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Harvest Rock

1981 Rick Wright is the pastor of a small Charismatic Pentecostal fellowship he founded in Glendale.

"The Lord gave me a 'word' that we would see more people saved than we had buildings for them. All I knew is that we were going to have an incredible revival. That 'word' became a passion, as my vision moved beyond Glendale to expand to the greater Los Angeles area." - Rick Wright

Rick Wright's vision is fueled by prophecies given in the mid to late 1980s by Kansas City prophets Bob Jones and Rick Joyner as they began to speak of the visions they had received about Los Angeles.

1982 " I am in Maryland, and Ché Ahn is pastor of a fellowship.

Ché Ahn has a dream.

In the dream a black man is saying, "Come to Los Angeles.

There is going to be a great revival. There is going to be a great harvest."

Then Ché woke up - and the Holy Spirit was upon him.

Ché Ahn began to seek confirmation and to seek council from the leadership of People of Destiny International (PDI)." - Lou Engle

Ché Ahn, the son of Byung Kook Ahn, prayed that Larry Tomczak, co-founder of PDI would ask him to plant a new fellowship in Los Angeles as a confirmation of the dream.

Six months passed before Larry Tomczak asked him out to lunch - a lunch during which Ché Ahn was certain Larry Tomczak would ask him to establish a new fellowship.

Larry Tomczak preferred that the new fellowship to be closer to Maryland than the site of Ché Ahn's dream but elders of PDI were open to Ché Ahn's request that the fellowship be established in California, but they asked him to seek further confirmation.

People of Destiny International changed it's name to PDI Ministries in 1998 and to Sovereign Grace Ministries in 2003.

All non-profit 501c3 incorporations.

While "seeking the Lord" Ché Ahn spends a few days in a condominium in Ocean City, Maryland - a nice vacation destination.

Ché Ahn has an "impression" to turn on the television to see if Pat Robertson's "700 Club" is on the air.

As Ché Ahn surfs the channels up comes Pat Robertson's show just as Pat Robertson is giving a 'Word of Knowledge':

"There is a pastor who is asking the Lord for a confirmation about planting a fellowship. The Lord says this of him. 'And if you go out in unity and harmony, the Lord will give you great success'."

1984 Ché Ahn convinced the pastors and elders that he has heard from the Lord. Twelve persons from PDI, including Ché Ahn and Lou Engle leave for Los Angeles as the black man in the dream instructed.

They had been reading a book by Frank Bartleman, the reporter who made Pentecostal history with his first-hand account of the Azusa Street revival, and felt "called" to settle in Pasadena to await a fresh move of the Spirit in the greater Los Angeles area.

A widespread " spiritual drought" occurs in 1980s and the rapid growth the mega-churches experienced in the 1970s due to the Jesus movement is fast becoming a memory.

Despite prayer, fasting and active neoevangelism, there was no sign of the expected revival.

Over the years Ché Ahn's fellowship grew to about 500 people, but it was not the revival of Ché Ahn's dreams.

Ché Ahn was able to attend Fuller Theological Seminary at this time.

Ché Ahn studied psychology earning a Master and Doctorate of Divinity.

During the "spiritual drought" experience of the 1980s and early 1990s the vision Ché Ahn and Lou Engle for revival is nurtured by dreams, visions, and prophecies.

Lou Engle had a vision that the mantle of Frank Bartleman would be his.

"Give me the mantle of Frank Bartleman. I want to see revival - I want to see revival in Pasadena. The next day a brother comes up to me - someone with whom I had covenanted (soul ties) and with whom my heart is knit. He said, "I had a dream of you last night, and in the dream I saw a black book. On it I read the word 'revival' on the cover. I turned to the inside and saw the image of a guy's face, and it said 'Frank Bartleman'." - Lou Engle

1992 During a clergy gathering Ché Ahn spot a black man who looks like the man in the dream a decade earlier said, "Come to Los Angeles. There is going to be a great revival. There is going to be a great harvest."

Ché Ahn approached the black man and asked him if he had been praying for revival. The black man replied that he had begun praying for revival in Los Angeles in 1982 when we heard a Paul Yonggi Cho speak about how he had prayed for revival in Korea. This encounter provided a fresh encouragement for both Ché Ahn and Lou Engle.

"We felt this was a sign that Azusa Street still lives." - Lou Engle

1993 Problems between the fellowship in Pasadena and the parent People of Destiny International are brewing during the years of drought and come to a head.

Cindy Jacobs calls Ché Ahn and tells him this will be the hardest year of his life and that he would be leaving the fellowship he founded, "but not until 1994."

Just weeks after the Toronto Airport Vineyard experienced its first touch of "revival" on January 23, 1994, the Anaheim Vineyard fellowship held a Healing Conference where Ché Ahn had his first taste of Holy Laughter.

Ché Ahn was in self-described "depression" from the events of 1993 but at the Healing Conference he experienced an unexpected refreshing:

"My friend Lou poked me with his elbow and excitedly yelled, "It's coming towards us! It's coming towards us!" I remember saying, "Well, I'm not going to laugh." But when the ḦṍḸẙ ṦṕḯṝḭṰ hit our section, I felt myself getting inebriated. I could not stop laughing. It lasted at least twenty minutes. Everything was funny - even though no one was saying anything funny. It was a wonderful, refreshing experience that seemed to invigorate every part of my being. I didn't even notice until later that my depression was gone! I was excited about ministry again." - Ché Ahn

1994 Ché Ahn and Lou Engle invited fifteen people to join them for a prayer meeting that results in the founding of Harvest Rock, breaking with PDI.

Harvest Rock is founded as a non-profit 501c3.

Ché Ahn and Lou Engle made their first trip to the Toronto Airport Vineyard for the first "Catch the Fire Conference" in October.

They both received what Lou Engle described as "another explosion," an experience of empowerment together with "supernatural manifestations".

1995 Ché Ahn asked John Arnott, pastor of the Toronto Airport Vineyard, if he would be willing to come to Pasadena to speak.

John Arnott accepts the invitation and comes to the rented facilities at Mott Auditorium on January 2, 1995 where more than 2,000 people show up.

This event launched Harvest Rock's debut on the Internet as a revival "hot spot" - an extension of the Toronto Airport Vineyard revival.

John Arnott introduces a "new anointing" he calls the "Sword of the Lord."

With this "anointing" comes a "new boldness, a new power."

John Arnott also called it the "Warrior Anointing."

"Warrior Anointing" promises to bring "deliverance from your enemies."

The visible effects of receiving this "anointing" include roaring, shouting and grasping the hands above the head, then swinging them up and down as if one was actually holding a sword and attacking an enemy.

600+ people line up to receive this "new anointing" from John Arnott as he grabbs upraised hands and says, "Receive the sword."

Anointed people fall on the floor and began moving their arms back and forth.

"If you happened to see people jumping into a river (to use their term) and then coming out jerking, falling down, roaring, shaking, bowing, barking, blowing, looking drunk and disoriented, acting like they are attacking an unseen enemy, you would want to know what is in the water that causes them to act in such a manner. It could be a toxic chemical that at first causes hysteria, then later brings paralysis or insanity." - Dan Van Hoy

It was around the extension of the Toronto Airport Vineyard revival that Rick Wright, a Vineyard pastor from Glendale, California, joined Ché Ahn and Lou Engle.

"We knew our vision would fit right in." - Rick Wright

"Bob Jones told us the revival would "start in the northeast in the land of chickadee."

I asked him, "What does that mean."

Bob Jones replied that he did not 'know'. So when the renewal started in Toronto, I called and asked the secretary, "Do you know what a 'chickadee' is?"

She said yes -- "they are the little birds that fly around up here." I thought, "Praise the Lord! This is it!" - Rick Wright

When John Arnott came to Pasadena several months later Rick Wright received another 'word' from the Lord: "On the morning of the 4th (of January), the Lord gave me a mini-vision and said, "I am opening the heavens over Los Angeles; go tell Ché Ahn to pray for strategy." (strategy = psychology)

Rick Wright's Glendale fellowship joined with Harvest Rock in hosting protracted revival meetings that were being held five nights a week. In response to Rick Wright's request, the board of elders of the Glendale Vineyard then gave their approval to a merger with Harvest Rock. The two fellowships combined in March, 1995, to be known for the first nine months of their existence as the Vineyard Christian fellowship of Greater Pasadena, a non-profit corporation.

After the Toronto Airport Vineyard was ousted from the Vineyard Association, the fellowship reclaimed the original name of Harvest Rock. After experiencing the Toronto Airport Vineyard revival Ché Ahn realized that what was needed at Harvest Rock was more theatrics to bring in new adherents.

Ché Ahn also realized that the theatrics would not be effective on middle age people so he concentrated on pliable young minds that were more likely to accept his dogma based on a combination of Latter Rain/Manifest Sons/Word of Faith dogma with Korean mythology.

Under the leadership of Ché Ahn, Jim Johnson brought in Cornerstone Christian fellowship and Karl Malouf's brought in Community Bible fellowship to Harvest Rock.

Harvest Rock membership grew to approximately 1000 people.

[Pasadena's population was over 134,000 in 2000. Glendale's population was over 201,000 in 2000. If all of the 1000 that attend Harvest Rock came exclusively from Pasadena and Glendale then Harvest Rock drew around 1 out of every 335 of the local population which does not seem to be much of a revival.]

1996 Harvest Rock births Harvest International Ministries, a network of churches that aligned themselves with Ché Ahn's leadership.

In accord with the Latter Rain/Manifest Sons/ Word of Faith dogma with Korean mythology that has influenced Harvest Rock, this new structure is not regarded as a denomination but rather a loose network of fellowships, many of which are located in African and Asian countries.

The functions of this association of fellowships includes fellowship planting, "apostolic equipping" of existing fellowships, training missionaries, resource sharing, and operating the Harvest International School of Ministry.

1998 Ché Ahn is branded "prophet" and, later, upgraded to " apostle".

Lou Engle is branded as a "prophetic revivalist" and a "prayer warrior."

Rick and Pam Wright are branded as "prophet" until 1999 when they are upgraded to "apostle".

Karl Malouff is branded "pastor" while Jim Johnson is branded "pastoral teacher."

Harvest Rock's revival is "playful".

Outward displays of unusual "supernatural manifestations" are explained as "the Father was playing with His children."

Hysterical Holy Laughter, being "drunk in the spirit," uncontrolled jerking, jumping up and down like Pogo, and even barking and howling is "the Father was playing with His children."

Charismatic Pentecostal adherents suggest that "play" brings a closer relationship to the supernatural.

Prophecy is "playfully" intertwined with biblical stories and connected to the Harvest Rock experience to justify Harvest Rock's existence.

"The church is founded on apostles and prophets, we welcome and honor the prophetic ministry. We are called to be a prophetic people and are committed to do only what we see our Father say and do." - Philosophy of Ministry of Harvest Rock

"As sociologists have long known relgious experiences are institutionally dangerous, and institutions quickly develop mechanisms to protect themselves from potential sudden upheavals. Social psychologists similarly are well aware of the importance of routine in individual lives. Most people seem to desire a stable social reality (or at least the perception of stability) that protects them from having to "live on the edge." - Margaret M. Poloma

Although prophecy is woven into the very fabric of Harvest Rock, there is evidence of a subtle shift under way from prophecy as a dynamic process to prophecy as a status or position.

There appear to be two positions that are eclipsing "playful" prophecy at Harvest Rock, namely those of prophets and apostles.

Ché Ahn reported in a personal interview that he believes the last of the five-fold biblical offices is being restored during this decade and that he, Ché Ahn, is an apostle.

"I pray for Ché Ahn today - that you would make him an apostlic man for this city - even as you have granted him favor, like Nehemiah. I ask you, Lord, that you would make him a uniter of many parts of the Body of Christ - even through "Compassion L.A." - that you would use him to unite the church in Los Angeles." - Lou Engle

"I long to see the Signs and Wonders accompany the apostlic - to see the dead raised and watch whole cities get saved. That's what I want to see. It is my cry and my prayer. "Lord, restore apostlic ministry, apostolic purity, apostlic anointing." In some groups the prophetic has been pretty much restored, but we don't yet understand the apostole role." - Rick Wright

"It appears that many "prophets" are filling conference halls, proclaiming new "hot spots," writing triumphalist books, proclaiming the number of "people saved" on billboards, and most recently meeting to "take cities" away from the "principalities and powers" that reside in the heavenlies. With the original message of God's compassion lost in the Babel of supernatural spiritual technologies and self-promotion, the future of the renewal seems dim." - Margaret M. Poloma

"Lou then shared with me that for the past 6 months the Lord has been laying strong on his heart a new movement called "The Cause" that would mobilize all of America, specifically young adults from college campuses to vote an specifically young adults from college campuses to vote and pray for the coming November elections. I left my job on faith and within one week the Lord put it on the heart of a special person to finance my first 6-12 months of ministry without me even asking or telling this person about what I was doing. I knew it was the Lord's confirmation for me to join Lou to serve him and mobilize the young radicals on every college campus." - Jaeson Ma

"In Into the Fire Ché Ahn offers insight into supernatural taking, prayer, reconciliation, personal revival and more.

Ché Ahn provides reproducible steps and practical guidelines that will help you fan the flames of revival within your church and help you prepare for the Lord's mighty harvest." - advertisement

Ché Ahn was mentored by Word of Faith adherent Dick Iverson, founding pastor of Bible Temple, a non-profit 501c3 incorporation.

Dick Iverson also mentored Wendell Smith who holds 'Dragon Slayer New Generation' youth seminars.

Wendell Smith belongs to the Church of the Nazarene as does James C. Dobson and his wife, Shirley.

James C. Dobson, a pediatric psychologist, is descended from three generations of Nazarene ministers.

James C. Dobson's Focus on the Family, a neoevangelical non-profit 501c3 incorporation, consists of more than 74 different programs in eight languages operating in 78 countries worldwide, employing more than 1,300 in its modern three-building Colorado Springs facility.

For fiscal year 1999, Focus on the Family had an annual operating budget of more than $120 million.

In the second chapter of James C. Dobson's book, Straight Talk to Men and Their Wives, James C. Dobson discusses the source of much of his ministry - not from Scriptures, but from direct revelation.

One of the main purposes of "The Call" is to "turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and turn the hearts of the children to their fathers."


I personally hosted "the Loft" at my home, broke bread with Ché Ahn sheep and now my son must perform an incantation to ward off the "principalities of darkness" before he can talk to me.

An email to a father from his son:

"I do not want to relate to you under the oppression of control; all it makes me feel is that I have to love you.

When love is no longer a choice, it is no longer real love. I won't be answering the phone when you call, listening to your voice messages or reading and responding to your e-mails."

I never had a "respect" problem with my son until he went to a "retreat" - "special indoctrination session."

After this "special training session" he told me he lost all respect for me when he was 9 years old because I lost my temper and yelled at his friend who had reformated the hard drive of my business computer as a "joke.".

Let all be forewarned:

Ché Ahn and Harvest Rock supports and approves of a group of homosexual predators that work within the fellowship to bring the confused and lonely into the tribe of Lost Boys residing on the small island of Neverland.

I invoke the protection of
Saint Patrick's Breastplate!

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