Prophets embodied in a college see every

crow as an interpreter of fate, a savior of the state.

The Greeks and Romans frequently formed their opinion of the success of any enterprise in which they were about to engage, from the flight, chattering, or singing of birds.

The Augur held office to expound the meaning of omens.

Augur is derived from avis garritus; chattering of birds.

"Whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon an object and go mad in its pursuit." - Charles MacKay

"Emotion rather than reason appears increasingly
to guide social, educational and political propositions.

Eclipse of empiricism by superstition is not exclusive

to either the political left or the political right."

Christopher W. Williams

step on a crack

Belief in Authority is the Most Dangerous Superstition

"Superstition, from the Latin word "superstes," is the symbol surviving the idea it represents; it is the form preferred to the thing, the ritual without reason, faith become insensate through isolating itself becomes fanatic.

In consequence the corpse of religion, the death of life, stupefaction as a substitute for inspiration.

Fanaticism is religion serving as a pretext to fury.

Fanaticism is superstition become passionate, its name comes from the word "fanum," which signifies "temple," it is the Temple put in place of God.

It is human and temporal interest of the high priest substituted for the honor of the shaman, the wretched passion of man exploiting the faith of the believer.

Those who intentionally and maliciously confound religion with superstition and fanaticism destroy the Message of Ascension. " - Eliphas Levi

"When the ḦṍḸẙ ṦṕḯṝḭṰ controls our lives He will produce this kind of fruit in us: compassion, joy, peace, patience, kindness, *goodness*, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." - Galatians 5:23

Throughout history people have sought relief from emotional pain in fellowship with other people.

Some of these refuge seekers also seek something more elusive - truth.

Blind unquestioning faith and obedience to traditional forms of authority, as adherence to doctrine is a necessity, is not a trait of the seeker of truth.

The prophetic apostolic culmination reaches out to a different kind of seeker – not a seeker of truth, but a seeker of power - supernatural power.

Whether Jakob Böhme thought he had ascended is irrelevant.

For three centuries Jakob Böhme' thought ran through the Western culture in a hidden thoughtstream, influencing Newton, Milton, George Fox, the Philadelphian Society, the Cambridge Platonists, the Bavarian Illuminati (!), Goethe, Kant, Heidegger, Blake, Coleridge, Emerson, William Law, Madam Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Hegel and Schopenhauer, Wagner and Nietzsche, Martensen and his nemesis Kierkegaard, Carl Jung and Martin Buber; occultists and clergymen.

Jakob Böhme online

This has encouraged false religous teachers to give the seeker of power what their itching ears want to hear and what their scaly eyes want to see.

False prophets see the power seeker's attitude as healthy, as they seek supernatural power as opposed to truth.

Lonnie Frisbee made seeking supernatural power trendy when he supercharged the Jesus Movement with LSD provided by MKUltra.

Supernatural power seekers are dissatisfied with a God they cannot physically see, hear or touch with rational consciousness.

For the seeker of supernatural power the path to that power is purchased in the form of CDs, books, web casts and conferences.

The biggest promoter of the false prophet business is the Elijah List publisher, Steve Shultz.

John Arnott, Bill Hamon, C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Todd Bentley, Wes & Stacey Campell, John & Paula Sandford, Kim Clement, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Jill Austin, Ché Ahn, Mahesh Chvada, Bob Jones, and anyone else who hears "audible voices" in their heads can purchase advertising space for the prophetic apostolic culmination from Steve Shultz to be prominently displayed on the Elijah List.

2007 Birmingham, Alabama Special Impartation Conference:

"Kathie Walters ministers the seer anointing.

Kathie Walters insists that the realm of the spirit - the supernatural realm, with angels, heavenly visitations, Chariot Throne is a normal part of spiritual life and everyone should fantasize and pray for supernatural power.

Kathie Walters travels all over the world, imparting a prophet/seer anointing and promising acolytes she can help them "increase signs and wonders in your ministry" "releasing of finances for your ministry."

"The demonstrations of the Lord's power must increase in your ministry.

There are things to do, places to go, and finances have to be released to enable the Lord's people to go where He is telling them to go and do what He is telling them to do."- Kathie Walters

Steve Hill sponsored "Collision 2007":

"We are living in the greatest days of history.

The Lord is raising up a generation of young people who are willing to take a stand for Jesus, regardless the cost.

I sense a deep urgency to do everything possible to fan this flame.

Being parents of teenagers, Jeri and I are dedicated to making sure young people have every opportunity to "collide" with the power of the Lord.

We will be hosting our first youth conference.

We're inviting youth from across the nation to come join us this summer as we seek one thing, "collision" with the King of Kings." -Collision Conference

give to Joel

"In higher religions, salvation or enlightenment is for individuals.

The kingdom of heaven is within the mind of a person.

It is not within the collective mindlessness of a crowd.

Christ promised to be present where two or more are gathered together.

He did not say anything about being present where thousands are intoxicating one another with crowd mania." - Aldous Huxley

Mall size churches, familiar to the seeker of supernatural power, allow more sycophants to participate in mass hypnosis

Those that are looking for "Signs and Wonders" would do well to leave their God forsaken commercialized, steel stud, drywall sheathed, mega-churches and look for God beyond the High Priest.

Every human that has ever set foot in Yosemite Valley or stood at the base a two and a half thousand year old Sequoia stands in awe of Creation.

No human can stand on the sea shore when a set of 20 foot tall waves are breaking on the shore and doubt the power of the Creator and Sustainer.

"If a man should conquer in battle a thousand and a thousand more, and another man should conquer himself, his would be the greater victory, because the greatest of victories is the victory over oneself; and neither the gods in heaven above nor the demons down below can turn into defeat the victory of such a man." - Dhammapada

strategic-level spiritual warfare

"It was exhilarating, thrilling, reviving, rewarding - everything an angelic warrior was made for!

The Host of Heaven had waited so long and had built up such fervor that when the signal finally came, they broke over the crests of the mountains on every side like a violent, shimmering ocean wave and showered down like hail upon the dark cloud of demons in the valley, scattering them like dust before the wind, routing, battling, swinging, and pushing down, down, down toward the Aspen Institute.

Tal, at the crest of the wave, dove like an eagle with his talons extended, his sword a needle of light at the end of his outstretched arm.

His war cry could be heard above all the tumult, and his sword was the first to strike.

They flew into the heart of the black cloud, piercing the boiling thunderhead.

Swords of spirits clashed, wings burst the grey smoke fogging the air.

Tal kicked, cut, spun like a scythe, and fought his way downward, downward.

He could hear the roar of Guilo, the Strength of Many, just above and to the left, batting demons, mowing them down, flipping them sideways to meet other blades, kicking and grabbing what hides he could find, cutting a widening swath, gutting the cloud at its core." - Frank E. Perretti

Strategic-level spiritual warfare, popular in the Apostolic Culmination, often involves going to the highest place in a city or region, like a mountain top, with attempts to bind "territorial spirits," the "high-ranking demons" that rule over specific geographical regions.

The idea is that - if their demonic grip is broken - then the people who live in that region will respond en masse to the Word of God, and they will be freed of evil strongholds of lust, greed, envy, gluttony, sloth, pride and wrath.

Many fellowships have eagerly adopted strategic-level spiritual warfare, believing it's the key to fulfilling the "Great Commission" which will usher in the "Kingdom Age".

Adherents take part in showy ritualized ceremonies, where they seek to directly confront territorial spirits by name.

Apostles of the Apostolic Culmination anoint adherents with specific supernatural powers.

John Arnott anoints adherents with a "new anointing" he calls the "Sword of the Lord" or "Warrior Anointing" which brings "supernatural power".

The apostles of the Apostolic Culmination sell a form of supernaturalism that is suspiciously similar to fantasy video games.

Just like the fantasy hero adherents are anointed with supernatural powers so they may attack greater and larger demonic forces.

Just like video game manufactures charge consumers for their games, Apostolic Culmination adherents are charged a fee to receive the next new "anointing."

And if you could not attend the "conference" you can purchase a DVD of past events and past training sessions for a nominal fee.

If you have 'faith' then you too will receive the "anointing!"

Strategic-level spiritual warfare comes dangerously close to shamanism which may culminate in the belief that an individual can control and be controlled or possessed by supernatural entities - angels and demons in polytheistic neoavangelic cults and animal spirits in shamanistic cultures.

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