"Transcendental unity of apperception is a mental activity.

Transcendental activity means two things;

- activity in question is not empirically observable; we cannot perceive the mind at work through the senses.

- activity is necessary for an orderly experience of reality.

The ability to integrate my experience creates a world of reality, accomplished by the mind through apperception.

It is difficult to observe the shape of things within them.

Individuals coming to a sense of themselves from the center of the zeitgeist, must develop intellectually rigorous intuition to peel apart the symbolic structures to prevent slipping under their hegemonic control.

Expansive apperception develops with dedicated study."

Immanuel Kant

patterns of belief


Your Paradigm Is Your World

Paradigms are Made for Shifting

worldview dialectic

"The truth of my new perception proved impossible to communicate to those who had not undergone a similar epiphany - while for those who had, no explanation was necessary.

To respond to a great crisis you need to understand it fully in order not to waste time pursuing avenues that are unworkable or counterproductive.

Think in terms of adaptations or mitigations, rather than solutions.

People who make this jump move their worldview into a frame of reference that is largely incomprehensible to those still working from the old narrative.

As a result new perceptions tend to be derided as 'faith-based' as the inner logic of the new frame is not derivable from the old." - Paul Chefurka

Seeking to make sense of the outside world the mind builds conceptual worldviews in spherical layers as understanding of time and space expand.

A worldview is a network of presuppositions and assumptions built during neurocomputational states with conceptual constructs from primitive material symbols held within both the conscious and subconscious.

These overlapping systems of neurocomputational states, primitive symbols and concepts carried by each thought network create a complete worldview which the subconscious recognizes as reality inhabited.

When we feel comfortable in the reality we inhabit we have faith that our overall conceptual worldview is fairly accurate.

This is true faith.

Every conceptualization of reality outside of immediate knowledge must use language based on conceptual images, primitive material symbols.

A worldview is individual experiential knowledge shifted, interpreted and interrelated within the mind of the individual.

Personal experience informs each unique individual worldview.

As personal experience is unique no two conceptualizations match.

Reliance on external information is problematic.

External sources of information are practically unverifiable.

An inaccurate image of reality outside of personal experience is easy to create with on-point propaganda which can issue from anywhere.

"Specialization tends to limit the field of problems that the specialist is concerned with.

The individual who isn't a specialist, but a generalist like myself, sees some thing over here that he has learned from the specialist, some thing over there that he has learned from another specialist - and neither of them has considered the problem of why this occurs here and also there.

The generalist gets into a range of other problems that are more genuinely human than specifically cultural." - Joseph Campbell

A generalist looks at the fundamentals of each school and weaves them together to build an accurate image of reality.

The construct can never be accurately up to date as new information will be pouring in from many new observations in each specialty.

Descriptions of conditions in an environment we do not inhabit, or do not fundamentally understand, first came to us through the spoken word.

Descriptions by word were originally limited to the extent of the boundaries of the social culture as those that did not share the language could not describe environments external to the social culture.

This simple reality lent an air of mystery to any land or group of people outside one's own homeland.

And it gave rise to countless myths, unbelievable stories, fantastic legends and tall tales of alien behavioral patterns.

Intrepid adventures penetrating these alien lands needed material support so they devised the joint stock corporation.

The first of these was the East India Company designed and funded by the twelve 'Jew brokers' licensed to operate in the City of London on the Jew's Walk in 1708 followed quickly by the French version Compagnie d'Occident designed by John Law in 1717.

Aaron Alvares, along with his eleven cohorts, and John Law both were intent on selling shares in their newly founded corporations so they told tall tales of the immense wealth ready and waiting to be harvested.

A worldview, an individual's conceptual construct of reality, is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual in relation to the environment in which that individual exists.

Unfortunately that worldview is limited to personal sense observation and anything outside of that personal environment must be gleaned second hand.

A worldview properly grounded in reality describes a consistent and integral sense of existence and provides a framework for generating, sustaining, and applying the three forms of knowledge.

The myths of a culture reveal a commonly held holistic representation of the conceptual worldview superstructure of the people of that social culture.

The conceptually constructed worldview of a social culture evolves over time as it is constantly modified by alien ideas through creative exchanges.

Wilhelm von Humbolt claimed language and worldview are inextricable.

Humboldt felt language was part of the creative adventure of mankind.

In many indigenous cultures epic poems clearly set out the worldview.

Epics include the Nibelungenlied of the Germanic people, the Iliad for the Ancient Greeks and Hellenized societies, the Silappadhikaram of the South Indian people, the Ramayana and Mahabharata of the North Indian people, Epic of Gilgamesh of the Mesopotamian-Sumerian civilization, One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian nights) of the Arab world and the Sundiata epic of the Mandé people.

What you can see, touch, play with, experiment with is what is given and this given world is best analyzed logically using mathematical and logico-linguistic constructs.

Leo Apostel watched humanities race into the future using more and more scientific knowledge and technical abilities but noted that moral and ethical sense remained in a backward state.

Leo Apostel was the first man that attempted to unify the humanities with science.

Leo Apostel wanted to create a new conceptual construct that broke down the barriers between the humanities and science so Ludwig Wittgenstein and Jean Piaget could both be understood by any group entering the lecture hall.

Jean Piaget was deeply interested in the psychological and social development of children and successfully combined his theory of cognitive development and epistemology with practical education.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, who penned Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, proved beyond doubt that all systems of logic are based on presuppositions or assumptions.

Wittgenstein had a lifelong interest in religion and claimed to see every problem from a religious point of view, but never committed himself to any formal religion.

In Philosophical Investigations Ludwig Wittgenstein demonstrates the limitations of conceptual constructs in many traditional philosophical puzzles.

The confusion arises as directly a result of an incomplete worldview superstructure.

prophetic prism

A worldview develops over the course of lifetime.

Belief systems may or may not be coherent with reality.

Belief systems at odds with actual reality create cognitive dissonance to the point in which individuals fall into;

illusions that lead to errors in judgement,

fallacies that lead to errors in judgement,

effects that lead to errors in judgement as well as

deviant thought patterns leading to errors in judgement.

Worldview morphs to address understanding of environmental conditions.

In the case of modern man worldview only shifts with intentional focus.

Existent memory is repressed to avoid cognitive dissonance.

A cognitive bias veil drops to exclude irrelevant information.

Joseph Chilton Pearce was basically speaking of Gnosis when he noted:

"The brain as a hologram is representative of the Earth."

The brain perceives Reality as She Is.

As children we are told that Gnosis or Union with Creation is a lie by those that want us to adhere to the corrupt preadtory belief system.

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