continues to operate and claims an 80% success rate.

Bio-Medical Center

1964 Catalyst for the National Cancer Act: Mary Lasker

Mary Lasker successfully lobbys in the early 1960s to increase NCI budget from $2.5 million to more than $1 billion.

1966 American Cancer Society formulates a "State Model Cancer Act" designed to prevent any treatment of cancer by anything other than surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

The use of any other method becomes a felony.

1977   Congressional Hearings on the cancer problem in the US generate a report which concludes that "the public has been misled by the major cancer organizations for the past 25 years."

It recommended that those benefitting from "the system" not be allowed to dictate the choices available to the American public.

Sloan-Kettering rejects Laetrile Vitamin 17 (derived from Apricot Kernels) as an effective cancer treatment.

This is despite positive results from observer Kanematsu Suguira.

Amygdalin and Laetrile – History and Current Usage

November of 1977   Dr. Ralph Moss, assistant director of public affairs at Sloan-Kettering, holds a press-conference about the success and potential of laetrile, despite the centers desire to cover it up.

Ralph Moss is fired the next day.

Second Opinion

Laetrile At Sloan-Kettering

The Story of Vitamin B17

June 25, 1979   California Supreme Court Chief Justice Rose Byrd gives a dissenting opinion relative to California cancer statutes prohibiting anything except radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy:

"To these cancer victims, the enforcement of the (statute), the denial to them of medical treatment, albeit unorthodox, must surely take on a nightmare quality. No demonstrated public danger, no compelling interest of the state, warrants an Orweillian intrusion into the most private of zones of privacy."

1982   "Metabolic Ecology: A Way to Win the War on Cancer" by Fred Rohe is published, detailing cases where breast cancer has been cured through the nutritional approach over a 6 month period.

1984   The Journal of the American Medical Association, features an article in which UCLA physicians Robert K. Oye and Nina L. Shapiro describe how breast cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy when no evidence existed that the drug would have any effect on their tumors.

They claim new drugs are based on biased studies, false reporting, rigged statistics and exaggerated conclusions.

Percentages of "those who respond" is increased by not counting those who die during treatment nor those whose reaction to chemotherapy can not be designated as fatal.

November 1985   Scientific American features Dr. John Cairns of Harvard Medical School, who writes chemotherapy is useful for only a few rare cancers.

Dr. John Cairns finds no significant gains against the primary cancers since the 1950's, and estimated that only 3% of those with cancer have their life extended by chemotherapy out of the 400,000 deaths each year in the US.

May 1986   New England Journal of Medicine features an article by Elaine Smith of the University of Iowa and Dr. John Bailar of Harvard.

Dr. Bailar, a former editor of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, is an expert in statistical evaluation and is consultant to the New England Journal of Medicine, and a senior scientist of the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Bailar and Smith analyze the cancer treatment phenomenon and discover an 8% increase in cancer since 1950, which is getting worse.

"There has been no change in mortality from breast cancer since 1950."

1987   General Accounting Office (GAO) completes a two-year study of cancer statistics.

The results validate Bailar and Smith.

According to the GAO, $2 billion per year was spent on cancer research (more than 50% of it government funds).

Despite this enormous expense, "only slight improvement in cancer patient survival is indicated for the 30-year period 1950-1982.

The GAO study is shelved to protect the cancer industry.

Dr. Vincent DeVita, head of the National Cancer Institute, tasks oncologists to "give chemotherapy and surgery to all women with breast cancer."

1988   Battelle Memorial Institute studies on fluoride and animal cancer report highly specific fluoride related cancers.

Observers at the Argonne National Laboratory discover fluoride enhances the carcinogenicity of other cancer-causing chemicals in the environment.

A Swedish study finds that mammograms and early detection of breast cancer do not reduce the rate of death.

Dr. Lars Janzon studies 42,000 women before concluding in an October 1988 British Medical Journal that mammograms should be restricted.

1990   Los Angeles Times on October 10th publishes an article "Brain Cancer on Rise in Elderly", noting "brain tumors has increased 500% among elderly Americans."

It was once considered that brain tumors reached a peak rate in people in their '30s, and then would rapidly decline, but it now appears that the incidence continues to increase with age.

1991   Rockefeller Foundation starts the Children's Vaccine Initiative.

Rockefeller Foundation joins with the United Nations Development Program, UNICEF, WHO and World Bank to form the Children's Vaccine Initiative.

Synthetic chemicals effect peoples health and now totally permeate the environment as they are found in so many consumer products.

Scientist Dr Shiv Chopra tells of his many battles against the Canadian government which knowingly allowed dangerous drugs, agricultural practices and carcinogenic pesticides to enter the food supply.

Chopra asserts that there is a concerted effort by companies to sicken and then treat humanity, while raking in massive profits.

January 3, 1996   "All members of the two most popular classes of lipid-lowering drugs (the fibrates and the statins) cause cancer in rodents, in some cases at levels of animal exposure close to those prescribed to humans." - Journal of the American Medical Association

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