Spirit In The Sky

Come, Sustainer of the Eternal Soul.

Give everyone rest from effort,

respite from hard labor,

extinguish pain in moments of fire,

release the joy that dries up

tears and comforts sorrows.

Enter the deepest depth of the soul,

O ḦṍḸẙ ṦṕḯṝḭṰ, O Divine Sophia, enwrap it.

Look at the emptiness within without your presence.

Recognize spiritual corruption without your breathe.

Water the dry Earth of the Eternal Soul,

heal the wounded heart,

wash souls clean of spiritual corruption,

place the warmth of life back in hardened hearts,

domesticate uncontrollable egos,

guide them when the way is confusing.

goddess sophia

"As his consort, she was regarded as the queen of Heaven
and wore the sun-disk in her headress." - David Magie1

Free Bird

(Live August 21st, 1976)

The symbol of Sophia, the white dove, represents spirit descending.

Sophia wears a crown of stars to indicate her divinity.

Sophia, the Mother, unites the Father and Child.

Sophia is the Knowledge of the Way of Nurture.

Sophia, the Mother of Creation, is Wisdom Incarnate.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is a wonder of the ancient world.

Sophia, the Holy Spirit, is the Source of the Strength of the Creator.

mechanical owl

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

with understanding

"Content is the one who gains Understanding.

The value of deducing is greater than silver,
and her wages are greater than gold.

Acuity is more precious than rubies;
nothing you desire can compare to her.

Wisdom offers you life in her right hand,
and nobility and honor in her left hand.

Acumen will guide you on the Way;
all her garden paths are satisfying.

Wisdom is a tree of life, hold her tightly."

(Proverbs 3:13-18)

wisdom was self-knowledge

"Wisdom is like rain.

the Source is limitless,

it comes according to the season."


Chinese charater for wisdom

The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

It may be an unfortunate reality that the human life span

may be too short for most humans ever to attain wisdom.

Throughout human history only those embarking

on the quest for truth open the door to wisdom.

The Word of God most high

is the Fountain of Wisdom,

her ways are everlasting commandments."

Ecclesiasticus 1:2-5 (Sirach)

"The first point of wisdom

is to discern that which is false;

the second, to know that which is true."


Chinese charater for wisdom

wisdom defined:


wise judgement

intelligently realistic

wise teaching of Axial Age sages

a wise outlook, plan, or course of action

understanding scientific and practical truth

common sense due to clear unbiased judgement

the sum of learning through the ages; applied knowledge

the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting

the union of emotional intelligence with rational intelligence

knowledge + experience + insight = common sense or

"Characteristic of wisdom is not to do desperate things."

Henry David Thoreau

"Soul receives from soul emotional intelligence,

not by book nor by tongue.

Gnosis comes after emptiness of mind

with illumination of the heart."


"The Self understands itself as a form of eternity.

It knows the quality of that which eternally belongs."

George Santayana

"Since they have failed to acquire true knowledge from its very Source, they will perish in the perilous vale of waywardness and misbelief." - Bahá'u'lláh

Applying intellectual knowledge based on reason requires moving beyond following instructions based upon a general rule or calculated specific rules.

Pondering intellectual knowledge engages emotional knowledge possessed.

Examination of emotional response increases emotional self-knowledge.

Intellectual knowledge then increases general knowledge in a feedback loop.

Emotional self-awareness allows us to become intuitively reflectively aware of the truth by starting from acquired relational knowledge and proceeding through emotional reflection to ever increasing awareness of true knowledge.

The most fundamental level of true knowledge has layers and layers of both intellectual concepts and emotional knowledge superimposed endlessly upon foundational concepts and ideas with cultural and cosnciousness overlays.

Truth is an accurate reflection of true knowledge; certainly of possibilities.

Beyond the intellectual knowledge of reason, beyond emotional knowledge of the understanding of emotional response, lies the veiled realm of clear true knowledge which involves immediate cognition of reality without analysis.

"In thee ears heareth,

the Word,

in thee eyes envisioneth

the Spirit,

in thee heart toucheth

the Soul

and observe these

differ not one from the other;

and the union of these is Life."

Hermes Mercurius Trimegistus

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