Chinese charater for self
Egoegoego self SelfSELF

Chinese charater for ego

Self is refered to as the consciousness of bodily substance

while ego is considered lack of consciousness of bodily substance.

prison of your mind

"Were you to ponder, but for a while, these utterances in your heart, you would surely find the portals of understanding unlocked, and would behold all knowledge and the mysteries thereof unveiled before your eyes.

Such things take place only that Eternal Souls may develop and be delivered from the prison-cage of self and desire." - Bahá'u'lláh

"One method for bringing about bodhicitta, the aspiration to attain highest enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings, is Exchanging Self for Others.

In this method we work at recognizing how dependent we are on others for all we have.

We contemplate how the homes we live in, the clothes we wear, the roads we drive on, have all been created by the hard work of others.

So much work has gone into providing us with the shirt we are wearing, from planting the cottonseed to weaving the fabric and sewing the garment.

The slice of bread we eat had to be baked by someone.

The wheat had to be planted by someone else and, after irrigation and fertilization, had to be harvested and then milled into flour.

This had to be kneaded into dough and then baked appropriately.

It would be impossible to count all the people involved in providing us with a simple slice of bread.

Even our personal virtues, such as our patience and ethical sense, are all developed in dependence upon others.

Through this train of thought we come to recognize how dependent we are on others for all we enjoy in life.

We must work at developing this recognition as we go about our everyday lives." - Tenzin Gyatso

i am strong

self is defined as:

essential being;

unique individual identity;

embodiment of an Eternal Soul;

of the same character throughout;

personification of bodily substance;

a unique individual reflective consciousness

Biologically: immune system identification of deoxyribonucleic acid as belonging to the cellular material source of Self.

Self-control, seen as supreme virtue to the Greeks,
lies at the foundation of Western civilization.

The Greeks were suspicious of technical activity as it was seen as brute force that could spin out of control.

"The rejection of technique was a deliberate, positive activity involving self-mastery, recognition of destiny, and the application of a given conception of life.

Only the most modest techniques were permitted - those which would respond to material needs in such a way those needs would not get the upper hand." - Jaques Ellul

Self is used in the formation of innumerable compounds, usually of obvious signification, in most of which it denotes either the agent or the object of action expressed by the word with which it is joined:

self-abandoning, self-abasement, self-abhorring, self-abnegation, self-absorbed, self-actualizing, self-administered, self-affirmation, self-aggrandizing, self-aggravated, self-alienated, self-animated, self-annihilation, self-assertiveness, self-assurance, self-avowed, self-aware, self-awareness, self-balanced, self-blindness, self-centeredness, self-chosen, self-condemn, self-conquest, self-confidence, self-conflict, self-congratulation, self-consciousness, self-constituted, self-control, self-consuming, self-contained, self-contempt, self-contradictory, self-correcting, self-criticism, self-damage, self-dealing, self-deception, self-defeating, self-defense, self-definition, self-delusion, self-denial, self-depreciation, self-described, self-designed, self-destruction, self-discipline, self-determination, self-dominion, self-doubt, self-dramatization, self-evident, self-educated, self-elected, erected, evolved, ejected, self-evasion, self-enlightenment, self-exaltation, self-expectations, self-exalting, self-excusing, self-existent, self-experimentation, self-expression, self-exile, self-flagellant, self-focused, self-fulfillment, self-govern, self-harm, self-hate, self-help, self-humiliation, self-identity, self-idolized, self-image, self-immolation, self-imprisoned, self-imposed, self-improvement, self-inflation, self-inflicted, self-injuring, self-interest, self-interrogation, self-instruction, self-judgement, self-justification, self-knowledge, self-limitation, self-loathing, self-love, self-maintenance, self-mastered, self-medicating, self-motivated, self-nourishment, self-observation, self-obsessed, self-operating, self-perfect, self-perpetuation, self-pity, self-pleasing, self-policing, self-promotion, self-praising, self-preservation, self-proclaimed, self-protective, self-questioned, self-realization, self-redemptive, self-reflection, self-regulation, self-reinforcing, self-reliant, self-respect, self-replicating, self-restraint, self-revelation, self-righteous, self-ruined, self-rule, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, self-satisfaction, self-serving, self-starting, self-sufficient, self-survival, self-sustaining, self-stopping, self-titled, self-taught, self-tormenting, self-transcendence, self-transforming, self-warming, self-worth, and many, many others.

ultimate ego disappointment

The Century Of Self : Happiness Machines

ego consciousness = self-consciousness

The Ego is conscious thought patterns that an individual indentifies as Self.

Ego consciousness is simply the continuing awareness of enduring conscious thought patterns with which a unique individual Eternal Soul identifies as Self.

Remember, Self is an illusion of māyā.



Ego consciousness or self-consciousness is understanding what you believe you know of reality is limited to your firsthand experiences and, secondhand, to personal experiences that others share with you.

All that you believe you are is your idea/concept/image of your self - your self-conceptualization.

To activate the process of psychic expansion requires the dispersion of certain existing materialistic ego structures and belief systems.

Dispersion of ego structures is necessary to free oneself from the bonds of acculturation - ie. conditioning through social control, propaganda, entertainment, branding, etcetera.

The dispersion of ego structures has also been termed ego death and the attainment of the state of egolessness.

Ego is conditioned by socially ingrained information which has shaped our opinion of who we are, our self-conceptualization, the conceptual idea/image of self that resides in our conscious, our subconscious and our memory.

Most people relate to reality through expanding circles of interlocked relationships - self, mate, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, community, state, nation - with their own ego seeming to dwell at the center of it all.

This innate, culturally inbred tendency, a paradoxical mixture of truth and illusion, is a phenomenon we must be able to comprehend fully.

It is true that reality seems to expand outward from each individual ego's point of reference, but it is an illusion to see that point of reference as the center of the universe.

This is an illusion not easily dispelled.

Self-centeredness is an archaic trait, rooted in territorial animal impulses and ignorance of reality beyond the tribal area of experience.

Most ancient tribes thought their tribe was at the center of the universe, and they were the Chosen Ones.

Even today many people across the face of the Earth think their ethnic group is somehow more unique, more special than others, or their nation is superior in historical cultural richness, or their brand of religion is the only brand of religion worth considering.

Projection stems from self-blindness.

Most people are unaware of their negative traits, because they are subconsciously skilled in psychological euphemism.

Misers see themselves as stringently thrifty.

Jealous people see themselves as being justifiably protective, guarding against intrusion into what they consider rightfully theirs.

A selfish person thinks in terms of realistically taking care of number one, projecting unworthiness onto anyone in need of compassionate giving.

Vain people look in the mirror and see well deserved self-esteem and self-assurance.

Lust and sexual exploitation are explained away by the perpetrator as the uninhibited sexual adventures of a superior person not obligated to common moral guidelines.

Sanctimonious religious people of every sect, blind to their own hypocrisy, see themselves as holier than all the "sinners" around them.

Corporate executives and businessmen see themselves as elite power holders with no need to pay heed to the negative consequences befalling fellow humans due to their actions.

Politicians blind to their own shadows project their repressed flaws and deceits onto targets they themsleves indentify with their graffiti.

To withdraw projection is to acknowledge that many attributes projected outward belong to oneself.


Self-knowledge or 'enlightenment' demands expansive perception and annihilation of delusions and illusions.

Self-knowledge can ignite the experience known as "ego death" and spiritual rebirth.

To be able to perceive your own ego from a more objective perspective, you have to become familiar with areas and abilities of your mind that ordinary consciousness is only partially aware of - subconscious depths and selfless states of consciousness.


Self-observation is a foundational aspect of self-knowledge.

Periodically pause to take note of what you are thinking about, the quality of your thoughts.

Useless fantasies, daydreams, futile longings and meaningless meandering change the direction and quality of most of your thinking.

The mental discipline of periodically saying "stop," and observing your thoughts, can develop into an enriching practice to help you gain a significant degree of mental control.

To bring about a change from habitual energy wasting thought activity to constructive directed consciousness is an essential element of the process of spiritual awakening.

The bottom line is the basic necessity of cultivating a state of constant vigilance, so that one does not succumb to a delusion of awakening, or escape into a traditional religious or theosophical belief system, or get snagged into some ego enhancing cult, "-ism" or "ology."

A foundational element of self-knowledge is to thoroughly know your positive and negative psychological traits.

Positive traits are those which help you keep a grateful commitment to the quest, despite hardship, fear, or collective pressure.

Negative traits, those which may sway you away from commitment, can be subtle and hard to detect, because they are often seen in a positive light by the collective - vanity perceived as justified self-esteem, selfishness as prudence, lust for prestige as healthy ambition, greed as necessary self-assertiveness.

"The path of self-knowledge is undertaken as a way to arrive at authentic "gnosis tes hodu", knowledge of God, insight into the very soul of nature." - Lew Paz, Pushing Ultimates

ego inversion

self-knowledge and self-awareness are the sisters of self-consciousness

"Man will become better when you show him what he is like."
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

"Spiritual intelligence acquired in the process of experiential self-exploration has the power to override the scientistic worldview of materialistic science while effectively acting as a remedy to counteract the dogmas of organized religions." - Stanislav Grof

"Turn thy sight onto thyself, that thou mayest find God standing within thee self-subsisting." - Bahá'u'lláh

kill your ego, save yourself

make ignorance history know yourself

The Tree Unaware of its State

A man cut down a tree one day.
A Sufi who saw this taking place said:
'Look at this fresh branch which is full of sap,
happy because it does not yet know that it has been cut off.
Ignorant of the damage which it has suffered it may be
but it will know in due time. Meanwhile you cannot reason with it.'
This severance, this ignorance, these are the state of man.

Farid al-Din Attar of Nishapur

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